A New Dispensation
     Creating Balanced Self-Worth

     How would you like to take that imbalance and correct it?
 How about taking that imbalance and making it equal? It's pos-
 sible, and the invitation is extended for you to begin, and there
 are seven attributes that can help you with this. Some of them
 are easy, some of them are hard, some of them are simple in
 their explanation, and some of them are not. Some of them are
 going to sound overly simplistic. "Well, I knew that," you might
 say. So I will say back to you, "Then why aren't you doing it?"
     Here are seven attributes that we guarantee, if you practice
 them all regularly, will begin to increase your angelic awareness
 and provide self-worth balance.

     1. Get Creative
    The first is this: Do something creative! You may say, "I have
 nothing whatsoever that is creative."'Yes, you do. All of you do.
 How many of you have tried channelling? And you might say,
"Well, now, I don't think I want to do that." Why don't you try it
when you're alone? Why don't you try it on paper? Why don't
you see what your cells and your Higher-Self want to say to you
 once you let it flow out? You might be shocked and surprised.
You don't have to show what you do to anyone, ever.
    Doing creative things takes that God-part of you and spills
it in to the duality part of you, and it's interesting to watch the
light develop. Do something creative. Perhaps you don't con-
sider yourself a singer, so instead, write a tune. Let someone
else sing it. Perhaps you're not a painter? Paint anyway. Let
the child out to paint pictures that you painted when you were
a child. Do something creative. That's number one. It sounds
overly simplistic, doesn't it? You watch how these things will
meld one into another, when number one becomes number
seven. The circle of attributes that I'm givingyou nowwill be far
more profound than they sound now. Creativity accomplishes
something for you that almost nothing else can. It knocks at the
door of the God-self, and begins to exercise the parts of you that
need to be awakened.

    2. Help Others
    Number two: Help others. This one sounds simple until I
elaborate on it. So I'll just get right to it: We challenge you to
volunteer in a place where people are dying. Go find the dark-
est place in the hospital you can find, Lightworker. Go find the
place where the children are dying, and plant yourself there.
Find those dying with the cancers and viruses, and put yourself
there. Read to them, hold their hands, and tell them stories.
Volunteer. You have time for the children... and you know it.
Have you ever thought of this?
"You've just given us a horrible thing to try to accom-
plish. We cannot. I could never go there," you might say. "I would
sob at the door and be no good to anyone." Dear one, this is a
common misconception... that humanitarians could not help
because they're so sensitive. So I'm going to give you a postulate
and then ask you to go prove it for yourself: When you stand at
the door of that place where those children are dying, and you
open that door, your light spills into that area and their love
spills onto you. You will feel uplifted and blessed. You may sit
and hold the hand of a child when he dies, and you may weep
for his life, but you'll feel enhanced and uplifted because the
divine in you touches the divine in him. There's nothing like
it, Human Being... nothing like it. You become part of a divine
process! Can you celebrate being there and helping?
    If you wish to touch the family, that's where you do it. Go
volunteer where the seniors are, where they're close to passing.
Read them stories. Ask about their lives. Celebrate their youth,
and be there when they pass over. Your divinity will celebrate
their divinity, and the two of you will be enhanced.
    Helping those in passing, no matter what their age, creates
and stimulates a part of you that will surprise you. You will ask
to do it again and again, understanding that what you're doing
is truly sacred work.
    Dear Human Being, those are only two of the points, and
already you're going to start feeling different. "Maybe I am
someone!" you might say. "Perhaps there really is something to
this." The dark parts of you will begin to diminish as they see
the light begin to develop in areas that were dim before. That's
number two. Go help someone.

    3. Exercise and Meditate
    This is the most difficult one, and the one you're not go-
ing to like. Exercise! In your culture you're no longer chasing
animals for food! [Laughter] You need to balance this lack of
activity with exercise. Biologically, when you exercise there is
chemical balance that is shifted and changed. In addition, you
take in much needed additional oxygen, a necessary fuel for the
body for a Human Being trying to enhance new parts of their
thinking. Oxygenation has been overlooked in the past. This is
very needed!
    Let me give you another secret: Go exercise, then follow it
up with meditation. Watch what happens. An oxygenated brain
creates a new palette for the artist of meditation. That's the order
of things. Get it right: Exercise, then meditate. Don't cheat. Some
of you will say, "Let me see, that's meditate and meditate, right?"
[Laughter] That's number three, as important as any.

