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3-4-16: The Aspirant'S Path To Serenity


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What Else Matters When There Is Love.
One Origin, One Destiny, We Are One.

“Knowing that the ego,
Is the source of all my fear,
I stay within my Spirit Self,
Where all is calm and clear.”

~ Kaypacha


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"Close both eyes to see with the other eye."
~ Rumi

Whatever has a beginning or an end is unreal. That which exists in the past, the present and the future is real. Only GOD exists in these three periods of time. Hence GOD alone is real. The reality underlying all names and forms, the primal one from which everything originates is GOD, the Absolute. GOD is the soul of all joy, all bliss. GOD transcends phenomena. Production and destruction are only phenomena, the jugglery of the mind or maya (illusion).
GOD is infinite, eternal, immortal. Infinity is one -­ only that which is unchanging, indivisible, non­dual, beginningless, endless, timeless, spaceless, causeless, can be infinite. There can be no parts, no differences, no distinctions in GOD.
GOD is self­-luminous, self-­existent, self­-contained, self­-established, self­-revealed. GOD illumines itself by itself; by its nature it is ever illumined. Individual souls and the world are unreal -­ nothing save GOD is eternal.
Immortality, knowledge, bliss purity, independence, perfection, etc., constitute the very nature of GOD. He resides in your heart. He witnesses the activity of the buddhi (intellect). Word, speech, mouth, may not approach GOD. Mind also cannot go there. Supreme GOD is impersonal, formless, all­pervading and subtle ­ but He can be reached through meditation, through the eye of intuition, by one who has purified himself and who is endowed with the four means of salvation.
God cannot be seen with the physical eyes ­ but He reveals himself to His devotees. He is one though called by countless names. Realise the reality of the one existence, the one life that throbs in all atoms, in all beings ­ the one power that creates, sustains and dissolves this universe.
When the heart of the devotee is united in the Lord, no difference between them remains.
- - -
Before saturating the mind with thoughts of GOD you will have to assimilate divine ideas first.
Remember this triplet always: Assimilation -­ Saturation -­ Realisation.


This site is not for the curious, but for those who have an Intense Yearning for Freedom-GOD-Self Realization through All-Inclusive Divine Knowledge, - you are an indivisible, inseparable part of the Divine - we All are - but then again, it is no accident that you are here - forget all the immature stuff I wrote about myself years ago on this site, it is something else, something to laugh about, {as I will smile so to speak about this introduction in about 6 months}, i.e., what was important for me to proclaim as the answer yesterday, might seem boring or outdated today, - but I left it all on there to  see or check the progress of my own ongoing evolution ...
This site is not for everyone, it would be hard to digest or understand for many; and  rejected and disapproved of by many as well, it should be given to those who are 'open and ready'  to receive it, by which, I mean … those who are reading these messages for the ‘growth of their soul’ …
 or it might do more harm then good and it 'Might help if they have a some foundation in religion metaphysics science eastern & western mysticism psychology & philosophy and some  understanding of channeled messages, - but not necessary 4 some, and who are striving for Unity -  
it is mainly for the
Practice of
The Techniques to Spiritual Perfection and Planetary Evolution , -  
some of the post/topics could hurt and do harm if given to a young un-evolved soul; - like given hard liquor to a ten year old ...
-  When I say young souls, they could be 100 years old, or a Ph.D. - priest - bishop or president of a university, - age or status mean nothing to the age of a young evolvable soul, they can all still be young spiritually ignorant egoistic souls.  Those of you who feel particularly intuitive and are able to measure the value and truthfulness of any message, - and it matters Not if you have No formal education, 
i.e., "Only the heart can speak or hear that which is loving and authentic"  might find some of these messages helpful and enlightening - no matter how many mistakes I might have made in time in putting this website forth, -   
especially from a young evolvable soul as myself ...
"Life is not a question of creeds but of deeds well done. No life is free from difficulties - it is a series of conflicts. Face them boldly through the grace of the Lord and the power of his Name. Change is the law of life. Truth is the law of life. Love is the fulfilling of the law of life. Death is the gate to another life. Life is endless."

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The False Self Goes By Many Different Names :

The Senses
The Impostor
Impostor Self


The person you became at birth and will cease to be at
death is temporary and false. You are not the sensual,
emotional and intellectual person,
gripped by desires fears and attachments. Find out your
real being.
Without Self-realization, no virtue is genuine.
The higher can be had
only through freedom from the lower.
Insanity is universal. Sanity is rare. Yet there is hope.
because the moment we perceive our insanity,
we are on the way to sanity.
Now you see the body only. Try earnestly and you will
come to see the infinite only.
Liberation is never of the person, it is always from the person.
The reward of Self-knowledge
is freedom from the personal self.
When you know that you are neither body nor mind,
you will not be swayed by them.
To know that you are a prisoner of your mind,
that you live in an imaginary world of your own creation,
is the dawn of wisdom. To want nothing of it,
to be ready to abandon it entirely, is earnestness.
At present you are moved by
the pleasure-pain principle which is the ego.
The ego, like a crooked mirror,
narrows down and distorts. It is the worst of all the tyrants,  it dominates you absolutely.
Freedom from the ego-self is the fruit of Self-inquiry.
Once you know its nature and purpose, you will not allow it
to create imaginary problems.
When the mind is quiet it reflects reality. When it is motionless through and through, it dissolves and only reality remains. This reality is so concrete, so actual, so much more tangible then mind and matter, that compared to it even diamond is soft like butter. This overwhelming actuality makes the world dreamlike, misty, irrelevant.
It is only your mind that prevents Self-knowledge.
To earn a livelihood some specialized knowledge is needed.
General knowledge develops the mind, no doubt.
But if you are going to spend you life in amassing knowledge, you build a wall round yourself.
To go beyond the mind, a well-furnished mind is not needed.


Then what is needed?
Distrust your mind, and go beyond.

What shall I find beyond the mind?
The direct experience of being, knowing and loving.


The impostor self [ego] is very deceptive.  In almost all
humans the impostor self's desire to continue its imaginary
existence is much greater than its desire to be brought to a
final end. Therefore, the impostor self uses numerous preservation strategies to insure the continuation of its imaginary existence.

The impostor self has trillions of potential preservation strategies. There are as many potential preservation strategies as there are possible combinations of thoughts, beliefs, ideas, concepts and opinions.

The impostor self is thought and controls thinking. One of the impostor self's preservation strategies is to direct people's attention outward. Wasting time engaged in unnecessary activities when the time could have been better spent doing the most direct practice that leads to Liberation is a preservation strategy the impostor self uses.

Historically, the impostor self has almost always been successsful. The impostor self has succeeded in enslaving
almost all of the humans of the past. Not even one out of
every one hundred million humans in the past has attained
Liberation. ---

This is one of a Self Realization Series that I will post for the purpose of "Conquering all of the obstacles to Liberation that the false self creates." The awakening of the extremely intense desire for Liberation will put an end to all of the impostor self's preservation strategies.

   The Two Great Keys are:

1. The awakening of the extremely intense desire for Liberation.

2.  Self honesty.  Self honesty begins by actually seeing the
     impostor self's preservation strategies, tricks and deceptions.

     Excerpts taken from the book "The False Self" by -

     Ramana Maharshi
     Annamalai Swami
     Sadhu Om

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The Pleiadian Prophecy {Video} -
4 your discernment.
It is long, you will need time,
preferably with no distractions.


Sivananda Daily Reading

Practical Instructions 
Difficulties exist only that you may grow strong by overcoming them. So overcome all difficulties, one by one, patiently. If you fail ten times, do not despair. If you fail a hundred times, do not be disheartened. If you fail a thousand times, rise up and march on boldly. Failures are indeed stepping-stones to success.
Watch your speech. Watch every word. Speak no word that is impure or vulgar, or that can affect the feelings of others. Never allow an unclean thought to enter your mind. If it does enter your mind, drive it out at once. Purify your mind so that an impure thought may not be able to gain entrance. Strengthen your resolve. Patiently persist in your sadhana (spiritual practice).
Intensify your dispassion and yearning for liberation. Destroy your personal element. Forgive those who harm you. Give love for hatred. Overcome evil by good. Resist the promptings of the lower nature.
Make your body your obedient servant, your slave. Do not give up your sadhana simply because you do not make any progress. Struggle as long as you can each time. Each time you will be nearer to success.
Give, give, give. Giving is the very nature of love. Giving expands and purifies the heart. Ask for no return. Ask for no gratitude. Where there is no free giving, there is no room for God. Giving itself is the secret of abundance. Interest and attention will strengthen your will. Cultivate attention to a considerable degree. Constantly repeat some inspiring verses from the Gita or the Upanishads.
Constantly repeat some mantras such as: Om Satchidananda or Om Namo Narayanaya. This will be your divine background of thought: This will be a shield, to counteract the objectionable impure thoughts.
Follow these instructions carefully. You are sure to attain Self-realisation here and now.
- - -
If you realise the one in all and the all in one, you are an illumined sage. Be serene in the oneness of things. All duality will disappear by itself. One alone is the living reality. All is illusory. All is maya's jugglery. One appears as the all. Reject, negate the all. Realise the one and be free.

Three Things 
Here are some triads for your daily spiritual practices.
Practise three things: non-violence, truthfulness and celibacy.
Remember three things: death, pains of worldly existence (samsara) and God.
Renounce three things: egoism, desire and attachment.
Cultivate three things: humility, fearlessness and love.
Eradicate three things: lust, anger and greed.
Three things to love: desire for liberation, company of the wise and selfless service.
Three things to despise: miserliness, cruelty and petty- mindedness.
Three things to admire: generosity, courage and nobility.
Three things to hate: lust, anger and pride.
Three things for reverence: guru, renunciation and discrimination.
Three things to control: tongue, temper and tossing of the mind.
Three things to shun: evil company, evil desires and evil actions.
Three things to cultivate: cosmic love, forgiveness and patience.
Three things to avoid: back-biting, falsehood and harsh words.


The Sage's View of the World 
The man who stands up to his neck in water has a twofold experience. His head is exposed to the sun. He experiences both heat and cold. Such is the experience of a liberated sage. He has double consciousness. He enjoys the bliss of Brahman, but also has the experience of this world. He is like a man who knows two languages.
Just as the pot in which asafoetida or onion is kept emits a certain amount of smell even when it is cleaned several times, so also, a small trace of ignorance still remains in the mind of a sage. The jivanmukta (liberated sage) has a consciousness of the body in the form of an impression in the subconscious mind. That is the reason why he eats and drinks. Though the instinctive mind with low desires is destroyed, the pure mind does not perish in the liberated sage. How will he be able to engage himself in worldly activity without an instrument, namely, the mind?
The phenomenal universe does not vanish from the vision of the liberated sage. He sees the world as a dream within himself. Just as the mirage appears even after the illusory nature of the water is understood, so also, the world appears for a jivanmukta even after he has attained Self-realisation, even after he has clearly understood the illusory nature of the world. But, just as the man who has understood the nature of the mirage will not run after the mirage for drinking water, so also, the sage who is liberated will not pursue sensual objects like the worldly-minded people - though the world appears to him. That is the difference between a worldly man and a liberated sage.
The jivanmukta beholds the one reality or God everywhere and in all things. For him there is no distinction between a rogue and a saint, gold and stone, honour and dishonour. He actually feels that all is himself only - that snakes, scorpions, tigers, bears and lions are as much part of himself as his own eyes, nose, ears, hands and feet. He is one with the flower, sun, ether, ocean, mountain and sky. He has cosmic vision and cosmic feelings.
The liberated sage, like unto holy waters, purifies others by mere sight, touch and the utterance of his name. Sometimes he remains unnoticed, while sometimes he becomes known to those who desire welfare. He eats food offered to him by pious devotees and burns up their past and future evils and impurities. A liberated sage or a saint is the ultimate source of knowledge of the soul. To keep company with a jivanmukta (liberated sage) for even a minute is much better than to rule a kingdom - his very presence is so thrilling and inspiring. Seek his company and evolve. Serve him with faith and devotion.
The state of a jivanmukta is the be-all and end-all of existence. There is fullness in this state. All desires are burnt. It is a state of absolute and perfect satisfaction. There is no gain greater than this; no bliss greater than this; no wisdom greater than this.
There, at the summit of the hill of eternal bliss, you can see the sage or jivanmukta or a full-blown yogi. He has climbed the stupendous heights through intense and constant struggle. He did severe, rigorous spiritual practices. He did profound meditation. He spent sleepless nights. He kept long vigils during several halting stages. He persevered with patience and diligence. He surmounted many obstacles, conquered despair, gloom and depression. He is a beacon-light to the world now. Remember that he was also rotting in those days in the quagmire of births and deaths, like yourself. You can also ascend to that summit if only you will.

On "Relationships" from the Angels:
Beloved, we gathered here with you tonight to discuss Relationship. It has been written: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and All Else shall be added unto you!" (Mat 6:33)
The kundalini, or sexual energy, as your energy experts that are known as psychologists and psychiatrists call it, is actually the only energy in the universe. Beyond that, energy is stillness or Pure Being in its original state.
There are generally three responses to sexual energy.
The first is fear, which leads to resistance, denial, and sometimes repression and disassociation. Mental, emotional and physical weakness results from this.
The second response is fascination and adiction to sexual energy. In this state, sexual energy is seen as all desirable and is exploited in order to receive all possible stimulation from it. Mental, emotional and physical exhaustion come from this response.
The third response is understanding and mastery of sexual energy. In this science sexual energy is used consciously to create whatever is the highest good for any particular time and circumstance. True ecstasy and bliss is now under one’s control and herein lies the upward spiral of higher and higher consciousness and experience. Sexual energy can be guided to whatever level of reality that is desired, for it can be directed up the spine to the various glandular ganglia with their corresponding psychoactive hormones and levels of consciousness. If the sexual act is chosen, the orgasmic energy is directed up the spine to energize and heal the body. If celibacy is chosen, the sexual energy can still be directed to the higher levels of the spine.
The Kingdom of Heaven is generally associated with the region above the top of the head. Some people associate it with the region of the heart. In either case, seeking the Kingdom in these areas causes the kundalini, or sexual energy, to be drawn upward into these regions. The science of how and why this happens is the Yoga of India, the flaming sword of Kaballah, and the Quedoshka of the Native American Indians.
The Love that each person seeks, which is the motivating force behind Relationship, is best sought first within ones own spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body temples. Once found there, the awareness and experience will be full of Love, and those persons and relationships which will act out that Love will inevitably be drawn unto one.
That is why it has been spoken: "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of Heaven and All Else will be added unto you." (Mat 6:23)
We say unto you, that there is only One Being. This Being is Love and is everywhere present, in all the inner worlds and all of the outer worlds. But it must be found first within, and all else follows. For the Within is Cause, the Without only mirrors Effect. So we leave you with this thought: that there is only One Being, and this Unity of Being is accessed first within your own consciousness.
Once found, all the different "versions" of yourself will unite with you in Love Awareness in the outer worlds.
We Love You
We Are One With You
Om, Shalom, Shalom, Om Shalom

Difficulties Strengthen You 

Difficulties come to test you and thereby to help you by strengthening your will, patience and power of endurance. Be bold. Be cheerful. Be calm, cool and collected at all times, even in the face of difficulties. There is no spiritual sadhana (practice) completely free from obstacles and difficulties. God sends consolation, encouragement at every step to the sincere aspirant. Defeat and failure have their purpose. Criticism too has its uses.
Be free from depression and irritation. Remain unmoved by criticism or praise. Be steadfast. Stand firm like a rock - unshakeable by emotional storms, frustrations and defeats. A spiritual aspirant is backed up by the whole spiritual world. All saints lend their invisible help and support to such a struggler. You are never really left alone. You will get help from saints and yogis internally. Their spiritual vibrations will elevate and inspire you.
Without great patience and perseverance, the spiritual quest becomes an uphill task. No half-measures will do on the spiritual path. Give your whole heart to truth and to sadhana. Have faith. Be firm. Unfold. Attain. All defeats are transitory. All set-backs are needed experiences. Muster up your courage. March forward. Success and victory are yours. Have patience first, second and last! This should be the motto for those seeking the inner light.
Great things have small beginnings. All growth is gradual. To be perfectly unperturbed by anything, in all circumstances, looking upon all things as passing phenomena, ever feeling a distinct, silent witness to all the experiences of life - these are the marks of a spiritual aspirant.
These qualities have to be carefully and consciously cultivated. They do not come in a day. But they do come gradually by faithful practice. An unseen power guides and guards you. Feel his power and presence. He who is endowed with dispassion, compassion, serenity, self-control, and who has given up the desire for this world and the next, and who has control over his mind and senses, is fit to tread the spiritual path.


Most Important Sadhana {Spiritual Practice}
Man is a mixture of three ingredients. These are the human element, the brutal  instinct and the divine ray. He is endowed with a finite intellect, a perishable body, a little knowledge and a little power. This makes him distinctly human. Lust, anger and hatred belong to his brutal nature.
The reflection of cosmic intelligence is at the back of his intellect. So he is an image of God. When the brutal instincts die, when this ignorance is rent asunder, when he is able to bear insult and injury, then he becomes one with the Divine.
A thirsting aspirant is one who practises self-denial. He always tries to feel that the body does not belong to him. - because the body is not his. He starts his sadhana (practice) saying: "I am not this body. I am not this mind. Chidananda rupa shivoham..."
One harsh word throws a man off balance and a little disrespect upsets him. How weak he has become, despite his boasted intellect, his high position in society, his degrees, his diplomas and titles.
Bear insult; bear injury. This is the essence of all sadhana. This is the most important sadhana. If you succeed in this, you can very easily enter the illimitable domain of eternal bliss. Nirvikalpa samadhi (super-conscious state) will come by itself. This is the most difficult sadhana. But it is easy for those who have burning vairagya (dispassion) and true yearning for liberation.
First you must become like a block of stone. Only then you will be established in this sadhana. Now nothing can affect you. Abuse, ridicule, mockery, insult, persecution - none of these can have any influence on you.
- - -
Life is God in expression.
Life is joy.
Life is the flooding bliss of the spirit.
Life is the fight for fullness and perfection.
Life is a battle for attaining supreme independence.


Glory of the Self 
Believe in the Self. Draw power from within. Dive deep into the source and come back quite refreshed and invigorated. Have unshakeable faith that nothing can ever overpower these. Chant Om Om Om when gloom tries to overpower these. Rejoice in thy own self. Have contentment in thy own Self. Never seek happiness from outside.
A timid man is unfit for the attainment of Self-realisation. Have no attachment for this mortal body of flesh and bone. Cast if off like slough, just as the snake throws away its skin. Be prepared to give up the body at any moment. Make a strong resolve: I will die or realise the self.
Do not lose heart when you are in adverse circumstances. Become a real hero and fight your enemies within - the mind, indriyas (senses), vasanas (tendencies), samskaras (mental impressions) and trishnas (cravings) which have robbed you of your atmic jewel. The spiritual battlefield demands great valour, patience, perseverance, strength, courage and skill. 
Temptations will manifest without a moment's notice - you will be bewildered. There may be no time to detect them, so always be on the alert.
You came alone, naked and weeping. You will go alone, naked and weeping. Then why are you proud of your false wealth and false knowledge? Become humble, meek. You will conquer the world with humility. Become pure in thought, word and deed. This is the secret of spiritual life.
Birth and death, bondage and freedom, pleasure and pain, gain and loss - all are mental creations. Transcend the pairs of opposites. You were never born; you will never die. Thou art the immortal Self always. Thou art ever free in the three periods of time. It is the physical body that comes and goes. The Self is all-full, all-pervading, infinite and part-less.
Recognise that you are the living truth, that you are inseparable from that one essence, the substratum of all these illusory names and forms, these false, shadowy appearances. Get firmly established in Brahman. Now you are invulnerable.
Rely on your own self, your inner spiritual strength. Do not depend on money, friends or anyone. Friends, when put to the test, will desert you. Lord Buddha never even trusted his own disciples. Become absolutely free.

