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 The Starseed Dialogues
Earth Changes and Personal
 A contemporary understanding of personal evolution--your accel-
 eration into fully conscious twenty-first-century human beings--
 requires profound introspection, commitment, and integration of
 the logical and intuitive halves of the mind. It entails a clearing
 of old programming, release of blocked energy forms, and a new
 approach to living as caretakers of the celestial being upon whom
 you reside and take nourishment. Involved is the full awakening
of the heart and the silencing of the ego-driven self.
   These are the fundamental processes that will determine how
you will approach the process of planetary transformation, while
defining your personal experience of ascension from the realm
of matter.
   As you move ever closer to the fated date of the closing Mayan
calendar (December 21, 2012), you are becoming increasingly
alarmed over the prospect of an impending global disaster--the
Armageddon scenario--which has been rendered a highly pos-
sible reality through senseless nuclear proliferation, your poison-
ous waste, and your rage.
   Indeed, manifestations of upheaval have already begun at every
corner of the world.
   Perhaps, many fear, it is too late ... and you are careening
towards the inevitable, with no way to break your fall. Others
understand how you create your realities with every thought,
every word and gesture ... that it can be a smooth ride if you
focus upon "right action"--your minds centered, clear, and filled
with wonder over your potential as the New Aquarians of Planet
   It is at the same time frightening, yet exciting, for you know,
 on some intuitional level, that you have experienced this before.
 Humanity obviously survived. As reincarnating beings, you have
 known death and rebirth over and over again, although most of
 you do not consciously remember your passage in and out of the
 physical realm. But this is quite different.
    Those who have opted to be born into this earth era are expe-
 riencing the death, or transmutation, of the entire planet, and you
 are in the thick of it, holding on for dear life, your happiness and
 security constantly threatened by the specter of total annihilation.
    Like the people of late Atlantis, you seem to be on the brink,
 anticipating your plunge into the abyss. Your concept of life and
  of your purpose as human beings is changing; your fragility and
  impermanence are ever more present in your minds; your greater
  home, the very earth beneath your feet, is in "clear and present"
     It is a difficult but challenging time and, therefore, you would
  do well to remember, no matter how your personal circumstances
  may otherwise appear, that you have chosen to be here.
     Although it may seem incomprehensible to you at the conscious
  level, you do know about planetary evolution... the transmutation
  of form and biological systems. Humanity has experienced it
before, when the great antediluvian civilization of Attantis reached
such a state of disharmony that it short-circuited the energy net-
works of the planet, and life was nearly obliterated at many cor-
ners of the Earth.
   The power structure of the time (the omnipotent forces of the
Dark Priesthood of Atlan) believed, in their blind arrogance, that
they could own even the forces of Gaia {Earth}, harnessing her like
a beast of burden. They pushed beyond the limits, and all was vir-
tually washed away in the Great Flood, as Gaia cleansed her body
of the intense negative vibration and brought herself back to cen-
ter to start again, renewed and revitalized.
   Here you are, once again, setting the Goddess off course,
throwing everything out of balance in your exacerbation of the
duality that underlies three-dimensional reality. From your lim-
ited vantage point, it appears that the very nature of existence is
based on the war between good and evil and even now, as you
spiral into the future, you are faced with this dualism at every
juncture ... in every moment of your lives. You may have resigned
yourselves to the idea that there is no hope for humanity--that
you have reached the point of no return--and that is a dangerous,
self-defeaang belief structure. It only feeds the darkness, empow-
ering those who believe they own you to take more from you. It
amplifies the darkness, catapulting you even further into despair.
It takes your light... your power ... your joy.
   You live in a world which hosts both extremely dark charac-
ters and wandrously loving, spiritual beings, but the truth is that
most of humanity is somewhere in between. Each of you knows
and has confronted the brilliance as well as the shadow of your
own persona, and that is the duality--the very nature of life as
you know it in the human experience. There have been moments
of incredible radiance and impenetrable darkness throughout
history and these two extremes, you find, often exist in the same
moment, occupying the same space as poles of the one energy.
The poles clash and conflict with each other and yet, you realize,
they are simply reflections of the whole.
   As students of esoteric wisdom, you are learning that you must
integrate the polar aspects: the good and bad; the light and dark;
the love and hate. As long as you continue to fuel these forces in
opposition, there will be war on every level.
   Now, more than ever, the fighting and conflagrations surround
you, and humanity seems lost in the senselessness of violence and
despair. It is a time of extremes in behavior, when these aspects
have, once again, come into absolute conflict. Human suffering,
the disregard for life and beauty, and the abuse of those who seek
power over others are fast becoming the overriding experience
of your contemporary civilization, causing you to question just
how far it is that the human race has actually come in its course
of social evolution.
   You are reliving, at this time in history, the same undercur-
 rents, energy manipulation, and abuse of power that exemplified
 the last generations of Atlantis ... a civilization that had reached
 (in some aspects) a much higher level of technological prowess
 than that which you know today. It was a society that enjoyed
 direct assistance from multidimensional beings who trained and
 worked with the Priesthood (themselves descendants of other
 realms). Their enhanced capabilities and understanding of the
 universal laws and elemental forces qualified them as Keepers
 of the Records.
    These gifts of extraterrestrial knowledge were intended to
 raise the consciousness of your ancestors, bringing them a sense of
 their part in the greater scheme of things. Paradoxically, the priest-
 esses of the early generations used the Wisdom for the light while,
 goaded by the Annunaki, later generations of the Priesthood saw
 some of the Brotherhood swing to the dark side, turning their
 acquired knowledge--their gifts--against the people. How can
 you help but notice that the time of darkness, the flagrant abuse
 of the Wisdom, is happening again?
    We, Speakers of the Sirian High Council, confirm that many
 of the sophisticated technologies resulting from that exchange
 are being utilized against humanity and against Gaia. In their
 all-consuming pursuit of power, the dark priests of Atlan, united
 with others of Annunaki lineage, have reincarnated now. We
 assure you that they are more ravenous than ever in their hunger
 to harvest and consume your energy, your power, and your
 resources. Could it be that you are going to have to relive the fall
 of Atlantis all over again?
   It is a devastating alliance, that of the dark force, yet the light
is all around you. You have only to set your intention, your group
mind, to penetrate and disarm the perpetrators of ignorance.
Know that, no matter how determined others might be to draw
upon your power, darkness can only feed on darkness and that,
we remind you, is nothing more than your fear, your ignorance,
and your rage. By remembering the structural nature of the dark
pole, you can move through the coming Earth Changes without
suffering and pain. It is your choice to make ... it always has been.
   You can still alter the outcome so that, this time, the manip-
ulation of energy and the abuse of power occurring in your realm
will not have to result in the devastation that once before erased
almost all life from the Great Planet Earth. You can choose not
to suffer in any way whatsoever the coming transformation;
rather, you can anticipate with eagerness the process of rebirthing
your planet, honoring your soul's intention to take part in that

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