    4. Personal Verbal Affirmations
    Number four may be difficult to explain to you, and it's
oversimplified. Watch what you say! The words out of your
mouth are constructs of energy that are divine. They go into
the air and they're fulfilled, as best can be, by those energies
in your body, and those around you (who you cannot see) try
their best to fulfill what you wish to co-create. Perhaps in a
negative situation you might say, "Oh, great! I knew that would
happen." Your cellular structure says, "Did you hear the boss?
She liked it!" The entities around you hear it, too. "Did you hear
the boss? She thinks it's great. Let's do it again!" Did you ever
think of that? The cells hear it, and they'll do their best to make
sure it happens again!
    Watch whatyou say. Instead of negative posturing, give your-
self affirmations. Blessed is the Human Being who understands
the power of Human speech. Who are you? Say your name out
loud. "I am [your name goes here]." And put the emphasis on
"am" and watch what happens. Let me tell you what that phrase
means. If your name is Paul and you say "I am Paul," the first
two words are the statement of who you are. "I AM." Paul is then
the added identifier of what you're called. It's two statements
in three words.
    You manifest the energy that you place into the air through
speech. The very elements "hear it" at a universal level. You're
so used to making a great noise only when things are challeng-
ing. Try to balance that! It's time to speak your joy!

    5. Challenge Your Darkest Part
   This sounds like a frightening thing, but it isn't. Listen:
Challenge the dark side of you to a fight! Throw the gauntlet out.
Tell it where you're going to meet and at what time, then wait
for it. Dare this part to meet you head-on. Do you have parts of
 yourself that you don't like? Of course you do, since you're in
 duality. I just gave you that information. Do you have dark parts
 that you'd like to scrub clean or perhaps put away or defeat?
 Well, then, challenge that darkest part of you to a fight. Set an
 appointment. Do you really want to be brave? Then challenge
 it to a fight in the dark, on its own turf! [Gasp].
     And the reason we tell you this is because these dark and
 horrible parts are not going to show up! They're afraid of the
 light part of you, and especially the parts that are becoming
 stronger. You will have won this fight just standing there in the
 dark and daring them to show up. Soon, there you will be, in
 the dark, singing! Unafraid, and laughing at this whole situation.
 If you remember nothing else today, it's that this energy that
you think is so ferocious is actually afraid of divine intent! The
 intent to balance will defeat this dark part every time. Empower
yourself, and the dark parts of you begin to abandon ship. They
 don't dare show up, and they won't.

     6. Claim the Angel Inside
    After you realize that the dark part of you is a coward, it's
time to claim the angel that's always been there. This is about
understanding who you really are. Although you may never be
able to see this angelic part of you, it's the true self, and it's ready
to be claimed. Again, use your power of speech if you want to
enhance this process. Hold a ceremony if it helps you make this
process real for yourself.
    Do you understand how the above attributes are fitting to-
gether? Here you are being creative, helping other Human Beings,
exercising, watching what you say, realizing that the dark side
has no power over you, starting to feel your own life potential,
and now it's time to call your angel out of hiding (hiding only
because you buried it)!
    Reader, listener, you think that this is just "channel talk," don't
you? You just wait. How would you like the drama in your life
to go away? How would you like to be able to face any situation
and know that you are absolutely 100 percent safe in your truth?
Nobody can mold you in any direction, or in any way, when
your angel is in charge. When the angel has come out, the third
layer of DNA begins to be activated. We talked about that last
time. Self-worth is no longer an issue. You know who you are.
It's empowering to know of your divinity. It creates a situation
in your life that's joyful.

{To be continued with the seventh attribute}
    Blessed is the Human Being who practices
pure intent in all aspects of his life. For this is
the one who will climb the stairs of ascension.
This is the one who will see the face of God,
and it will turn out to be his own! This is the
one who will reach up and take the hand of
the guide groups that are around them and
will never let go. Intent is the energy of the
New Age. Not all that is old is to be cast away.
Sometimes the oldest is the newest. Such is
the way of the now.
And so it is.


Thank you for your visit ... John

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