Perfection Awaits You 
The circle of darkness and degeneracy has reached its climax. Come now, arise victorious and step up towards the zenith of perfection that awaits you. Live with a definite purpose - do not roam about aimlessly. Walk with a definite aim. Climb the hill of knowledge steadily and reach the summit of the temple of Brahman, the grand abode of the life immortal.
In the spiritual path there are constant failures and setbacks. Repeated endeavour, constant vigilance and undaunted perseverance are needed. When the heart's knots are gradually loosened, when the vasanas (tendencies) are gradually thinned out, when the bonds of karma are gradually loosened, when ignorance is dispelled, when weakness vanishes, you will become more and more peaceful, strong and serene. You will get more and more light from within. You will become more and more divine.
Hard enough is it to purify the lower nature, difficult enough is it to practise concentration and meditation, but vigilance, perseverance, constant practise, steady and persistent effort, company of sages, resolute will and strong determination, will obviate all difficulties and render the path easy, pleasant and attractive. Fight with the mind bravely. Go on fighting with an undaunted heart. At the end of your battle you will attain the illimitable dominion of eternal bliss, the sweet abode of immortality, the immaculate, imperishable Self or Brahman.
Despair not; light is on the path. Serve all. Love truth. Be serene. Meditate regularly. You will soon attain the life beatitude, the silence, the supreme peace. Even when you get a glimpse of the truth, of the supreme, your whole life will be changed. You will be a changed being. You will have a new heart and a new wisdom. A new thrill of spiritual current will pass through your entire being. A wave of spiritual bliss will sweep over you. This state is indescribable.

Mary Magdalene: How To Best Help Children

Question: I would like to know what your heart is for us, for the children of today. How can we help them?

Mary Magdalene: There are many ways. Of course, love them. But you must teach them, as well. And the ultimate way that you always teach children is through your own demonstration, which requires your own transformation. It always comes to that.

Teach them that they are manifestations of God, that you see God in, and as, and through them, and that they must do the same with others. This is the ultimate teaching.

Many blessings, one and all.
I AM Mary Magdalene




The First Principle states:
"Whomsoever you encounter is the right one"
This means that no one comes into our life by chance. Everyone who is around us, anyone with whom we interact, represents something, whether to teach us something or to help us improve a current situation.

The Second Principle states:
"Whatever happened is the only thing that could have happened"
Nothing, absolutely nothing of that which we experienced could have been any other way. Not even in the least important detail. There is no "If only I had done that differently…, then it would have been different…". No. What happened is the only  thing that could have taken place and must have taken place for us to learn our lesson in order to move forward. Every single situation in life which we encounter is absolutely perfect, even when it defies our understanding and our ego.

The Third Principle states:
"Each moment in which something begins is the right moment"
Everything begins at exactly the right moment, neither earlier nor later. When we are ready for it, for that something new in our life, it is there, ready to begin.

The Fourth Principle states:
"What is over, is over"
It is that  simple. When something in our life ends, it helps our evolution. That is why, enriched by the recent experience, it is better to let go and move on.

Think it is no coincidence that you're here reading this.
If these words strike a chord, it's because you meet the requirements and understand that not one single snowflake falls accidentally in the wrong place!
Be good to yourself.
Love with your whole being.
Always be happy.


"In contact with the flux of cosmic consciousness att reli-
gions known and named today will be melted down. The human
soul will be revolutionised. Rerlgion will absolutely dominate
the race. It will not depend on tradition. It will be believed and
disbelieved. It will not be a part of life, belonging to certain
hours, times and occasions. It will not be in sacred books nor in
the mouths of priests. It will not dwell in churches and
meetings and forms and days. Its life will not be in prayers,
hymns nor in discourses. It will not depend on special
revelations, on the words of gods who came down to teach, nor
on any Bible or Bibles. It will have no mission to save men from
their sins nor to secure them entrance to heaven. It will not
teach a future immortality nor future glories, for immortality
and all glory exist in the here and now.
"The evidence of immortality will live in every heart as
sight in every eye. Doubt of God and of eternal life will be as
impossible as is now doubt of existence; the evidence of each
will be same. Religion will govern every minute of every day of
all life. Churches, priests, forms, creeds, prayers, all agents, all
intermediaries between the individual men and God will be per
manently replaced by direct unmistakable intercourse. Sin will
no longer exist nor will salvation be desired. Men will not worry
about death or a future, about the kingdom of heaven, about
what may come with and after the cessation of the life of the
present body. Each soul will feel and know itself to be immor-
tal, will feel and know that the entire universe with all its good
and with all its beauty is for it and belongs to it for ever.The
world peopled by men possessing Cosmic Consciousness will
be as far removed from the world of today as this from the
world as it was before the advent of self-consciousness. This
new race is in the act of being born from us and in the near
future will occupy and possess the earth." --- Bucke

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May your new Path {4 it is ever new} be filled with 'Beauty,
i.e., paved with intelligence - wakefulness - self-knowledge - self-awareness - discipline -
active Love - wisdom - trust - faith - devotion - courage & 24/7  effort ...

'Don't judge, B-fair, forgive others, forgive yourself. 
And this is just the beginning to Unity Freedom Peace Joy & CoCreation --

'Overcome your 5 senses, be generous, do no evil
and have no hate. Have equanimity towards everything.

This is how you will destroy your dense heavy limiting  False Self, your fearful selfish/greedy separated self-centered & deceiving Ego, and discover who you really are, - not your body, not your mind, not your profession, not your wealth or pedigree, but a spark of the Divine, - as we All are ...

{There is no death, you are never alone.}

Find time for silence, find time to meditate - self-inquiry always - Be Thankful ...


*Create a Beautiful/Peaceful/Quiet environment to live in if you can.
*A place place free from distractions if possible.
*Have a room set aside {a refuge} for prayer/devotion/meditation.
*This could be your bedroom.
*Have plants/flowers if you like.
*Have a beautiful aquarium if you like.
*Have pleasing music - satellite music/CDs.
*A relaxing peaceful place to read, sitting/laying down?
*Create beauty peace and harmony in this room, whatever way you like, candles scent ect.
*Do not harm your body or mind with any type of toxin.
*Eat Healthy food - take vitamins if necessary.
*Keep your mind free from negative self-destructive thoughts -
  I do use all of the above for myself ... John - Cleveland Ohio.


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This is just a very old archive {attic} where stuff has been stored and scattered for many years, a history of the 'old immature unripe Me & the newer evolving arising Me ?? - {I would like to think} - I now feel I know less then ever, in fact; I feel I know nothing for sure at all, the only thing left 4 me is to continue on is polishing up on Love Trust & Non-Judgment, & to reflect, learn to listen to my inner voice, develop intuition discernment & the higher mind, i.e., spirituality ...   
this is where my Path has taken me {so far} I am at peace  ... John
Single/Never married/Lived in a monastery for a number of years.

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See the possibility that people and things can change at any time and don't hold on to judgments.
- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Have Confidence In Your Souls Inner Guidance {ClickMe

The Grandeur Of GOD Is Far Greater Then Our Little Planet
& All Of Its Many & Different Religions Creeds & Ways Of Thought.


The ego is not GOD given,
it is manufactured {fabricated} by the
church government education; cultural environment & you.
It is your job to undo it if U want 2-B Free.


Fulfillment is returning to the Self -- "Let-Go" ...
Let the wise one strive after Freedom, giving up all
longing for sensual self-indulgence.
Those well established in the Self will never pursue
the world's vile ways. For such descent into the false
allurements of the world is yielding to the animal
weakness for sense-pleasure.
Stop thinking about anything which is not your true
Self, for that is degrading and productive of pain,
and instead think about your true nature, which is
bliss itself and productive of liberation.
I have done what was to be done, freed am I from
the grasp of the sorrowing world. My own being is
everlasting bliss; I am filled full, through the favor
of the Self {Source / Spirit}.

"EGO" > {The Selfish Liar}

Before the extremely intense desire for Freedom arises, you think
you can see, but really U-R blind .
Without an increase in your desire for Freedom, the ego will never
allow you to see the Truth.

The end of the ego is the end of all suffering and all
sorrow for all eternity.
The ego projects thoughts and fantasies and the ego
The end of the ego is infinite-eternal-awareness-
Realize that ending the ego is the only truly worthwhile
event that can happen in a human life.
When the extremely intense desire for Liberation is awakened,
you will be able to see that every spiritual teaching from the
past has been distorted by the ego and that some of the spiritual
teachings were created by the ego for the purpose of preserving
the ego.

Most people would not put these instructions into practice
because their desire for Liberation is not strong enough.
The desire to preserve the ego is much greater than the
desire to end the ego. This is true for almost all humans
and almost all spiritual aspirants.
The ego has trillions of tricks to preserve its imaginary self.
To distort and complicate.
The word "insane" describes well almost all humans.
The only thing you should have time for is to focus all of your
attention on rising to the surface, like a man who is being
held underwater trying to rise up for air.
Then there would not be time for all these games, detours,
distractions, delays and distortions.
Then you would not pretend that thinking about spirituality
is authentic Spirituality.
Then you would not pretend that an intellectual journey is a
Spiritual journey.
Then the only means you would accept is the most direct means.
You must persevere on the path, until you become the path.
The ego is the source of all evil.
The ego is insane. This is true for all humans.
To produce so many trillions of horrors, the ego
has to be evil and insane.
For your entire life, you have been ignoring your
true Self - your relationship and Unity with Suurce.
"He who knows his Self knows his Lord."
Demand sanity.
Historically, not even one in a million humans has been
dedicated to the direct experience of the eternal Truth
that lives within them and is their true Self.
Ego dissolves in love.
When you see the Divine in yourself,
you will see the Divine in everyone.

You will know the extremely intense desire for Liberation
has awakened when you have dropped all unnecessary
activities to create the maximum amount of time for
spiritual practice.
If you do not do your spiritual practice every day,
eventually your life will become full of suffering.
If you do not do your spiritual practice every day,
eventually, sooner or later, you will experience one or
more of the thousands of different types of suffering.
If you do not do your spiritual practice every day, you will
continue to be caught in the cycle of birth and death again
and again, you will experience diseases, violence and
thousands of types of suffering, lifetime after lifetime.
All delays are tricks of the ego, {imposter self}.
Every thought that leads you away from spiritual practice
is a trick created by the imposter self.
Look at your daily activities and drop all those activities that
are not necessary, to create as much time as possible for
spiritual practice everyday.
Bathing and eating food everyday are necessary.
For most people working to earn a living everyday is necessary.
Choose to be what you really are {your true nature} at your core > 
Infinite-Eternal-Awareness-Love-Bliss i.e., Your Divine Self, 
or, you will be living from a parasite pretending to be your self, 
the fearful selfish self-centered sleeping suffering egotist ...

Bring the imposter self to an end.
Before the extremely intense desire for Liberation is
awakened, the false self will lead you to a practice
that will support the ego.
After the extremely intense desire for Liberation is
awakened, you will be able to see how the ego has
contaminated all of the spiritual and religious
teachings of the past, including both esoteric and
exoteric teachings.
Watch the ego when it tries to lead you away from
spiritual practice into distractions, detours, diversions,
delays, unnecessary activities and entertainment.
Do not let the ego win that battle.
Time is precious. A human lifespan is very short. You
have been shown the most direct and rapid means to
eternal bliss in this lifetime.
Making a simple spiritual teaching into something
complicated is a trick generated by the ego.
Those who are spiritually immature or who lack
intelligence, discernment, sincerity, discrimination or
the ability to perceive subtle differences, will not see
the unique and tremendous value of these teachings.
The ego will prevent those who are spiritually immature
from seeing what is revealed in these teachings. The ego
will block from their view most of what is written here.
They will then find some other excuse for why they do not
see the unique value of what is here.
At the beginning, only a small number will see this.
In the years ahead, many will see this.
If, even after reading these teachings many times, the ego
did not allow you to see the value of what is here, try
reading these teachings again a few months or a year from
now or when your openness or desire for Freedom has
For thousands of years humans have passed a nightmare
world full of suffering, lies, deceit, fear, anger, and violence
unto their children. To stop this cycle: challenge the
assumptions, ideas, beliefs and concepts that were taught
to you at a young age and now form the basis for your
Doubt is a very valuable tool in the process of awakening.
You could begin by doubting all of the religious and spiritual
teachings of the past.
Then doubt every human belief in all fields including science
and philosophy.
Then doubt the validity, sincerity and existence of the doubter.
Find out: who or what is the doubter?
Then, eventually, sooner or later, experience the absolute
perfection of Infinite-Eternal-Awareness-Love-Bliss.
Then continue to practice.
For this to happen you have to begin to care.
Care about Truth enough to see that the human past has
been a falsehood.
Either you are dreaming or you are not dreaming. Either you
are sleeping or you are awake.
A turbulent state can be a sign of progress if you are in the
stage of doing battle with the ego.
A peaceful state can be a sign of progress.
The most helpful view for the aspirant is to not be concerned
with signs of progress.
At some point the ego tries to stop the practice or progress of
most people. The ego can do this at almost any time, even after
someone has been practicing for years. That is one reason why
half of these teachings has been devoted to exposing the ego,
the ego's tricks, and how to reduce and finally end those tricks.
Care about Truth enough to drop the past ideas, beliefs,
concepts and opinions. Then begin a new life ...

What is the goal of practice? It is to bring the ego
and its suffering and illusions to a final end so that
only the true Self whose nature is Infinite-Eternal-
Awareness-Love-Bliss remains, the final reality,
which is the only reality.
Describing the final Reality as Infinite-Eternal-
Awareness-Love-Bliss is the closest one can come
in words without straying too far from the human
frame of reference. Awareness-love-bliss are not
three, it is one. That which almost every word in
the dictionary points towards is part of the ego
When the ego comes to its final end, the dream ends
and almost everything that the words in the dictionary
point towards disappears. Upon awakening, the dream
A journey through spiritual concepts, ideas, beliefs,
teachings and opinions, through intellectual spirituality,
is a journey through illusion,
Practice is what is essential. It must not be a spiritual
practice that is created by the ego for the purpose of
preserving the ego.
A human might be willing to look at part of one war.
However it is very rare that a human is willing to look
at what fifteen thousand wars in the last five thousand
years really means. Seeing what happened to each and
every individual human in those wars. In addition to the
wars, trillions of acts of violence have occurred. Billions
of lies are told by humans each and every day including
today. Billions of acts of cruelty in this ocean of human
suffering, sorrow, deceit etc. occur every day including
today. Yet all this is still only a few drops in the ocean of
human suffering and evil. This is a case where a picture
is worth a thousand words. Photographs of human
bodies after the acts of violence have occurred can
convey much more than mere words. Billions of acts of
verbal deceit, conning, and cheating occur every day
including today. Humans lie not only to each other but
to themselves every day.
There is a further step one can take to see the extent of
the ego's vast network of deception, cruelty, insincerity,
ect. That is to see how usually what humans call good
is also the ego's evil in a hidden form.
Self honesty begins by beginning to face the insincerity,
deceptiveness, evil and cruelty of thought.
One reason why it is so important to become aware of
the ocean of human suffering, deception, insincerity,
cruelty, ect. is because that is one of the steps towards
ending it.
What is it that leads him to the decision not to do a
spiritual practice that has the potential to reveal to him
his true Self and let him enter the ocean of eternal bliss?
It is the ego. The pro-religious believer, and the
anti-religious disbeliever who thinks he is so rational,
are both lost in belief. Belief is not Truth.
Also, even if one points out the defects ect., if the desire
for Truth and Freedom is not there they will not see what
is being pointed out.
There are current scientific discoveries that support the
notion that all is one consciousness. Science is for the
purpose of discovering that which is relatively truer.
Science is not for the purpose of experiencing the
Absolute Truth that has never changed in all eternity
and that will never change in all eternity.
It is not all gloomy and bleak. There is something
wonderful and extremely beautiful. You can wake up
and live eternally in Infinite-Awareness-Love-Bliss,
free of all suffering. Your true Self is that now.
Wishing you success in bringing the imposter {ego}
to its final end - ending the me center.  Start the day
with love. Fill the day with love. End the day with love.

“Of Attaining Perfection.” Channeled

Received by George Barnard. 

Bzutu: “Both you and I have come a long way in understanding each other, and, incidentally, our improving use of the English language is an important part of why we can be at ease with each other. Our countless misunderstandings are now a thing of the past. However, there will come and go still many Christmasses before either of us will attain perfection, so let us therefore consider that our understanding of each other’s imperfections is what has us entirely at ease. 

“Criticism of another’s behavior, thoughts, demeanor and expression – and even paranoia about these, and not simply of the individuals, but of families and entire nations – does slow our already tardy acquisition of self-mastery toward perfection. The answer to the scourge of criticism is serious investigation as to what the other party is all about. Most disapproval and outright denigration simply falls away when a little effort is expanded in understanding others. 

“Intolerance of another’s habits is mostly found to have only imaginary causes. ‘They’ – whoever ‘they’ might be – cannot possibly act like you, because they do not live in your street, because they do not live in your town, your country. They might well speak a language you do not understand. They might well have an education unlike yours – considerably more extensive or even absent, entirely. The variations are myriad, and hard to gauge. 

“An absolute rarity is the individual so tolerant, so devoid of criticism, that he or she has the ability to readily accept all for what they are, or might be. Do not count yourself among these advanced ones, for this god-like attribute can seldom be found anywhere on the planet, but in the most innocent newborn, as in the most advanced of spiritual ones. However, success can be achieved in your sometimes lonely and personal drive towards the attainment of perfection. 

“There will be a time for you, in the ages to come, when all of you have left far behind you all intolerance and criticism, all hatred and false pride, all feelings of superiority and of inadequacy, even all memory of mortal and morontial imperfection – a time when there is only love in your heart – a time when all you can contemplate is being a contributor to the whole of our universes – a time of your unconditional loving embrace by the Creator of all creatures. 

“At that time you will once more share with your Creator all that you experienced from your mortal beginnings to your travels to Paradise, to Hear the Father Creator say, ‘You are my beloved child of whom I am exceedingly proud.’ Waver not in your convictions and teach all my simple lesson that real love is based on admiration, based on respect, based on understanding, all caused by a willingness to approach and befriend.” 

“Such a pursuit will assure you of the attainment of perfection. This is ABC-22. Adieu.”

The Church Of Love {ClickMe}

For a very long time, this ghost of a mind generated
countless evil notions like lust, anger, ect. Now that
that ghost has been laid, I laugh at my own past
foolishness. The mind is dead; all my worries and
anxieties are dead; the demon known as ego-sense
is dead. - The Self is not affected by the body mind 
or senses, nor is the body mind or senses in any way
related to the Self. Give up this subservience to
the ghost known as ego-sense and rest in the Self.

The greatest Guru is your inner Self. Truly, he is the
supreme teacher. He alone can take you to your goal
and he alone meets you at the end of the road. Confide
in him and you need no outer Guru. But again you must
have the strong desire to find him and do nothing that
will create obstacles and delays. And do not waste
energy and time on regrets. Learn from your mistakes
and do not repeat them.

My Evolutionary Archive Over The Years.
There is no status quo. Life changes a mile a minute.
Your life is under your will and the picture of your life that you have designed and are designing right now.
Some of my post are years old,
I would not repeat them the the same way,
or even post them, but I will leave everything stand the way it is 4 now.
{Forgive the Repeats, this site is due 4 a housecleaning over the years.}
This Site {mainly metaphysics} will not appeal to many; very very few in fact even know what the name means or are interested or are in a frame of mind in our fast paced world to even understand or are able to digest or accept, but that is changing, - enlightenment - personal perfection - truth beauty & goodness are all a part of 'who we are' and appeals to the heart of all; and is now a part of our fast growing evolutionary process which seems now to be 'coming to a head' if you believe in some of the channeled information below, if you do not believe in any of it, that is perfectly alright;  whatever path you choose or are on at this time is just as appropriate for your personal peace & happiness, - either way, I hope some of the other information on this site that might be of interest to you.i.e.,I hope you find something here that might be worth your time... John

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Just as a flower has to wither away after sometime, so does a flaw.

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”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into the great darkness

of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other,

because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the

happiness of Brotherhood.”

Michael of Nebadon, tml 5/2004

Your planet is known as the seeker. For as one is born into the flesh, one begins to seek; you seek yourself, you seek your heart, you seek your mission, you seek your partner in life and love. And when one is fulfilled and has accomplished all of that, then one continues to seek – for nothing of earth can fill you, nor has it ever. So, always you are seekers. Never resting enough to taste the nectar of what you have manifested, of what you have created, or what has come to you – forward moving is your species and your light. For never will the light be fulfilled until it sups upon itself. All the external doorways and the dimensions that you seek outside of yourself through crystals, through books etc; but give you a taste, a spoonful of the very thing that you truly need.


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Knowledge is a burden if it robs you of innocence.
Knowledge is a burden if it is not integrated into life.
Knowledge is a burden if it doesn't bring joy.
Knowledge is a burden if it gives you an idea that you are wise.
Knowledge is a burden if it doesn't set you free.
Knowledge is a burden if it makes you feel you are special.

- Sri Sri

“Your intuition is your guiding light.”
Your intuition is your quiet inner voice. It helps you make decisions, gives you direction and acts as your guide.
Intuition talks to you in different ways. Sometimes it’s a strong feeling or an inner “knowing.” Sometimes it’s a sudden flash of inspiration or a moment of clarity.  No matter how intuition speaks to you, know it always wants the best for you.
Next time you’re faced with an important decision, calm your mind, let go of self-serving emotions or thoughts and let your intuition speak. At first, it may be subtle. But, with awareness and practice, you can recognize it instantly.

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1895 - 8th Grade Final Exam

The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America ...

"We are not interested
in going to paradise;
we are interested in
making the paradise
come here. It all depends
on our love,
on our silence,
on our peace,
on our meditation."
And a society based on sharing & caring.
Beloved one, it is a collective belief that is held by many that life has to be a struggle; there has to be challenge. If there isn’t challenge, then you are not truly alive. And it has been taught to you by your religious/philosophical teachers that the more you struggle in this lifetime, the greater your reward in heaven. Well, I say unto you that heaven is here and now, and you do not have to struggle. You can be as free as the kite, and you can fly as free and even higher than the kite flies.

Nonjudgment, compassion, gratitude and a heartfelt love for all humanity are the most important attributes you are to strive to develop at this time.

Sound On

In the next two years {2011-2012}, the love of power will begin to be displaced by the power of love. Do not doubt it, for it is already in motion. This transformation occurs one heart at a time, inside each of you. 

Our Soul Age

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Welcome 2 my HomePage.
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This is the largest metaphysical 'paranormal' library on the Net,
it's like an old book store with things scattered all over the place.
It is a reference for me to draw from only,
and It is also for your discernment ,
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- B happy and keep your heart clean soft playful & generous,
It is no accident U-R here ...
Love, and Blessings. Choose well, and choose promptly.

Sri Sri: To be a good volunteer - {How 2 B of Service}

(1) Avoid and ignore those who hamper your work . There will be many at every corner of life, who would like to resist, dishearten you , ignore them and keep doing the work.

(2) Whatever work you do someone or other will find fault or blame you. Keep working without losing your enthusiasm and spirit.

(3) Do not react to criticism.

(4) Always be happy !

And Dear Lord, let me continue to be unsatisfied.  

The Purpose Of Life
Our first and foremost commitment is to do seva (service) in the world.
If there is fear in your life, it is because of a lack of commitment.
If there is confusion in your life, it is because of lack of commitment.
The very thought I am here in this world to do seva (service), dissolves the i and when the i dissolves, worries dissolve. Seva is not something u do out of convenience or for pleasure. The ultimate purpose of life is to be of service.
An uncommitted mind is miserable. A committed mind may experience rough weather but will reap the fruits of its toil.
When you make the service your sole purpose in life, it eliminates fear, brings focus in your mind and purposefulness, action and long term joy and may be short term problems!
- Sri Sri

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This Site is for those of you who might be interested in,
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This site is also 4 the Mystic; that is in All of Us.
What is a "Mystic"?
 A mystic is an individual who seeks more than their religion can give them.  Religions can educate you, teach you, and help you practice the relationship between yourself and the religion in a worshipful manner, either privately or as in a fellowship with others.  The mystic is the individual who seeks to have more than a social or religious relationship, but wishes to have a personal, immediate and intimate relationship with the God presence within them.  The practicing mystic is one who does KNOW (and please put that in capital letters,) the presence of God within themselves.  The practicing mystic KNOWS that this is a capability within themselves and everyone else. 

A very great vision is needed,and the
man who has it must follow it...
as the eagle seeks the deepest blue
of the sky.
Chief Crazy Horse


The Mystic {ClickMe}

"Messages sometimes arrive on our doorstep when least expected. We can ignore them, dispute them or listen to them. Life is a series of choices. Our job is to make the right choices at the right times."

About Discernment:
Please keep in mind when reading this material that each writer is writing from his or her own point of view, experiences, and level of understanding. If your Guidance tells you that an article is not of value to you, just ignore it. It may be an eye-opener for someone else! Discernment is always needed no matter who the message comes from. If a message instills fear in anyway it is not of the Light. Always use your own inner-guidance in reading all material intended for spiritual growth, as truth is a personal thing, and each journey towards truth, unique. What may be true for one may not be true for another, but that doesn't make it untrue.

Most of the information found on the links below
are from various authors with some editing, modifying,
paraphrasing, and likely {possible} mistakes
on my part, so I could not include their names, i.e.,
it was not part of their original message ... John
P.S.: E-mail me - {found under my Photo below}
for more info if you like ---

There is No advertising or promotion for profit on any
of my links, a Small few are used only for reference,
{I have no connection to these.}
There is No selling - No spam - No evangelizing, -
just sharing , - pictures & music are added where
words are not enough.
I hope you enjoy my links ... John

A Prayer:

Atisha's 13 Quotes
The greatest achievement is selflessness.
The greatest worth is self-mastery.
The greatest quality is seeking to serve others.
The greatest precept is continual awareness.
The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything.
The greatest action is not conforming with the worlds ways.
The greatest magic is transmuting the passions.
The greatest generosity is non-attachment.
The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind.
The greatest patience is humility.
The greatest effort is not concerned with results.
The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go.
The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances.

MY 18 WISHES 4 SELF-DISCOVERY - SERVICE, & 2 Get Back 2 Source > "ClickMe" - {UPDATED}

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Spiritual Growth & The Reason 4 This WebSite > "ClickMe"

I Realize That The List Of Links below are a "Bit Long",
Just Take What Appeals 2 You, & Leave The Rest Be.
As We Grow,There Are Updates & New Info Everyday.
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what your up against', then scroll back up 2 the top 2 
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New things are added or updated just about everyday,
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P.S.: I will put the latest Posts just below this message
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on what is New > 12/8/09

Thank you for the opportunity to flesh out a little more of this idea of what it is to bring yourself to
engage in a state of prayer, of worship, of meditation, of stillness, of personal peace, of connection,
of creation, of learning and of growth. All of these are there when you arrive at this state of Simple
Willingness. Then you may choose to access any or all of these aspects of the spiritual plane.

The Calling

Like a voice from within

you hear it.

a still, small voice

that stirs your very soul

... the calling

Emanating from the vast expanse of the universe,

from the depths of eternity,

across time and space,

to resonate at the center of your being

... the calling.

Calling you home

to truth, beauty, and goodness

to brotherhood,

to Living Love.


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Many of my links are channeled,{ClickMe} 2 know what channeling is.

Some of the messages below are from "Lady Isis" and can be sent to your Email daily > "ClickMe"

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RIDE THE TIGER {Channeled} "ClickMe"

Vitamin D3 "ClickMe"

Will U Get Away From The Idea That "Life Is Hard"? {Channeled} "ClickMe"

There Is Nothing U Cannot Achieve If U Put Your Mind 2 It ... {Channeled} "ClickMe"



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You Are The GOD SOURCE {Channeled} "ClickMe"

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Religion Politics "ClickMe"

Afternoon Nap "ClickMe"

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All That Has No Place In Your Life-Will Begin 2 Fall Away {Channeled} "ClickMe"

GOD Or ego {Channeled} "ClickMe"

Relaxation HEALS "ClickMe" - 3/13/10

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The Final Curtain {Channeled} "ClickMe" - 3/14/10

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There R "NO" Accidents, U-R In The Right Place At The Right Time ... {Channeled} "ClickMe"

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Perfect Order 4/26/10

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Matthew 4/27/10

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Cleansing 4/30/10

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Transformation 4/30/10

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+++ I LOVE YOU MOM +++



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FallingInLoveAgain 5/18/10

MEMORIAL DAY {Coming-up}

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+++Our Troops+++

Your Future 5/19/10

ManyNewTopics 5/20/10

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AscensionOrAnnihilation 5/21/10

Time&Space 5/21/10

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TheInternet&YourHigherSelf 5/22/10

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Welcome2TheVoid 5/26/10

Dimensions&Timelines 5/26/10

Preparing4EarthVibrationChange 5/26/10

I Am GOD 5/26/10

Big Spiritual Change 5/27/10

FearOfDeath 5/27/10

MessageFromTheDivineMother 5/28/10

U-R Great! 5/28/10

Self 5/28/10

WhatUThinkMATTERS 5/29/10

Audio Uplifts 5/29/10

The GOD Vitamin 5/29/10

Awakening/Video 5/30/10

ANewChurchOrANewWayOfLife 5/30/10

OpportunityOfEnlightenment 5/30/10

LatestAscensionSymptions 5/30/10

Ambassadors Of God 5/31/10

Balance {2} 5/31/10

Disdain 6/1/10

Re-member 6/1/10

Oil Disaster {Channeled} 6/1/10

Non-violence 6/1/10

Life: A Mirror Of Our Own Creation 6/1/10

June's Energy 6/2/10

Time2TakeAction 6/2/10

StimulateTheSoul 6/2/10

Self-forgiveness 6/2/10

Travel Light 6/3/10

Message From Matthew 6/3/10

Ghosts: 4 Your Discernment 6/3/10

The5thDimension 6/5/10

'Fear-Not' 6/6/10

LettingGo 6/6/10

PlanetEarth 6/6/10

Our 'New' Body TEMPLATE 6/7/10

OurNewTemplate 6/7/10

TheBirthOfANewHumanity 6/7/10

TransformingLessons 6/7/10

SayTheseWords2ChangeYourLife 6/7/10

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100th Monkey 6/7/10

Michael 6/9/10

NothingCanBHidden 6/9/10

The Next Phase 6/11/10

Address2Parents 6/11/10

Arcturian Transmission 6/12/10

A Gift From GOD 6/12/10

Your Blueprint 6/12/10

Creating A New Earth 6/12/10

Ready2Rock&Roll 6/14/10

Vibrational Shifts 6/15/10

Greed 6/15/10

From GOD 6/15/10

Reality Clause 6/15/10

TheSheepFromTheGoats 6/16/10

YourPath//TransformingAnger 6/16/10

A Mighty Dragon 6/17/10

Proof Of The Pudding 6/17/10

+++ Father's Day +++

GulfOil:4YourDiscernment 6/18/10

The Beauty of Life 6/18/10

Make A Beautiful Doorway Of Yourself 6/18/10

Install LOVE On Your 'Human' Computer 6/18/10

B 'GLAD' 4 What U-R ... 6/18/10

OurUpliftment:TheWholePoint 6/18/10

A Message From GOD 6/18/10

Message From Beyond The Veil 6/19/10

The Second Birth 6/19/10

Smile, and Say, Thank You 6/20/10

CorruptionBeyondBeliefe 6/22/10

TheLearningCurve 6/22/10

TheDolphinMatrix 6/22/10


AMessageFromGOD 6/22/10

TheHOTseat 6/22/10

Opinion of Others 6/22/10

Keep Your Faith In Order 6/22/10

Let Love Be Your Guide 6/23/10

Full Of Grace 6/24/10

+IMPATIENCE+ 6/25/10


Sri Sri 6/25/10

LOVE Your Liver 6/25/10

"BELIEVE" 6/25/10

Gulf of Mexico 6/26/10

The GOD Code 6/26/10

Channeled from the Divine Collective 6/26/10

Make Peace With Yourself 6/26/10

Loving Assistance For This Transition 6/26/10

"PERSEVERE" 6/26/10

Summer2010 6/27/10

Transparency&TheLastDays 6/27/10

LayDownYourBurdens 6/27/10

SummerSolsticeMessage 6/27/10

The Time Of Change Is Upon You 6/28/10

Time Space & Mind 6/28/10

Sound Healing {1}

Sound Healing {2}

Sound Healing {3}

Healing Oils

TheTruthCanNoLongerBeHidden 7/1/10

WillGodForgiveU? 7/1/10

U-R AscendingWithMotherEarth 7/1/10

Preparing4Ascension 7/1/10

How2BringPeace2TheWorld 7/1/10

"TheBIG3" 7/2/10

YOUR Evolution 7/2/10


Oil Spill Video 7/3/10

Act Of Faith Video 7/3/10

Let Faith B Your Guide 7/3/10

Mandala Healing 7/3/10

Roads In Africa 7/3/10

Two Priest On Vacation 7/3/10

Hair-Pin Turns 7/3/10

My Dream 7/4/10

The Church of Love 7/4/10

FromAnimal2Spiritual 7/4/10

U-R Limitless 7/4/10

2012 - 7/5/10

U-R Authorized ... 7/5/10

FromLOVEcomesEverything... 7/5/10

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Q&A 7/8/10

Human Complexity 7/8/10

HigherDimensionsOnTheWay 7/8/10

Invitation For Change 7/8/10

Appreciation 7/9/10

The Altar U-R 7/9/10

Beauty 7/9/10

Responsibility&SeedsOfGrowth 7/9/10

The time is NOW 7/10/10

Indigo Children 7/11/10

Where Life May Take You 7/11/10

As The World Ascends 7/11/10

Recent Channeling 7/12/10

Channeled Dialogue 7/12/10

SaLuSa 7/14/10

FEAR 7/14/10

Can U Feel It ? 7/14/10

Your Health - 7/15/10

Hurt Feelings - 7/15/10

High Blood Pressure - 7/15/10

ComeOutOfYourShell... 7/16/10

Unusual News 7/16/10

TheRealMeaningOfTheMayanCalendar 7/16/10

Health News 7/16/10

Rightmindedness 7/16/10

The NEW Earth ... 7/16/10

Mindsets 7/17/10

The Bhagavad Gita Simplified 7/17/10

YourPowersRreturning 7/17/10

Sirius Rising 7/17/10

Tips 2 keep your Heart in Good Shape 7/18/10

SaLuSa 7/18/10

Hypersensitivity 7/18/10

The Tulip

"HELL" > InVented By The Church ... 7/18/10

The Power is Within ... 7/18/19

These Are Sacred Days 7/18/10

The Womb Of Creation 7/19/10

Conscious Convergence {Channeled Video} 7/19/10

DirectPersonalCommunicationsWithSpirit 7/19/10

Let GOD Serve 7/19/10

Changes on Earth 7/19/10

Ancient Flight & DNA Manipulation 7/19/10

Monitoring Blood Pressure 7/19/10

Inner Voice 7/22/10

Earth Vibration Change 7/22/10

Being Who U-R 7/22/10

Atheism is Not Reality 7/22/10

TimeOfGrowthChangeDiscernment 7/22/10

A Need 2 Be Guided 7/23/10

Healthiest Foods On Earth 7/23/10

Disclosure 7/23/10

SeeingTheWorldThruTheEyesOfYourHigherSelf 7/23/10

The Truth Vibration 7/23/10

R-U-A-CooperativeComponent 7/23/10

11:11 - 7/23/10

GiGGleTime 7/23/10

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Ascension/FederationOfLight 7/24/10

<<<HeatWaves>>> 7/24/10

11:11 Channeled 7/24/10

SaLuSa:2012 7/25/10

Alarming Video 7/25/10

TheMiddleClassIsShrinking 7/25/10

Should I Leave Or Stay ? 7/25/10

TheLoveYouHaveDreamedOf 7/26/10

How 2 Fish 4 Yourself 7/26/10

Have U Done Enough ? 7/26/10

SaLuSa:ReflectOnWhatUDoNotNeed 7/26/10

What Does This Dancer Say 2 U ? 7/27/10

Can U Feel The Change ? 7/27/10

Everyone Has A Soul ... 7/27/10

Lets C how Smart U-R ... 7/27/10

Simple or Complex 7/27/10

Do Not Wait 7/27/10

The Council of 12 - 7/27/10

Veda 7/28/10

Infinite Being that U-R 7/28/10

Ascension & What U Leave Behind 7/28/10

Vitamin D - 7/28/10

Your Liver 7/28/10

Uric Acid 7/29/10

Your Feet 7/29/10

From The Valleys of Your Heart 7/29/10

Be an Unfriendly Friend 7/29/10

Cognitive Decline 7/29/10

Great Turmoil {Channeled} 7/29/10

Authentic Expression of "You!" 7/29/10

Dark Night of the Soul 7/30/10

Negative Energy Severed From The Positive 7/30/10

Stripping Away All The Lies 7/30/10

Material wants: A dead end ... 7/30/10

Joyful, Joyful Life ! 7/30/10

Doubts About Ascension ? 7/30/10

Real Beauty 7/30/10

U-R A Holy Being 7/30/10

The Message From GOD 7/30/10

A New Epoch 7/30/10

The Necessity For Spiritual Effort 7/31/10

The Vastness of Being 7/31/10

Every Day A Vacation Day 7/31/10

Train your minds to heed the call 8/1/10

Signs Of Success 8/1/10

Arcturian Light : Fear 8/1/10

Proof of Alien Life 8/1/10

Now You Are Awake 8/1/10

WATER and your HEALTH 8/1/10

A Little Prayer For You 8/1/10

Finding The Truth 8/1/10

Remember Who U-R 8/1/10

Preparing 4 Ascension 8/1/10

The Longer You Sit, The Shorter Your Life 8/1/10

Energy Dynamics 8/2/10

U-R So Strong! ... 8/2/10

Amazing Technology 8/2/10

Be Fully Awake 8/2/10

The Deer & The Dog ... 8/2/10

Various Sayings 8/2/10

Collage of Love 8/2/10

Is This Really What GOD Wants? 8/2/10

2 Girls 8/2/10

U Have A Choice 8/2/10

Turning The Key 8/3/10

A Mind Made Up 8/3/10

Sex & Blame 8/3/10

Vitamin D 3 - 8/3/10

The Food We Eat ... 8/3/10

A Major Shift In Thinking 8/3/10

Fear Not: Miracles Are Coming 8/3/10

Old Jack 8/4/10

Keep Your Heart Open 8/4/10

What Harmony Requires 8/4/10

Birthing Unity 8/4/10

A Message From GOD 8/4/10

Worries 8/5/10

Various Sayings 8/5/10

R-U Getting Enough Sleep? 8/5/10

Cardinal Climax Is Here 8/5/10

Blessings of August 8/5/10

The Power of Your Choice 8/5/10


"Happy People!" 8/5/10

Toronto: New Age Capital Of The World 8/5/10

Releasing The Human Ego 8/5/10

Releasing The Human Ego {Video} 8/5/10

The Ancient Mind 8/6/10

50 Things About The Moon 8/6/10

Under The Sun 8/6/10

Circle Meditation 8/6/10


What's Happening 8/6/10

When Things Seem Meaningless 8/6/10

The Light Is Growing Exponentially 8/6/10

COURAGE 8/7/10

Learn To Be Happy 8/7/10

Solar Storm Warning {4 your discernment} 8/7/10

8:8 --- 8/7/10

Beware "Whole Child Education" 8/7/10

Something To Be Concerned About 8/8/10

Cell Phone Warning 8/8/10

Miracles All Around Us 8/8/10

Earth Matters Are Coming 2 A Head ... 8/8/10

The Re-Birthing Process 8/8/10

Our Transfiguration 8/8/10

Our Power Is Love ... 8/8/10

Evolution of the Primordial Mind 8/9/10

Transmissions from Home 8:8 Stargate 8/9/10

R-U An Emotional Empath? 8/9/10

The Empathic Civilization 8/9/10

Make Your Home GOD'S Home 8/9/10

Near Death - Meets God 8/9/10

Spirit Dancing 8/9/10

A Hathor Planetary Message 8/10/10

Wings Of Light 8/10/10

The Good & The Bad 8/11/10

Your Birthright 8/11/10

Acupuncture 8/11/10

Prostate {1} - 8/11/10

Prostate {2} - 8/11/10

Clear Old-Beliefs & Knowledge

A One-Day Job 8/11/10

What Is My Divine Life Purpose? 8/11/10

Rebirth or Rebound 8/11/10

Secret Of The Universe

You Will Soon Take A Quantum Leap Forward 8/11/10

The LAYERS Of 'U' ... 8/12/10

The 10 Signs Of Spiritual Awakening 8/12/10

A Hathor Planetary Message 8/12/10

The Seat Of The Soul 8/12/10

Spiritual DNA 8/12/10

Sweet Freedom 8/12/10

Birth of Religion 8/12/10

Korean Traditional Medicine Treatment 8/12/10

Vitamin B3 - 8/12/10

Healing Sounds 8/12/10

In Love - 8/12/10

A Wedding Invitation 4-U ... 8/12/10

Unconditional Love - 8/12/10

Juggling Hat - 8/12/10

Bliss - 8/12/10

Communication With The Federation of Light 8/12/10

B-Happy! 8/12/10

The Power of Truth 8/13/10

Friday the 13th --- 8/13/10

Bliss {Contd.} 8/13/10

The Futility of Thought 8/14/10

A Message from Matthew 8/14/10

Wanna Lighten Up? 8/14/10

U-R Beautiful ... 8/14/10

Boys ... 8/14/10

Cleansing The Dark Side 8/15/10

4 your discernment 8/15/10

The Stature of God within you 8/15/10

Hilarion's Weekly Message 8/15/10

The Joy of Knowing - 13 part series - 8/15/10

Love Yourself - 8/16/10

U-DO Make A Difference!! 8/16/10

Seeking Oneness 8/16/10

GREED 8/16/10

A Message From GOD 8/16/10

U-R Fulfilling Your Destiny 8/16/10

Channeled Video 8/17/10

Negative Unwanted Thoughts 8/17/10

The Magic Wand 8/17/10

Your Mindset Is Breaking Up 8/17/10

Mayan Message 8/17/10

Misery / Joy 8/18/10

The How & Why of the Mayan Date 2012 AD - 8/18/10

Love Will Be In Bloom 8/18/10

My Journey With Channeling 8/18/10

Tomorrow's Promise {Channeled} 8/18/10

Flower of Life Meditation 8/18/10

Sleep, and do better ... 8/18/10

Illness/Sickness & Self-Discovery 8/19/10

The King's Love 8/19/10

Accountability 8/19/10

The Dimension Of Truth 8/19/10

Lightworkers 8/20/10

I Am Another You 8/20/10

2013 - 8/20/10

Arcturian Light Transmission 8/20/10

Wholeness of Love 8/20/10

U-R Authorized 8/20/10

Service: Our Second Nature 8/20/10

The Whole Universe Is In Ascension 8/20/10

The Blue Ray 8/21/10

Blue Ray Transmision 8/21/10

The Search for Truth 8/21/10

From Hell 2 Heaven ... 8/21/10

Dealing With Changing Energies 8/21/10

Now The Music Can Begin 8/21/10

Secret of the Expanding Universe 8/21/10

Stripping Away What Is Not Authentic And True 8/21/10

Release Your Fears 8/22/10

Self Healing 8/22/10

Consciousness Observing Itself 8/22/10

Even In A Fortune Cookie 8/22/10

Forgiveness And The Freedom Of Letting Go 8/22/10

Receive What U Wish For 8/22/10

Divine Synchronicity 8/22/10

Ailment Origin: Physical or in Emotion? 8/23/10

'Healing the Past' 8/23/10

Your Spiritual Path 8/23/10

Visionary Art 8/23/10

Egg Recall {4 your discernment} 8/23/10

When nothing seems 2 work 8/23/10

Feeling The Change 8/23/10

Possible Alien Contact 8/23/10

Your Divine Soul Imprint 8/23/10

When My Time Comes 8/23/10

Little Things Simple Things 8/23/10

GOD Jesus Mohamed Buddah 8/23/10

A New Cycle Has Begun 8/23/10

Misleading hoax - 8 year old boy stealing bread 8/23/10

Jesus and Michael Q & A 8/24/10

Soul Develepment 8/25/10

Have you been Fed? 8/25/10

Your Experience Outside Of Time {7 part series} 8/25/10

We R All Going 2 Hell!! 8/25/10

Your New Laptop 8/25/10

Your Pineal Gland 8/25/10

Vitamin B-12 8/25/10

Elephent painting - 1 of many paintings 8/25/10

We-R-A Special Species 8/25/10

A New Journey 8/25/10

Prepare 4 The Landings 8/25/10

Eternal Life 8/26/10

Euclid Ohio UFO {My home town} 8/26/10


R-U Brave? 8/26/10

Planetary Change 8/27/10

Black Rice 8/27/10


Comfort in The Self 8/27/10

Unexpectedness of Life 8/27/10

Spirit Of Truth {Channeled} 8/28/10

To Our Spirit Family 8/28/10

A One-World Family 8/28/10

Re-write your script 8/28/10

Quan Yin Energy 8/28/10

Our Rapid Evolution 8/30/10

Rewrite Your Script 8/30/10

What If We Lived Forever? 8/30/10

Do U Need A Mirror? 8/30/10

Simplicity 8/30/10

Emotions 8/30/10

A Message From GOD 8/30/10

How 2 Personally Affect The World 8/30/10

Pottasium 8/30/10

Brown Rice 8/30/10

Prepare Yourself; 4 The Time Has Come ... 8/30/10

The Science of Miracles 8/30/10

U-R Looking At Major Changes ... 8/30/10

Changes R Looming Over Humanity 8/31/10

A Path 2 More Joy 8/31/10

Expansion Of Consciousness 8/31/10

Have A Great Day! 8/31/10

The Silence Within 9/1/!0

Root Of Our Global Difficulties 9/1/10

The Seven Rays 9/1/10

O GOD, forgive me when I whine 9/2/10

Have Faith / Believe ... 9/2/10

An Unforeseeable Path 9/2/10

Has Anyone Told You? ... 9/2/10

There will come a time 9/2/10

This Is Your Life 9/3/10

Do Not Wait ... 9/4/10

You Now Have The Power 9/4/10

What Cannot Be Measured 9/4/10

A Message From GOD 9/4/10

Eating For The Light 9/4/10

The Benefits Of Chlorella 9/4/10

From The Akachic Records 9/4/10

The Truth of U 9/6/10

Inner Peace 9/10/10

Stillness 9/10/10

Eternal Life 9/10/10

Will I Get There 9/10/10

Words From Gaia 9/11/10

The Benefits of a Calm Mind 9/11/10

Listen with your Heart 9/11/10

People come into your life 4 a Reason ... 9/11/10

Messages from the Stars 9/11/10

Messengers of the Divine 9/11/10

Is Ascension making U Sick Fat & Tired? 9/11/10

The Way of the Heart 9/11/10

Detachment 9/11/10

Thoughts R Energy 9/11/10

The 4 Wives 9/11/10

Message from Matthew 9/11/10

{GiggleTime} - She calls her husband "Left Brain" 9/11/10

Prayer Request 9/11/10

12 things 2 remember 9/11/10

Everything Goes But Your Soul {Freedom} 9/12/10

Time 4 a New Song 9/12/10

Our Gladdened Choice 9/12/10

SUGAR 9/12/10

PracticalSpirituality4aChangingWorld 9/13/10

Spirituality-2Give-Meaning-2YourLife 9/13/10

Fireflies 9/13/10

Religious Living 9/14/10

The Fountain of Youth 9/14/10

The Healing Power of Lightworkers 9/15/10

1910 - 9/15/2010

Electricity & Lust 9/15/10

Reading God's Words 9/15/10


KRYON 9/16/10

How 2 Love 9/16/10

The Royal King 9/16/10

2-B Well-Balanced 9/17/10

The Inchworm 9/17/10

Message from the Pleiades 9/17/10

Guilt & Shame 9/17/10

10-10-10 Stargate 9/17/10

Rising Spirit & Little Grandmother 9/17/10

All The Galaxies & Planets 9/17/10

Returning 2 Our Original BluePrint 9/17/10

New Drug Resistant SuperBugs 9/17/10

Non-Stick Pans 9/17/10

Twine Flame or Soul Mate ?? 9/18/10

SaLuSa 9/18/10

Great Beings Of Light 9/18/10

U-R Healing & Becoming Whole 9/19/10

You do not exist 9/19/10

Feeling U-R Not Of The World 9/20/10

Love Gives, Love Allows 9/20/10

What If U Were 2 Live Forever? 9/20/10

GOD's Relation 2-U ... 9/22/10

Listen to your Heart 9/22/10

Listen to your Voice 9/22/10

The Slow Moving Child 9/22/10

Bring Kindness To The World 9/22/10

Going Bananas 9/22/10

Destiny & Desire 9/22/10

Explaining Baseball 9/23/10

If GOD Came 2 Your House 9/23/10

Mandatory Evacuation 9/23/10

Better Then Hope 9/23/10

SaLuSa: Your Future 9/23/10

R-U Eating Enough Fruits & Veggies? 9/23/10

PharmaBurger 9/23/10

Forgiveness Awakening 9/23/10

Clarity Before Calamity 9/23/10

Do We Need 2-B Mean 2 Get What We Want? 9/23/10

What Can We Do Without Power? 9/23/10

Omega-3 - For your discernment 9/23/10

Move Beyond Your Material Wants 9/24/10

Traveling The Portals Together 9/24/10

Do we create our own future? 9/24/10

The World Is Your Piano 9/24/10

Breathe Love 9/24/10

The Material Realm Is Changing 9/25/10

Change 9/25/10

Awakening Into Infinite Love & Light 9/25/10

Unconditional Love 9/25/10

Body Quirks 9/25/10

Daily Life In A New Reality 9/25/10

Spirituality - The Golden Age 9/25/10

U-R About 2 Change 9/26/10

Spiritual Energy 9/26/10

"The New Era Times" An Online Newspaper 4 A New Era 9/26/10

"Voices Of Angels" Enya 9/26/10

New Times On Planet Earth 9/26/10

Creating A Better Futere-Our Return Home 9/26/10

Shame On U 9/26/10

U-R An Angelic Being 9/26/10

Planetary Transformation-Will Change Your Life 9/27/10

New Guides: Intention & Focus 9/27/10

Matters are coming to a head 9/27/10

You Can Heal Yourself-Part 1 & 2 - 9/28/10

A Message from GOD 9/28/10

New Energy Wave 9/28/10

Cell Phone & Driving 9/28/10

Prepare 4 The Challenging Times Ahead 9/29/10

Don't take your thoughts 2 Seriously 9/29/10

Keep your Focus on the Future 9/29/10

Dennis Kucinich - Once Mayor of Cleveland Ohio 9/30/10

1895 - 8th Grade Final Exam 9/30/10

11 Year Old - What's wrong With Our Food System 9/30/10

Thomas Jefferson, how did he know? 9/30/10

Ascension: Light Work 9/30/10

The Universal Law of - Allowing ... 9/30/10

The Higher Self 9/30/10

4 the Betterment of all Mankind 9/30/10

Our Human Design 9/30/10

Natural Vs. Synthetic Vitamins 9/30/10

Take Charge of Your Life 9/30/10

The Cosmic Heartbeat of GOD - 9/30/10

UFOs & CNN 9/30/10

Aliens Info - 9/30/10

Message from Marty 4 October - 10/1/10

Don't We All? 10/1/10

Christ Free Christianity - 10/1/10

DoctorsMakeSeriousMistakes-4YourDiscernment 10/1/10

4 Your Health 10/1/10

High Blood Sugar 10/1/10

Rise Up from Circumstances 10/1/10

A New Earth is Emerging 10/1/10

Rewriting Human Histoty 10/2/10

The Etheric Body 10/2/10

Science of the Heart 10/2/10

New World Order 10/2/10

The Pomegranate 10/2/10

Women Who Want 2 Live Longer 10/2/10

Do U Want A Good Nights Sleep? 10/2/10

Forgiveness 10/2/10

A World of Peace 10/2/10

Vatican & ET Disclosure 10/3/10

Our DNA 10/3/10

F.E.A.R. Feeling Excited & Ready 10/3/10

Life Afterlife 10/3/10

Message From The Masters 10/3/10

If It Works 4 Him, It Might Work 4-U -- 10/3/10

CO2 -- 10/3/10

Manual Labor & Your Heart 10/3/10

Squeezing Lemons 4 Forgiveness -- 10/3/10

Nothing Changes 4 The Worse, Only 4 The Better 10/4/10

Our Immortal Body of Light 10/4/10

The Incorruptables 10/4/10

A Great Idea 10/4/10

Something 4-U-2 Ponder ... 10/4/10

How Much Are We Missing? 10/4/10

How 2 Cure What Ails U {1} - 10/4/10

How 2 Cure What Ails U {2} - 10/4/10

How 2 Cure What Ails U {3} - 10/4/10

Three Days After Death 10/4/10

10.10.10 --- 10/4/10

Cucumbers: 10/4/10

Kryon: Love Is Your True Nature 10/4/10

We Have Visited Earth Thousands Of Years 10/4/10

Your Energetic World 10/5/10

A Message From GOD - 10/5/10

How Do U Know If U-R-A Starseed? - 10/5/10

Hold Fast 2 The Great Change 10/5/10

The Death of Metaphysics 10/5/10

The New Energy Wave 10/5/10

The Code: 10 Intentions 4 A Better World 10/5/10

Self-Touch 10/5/10

Great Times Are Approaching 10/6/10

Seek To Cooperate With The Universal Grand Plan 10/7/10

The Evolution of Earth & Humanity 10/7/10



The Meaning of 10-10-10 --- 10/8/10

10-10-10 Portal --- 10/8/10

10-10-10 Stargate --- 10/8/10

The Fall of Atlantis & 10-10-10 --- 10/8/10

Just Let Go !!! - 10/8/10

R-U Suffering From R.A.M.? - 10/8/10

I Am LOVE - 10/8/10

New Guides: Energy 10/8/10

Your Future 10/8/10

Who U-R & What Your Path Is 10/9/10

The DaRk Side 10/9/10

The 10-10-10 Portal Of The Oceans 10/9/10

Keep Walking 10/9/10

Humbly Accept What GOD Says U-R - 10/9/10

The Meaning of 10-10-10 --- 10/9/10

There is no seperation 10-10-10 --- 10/9/10

Blue Ray Angel Number 10-10-10 --- 10/9/10

The Magical Garden 10/9/10

10-10-10 : Let Go Of The Illusion - 10/10/10

U-R Vastness ... 10/10/10

4 Your Discernment 10/10/10

10-10-10 Shifting Foundations - 10/10/10

10-10-10 Beginnings & Endings - 10/10/10

The Dark Side Of Life Is About 2 End 10/12/10

A New Earth ... A New Humanity 10/12/10

Message From Matthew {Channeled} 10/12/10

Message From Archangel Michael {Channeled} 10/12/10

2010 Energy Wave 10/12/10

10.10.10 Transmission From The Pleiades 10/13/10

If U Think 4 Yourself U-R Sick ... 10/14/10

ForGive It ForWard ... 10/14/10

Our - Dark Night - 10/14/10

Will U Love Me? 10/14/10

Do U Know Where GOD Is? - 10/14/10

Appreciate Everything 10/14/10

Body-Mind & Meditation 10/14/10

Reality Check 10/14/10

4 A Healthy Desire - 10/14/10

A New Paradigm Shift 2 The Truth 10/15/10

GOD & Religion on the Hot Seat 10/15/10

A Hathor Planetary Message 10/15/10

Social Stress 10/15/10

Tai Chi 10/16/10

A Far Different World Coming 10/16/10

The Secret Of Secrets 10/16/10

Celestial Affirmations 10/16/10

From Archangel Michael 10/16/10

Jesus: Positive Ions 10/16/10

Living Forever - 10/17/10

Archangel Michael : The Pause 10/17/10

Bringing GOD To Earth 10/18/10

Clearing Depression 10/18/10

Spread Your Light Wherever You Can 10/18/10

U-R Not Your Name 10/18/10

The Journey Within 10/18/10

Morning Message 10/18/10

From Man To GOD - 10/19/10

Archangel Michael {Channeled} 10/19/10

Seeking the Authentic 10/19/10

You Can Change Your Destiny 10/19/10

The Energy of Your Name 10/20/10

Still Standing but Barely Breathing 10/20/10

On You Mark! Ready! Set! --- 10/20/10

Quantum Apocalypse 10/20/10

Church & State: no separation 10/20/10

Autumn Inventory 10/20/10

Dreams - 10/20/10

The Truth About Lies 10/20/10

The Star Elders 10/20/10

FatherMother GOD - 10/20/10

The I-Am Presence - 10/20/10

Fish Oil 10/20/10

Breast Cancer 10/21/10

Fiber 10/21/10

FibroMyalgia 10/21/10

Morphogenetic Resonance 10/21/10

New Energy / Dark Energy - 10/21/10

Letting Go - 10/21/10

Wanna Try & Quit Smoking ? - 10/21/10

The Judge On The 'Bench' - 10/21/10

The Council of 12 : Predictions 2011 -- 10/21/10

Major Planetary Transformation is Underway 10/21/10

Vitamins: Which Brands R The Best - 10/22/10

U-R Now Authorized - 10/22/10

No Such Thing As Change 4 The Worse ... 10/22/10

EVERYTHING in Life, Falls In Place ... 10/22/10

1928 Mystery-Can U Healp? -- 10/22/10

Pool Practice {Game} - 10/22/10

Ready Yourselves 4 Exciting Times Ahead 10/22/10

The Time Has Arrived 4 Action - 10/23/10

Shine On ... 10/23/10

Love Is Energy ... Pass It Forward ! - 10/23/10

New Everything - 10/23/10

The Meaning in Meaningful - 10/23/10

12 Step Healing Process - 10/23/10

2011-The Year Ahead {Channeled} 10/24/10

Ashtar On The Road Report {Channeled} 10/24/10

Real Life, Real Life - 10/24/10

The Twelve 10/24/10

Hilarion's Weekly Message 10/24/10

These R Times Of High Drama {Channeled} 10/25/10

Finding Joy In Work {Channeled} 10/25/10

The End Times / Decreed By God {Channeled} 10/25/10

2012 Online Video 10/25/10

How GOD Made Woman 10/25/10

101 Ways 2 Reduce Stress ... 10/25/10

Feel Low?-Good therapy 4 some-Beautiful & unique watches-10/26/10

It's Up 2 US - 10/26/10

Hotel Key Cards {Things U Need 2 Know} 10/26/10

The Gift of Love 10/26/10

U-R The 1 U Have Been Waiting 4 -- 10/26/10

The Diving Board of Love 10/26/10

Shiatsu Self Massage 10/26/10

Tinnitus {ringing in the ears} 10/26/10

There R Dark Veils Around U 2 Overcome - 10/27/10

Your Core of Love - 10/27/10

The Light Coming From The Earth is Beautiful {Channeled} 10/27/10

Your Space Of Love 10/27/10

Secrets of Spirituality 10/28/10

Dark Veils people need 2 overcome 10/28/10

Chakra Clearing - 4 those who might B interested 10/28/10

Your Energy Vibrations 10/28/10

Migraine Headaches 10/28/10

A New Reality 10/28/10

Enthusiasm 10/28/10

35 Ways Why I LOVE U - 10/28/10

She Speaks - 10/28/10

Message From Archangel Michael 10/28/10

From The Council Of Light {Channeled} 10/28/10

Giggle Time - 10/28/10

4 Your Health 10/28/10

O' GOD, One More Chance Please ... 10/29/10

R-U In Alignment? - 10/29/10

Infinite Eternity - 10/29/10

Location of the Soul - 10/30/10

Emergence of a New Normal - 10/30/10

Who Cares 4-U? - 10/30/10

How 2 Bring More Light 2 Nov.2 Elections & Much More 10/30/10

EveryDay Star Wars ... 10/31/10

U-R AweSome 10/31/10

Would U Eat Sugar?? - 10/31/10

4 Your Discernment ... 10/31/10

Halloween Special - 10/31/10

Your Health & Chemtrails {4 your discernment} 10/31/10

Notice Where U-R 10/31/10

VOTING: Nov.2nd - {4 your Discernment} 10/31/10

The Truth Is Rising To The Top 11/1/10

Drawing The Line 11/1/10

A New 2012 -- 11/1/10

How 2 Grow Each Day - 11/2/10

Channeled Message 11/2/10

Standing Up For Your Future {Channeled} 11/2/10

Turning The Tide {Channeled} 11/3/10

12 Midnight Nov.3rd {Channeled} 11/3/10

B 12 - 11/3/10

Message From GOD - 11/3/10

The Energies of November - 11/3/10

It is the End Of A Cycle {Channeled} 11/3/10

The Crow & The Kitten 11/4/10

The Truth of 2012 -- 11/5/10

The Truth Cannot B Hidden Much Longer 11/5/10

A Message From GOD - 11/5/10

Communication with the Federation Of Light 11/5/10

The Future is Golden 11/5/10

2012-Schumann Resonances & The Photon Belt 11/5/10

Human Harmonics 11/5/10

Healthy Sleep 11/5/10

Creation Calls 11/5/10

New Cycles Of Love & Healing {Channeled} 11/6/10

Message From Matthew {Channeled} 11/6/10

The Evolution of Matter 11/7/10

The Origin of Species 11/7/10

Your Good Fortune 11/7/10

Channeled Weekly Message 11/7/10

The Sun & Earth Are Changing 11/9/10

Discussion Concerning Guides {Channeled} 11/9/10

Personal Lies & Deceit - 11/10/10

The Flip Side of Self-Protection 11/10/10

Video Message 4 2Day 11/10/10

The Wonder Of Our Body {Channeled} 11/10/10

Today I Woke Up ... 11/10/10

11-11, 2010 --- 11/10/10

Channeled Message - 11/10/10

The Great Remembrance of who U-R 11/10/10

U Must Start Living Your Truth {Channeled} 11/10/10

Warning! The Entire Earth Is Going Insane ... 11/12

Retrain your mind 2 align with Universal Spirit 11/12

Universe supporte your walk toward Truth & Morality 11/12

Ashtar {Channeled} 11/12

Hard Relationships 11/12

A world of Peace & Abundance will become your Reality 11/12

Transcending Worry & Fear {Channeled} 11/12

11:11 - A New Earth 11/12

Be a GiAnT Of Peace -- 11/13

Our Path 2 Peace & Truth 11/13

Communication - 11/13

Dark Night Of The Soul - 11/13

A New World Is Coming 11/13

The Magical Power Of Words 11/13

A List Of Changes Leading Up To 2012 --- 11/14

Planetary Transformation 11/14

Message From Mother Earth - 11/14

Enter Wholeness {Channeled} 11/14

Who is "Not-Good-Enough" {Channeled} 11/14

How 2 Dissolve Ego 11/14

Calling U-2 The Shore of GOD {Channeled} 11/14

Love Will Find U! ... 11/15

Bioenergetic Medicine - 11/15

There Are Planetary Changes In The Air {Channeled} 11/15

Message 4-U {Channeled} 11/15

What's A Healer 2 Do? - 11/16

Who & What We Are ... 11/16

Little Grand Mother Speaks On 2012 -- 11/16

Magical Dreams 11/16

Get Service - 11/16

A Message From GOD -- 11/16

Our World Is Shifting Toward Spiritual Gravity 11/16

It Is Your Godly Duty 2 Care 4 Each Other {Channeled} 11/16

Channeled Message 4-U -- 11/16

Showdown At The Not OK Coral 11/16

The Universe Is Ready 2 Embrace U ... 11/17

The Natural Dynamics of Everything 11/17

The Evolution of Matter 11/17

Enough Is Enough 11/17

Many Changes R Planned 4 Your World {Channeled} 11/18

Tap Water 11/18

NUMBERS -- 11/18

LOVE Vs fear 11/18

Hey You, Get Off My Cloud! ... 11/18

The Whisperings of our Higher-Self 11/19

How 2 Heal Yourself & Mother Earth {Very Nice} 11/19 - A little slow 2 start, please B patient

The Secret Power ... 11/19

Find The Monster's Weak Spot 11/19

The Great Cosmic Balance Begins 11/19

The Future Of The World Is In Spirituality 11/20

The Truth Has A Way Of Getting Out 11/20

TheTime2TakeTheSpiritualPathIs Now -> 11/21/10

2012 Pole Shift - {4 your discernment} 11/21

Can We Overcome 11/21

Ashtar: A Message 4-U {Channeled} 11/21

The Shift 11/21

Know Your Greatness 11/21

How 2-B Enlightened 11/21

Staying In Balance & The 11:11 & 12:12 Stargate -- 11/22/10

Fear Of The Self - 11/22

A New Book - 11/22

Facts About The Human Body 11/22

YourPath2ABetterFuterIsThruHardLessons{Channeled} 11/22

The Shift 2 A New Body - 11/22

Love The World 11/22

Ancient Memories 11/22

A Message From Ann - 11/22

Fun Da Mentals of Mastery 11/22

Our Spiritual Path ReQuires Unity - 11/24

The Blessing Of Thorns - 11/24

Giving Thanks & Gateway 2 Paradise 11/24

Your Ascension With Mother Earth 11/24

Your Creation - 11/24

Devotion&Faith 11/24

Challenges - 11/25

Thanksgiving Message From Archangel Michael 11/25

Thanksgiving Prayer 11/25

Truth Has Its Consequences 11/27

Crystals & Karma - 11/27

Light Involution & Evolution 11/27

The Glory of Heaven - 11/28

The Gateway 2 Spiritual Consciousness 11/28

Matters are coming 2 a head ... 11/29

Message from GOD - 11/29

Our Soul Age 11/30

Our Loss of Truth 11/30

CHANGE {Video} 11/30

These Boots Were Made 4 Walking ... 11/30

A New Reality 11/30

-DRIVING SAFE {Beware,Graphic Scenes} 12/1

SpiritualPovertyIsColapsing 12/1

U-R Heading Towards A New Life - 12/1

Spirit Of Truth Is Changing Your Planet 12/2

"Good News!" {Channeled} 12/2

Faith & Reason 12/2

Learn 2-B Dispassionate - 12/3

Caring & Sharing 12/3

Question Everything, Including Everything I Write 12/3

All That Is 12/3

U Vividly Make A Difference 12/4

A Message From GOD 12/4

SOY - 12/4

Love In Bloom - 12/4

No Bargain With Reality - 12/5

Lightworkers Around The Planet 12/5

ANGELS {Channeled} 12/5

Right Livelihood {Channeled} 12/5

Message From Matthew {Channeled} 12/7

A Higher Way Of Life {Channeled} 12/7

And The Truth Will ... 12/7

"You Are Now Authorized" ... {Channeled} 12/7


Make Room 4 LOVE - 12/7

The Primal Instinct 12/7

Spiritual Growth Makes Life MEANINGFUL 12/8

The Usefullness of Fear 12/8

The Beloved 12/8

Q & A With Sri Sri 12/8

See The Divine 12/8

Change Is A Long Process 12/9

Intention = Manifistation 12/9

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness & Gratitude 12/9

Change your behavior thru meditation 12/11

Our Future 12/11

Maturity / Intuition - 12/11

Don't Sign Up 12/11

Hearing The Inner Voice 12/11

Then I Feared Not ... 12/11

We Hunger 4 Love Truth & Morality - 12/12

Fear Is Not Who U-R, Love Is Who U-R ... 12/12

Become a Strong Soft Heart 12/12

Your True Nature is Creator 12/12

U-R Your Own Master 12/12

Q & A Channeled 12/12

The Dark-Side,On It's Way Out ... 12/13

AttitudeOfGratitude 12/13

U-R On The Verge of seeing a Major Change 12/13

The New Vortex 12/13

Archangel Metatron - Special Channel ... 12/14

A Message From GOD - 12/15

A Golden Cage 12/15

Heal Your Mind In Light Of Truth 12/15

What U Focus On --- 12/15

Love Tips From Kids - 12/15

U-R ... 12/16

Education - 12/16

2 End The Dark Side 12/16

The Gift of Peace ... 12/16

Water Health & Science 12/17

Love Is The Gateway ... 12/17

U-R LOVE ... 12/17

Cleansing Our Planet Inside Out - 12/18

The Teachings of The World 12/18

Become Wise ... 12/18

Over The Edge 12/18

Change Your Heart & Mind 12/19

It's A Jungle Out There ... 12/19

Shine On! ... 12/19

YoU Hold The Light ... 12/20

It Is Time 2 Leave The Dark-Side Behind U ... 12/21

A Message From Mother Mary 12/21

A Positive Future 12/21

Just Feel Generous! ... 12/21

It Is Time 2 Rise Above The Petty Animal ... 12/22

Message From Jesus 4 Xmas Eve 12/22

The Mirror Of Life {Channeled} 12/22

True Teachings R Of Love & Light ... 12/22

Rising Spiritual Awareness 12/23

Let's Wake Up GOD!! ... 12/23

Release The Old Templates 12/23

A Most Wondrous Time Ahead 12/23

Spiritual Life On A Material PLanet 12/24

U-R The Saviour 12/24

Gift Of This Holy Season 12/24

Jesus Has Shown You The Way Of Love and Truth 12/25

A New Body 12/25

Creation & Experience 12/25

Birth Of The Child Of Light 12/25

Spiritual Credits R Earned By The Way U Live 12/26

The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America 12/26

Thoughts 2 Ponder 12/26

Your Growing Good-Self 12/27

The End Of History {Channeled} 12/27

Feeling The Fullness Of Time 12/27

The Ferris Wheel {Channeled} 12/27

2-B Generous ... 12/28

The Joy Ride Of A Lifetime 12/28

Summoning The Dark To Court 12/28

Higher Energies of Good-Ness R Changing Our Planet 12/29

U-Can Heal Your Life ... 12/29

Changes Will Really Commence In 2011 --- 12/29

Ascension Insights 12/29

The Growth of Love - 12/30

The Dark Side, Ready 4-A Fall ... 12/30

Google - DNA - Control ... 12/30

Finding Yourself-Finding Love 12/30

New Earth Emerging 12/30

The Universe Is Responding 2 Our Prayers 12/31

Step By Step - 12/31

Jesus: The Highest You Can Give - 12/31

New Year Eve 12/31

Strange&Unknown 1/1/11

Back 2 The Beginning 1/1/11

2011 - The Year Ahead - 1/1/11

2011 - A Year Of Unity-A Golden Opportunity - 1/1/11

This Year - Make No New Year Wish ... 1/1/11

'Secrets' {4 your discernment} 1/2/11

Universe Grand-Plan Is Unfolding 1/2/11

A Meditation 2 Begin 2011 --- 1/2/11

Taking Direction From The GOD Voice {Channeled} 1/2/11

The Cosmic Clock 1/3/11

2011 - Archangel Michael Channeling 1/3/11

The Image U-C 1/3/11

Sri Sri's New Year Message For 2011 --- 1/3/11

Sync Your Life With Truth & Good-Ness 1/4/11

The Nature Of Unconditional Love 1/4/11

The Year Ahead - 2011 Predictions 1/4/11

Seed Mercy 2 Those Resistant 2 Truth 1/5/11

Communism & Spirituality 1/5/11

Energies 4 2011 - 1/5/11

Create Space 4 Your Intentions 1/5/11

Continue Spreading Your Love Far & Wide 1/5/11

A Free Society {Channeled} 1/6/11

Resolutions For 2011 {Channeled} 1/6/11

Business & Spirituality Plus Marriage & Cigarettes 1/7/11

The Illusion Is Falling Away {Channeled} 1/7/11

2011 The Year Of The Indigo {Channeled} 1/7/11

Earth Is Changing According 2 The Creator's Plan 1/8/11

Technology & Spirituality 1/8/11

The Rest Of Your Life 1/8/11

Love Is The Healer {Channeled} 1/8/11

+Little Grandmother+ 1/8/11

Earth Changes Have Accelerated 1/9/11

How 2 Deal With Humiliation 1/9/11

One Scenario of a Darkworker 1/9/11

All 4 All 1/9/11

Light Streamings 1/9/11

Archangel Michael: New Earth Energies 1/9/11

This Life Prepares U-4 The After-Life {Channeled} 1/10/11

Be Humble & Confident ! 1/10/11

This Year Will Suddenly Erupt into Many Changes 1/10/11

Effortless Action 1/10/11

'HUMOR' 1/11/11

VEDA 1/11/11

LOVE 1/11/11

SOUL 1/11/11

ASCEND 1/11/11

POWER 1/11/11

BIRTHDAY 1/11/11

Healing of Mind & Body-Q&A-Paper # 93 - 1/12/11

True I.D. Emerging 1/12/11

10 Guidelines from GOD ... 1/12/11

Starseeds of the Future {Channeled} 1/12/11

There is a Testing Period Immediately Ahead ... {Channeled} 1/12/11

Man Created Diseases & Disasters Are Mounting Backlash 1/13/11

Release Harmful Energies {Channeled} 1/14/11

Attachment {Channeled} 1/14/11

Energy Shifts & Power Plays 1/14/11

U Will Soon Throw Off The Yoke Of Duality {Channeled} 1/14/11

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover ! - 1/15/11

Who Do U Judge 1/15/11

Message From Matthew {Channeled} 1/16/11

Enlightenment Is Your Very Nature 1/16/11

Spirituality Povety Reflected In All Our Problems {Channeled} 1/17/11

Recognize The Hand Of GOD All Around You {Channeled} 1/17/11

How 2 Get A House 4 'One Red Paper Clip' 1/17/11

Q & A Sri Sri 1/17/11

Say NO 2 Ego 1/18/11

A Sign Of Prosperity 1/18/11

A Better World 1/18/11

Creating The Future {Channeled} 1/18/11

A Message From GOD - 1/18/11

Energy After Creation {Channeled} 1/18/11

The Ultimate Gift {Channeled} 1/18/11

I Prefer All - 1/19/11

How 2-B HAPPY!! - 1/19/11

Divine Timeline {Channeled} 1/19/11

Fun & Joy {Channeled} 1/20/11

The New Landscape 4 - 2011 {Channeled} 1/20/11

Compassion & Karma 1/20/11

Message From Archangel Michael 1/20/11

Platinum Light 1/20/11

A New Cornerstone 4 Truth & Morals 1/21/11

Healing Thoughts 1/21/11

Happy Times R Just Around The Corner 4-U ! {Channeled} 1/21/11

5 Reasons U Won't Die ... 1/21/11

Communication With The Federation Of Light 1/22/11

Do I Know U All Here ?? ... 1/22/11

How 2-B Free 1/22/11

2011: Preparatory year 4 changes 2 come - 1/23/11

A Message From GOD {Channeled} 1/23/11

The Human Being U-R {Channeled} 1/23/11

1-11-11 {Channeled} 1/23/11

How 2 Win The Lottery ... 1/23/11

Prepare 4 Earth Changes 1/24/11

Who Is Responsible 4 Your Life {Channeled} 1/24/11

Here R Only A Few Of The Cosmic Laws 1/24/11

We Are Holding Out Our Hands To You {Channeled} 1/24/11

The Writing Is On The Wall {Channeled} 1/25/11

Seed of Thought {Channeled} 1/25/11

U-R Developing Your Individual Sunlight {Channeled} 1/25/11

Expect The Best & B GreatFul 1/26/11

The People Of The World Will Become United {Channeled} 1/26/11

Why do you judge ? - 1/27/11

How Big Is That Problem ? 1/27/11

Ascension Insights 1/27/11

Getting Back 2 The Whole {Channeled} 1/28/11

Respect 1/28/11

The Beauty Of Math 1/28/11

What was hidden is being revealed {Channeled} 1/28/11

Spiritual Trendsetters 1/29/11

Sananda 1-11-11 {Channeled} 1/29/11

A Hathor Planetary Message {Channeled} 1/29/11

Large Planetary Transformation Underway {Channeled} 1/30/11

Flying Carpet of Love {Channeled} 1/30/11

Your Thoughts {Channeled} 1/30/11

Journey 2 Awareness 1/30/11

When does Knowledge end & Love begin ? 2/1/11

Put faith in your own ability 2 ride out the Storm {Channeled} 2/1/11

Self Trust, Self Belief - "Yes I Can 101!" {Channeled} 2/1/11

Communication With The Federation of Light {Channeled} 2/1/11

A Message From GOD - 2/1/11

My Initiation With The Archangels 2/2/11

The Light Is Ever Increasing Upon Earth {Channeled} 2/2/11

The Choices We Make 2/2/11

Ashtar {Channeled} 2/2/11

The Love Connection 2/3/11

World Sound Healing Day 2/3/11

Message From The Lords of Creation {Channeled} 2/3/11

Progress & Change R Sweeping The Earth {Channeled} 2/4/11

JOY is Your Job {Channeled} 2/4/11

Chaines Of Slavery R Falling Away {Channeled} 2/4/11

The Magnetic Whip {Channeled} 2/4/11

Attracting Love Into Your Life {Channeled} 2/5/11

Logic Of Truth Will Guide U {Channeled} 2/6/11

Circle Of Love {Channeled} 2/6/11

Should I, Can I, May I ? - 2/6/11

LOVE Will Sustain U Thru These Rough Times {Channeled} 2/7/11

A Brand New Beginning {Channeled} 2/7/11

Early Egyptian History 2/7/11

In So Many Ways {Channeled} 2/7/11

The Changes U-R Feeling - U-R Not Going 2-B The Same {Channeled} 2/8/11

Friendships {Channeled} 2/8/11

From A Starship Commander {Channeled} 2/8/11

Greasing The Gears 2/8/11

STEVIA 2/9/11

Moving Into Enlightenment {Channeled} 2/9/11

Cleansing Of The Corrupt Human Mind {Channeled} 2/10/11

New Earth Energies {Channeled} 2/10/11

Freedom Exercise {Channeled} 2/10/11

Many People R Awakening 2 The Truth {Channeled} 2/16/11

The Light Is Re-shaping Socirty {Channeled} 2/16/11

The Powers U Have {Channeled} 2/16/11

The Last Chapter 4 Planet Earth Coming 2 A Close {Channeled} 2/17/11

Change {Channeled} 2/17/11

A New Era {Channeled} 2/17/11

Quality of LOVE {Channeled} 2/17/11

Life Accelerating {Channeled} 2/17/11

Changes Will Continue 2 Escalate {Channeled} 2/18/11

Love {Channeled} 2/19/11

Marriage {Channeled} 2/19/11

Soul Mates Soul Friends 2/19/11

The New World Changes Will B Of A Spiritual Nature {Channeled} 2/20/11

Laughter Is The Best Medicine {Channeled} 2/20/11

Your Cutting Edge {Channeled} 2/20/11

From A 2 Zen 2/20/11

The changes have only just begun {Channeled} 2/21/11

Your Destiny or Your Life 2/21/11

The Purpose of Destiny 2/22/11

A Message From Jesus 2/23/11

Your Growing Edge {Channeled} 2/23/11

Stand-Fast {Channeled} 2/23/11

Archangel Michael 2/24/11

Breaking Your Heart 2/24/11

The Golden Rule {Channeled} 2/25/11

Re-wired / Re-born 2/25/11

The Shift Is Happening 2/25/11

The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic, the language of Jesus 2/25/11

Spiritual Partnership with Gary Zukav 2/26/11

In Love with an Emotional Vampire 2/26/11

U Hold 'The Key' {Channeled} 2/26/11

Planetary Change is Unstoppable {Channeled} 2/26/11

Repercussions of change will spread around the world {Channeled} 2/27/11

In Love With Your Illusion {Channeled} 2/27/11

The Law Of 1 - 2/27/11

A New Paradigm {Channeled} 2/28/11

Emerge From The Darkness {Channeled} 2/28/11

The Light is Gathering Momentum {Channeled} 2/28/11

The Angels Need Our Prayers 2/28/11

Scott Mandelker PhD - 3/1/11

Channeled Messages 3/2/11

The Establishment of New Light {Channeled} 3/2/11

U-R Part Of The Pyramid of Life 3/2/11

Chlorella / Spirulina - 3/2/11

New Antivirus Protection On The Market 3/3/11

U-R A Catalysts 4 Planetary Change {Channeled} 3/3/11

Letting Go : Jesus {Channeled} 3/3/11

Empowerment {Channeled Video} 3/4/11

Message From Archangel Gabriel - 3/4/11

2011: Year Of Rebirth 3/5/11

Yes I Can 101 ! {Channeled} 3/5/11

May your mind give peace 3/6/11

The Feminine {Channeled} 3/7/11

That Time Of Forgetfulness {Channeled} 3/7/11

U-R On A Path of Massive Change {Channeled} 3/7/11

Slow Down {Channeled} 3/8/11

Being In Service {Channeled} 3/8/11

Message From God - 3/8/11

The 9th Wave 3/9/11

4 Men Only!! 3/9/11

1 Mind 3/9/11

LoVe 3/9/11

We Will Need No More Oil {Channeled} 3/9/11

Moving Past 2012 {Channeled} 3/9/11

Creating A Light-Filled World {Mother Mary} 3/11/11

Japan Earthquake {Channeled} 3/11/11

U-R Masters in the Making {Channeled} 3/11/11

Keep Calm {Channeled} 3/11/11

The Energy of Intention 3/11/11

U-R the Creators {Channeled} 3/11/11

Numbers & the Occult 3/12/11

The Experiencing Of Creation 3/12/11

Message From Sitting Bull {Channeled} 3/12/11

Message From Matthew {Channeled} 3/13/11

Never Suppress Anger 3/13/11

Where Is Your Focus? 3/13/11

St.Joseph & The Miraculous Staircase 3/14/11

The Danielverse 3/14/11

Discloser Is Close 2 Happening {Channeled} 3/14/11

The Source Of Your Emotional Energy 3/14/11

3/9/11 --- 3/14/11

Herd Mentality Mind 3/15/11

Memory 3/15/11

Bring Happiness On 3/15/11

Key 2 Spiritual Growth 3/15/11

Let Go Of Who U Think U-R! - 3/16/11

You, the Human Being 3/16/11

U-R Well On The Way Of The Great Upliftment 0f 2012 - 3/16/11

"FREEDOM" Channeled 3/18/11

Earth Changes R Saving Us 3/18/11

The Japan Earthquake 3/18/11

Earth Changes Will Become More Pronounced {Channeled} 3/18/11

The Cycle Of Duality Is Over {Channeled} 3/18/11

The Message From God - 3/18/11

The History Of Earth {Channeled} 3/19/11

The Wayseer {Video} 3/19/11

Keep Smiling 3/19/11

Only Truth Will Change This Outdated World {Channeled} 3/20/11

Full Moon 3/11 {Channeled} - 3/20/11

On LOVE {Channeled} 3/20/11

The FUTURE 3/20/11

A Revolution Taking Place {Channeled} 3/21/11

Secret Knowledge 3/21/11

The Light Is Emerging All Around You {Channeled} 3/22/11

What Channel R-U On? 3/22/11

The Law Of Attraction {Channeled} 3/22/11

Our Real Light & Colors {Channeled} 3/24/11

What LOVE Is Not 3/24/11

Planetary Changes R Now Well Under Way {Channeled} 3/24/11

Message From GOD - 3/24/11

Priceless Words 3/24/11

The Energy Of Intention 3/24/11

Healer or Killer? 3/24/11

Awakening To Your True Nature {Channeled} 3/24/11

"The Twelfth Insight" 3/25/11

Changes R Soon 2 Affect All Humanity {Channeled} 3/25/11

SaLuSa: Channeled 3/25/11

The Coming Cataclysms {Part Two} Channeled 3/26/11

Stability-Channeled 3/26/11

Emotions, Power & Energy 3/26/11

Message From Matthew {Channeled} 3/26/11

Oneness With GOD - 3/27/11

Thoughts 2 Ponder 3/27/11

Defining Intelligence 3/27/11

ELEnin {Comet} 4 Your Discernment 3/28/11

A Revolution Is Taking Place {Channeled} 3/28/11

4 your discernment 3/28/11

Soul Awakening 3/28/11

There Is No Turning Back {Channeled} 3/28/11

10 Things We Can Learn From Japan 3/29/11

Make Fear Your Friend 3/29/11

The Fast Track 2 Self-Mastery 3/30/11

2012 - A Message Of Hope 3/30/11

Mercury Retrograde 3/31/11

2 Love Or Not 2 Love is Not The Question {Channeled} 3/31/11

Let Your Heart B Free - 4/1/11

The Indestructible Godspark In Everyone {Channeled} 4/1/11

Bi-Monthly Message From GOD - 4/2/11

"Why Do You Fear?" {Channeled} 4/2/11

Old Soul - Young Body 4/2/11

The Message From GOD - 4/3/11

"YES I CAN! 101" - 4/3/11

U-R Pure Source Energy {Channeled} 4/4/11

U-R Now At The Crossroads {Channeled} 4/4/11

April Energies {Channeled} 4/5/11

2012 Preparations {5 Videos} 4/5/11

A Message From GOD - 4/6/11

Miracle Drink 4/6/11

The Ways Of The World {Channeled} 4/6/11

Coming Back Home 2 Yourself {Channeled} 4/9/11

Proof of life on some Planets {Channeled} 4/9/11

Research confirms that drinking gives you the same benefits yoga does ! 4/9/11

Free Yourself From Worry 4/9/11

Connect 2 your inner zero point 4/9/11

It's easier then U think {Channeled} 4/10/11

Keep Vibrations High 2 Give Life Meaning 4/11/11

What U Focus On Is What U Get 4/11/11

Stand Up & Be Leaders As The World Drama Unfolds {Channeled} 4/11/11

Be Fearless in shaping your reality {Channeled} 4/12/11

On the front lines 4/12/11

Lucifer/Humility/Patience/Trust {Channeled} 4/13/11

The Light Has Become The Major Force Upon This Planet 4/13/11

Know Your Selfs {Channeled} 4/14/11

Time 2 Stop Talking 4/14/11

Discover True Nature of Your Reality {Channeled} 4/15/11

Rise Above Decadent Dark Energies {Channeled} 4/15/11

Religion&Politics 4/15/11

Retrograde Madness 4/15/11

Time Is Speeding Up & Much Awaits U {Channeled} 4/15/11

Kindness 4/16/11

TRUE Service {Channeled} 4/16/11

Facing Difficulty {Channeled} 4/16/11

Being Alone {Channeled} 4/16/11

Spirit Mind {Channeled} 4/17/11

Cruising2gether 4/17/11

WhoUReallyR 4/17/11

The State Of The Earth {Channeled} 4/17/11

A Still Small Voice 4/18/11

GOD Doesen't Exist 4/18/11

Have Trust Faith While The World Is Rapidly Changing 4/19/11

The New Wobble Of Earth {Channeled} 4/19/11

How 2 Know Everything About Anything 4/19/11

The Cosmic Christ {Channeled} 4/19/11

Vision requires spiritual foresight {Channeled} 4/20/11

Things R Coming 2 A Head 4/20/11

Re-inventing ourselves 4/21/11

Seeds 2 a New World 4/21/11

Power Of The Present 4/22/11

U stand so near 2 ascending 4/22/11

Happy Easter

Quality of Love

Genii in a bottle

Message from Matthew

Not getting what u want



Our Planet is Shifting into Higher Dimensions {Channeled}

Time Of Enlightenment

The world will undergo great changes 4/27/11

Message from GOD - 4/27/11

Channeled Message 4/27/11

The Law of Creation - 4/28/11

Abraham Channeled {Video} 4/28/11

The Enigma of Roslyn Chapel {Channeled} 4/28/11

U Hold The Key {Channeled} 4/28/11

Friend or Foe? 4/28/11

Yours Mine & Ours 4/29/11

Who U-R From GOD -- 4/29/11

Quality Of Love {Channeled} - 4/30/11

The Messages from GOD - 5/1/11

Love Above All 5/1/11

EGO 5/2/11

The Correct Way To Drink Water 5/2/11

Intuition 5/2/11

The Truth in All Matters {Channeled 5/2/11

May Weather Conditions {Channeled} 5/3/11

SaLuSa {Channeled} 5/4/11

Mashubi {Channeled} 5/4/11

Message From GOD - 5/4/11

Fear of the Unknown {Channeled} 5/5/11

Generations of Awakening 5/5/11

Food Guidelines/Intentions 5/6/11

Bright Golden Light 5/6/11

Channeled message from SaLuSa 5/7/11

Things R Building Up 2 The Grand Finale {Channeled} 5/6/11

The Happy Roar of Love 5/7/11

Relationships {Channeled} 5/7/11

Rigid Beliefe Systems {Channeled} 5/7/11

The High Vibe Tribe 5/8/11

Communications with the Federation of Light 5/8/11

Energies of Resurrection 5/9/11

Message from Matthew {Channeled} 5/9/11

The Light Is Building Up Upon Earth {Channeled} 5/9/11

Ressurect This Planet in Light Of Truth 5/10/11

Starship Message - Channeled 5/10/11

Logical Vs. Legal 5/10/11

Create Harmony & Balance {Channeled} 5/12/11

Wave of Love {Channeled} 5/12/11

Communion to Confirmation {Channeled} 5/12/11

Whose Truth is True? 5/12/11

U can look forward 2 a Earth-shaking end 2 this year 5/13/11

Changing of the Guard 5/13/11

GOD is Undefinable 5/14/11

The Evil Prince & The Hero 5/14/11

Living With Guidance 5/14/11

Channeled Message 5/15/11

Message From GOD - 5/15/11

Spiritualizing the Planet 5/16/11

Spirits of Colour {Channeled} 5/16/11

Time 2 reclaim our Planet {Channeled} 5/16/11

Back To The Future 5/17/11

EarthChanges R MoreFrequent {Channeled} 5/17/11

TheDarkForces R Relentless {Channeled} 5/17/11

Love & Ego 5/17/11

Time 2 Celebrate! {Channeled} 5/18/11

Renewing Our Commitment {Channeled} 5/18/11

Times Of Great Change R Ahead 4 Humanity {Channeled} 5/18/11

Great Planetary Changes R Upon U- {Channeled} 5/19/11

Stay Calm {Channeled} 5/19/11

Dog Disaster 5/19/11

What Women Want In Men 5/19/11

Sitting On The Park Bench Of Evolution {Channeled} 5/20/11

Kundalini Energy 5/20/11

Message from GOD - 5/20/11

Sacred Templates 4 The New Earth 5/21/11

Indigo, Crystal or Both? 5/21/11

Judgment Day,May 21st - 4 your discernment 5/21/11

Earth Is Ready To Undergo Major Changes {Channeled} 5/21/11

Angels On Earth {Channeled} 5/22/11

Love is Magnetic 5/22/11

The Meaning of Life {Channeled} 5/22/11

Who Stole My Truth? 5/23/11

Life Experiences {Channeled} 5/23/11

This Planet Will Be Corrected Spiritually {Channeled} 5/23/11

Sweeping Changes Toward Truth & Morality R Afoot {Channeled} 5/24/11

U-R LOVE {Channeled} 5/24/11

LOVE Is The Keyword To Your Advancement {Channeled} 5/24/11

The Angels' Song 5/25/11

The Path of Enlightenment {Channeled} 5/25/11

Your World Is Awakening {Channeled} 5/25/11

Inspired Action 5/26/11

Everything Is On Course {Channeled} 5/26/11

The Waste In Worry 5/26/11

How 2 Get Unstuck {Channeled} 5/27/11

The Shift From 'I' 2 'We' 5/27/11

The Coming Storm {Channeled} 5/27/11

The Caring Generations 5/28/11

Our Success {Channeled} 5/28/11

U Can Create Heaven On Earth {Channeled} 5/29/30

Thoughts On Your Current Reality {Channeled} 5/29/11

Creating A Balanced Life 5/30/11

U Need 2 Know The Love In Your Heart 5/30/11

Energy Boomerang 5/31/11

Speak Your Truth {Channeled} 5/31/11

Time 4 A New Mythology {Channeled} 6/1/11

Become A Rose {Channeled} 6/1/11

A Message From GOD - 6/1/11

Not My Will, But Thy Will 6/2/11

U Shall See The Beginning Of A New Era 6/2/11

FederationOfLight 6/3/11

Inevitable Changes Approaching Your Planet {Channeled} 6/3/11

4 Tips 4 Dealing With Difficult People 6/4/11

Hold On 2 Your Hats! {Channeled} 6/4/11

Communications With The White Brotherhood {Channeled} 6/5/11

When You Love Someone 6/5/11

What Is My Truth? 6/5/11

The New Earth {Channeled}

Every Day Is A Gift 6/6/11

Your World Transformation Is Moving Forward {Channeled} 6/6/11

That Which Was Hidden Is Now Being Revealed {Channeled} 6/7/11

The Spirit Of Mother Earth {Channeled} 6/7/11

New Light Sweeping The Earth {Channeled}

Message From GOD 6/8/11

Our Three Voices 6/9/11

LOVE NOW {Channeled}

Insights Into The Shift

Energy Acceleration {Channeled}

Sensitive Child

Love Is Being Sent 2-U {Channeled}

Your Being Self {Channeled} 6/13/11

The Power Of Receiving Love {Channeled} 6/13/11

New Earth Energies {Channeled} 6/13/11

Message From Matthew {Channeled} 6/13/11

The Old Dark Ways R Coming 2 A Halt {Channeled} 6/13/11

Not Always Easy - Meant 2 Be 6/14/11

A Plane Of Peace {Channeled}

When your child considers suicide 6/15/11

Master your mind 6/15/11

Left Behind 6/16/11

Give Joy Rather Than Lessons {Channeled} 6/16/11

Channeled Message 6/16/11

Loss Of Alignment With Light 6/17/11

Real Happiness {Channeled} 6/17/11

Message From GOD - 6/17/11

How Will You Know GOD - 6/17/11

Path Of Return To Light

Your Future No Longer Reliant On The Old Ways {Channeled}

2 Short Messages {Channeled}

We Are Creating A New Golden Galaxy {Channeled} 6/19/11

Your Belief In The Past {Channeled} 6/19/11

Early Contact {Channeled} 6/19/11

Activate Spiritual Thought Patterns In Your World {Channeled} 6/19/11

The New Reality {Channeled}

Truth {Channeled} 6/20/11

Husband & Wife Saga 6/20/11

Essentials {Channeled} 6/20/11

KoKo - 6/21/11

U-R Source {Channeled} 6/21/11

Mirror Mirror {Channeled} 6/21/11

Truth-Morality-Society {Channeled} 6/21/11

Whose Truth Is True?

Your Body Is Your Temple {Channeled}

Quietness {Channeled} 6/22/11

Major Planetary Event Is Drawing Near {Channeled} 6/22/11

Approaching Transformation Of Your World {Channeled} 6/23/11

Mass Dreams Of The Future 6/23/11

Focus On The Future {Channeled}


We R All 1 {Channeled}

The Federation Of Light {Channeled} 6/24/11

3 boys & 2 girls

Joint Relief

Joint Relief 2

U Have Reached The Cross Roads {Channeled} 6/25/11

2012 {Channeled}

Birthing A Better Future {Channeled}

Appreciation {Channeled} 6/26/11

Great Changes In Your World 6/28

Oneness Of All 'Link'

Daily Life Of The Pope

The Process Of Ascension

The Law Of ONE {Channeled} 6/29/11

A Message From Mira {Channeled}

The Solar Cycle & 2012 {Channeled}

Which way will you go? {Channeled} 6/30/11

U-R Hugging A Ghost {Channeled}

Ushering Of A New Era Is Underway {Channeled}

Q & A Channeled 7/3/11

Lust & Love

From GOD

1 Day At A Time 7/3/11

Be A Spiritual Warrior For Truth and Morality {Channeled} 7/4/11

I AM THAT - 7/4/11

By My Grace

U-R the one creating your own reality {Channeled}

SelfTransformation Channeled 7/5/11

Inside The Heart of GOD {Channeled} 7/6/11

Time-Out! 4 Some "Sacred Space" {Channeled}

U-R Your New [True] Self - Act Accordingly {Channeled}

Living Without Attachment {Channeled} 7/7/11

Today's Message 7/7/11

Some Wisdom From Sri Sri 7/8/11

The Real Changes {Channeled}

Flushing Out The Old & Unsustainable {Channeled} 7/9/11

Universal Mind {Channeled}

Mercy & Love {Channeled}

The Time Is Now {Channeled}

Love & Respect {Channeled} 7/10/11

B-Still Today


Your Light is Permeating the Darkness {Channeled}

Some Wisdom From Sri Sri {2} - 7/11/11

Requirements 4 Love

Quantum Leap Into The Future {Channeled}

Mercy & Love {Channeled} 7/12/11

Our New Secretary's Resume

Message From Matthew {Channeled}

Gaia The Great

Today's Angel Message

Prayer/Truth/Life {Channeled} 7/24/11

The Arcturians {Channeled}

Ashtar {Channeled}

Just Love The Heck Out Of Each Other {Channeled}



Our Legacy {Channeled} 7/28/11

Disclosure {Channeled}

Weeds in our Garden ... 7/29/11

Your Body Is Your Temple {Channeled}

Making Room 4 Everyone {Channeled} 7/30/11



Jesus/Friendship 7/31/11



Change Is Coming! {Channeled} 8/1/11

Change{2}Channeled 8/2/11


What Fulfills U Now?

Look Beyond {Channeled} 8/3/11

Spiritual Duty {Channeled} 8/4/11

2 walk a tight rope {Channeled}

Message Of The Day {Channeled}

From the Unreal 2 the Real {Channeled} 8/5/11

A New Reality

GOD or Cesar {Channeled} 8/6/11

Soul Mates {Channeled}

Today's Angel Message {Channeled}

Make it a Happy Day 8/8/11

Extensive change underway {Channeled}

Religions Overtures of Spirituality {Channeled} 8/9/11

Can U help me find my Dog! ...

Divine Changemakers {Channeled}

The Battle Between Dark & Light {Channeled} 8/10/11

Your Future {Channeled} 8/12/11

Sanity{Channeled} 8/13/2011

Loving Touches

HealingEnzymeChanneled 8/14/11

SevenSteps 8/15



A Message From Heaven 8/16

New Energy {Channeled}

Looking 4 problems 8/17


Mysticism 8/18/11

A Heart Full of GOD

Astonishing Times 8/19/11

Re-minders from Home {Channeled} 8/20/11

The Chinese Farmer 8/21/11

Yes 2 this, & no 2 that

Keep your eyes on the skies -

Old Paradigms Are Shifting {Channeled}

Is GOD He or She ?? {Channeled} 8/22/11

UFO Sightings Around The World


Tick Tock

Global Turmoil / Transition {Channeled} 8/22/11

Message Of The Day

Reconnect With Love

Are you ready to go home to 5D Earth {Video}

Reveal GOD, Reveal You 8/23/11

Message From GOD

Old Ways R Dissipating & New Ones Emerging {Channeled}

The Angels Speak {Channeled}

Heart Awakening {Channeled}

Our Garden Planet {Channeled} 8/24/11

Action / Reaction {Channeled}

Vision Of The Future: Love {Channeled}

A Light In The Darkness

Days Of Transition {Channeled} 8/25/11

Time Of Great Remembrance

SaLuSa {Channeled}

Benefit From Living Now 8/27/11

Voice Of Spirit Is Calling

We Suffered Enough

Alone With GOD 8/28/11

Light Circle Ezine

A B C of Life 8/29/11

What Makes U Happy?

Salusa's Message {Channeled}

Your Power 2 Choose {Channeled} 8/30/11

Message from the Arcturians {Channeled}

There Will Come A Time 8/31/11

The Rising Of Yourself

Polaris - All That Is

No Beer 4 Me! - Thanks!!

SaLuSa: Message

ONENESS {Channeled}

A New World {Channeled} 9/1/11

Greetings from the Galatic Federation

When the Student is Ready - 9/2/11

SaLuSa: Plans R Near Fruition {Channeled}

Fish Oil

Being Spiritually Mature {Channeled} 9/3/11

Remember Who U-R {Channeled}

Much2BEnjoyed {Channeled} 9/4/11

When An Arrow Has Landed

Paranormal Organizations

Dramatic Turn Is Ahead Of You {Channeled}

Today's Message

All Is In A State of Evolution

Hold Fast 2 Your Beliefs {Channeled} 9/5/11

Reflection {Channeled}

Grid Cleansing {Channeled}

Hard Lessons For Some {Channeled} 9/6/11

Changing Of The Guard

Results Or Gifts?

Changes2Come 9/7/11


A New Cycle {Channeled}


Lost Souls 9/9/11

Critical Times R Here {Channeled}

Will Someone Please Tell Her!!

B-Positive {Channeled}

Turmoil In The World {Channeled} 9/10/11

Power Of Love

Prepare 4 2012's Energies {Channeled}

Faith {Channeled} 9/11/11

Matthew {Channeled}

Long Ago {Channeled}

SaLuSa {Channeled} 9/12/11

Only Truth Will Librtate {Channeled}

Activate Your DNA

Wake Up Call {Channeled} 9/13/11

Protocol For Interacting With Galatic Beings {Channeled}

Today's Angel Message 9/14/11

Time 2 Release The Pain {Channeled} 9/15/11

Your Children

Understand Your True Potential {Channeled}

Angel Encounters

True Beings Of Light {Channeled} 9/16/11

Something Pleasing 9/18/11

Some Q & A

The Power of Potential

Let Go {Channeled}

Repairing Spiritual Grids {Channeled}

Gate Of Time {Channeled}

U-R GOD's Dream Coming True {Channeled}


Mira: U-R In Unwinding Process {Channeled} 9/19/11

Whole Universe Is Created With A Mandate Of Order {Channeled}

Earth Changes {Channeled}

What Was I Thinking

Sri Sri 9/20/11

If You Were In Heaven Today

Ashtar - From The Bridge {channeled}

The Future {Channeled}

Inner Guidance {Channeled} 9/21/11

Planetary Mind Grid {Channeled}

Flight Lesson

Resonance And Focus

Finding Balance

Doing Nothing

Dedication {Channeled} 9/22/11

In God's Service

Self - 9/23/11

The Creator Imagined U {Channeled}

Preparing 4 The Future {Channeled}


Cleansing The Planet {Channeled} 9/24/11

Messages From GOD

Lasting Relationships {Channeled}

What Can Be Greater Then GOD

Excuse My French!

Possible or Impossible

Sacred Purpose

Time Is Now {Channeled} 9/26/11

Long View {Channeled}

Ego {Channeled}

11/11/11 {Channeled}

Bring Forth Your Light {Channeled}

Kept On Hold {Channeled}

Believe In GOD

An Exceptional Life {Channeled} 9/27/11

Your Mighty Heart


There Comes A Time

Seeking the Light {Channeled} 9/29/11

A Beautiful Light Is Spreading {Channeled}

Turning Away From Darkness {Channeled} 9/30/11

Willingly or Unwillingly

Sri Sri

Your Love Connection

A Great Leap Forward {Channeled}

Times Of Difficulty - 10/2/11

All Things Are Going To Change {Channeled}

Unity {Channeled} - 10/3/11

Anxiety & Fear {Channeled}

Transformation To 4D


Dramatic Times Lay Ahead {Channeled}

True-Love 10/4/11

U-R GOD Source Energy


GOD Says Now

Shared-Wisdom {Channeled} 10/5/11

Radical Transformation {Channeled}

Development Of Unity {Channeled}

October Soul Message

RadicalTransformation {Channeled} 10/6/11

The Future Before Us {Channeled}

Promised Land {Channeled} 10/8/11

Bottom Of The Pot ... {Channeled}

City Of Light {Channeled}

What No Pill Can Give {Channeled}

Forbidden Archeology {4 your discernment}

Open Your Heart {Channeled}

The Akashic Circle {Channeled}

Common Grounds {Channeled} 10/9/11

Hologram of Life

The Last Traditional Christmas {Channeled} 10/10/11

Message From Mathew {Channeled}

Mind & Freedom {Channeled}

Soul-Based Safety

Perfection {Channeled} 10/12/11

Realization of Self {Channeled}

SaLuSa: Changes {Channeled}

Journey To Truth {Channeled}

How 2 Know GOD - 10/13/11

Truth & Morality - Greed & Corruption {Channeled}

Psychic Progression

New Earth Rising

Breaking Through

SaLuSa Message: channeled - 10/14/11

Power Of Love

Learn From Above Teach Those Below {Channeled} 10/15/11

Rising Higher & Higher

Worldwide Meditation 11/11/11

The Power of Synergy

Making Mistakes 10/16/11

Channeled Message

Message From The Arcturians

Message From Our Divine Father {Channeled} 10/17/11


Weekly Channeled Message

The Miracle Of U {Channeled}

Your Life Plan {Channeled}

R-U A Tree Or A Butterfly {Channeled}

Live Fearlessly {Channeled} 10/18/11

The Power Of Love {Channeled}

Universe Rules {Channeled}

The Team {Channeled}

I AM the whole {Channeled}

The Magic Of The Time {Channeled}

Stay Calm {Channeled} 10/19/11

Creating New {Channeled}

Working People Waking Up {Channeled}

Holy Prostitutes

Don't B An Old Dog

Unity Is The Answer {Channeled} 10/20/11

Time 2 Dance

Old Reality Drifting Into The Past {Channeled} 10/21/11

U Want The 'Real' Thing ...

Global Oneness Day

Sweet Soul Music

Law Of Attraction {Channeled}

Truth Will Bring Change {Channeled} 10/22/11

One With Life

Our World: An Evolutionary Oddity {Channeled} 10/23/11

Disappointments/Failed Expectations {Channeled}

Oceans of Love

Addicted 2 Relation-ship

Federation of Light

Patience {Channeled} 10/24/11

Channeled Conversations

SaLuSa {Channeled}

Kept In The Dark {Channeled} 10/25/11

Where Love Is King

U-R Not Who U Were Last Week {Channeled}

"Those Who See" Channeled 10/26/11

Moving 2 A Palace

Channeled Messages

Coming Full Circle {Channeled}

Wake Up 2 Your Greater Good {Channeled} 10/27/11

Human Mind Concepts Being Repaired {Channeled}

Let ME In

October 28 2011 {Channeled}

Greetings: The Galatic Federation

Your Blindness 10/28/11

Human Evolution Is Entering A New Era {Channeled}

How 2 Be Happy {Channeled}

Taking Back The World

Forgiveness/Mercy/Love {Channeled} 10/29/11

LOVE: The Only Game In Town

Spiritual Fullness {Channeled} 10/30/11

Materialism Is Not Human Eternal Purpose {Channeled}

Federation of Light {Channeled}

The Song Is You

Channeled 10/31/11

Make Peace Now

Increased Light Will Change Your Planet {Channeled}

Energy Wave {Channeled}

Path Of Relationship

Disclosure Looms Near {Channeled}

New Paradigms Of Family

U Can Never Escape From The Divine 11/1/11

It's Your Call

Ask & U Will Receive {Channeled} 11/2/11

Humanity Is Growing {Channeled}

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Point Of No Return {Channeled}

Understanding The 11/11 Gateway {Channeled}

Love & Power

Gardening {Channeled} 11/3/11

Higher Vibes Will Cleanse Your Planet {Channeled}

The Spiritual Age

The Nesara Announcement {Channeled}

Callapse Of Old Reality {Channeled} 11/4/11

The Greatness That U-R

Some Wisdom From Sri Sri

End-Times Have Now Begun {Channeled}

Angel Message {Channeled}

New Pinnacle Of Spirituality Is Ahead of U {Channeled} 11/5/11

Enlightenment Is GOD-Given

U-R Graduating {Channeled}

Pep Talk {Channeled} 11/6/11

The Love That God Is

The Flow Of Love

Message From Matthew {Channeled}

Crystalline Consciousness 11/7/11

11-11-11 Energy Wave {Channeled}

Rise To God

A Craft Is Approaching Earth {Channeled}

Spirit Is Liberating Human Over Controlled Minds 11/8/11

Love Is Your Motto

U-R The Hologram Awakening To Yourself {Channeled}

U-R The Universe - Not A Child Of The Universe {Channeled}

Message From The Guides

Closing The Generation Gap

What's All This About 11-11-11? --- 11/9/11

11-11-11- Energy Wave & Activation {Channeled}

NEWS - {Channeled}

The Message From GOD

Impressions of the Past

Time Is Meaningless

Love & Light Returning 2 Earth Very Quickly

Christ Michael: Truth In U Wants 2 Come Out 11/10/11

Picture The World

Masters & Angels of Light 11-11-11 {Channeled}

Maximize the 11/11 Gateway {Channeled}

Finding Truth Within Not Without You {Channeled} 11/11/11

Significance of Time Frames {Channeled}

The Perch of Life

11:11:11 Gateway

The Quality of Love

Truth Within Will Create A New Paradigm 11/12/11

God Given Knowledge

To Late To Tell

11:11:11 Portal Of Self

Understanding Infinity

"Those Who See" {Channeled} 11/13/11

A Story Repeated

Wake-Up Call

Patterns, Prompts, & Love {Channeled}

Celebrate Your Successes

11:11:11 Doorway

The Now Moment {Channeled} 11/14/11

Moving Deeper Into Transformation {Channeled}

1 With GOD & EveryOne

Galactic Energy & 2012 {Channeled}

Why It's Great 2-B-A Guy ...

U-R-A Hologram {Channeled}

Changes Ahead R Numerous {Channeled}

This World Will Be Restored To Original Plan 11/15/11

11-11: Info 4 New Subscribers

Whatever Happens

Right-Mindedness {Channeled} 11/16/11

After 11-11-11

"The Life Within." {Channeled}

Free Will

The Light Is Now The Supreme Force

After Effects of 11/11/11 {Channeled}

"Your Time Is Limited" {Channeled} 11/17/11

What The New World Will Be Like {Channeled}

Opening The Door To Truth {Channeled} 11/18/11

Hero Of Your Own Life

Late Next Year ... {Channeled}

Children of the New World {Channeled} 11/19/11


The Galactic Process {Channeled}

Universe Efficiency {Channeled} 11/20/11

B Active Participant In Planetary Transformation

Reach Into Your Heart

After 11-11-11, Now What?

The World Is At A Tipping Point

Universal Interconnectivity {Channeled} 11/21/11

Horus {Channeled}

Reawakening {Channeled}

A Thousand & 1 Possibilities

Future Requires Your Collective Involvement {Channeled}

Trust Your Intuition {Channeled}

Spiritual oneness will Heal the World 11/25/11

A Free Mind

Universal Truths


Spiritual Gifts

Universal Mind


Serving others is a Universal Law {Channeled} 11/26/11

2 thine own heart B true

Teachers from on High {Channeled}

Archangels & Global Spirits

U-R As One Great Soul {Channeled}

Thanksgiving Message From The Mentors {Channeled}

A Glimpse Into The Magnificent Year Ahead {Channeled}

This World Is Getting Ready 4 A Global Changes 11/27/11

Ocean Of Love

R-U Courageous

Weekly Message {Channeled}

Correct & Heal This World {Channeled} 11/28/11

Your Heart

The Healing Power of Sound {Channeled}

Return To The Sacred

Your Spiritual Evolution {Channeled}

The Love Of Oneness Will Change This World 11/29/11

Climbing The Apple Tree

Different, But Not Divided

Love Peace & Harmony R The Ways Of The Universe 11/30/11

We Are The World {Channeled}

Wondrousness & Expansion

Wake Up Call {Channeled}

We Are The Living Covenant {Channeled}

The Times U-R In R Wonderful {Channeled}

2012 Predictions Message 12/1/11

Dark Arrogant Kleptocracy is not Sustainable 12/2/11

Your Heart Comes First

In Any One Lifetime {Channeled}

Christ Michael: Fear Is The Enemy of Peace 12/3/11

A View From The Mountaintop

Tasks {Channeled}

The 2012 Gateway Trajectory

The Gift of Ascension {Channeled}

Let Today B .. {Channeled} 12/4/11

Downhill Spiral of Global Kleptocracy

Come to Another Layer of Self-Discovery

What Is The Truth About Life

The Arrival of Universal Love

Message From The Masters {Channeled}

Mothers / Daughters

Let Unworthiness Melt Away

Channeled Message 12/5/11

Therefore, You

Beyond Believing 12/6/11

Wake Up Call

Pandora's Box

Messages From Matthew {Channeled}

Greetings From The Galactic Federation {Channeled}

When Life Throws A Curve Ball

Christmas Message {Channeled} 12/7/11

What Are The Dimensions {Channeled}

Replace Fear with Loving Action {Channeled}

Think of GOD

The Great 'AH-HA' {Channeled}

I've Learned

U Can Change Anything ... {Channeled}

We Shall Guide You All The Way To Ascension

Open Your Hearts & Let Us In {Channeled} 12/8/11

There Is Naught But God

Welcome 2 Christmas {Channeled}

Masters of Timelessness

Channeled Messages

A Beautiful Chorus of Flowers

There Is No Sustainability Without Morality 12/9/11

The Vibrations On Earth Are Yet Again Rising

Christmas Message {Channeled}

Man Has Lost His Moral Compass {Channeled} 12/10/11

Your Transformation in 2012 & Beyond {Channeled}

Message From Matthew {Channeled}

SANADA: One Light {Channeled}

Sustainable Society Requires High Spiritual Morals 12/11/11

The 12:12 Alignment {Channeled}

Channeled Messages

Planetary Mind Is Changing {Channeled} 12/17/11

Should You Wish Me To Be Your Teacher

Peace Unto Your Heart

Loving Yourself {Channeled}

Beauty {Channeled}

Towards Oneness {Channeled} 12/18/11

Your Faith Can Move Mountains {Channeled}

Peace Unto Your Heart

Beauty Of The Mosaic {Channeled} 12/19/11

Be A Spiritual Example To Others {Channeled}

Enjoy The View

Have A Mindful Spiritual Life 12/20/11

Reveal God's Heart

A New Way Of Being {Channeled}

True Meaning And Values of Life 12/21/11

Divine Love {Channeled}

Holiday Reality {Channeled}

Your Holy Self

Message From GOD

My Gift To You {Channeled}

The Awakening Goes On At Full Speed {Channeled}

The W In Christmas

Wake Up Calls {Channeled} 12/22/11

The Third Wave {Channeled}

The Dreamer

Join Me To Celebrate Life {Channeled} 12/23/11

The Eternal Springtime

There Is Nothing Like The Truth

Re-Establish Divine Authority In Your Life 12/24/11

2012 Channeled

The GOD In You

The Evolution Of The Soul

Experience And Share Divine Love {Channeled} 12/25/11

Strong Silent Love

A Momentous Occasion

Christmas Messages {Channeled}

U-R In A Period Of Action & Love Expansion 12/26/11

The Lily Of The Valley

Take Inspired Action {Channeled}

Horus Channeling 12/27/11

Stage Is Prepared 4 A World Change {Channeled}

Get Into Your Truth

Love Tips From Kids

Don't Ever Stop Doing Good

It's All Perfect, & So R-U

The Birth Of The New You {Channeled} 12/28/11

Turn Your Life Toward Life And Truth {Channeled}

Without Time

The Experience Of Linear Time Is Coming To A End

Truth Spurs People Into Action {Channeled} 12/29/11

GOD Dreams Of You

My Childhood Times

Inching Along At Warp Speed

2012 Will Be Even More Challenging 12/30/11

If GOD Could Weep

Everything Is Set {Channeled}

Alone In A Crowd

In The Company Of Angels 12/31/11

The New Years Message

Creating A New Reality

Your Reality Is On A Verge Of Change 1/1/12

Doing Your Best

Blessings Outlook Insights 4-2012

Kite Flying {Channeled}

Heaven Letters 1/2/12

2012: The Year Of Transformation

Within Silence, Come Closer 1/3/12

Some Words

The Art of Being

A New Beginning

2012 Is Your Year Of Physical Transformation

Intervention and Equality 1/4/12

In The Fullness of Love

Happy New Year

2012: Year Of Power {Video}

New Year Greetings {Channeled} 1/5/12

Follow Your Heart Where It Takes You

Have Lunch With GOD

The New Earth Energies {Channeld}

Message From Matthew {Channeled}

Spiritual Physics of Human Consciousness 1/6/12

Everything You Need is Within {Channeled}

The Hater & The Hated

Opening The Front Door

The Hater & The Hated {2}

Peace Is Coming {Channeled}

Remarkable {Channeled} 1/7/12

Love Is Like A Kiss From GOD

Interface Spiritual Universal Consciousness {Channeled}

Universes Are Behives Of Activity 1/8/12

False Idols

Dream & Claim

Sananda's {Jesus} Blessings of Love {Channeled}

Golden Continuum / 2012's Opportunities {Channeled}

Humanity Becoming Fully Conscious 1/9/12

Meditation {Channeled}

Live Your Life With Intent To Ascend 1/10/12

Have A Heart

The Spirit Within {Channeled} 1/11/12

Your Lightworker Job Is To Lead {Channeled}

Life Is Like A Shepherd

Open Your Hearts & Minds

Suprises {Channeled} 1/12/12

The Love Frequency

Clean Shoes & Whom 2 Marry

Chewy Caramels

Remember Who U Really R {Channeled}

A Train Is Coming {Channeled} 1/13/12

Life As U Know It Is About 2 Change {Channeled}

Rules 2 Live Your Life


The Matrix Of Love {Channeled} 1/14/12

The Divine Date Looms Nearer {Channeled}

Creating Peace {Channeled}

Humanity Should Reclaim Their God Given Rights {Channeled}

Your Soul Is Made In My Image

Scripture Stops At 2012 {Channeled}

Hatred / Health / Happiness {Channeled}

Christmas Flash Mob 1/15/12

Transform Your World With A Right Thought, Truth & Mind

Love, Like Cream, Will Come To The Top

Healing Light {Channeled}

U & GOD R 1 {Channeled}

Wake Up Call {Channeled}


Human Transformation Of This World 1/16/12

Perfection {Channeled}

A GOD of Lighting Up The World

Message by Lady Quan Lin {Channeled}

Today's Angel Message {Channeled}

What U Seek Is Seeking U {Some Words}

2-0-1-2-Is Your Year {Channeled} 1/17/12

Light Is All There Is {GOD}

World Transformation Through Social Evolution

Transmute Collective Emotions {Channeled}

It Is Blessed To Give

There Is Only One GOD

A Million Ways To Worship GOD

This Worlds Outdated Institutions Will Be Dismantled 1/18/12

Love, Love, Love

Step Out Of Yesterday

The Awakening Is Accelerating {Channeled} 1/19/12

Raising Your Children

Humanity Knows No Bounds

God's Blessing 1/20/12

Wake Up Call {Channeled}

Who Is Master? {Channeled} 1/21/12

All The Good Things

Today's Angel Message {Channeled}

As of Today 1/25/12

Make the Connection {Channeled}

U-R Your Own Saviors {Channeled}

This World Is On A Brink ... {Channeled}

Your Future Is Assured {Channeled}

Your Mission {Channeled} 1/26/12

Hold To Your Conviction of Truth {Channeled}

Greatness Is Yours

Now Is The Time!

Blue Ray Beings {Channeled}

Feelings {Channeled} 1/27/12

GOD Is Here

Channeled Message

Today's Angel Message {Channeled}

All U Have 2 Know 1/28/12

The Truth Is Coming Out {Channeled} 1/29/12

True Wealth

Who we are And what we do {Channeled}

Those Little Red Candy Hearts

Making Sense of Now {Channeled}

Called 2 Action {Channeled} 1/31/12

Have A Heart

Opening {Channeled}

Divine Relationship {Channeled}

Everything is in the Hands of Higher Beings

All Are One, All Are Worthy

Love's Demand & Supply 2/1/12

Called 2 Action

Where The River Will Take U

The Meek

I Am Your All Knowing {Channeled} 2/2/12

The Answer

The Finishing Line Is In Sight

Only Holistic Morality Can Sustain Human Society 2/7/12

CIA Asset Can Now Speak After 10 Years

Expressing Your True Self {Channeled}

Loss {Channeled} 2/8/12

Much Is Happening On Earth Right Now

Ascension Draws Near

U-R All At Different Stages Of Evolution

The Arcturians

Changes R Going 2-B Far Reaching, & Happen Quickly

From Matthew {Channeled} 2/9/12

Love & Release

Some Wisdom From Sri Sri

A Message From Horus {Channeled}

The Father Contract

Today's Angel Message {Channeled}

Where Else Can Love Exist 2/10/12

The Petals of Your Heart 2/11/12

'Who Were U' Vid

Today's Angel Message

Your Heart's Desires {Channeled}

What We Hate

A Palace of Hearts 2/12/12

Today's Angel Message

Believing is Seeing 2/13/12

Shed Your Cloak of Unreality {Channeled}

Master Jesus

This Is The Truth

Contact Has Been Made {Channeled}

Abraham: Channeled 2/14/12

Concede - Surrender - Love

The Messages from GOD

The Intent 2 Ascend {Channeled} 2/15/12

Feelings & Logic

The Last Valentine's Day {Channeled}

Channeled Messages {1}

Channeled Messages {2}

Soon U Will C Evidence of Earth Changes {Channeled} 2/16/12

Think With Your Heart

Future Self {Channeled}

Global Sustainability {Channeled} 2/18/12

Morality Requires Exercise {Channeled} 2/19/12

Your Intent {Channeled} 2/20/12

Growing Closer To GOD 2/21/12

End Of The Rope {Channeled}

Wisdom From Sri Sri

The Messages from GOD {Channeled} 2/22/12

Today's Angel Message {Channeled}

Our Runaway Planet {Channeled}

Wake-Up Call {Channeled}

Thr Year of The Heart

Spread Your Light {Channeled}

And There Is GOD 2/23/12

Messages Of The Day {Channeled}

Wake Up Call {Channeled} 2/24/12

The Greatest Power There Is

Creating A Shift In Focus {Channeled} 2/25/12

Growing In Spirit

Truth is like a Mental Fertilizer {Channeled} 2/26/12

Messages Of The Day {Channeled}

Use Your Moral Compass {Channeled} 2/27/12

Your Divine Spark {Channeled}

Our Coming Days {Channeled}

U-Can B Put Back Together Again ...

Ever Growing in Spirit

This World Will B Changed from Within {Channeled} 2/28/12

When U-C Lamps Unlit

Living On The Edge {Channeled} 2/29/12

Graduating {Channeled}

Living In The World

Something Coming Very Soon {Channeled} 3/1/12

Fear / Worry

Spiritual Pressure {Channeled} 3/2/12

The Word 4 March is Awareness {Channeled}

Hours In A Day

2012-Venus & Love

One World Mind {Channeled} 3/3/12

Awakening is Spreading Across the World {Channeled}

Message from Matthew {Channeled}

The Little Puppy

How 2 Fill Your Life

1212!! - Now What? {Channeled} 3/4/12


Essence Of Love Sustains Universe

2012 & CoCreation 3/5/12

U Have Brought The Light & Love Back 2 Earth {Channeled}

Reflections of the Creator {Channeled}

Channeled Messages 3/7/12

True Purpose of your Life {Channeled}

Wake Up Call {Channeled}

New Chakras R Emerging as U Evolve {Channeled}

The Secret 2 Creating the World Of LOVE {Channeled}

Self-serving wars R not Sustainable {Channeled}

Wake Up Call {2} Channeled

Ascension Will Change Your Life {Channeled} 3/8/12

Cosmic Shift Is Changing This Planet {Channeled}

Your Teachers {Channeled}

All That Is Hidden Must Now Be Revealed 3/9/12

Connect 2 the Cosmos...Channeled

Riding The Wave 3/10/12

Message from St. Michael

HumanValues/SpiritualLiving Channeled 3/11/12

Love as Generosity {Channeled}

The Times Have Changed ! Channeled

Enjoyment-Channeled 3/12/12

Today's Angel Messages-Channeled

Archangel Metatron - Channeled

Archael Raphael - Channeled

Project Your Love {Channeled} 3/13/12

Reawakening Yourselves {Channeled}

Wake Up Call {Channeled}

Mother Earth {Channeled} 3/14/12


Wake Up Call Update - Channeled

Morning Messages {Channeled}

Faith - Sri Sri

Wisdom from Sri Sri

Higher Spiritual Truth {Channeled}

World Peace - Channeled 3/15/12

The Secret Is Out {Channeled}

The Message From GOD

The New Earth Energies {Channeled} 3/16/12

Mushaba Movement Update

Evolution of Mind & the Starchild {Video}

2 Life & Channeled Messages

Wake Up Call - Channeled - 3/17/12

Wisdom from Sri Sri {Faith}

The Inner Door - Channeled - 3/18/12

Involution & Evolution 3/19/12

Your Planet is in early stages of Spiritual Development {Channeled}

Mary Magdalene Speaks - Channeled

Uphold Yourself

Building a New World - Channeled 3/20/12

The Seven Mind Spirits

A Peaceful Mind

The Shrine Is Within {Channeled} 3/21/12

2012 {Video}

2012 Shift Alert

World Correction is Accelerating {Channeled}

The Path to Ascension - Channeled 3/22/12

Manifesting is No Longer "Work" - Channeled

U-R God's New Plan In Action 3/23/12

GOD: 100% Channeled

Planetary Changes Will Be Far Reaching {Channeled}

All for Love - Channeled 3/24/12

THRIVE - The movie


Faith & Reason

Wisdom from Sri Sri

Giving Love - Channeled

What the World Needs - Channeled 3/25/12

Message from the Galatic Federation of Light - Channeled

Breaking-Free {Channeled} 3/26/12

It Takes Courage {Channeled}

Natures Ascension {Channeled}

Who do U think U-R

Where Oneness Is - Channeled

The Family of One - Channeled

Today's Angel Message - Channeled 3/27/12

Break free from old thoughts & habits - Channeled

Sharing - Channeled

Keep your Dreams - Channeled

Don't assume there is nothing U can do - Channeled 3/28/12

New sensory skills have yet 2-B discoverd - Channeled

The greatest new medicines of our time {sound on}

Breaking-Free {Channeled}

Like the tides of the Ocean {Channeled}

OBAMA - Channeled

OBAMA - The New Moses - Channeled

Actions and their Repercussions - Channeled

Important Message From The Ashtar Command {Channeled} 3/30/12

Communication With The Federation of Light - Channeled

Travelling 2gether {Channeled}

The Exclusivity of Belief {Channeled}

The Future is Golden {Channeled}

The Apples of GOD's Tree 3/31/12

Where R-U On The Path Of Ascension? {Channeled 4/1/12

Sing your Song - Channeled

Mushaba - Channeled

OurMind-Channeled 4/2/12


The Known Unknowns - Channeled

Important News - Channeled

Deep Longing - Channeled 4/3/12

Your Health





Express Your GOD Self

The Message From GOD

Earth is on a way 2 Higher Consciousness-Channeled 4/4/12

Today's Angel Message - Channeled

Your Left Shoe - Channeled

Wake Up Call {Channeled} 4/5/12

The Battle Royal Has Begun {Channeled}

The Guiding Light Within {Channeled}

Correct Your Past Actions {Channeled}

Be Gracious {Channeled}

Dedicate Your Living To Spiritual Ideals - Channeled 4/6/12

Go Beyond The Need 2 Fix Things - Channeled

The Matrix of Love - Channeled

There are no Seperate Hearts - Channeled

Your Breath

Spiritual Revolution Will Change This Material World {Channeled} 4/7/12

The Purpose Of Life {Channeled}

Oneness Rising {Channeled}

The Turning Of The Tide Is Happening - 4/8/12

The Tree You Want To Climb - Channeled

The True Meaning of Easter - Channeled

Let Go Of What Does Not Serve Your Highest Good - Channeled

Death To The Dark

Mother Mary Message {Channeled}

Ask GOD A Question {Channeled}

I Know What U-R Going Through - Channeled

2Day's Angel Message 4/9/12

Seek Beyond The Mainstream To Find The Truth - Channeled 4/10/12

Being At Rest {Channeled}

What U Learn in Life - Channeled

Mother Mary: Sacred Truth {Channeled}

Joy - Channeled 4/11/12

Tune-up your spiritual vibration 2 ours - Channeled

"MERCY" channeled


Some Wisdom

Wake Up Call - Channeled

Everything Is In Place {Channeled}

Rounding off one's earthly life {Channeled} 4/12/12

World sustainability requires wisdom - Channeled


GOD seeks U!

The New Reality

Today's Angel Message

The Art Of Giving 4/13/12


Material Pursuits Are Not Sustainable - Channeled

A Lighter Touch

Changes - Channeled 4/14/12

GOD: Let Love Create You

From The Sound That Arose - Channeled

Depression & Despair

New Times, New Priorities - Channeled

A New Chapter in the Book of Life 4/15/12

U Have the Power 2 Change Your Reality - Channeled

5-D Spring Nesting Instincts

Preparation 4 the next Now Moments - Channeled

Love/Mercy - Channeled 4/16/12

Aspects of Self - Channeled


Single Black Female

Major Events Are Weeks Away - Channeled

Asking The Right Questions - Channeled 4/17/12

Finding The Path - Channeled

Playing in a Field of Flowers - Channeled

Aprils Soul Message

Today's Angel Message - Channeled

Your Future - Channeled 4/18/12

Opposites Attract - Channeled

All GOD's Love - Channeled

Maslow Predicted The Shift

Resetting Your Karma - Channeled

"Love Is" Channeled 4/19/12

Good day is not created by GOD

GOD's Masterpiece

Embrace the Truth - Channeled

Aspects of Self - Channeled {It's long}

Explainations of Various Groups

Our Shift Into Unity 4/20/12

The GOD Particle - Channeled

Important Decisions To Make

The Me of U - Channeled 4/21/12

The Fire In Your Hearts - Channeled

Our Frozen Mind - Channeled

First Crop Circle of 2012

Its Importance in 2012 - Channeled 4/22/12

Will U Kindly Reveal The GOD In Your Heart - Channeled

Tune Out Media - Channeled

Social Morality - Channeled 4/23/12

Difficult Decisions - Channeled

Archangel Michael - Channeled

There Is No Between - Channeled

Truthful Relationships will last forever - Channeled - 4/24/12

Care for Your World - Channeled

Ship Sightings

Thrilling To The Light of GOD - Channeled

Self-Serving Social Practices Will Not Save The World - Channeled 4/25/12

Wake-Up Call {Channeled}

Angry-Sad? Channeled

2012 Network of Consciousness - Channeled

Wouldn't U Like To Hear GOD's Voice? Channeled

A Maturing Population - Channeled 4/26/12

U Cannot Worry & Believe in the Same Breath...

The Kingdom of Heaven - Channeled

Self-Destructive Path - Channeled

Seeds of Loving Kindness - Channeled 4/27/12

Remediation or Extinction - Channeled

I Have Cut The Cords

Parental Karma 4/28/12

Pure Being U-R {Channeled}

Our Planet - Channeled 4/29/12

Bringing Earth Closer To Heaven - Channeled

Galactic Federation of Light - Channeled

Mother Earth - Channeled 4/30/12

Once In A Lifetime - Channeled

U-R Moving Into A New Cycle of Evolution - Channeled

Intent - Channeled

Today's Angel Message

Humility - Channeled 5/1/12

Remember U - Channeled

Revisit Joy - Channeled 5/2/12

Real Freedom - Channeled

Anti-Human {Channeled}

Great Test of Your Will - Channeled

Prosper in Love - Channeled

Time 4 The Truth - Channeled

Message from Matthew - Channeled

LOVE - Channeled 5/3/12

In HIS Hands - Channeled

Do This Now - Channeled

Today's Angel Message - Channeled

Looking In All The Wrong Places - Channeled 5/4/12

U Have Reached A turning Point - Channeled

A Whole New World - Channeled - 5/5/12

Understanding Self

Wake-up Call -- Channeled 5/6/12

Only Loving Intent Will Sustain Humanity - Channeled

Oneness - Channeled

A Plea for Compassion - Channeled

Your Little Child - Channeled - 5/7/12

Intent - Channeled

Warriors of LOVE & PEACE - Channeled

RECOVERY: & The dance of Love - Channeled - 5/8/12

GOD's Highest Creation - Channeled

The Vital Ingredience - Channeled

The Message From GOD - Channeled

Use your Intuition & Self Discernment - Channeled

New Wine - Channeled - 5/9/12

Always Changing - Channeled


Moral Compass Lost - Channeled

A Lesson about Healing - Channeled

Your Work Has Only Begun - Channeled

Glad Anticipation - Channeled - 5/11/12

So Much 2 Enjoy In The Near Future - Channeled

Video U-Need-2-C -- 5/12/12

Audio U-Need-2-Hear

May 2012: A Very Powerful Month

The Key 2 Relationships - Channeled - 5/13/12

Global Changes Are Gathering Speed - Channeled

Divine Intervention - Channeled

Global Change Is Taking Place - Channeled - 5/14/12

Archangel Michael - Channeled

The Oneness of Life - Channeled

Want for Others - Channeled

Message from GOD - Channeled

The Light Within - Channeled

Salusa: The Last Days - Channeled - 5/15/12

U Will B - A Perfect Creature - Channeled

Channeled Message

A New Creation Has Been Launched - Channeled

Channeled Message - 5/16/12

Many Stormy Nights Lay Ahead Of U

Heavenletters Channeled

Health Solutions

Divine Justice - Channeled

A Great Event - Channeled

Something Wonderful is Brewing - Channeled - 5/17/12

Planetary Vibes Have Begun 2 Change Our World - Channeled

Ambassadors of Light - Channeled

Wake Up Call - Channeled

The New Earth Grid - Channeled

The Open Heart - Channeled - 5/18/12

Only Sustainable Global Concepts Will Survive - Channeled

The Magic of Honey & Cinnamon

Your Contributions To This World - Channeled

Everything is Coming 2 A Head - U-R On Your Way Home - Channeled

4 your Discernment 5/19/12

Call it LOVE - Channeled

Archangel Michael: Transitions Impact - Channeled - 5/20/12

It's Time 2 Listen

Learning 2 Look-Up! Making Good Mistakes - Channeled

The Movements of Time - Channeled - 5/21/12

A Theory about Evolution / Creation - The Factors - Channeled

Mercy Oriented Love - Channeled

Awaken To Your Call Of Duty - Channeled

Great Events Are About 2-B Unleashed Upon You - Channeled

Being Polite - 5/22/12

The Story of LOVE - Channeled

Join me while your world is changing - Channeled

Perception - Channeled

Today's Angel Message - Channeled

Channeled Message - 5/23/12

Sing Life's Songs - Channeled

2-B Truthful & Moral - Channeled

Excellence in Living - Channeled - 5/24/12

Only U Can Change Your Life - Channeled

12/12/2012 & Nibiru - Channeled

Mindsets in Disrepair - Channeled

4 your discernment - U-Tube

Wonderful things are happening now - Channeled

A Lesson About Holding On - Channeled 5/25/12

Speech by Charley Chaplin - People of Earth - Its Time To Unite! ... U-Tube

Old System / A Bottomless Sinkhole - Channeled

All over the world, countries are in the process of change - Channeled

GOD is Speaking 2-U {Channeled} 5/26/12

The Live U Planned Before U Were Born

It Is Time To Choose Your Path - Channeled - 5/27/12

What if you could leave your burdens to GOD

Forgive the Past - Channeled

Divine Justice - Channeled - 5/28/12

Where Is LOVE... Channeled

A Lesson On Hidden Things - Channeled - 5/29/12

Unstainable Choices Require Corrective Actions - Channeled

Is There Really A GOD - Channeled

Today's Angel Message - Channeled

Wake Up Call - Channeled

The Coming Changes R Not 2-B Feared - Channeled

ThriveMovement {Pass-It-On} 5/30/12

Beyond the Solar Eclipse - Channeled

What Is Happiness Anyway? - Channeled

Open Your Mind To The Spirit of Truth - Channeled

Say Hello 2 LOVE - Channeled

The Living Matrix - New Science of Healing

Relationships - Channeled

Who Was mary Magdalene?

In June, Events Will Suddenly Take Off - Channeled

Goodness & Divine Justice - Channeled - 5/31/12

Just A Little Hint of Faith - Channeled

Prepare 4 the next wave of energy - Channeled

TOUCH - 6/1/12

B True 2 YourSelf