Message From Sitting Bull {Channeled}

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2.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
3.)  Lady Mary: Creating a Light-Filled World
4.)  How Can Your Heart Flow When Old Objects Block It?
5.)  Message From Sitting Bull
6.)  Create from a Place of Knowing or Do Not Create at All

Isis' Message of the Day -
"On Earth it is understandable that you grieve for those who pass on, particularly where you consider that their death is premature. However, remember that nothing is by chance, and the soul involved is not affected in the same way that you are. Immediately they arrive in the higher dimensions they find themselves surrounded by love through energies and souls who tend their needs. There is little trauma and even that is soon overcome after a short period of recovery. The circumstances of your passing are explained, and once they understand that it has been part of their pre-life contract they become at ease. Life does not stop, and is one continual experience that links all other lives together. The result is that there is always some gain from the experiences of any one life, and it can be used in subsequent ones."
~ St: Germain ~
"Yes, we know that there is some connection between some of the Earth things that are happening, and some of the shakings and so on.  We have told you all along that Mother Gaia does need to make some changes and shifts, so that she can ascend with you, or shall we say so that you can ascend with her. Be not in fear about these.  Send Love. Love and the vibrations of Love, high vibes.  That's what keeps Mother, Mother Gaia, as calm as she can possibly be while still effecting her changes."
~ Ashtar ~
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Friends,
As we witness the devastation in Japan, know that spirit is behind all things, and that what looks like cruelty upon your earth is indeed a tidal wave of love flooding your planet and the heart's of humanity. Work in your own hearts dear ones to allow a tidal wave of emotions to engulf you. Allow all that is within you that is not stable, real, and authentic to be wiped away, and in this fashion you will ride the energetic waves that are washing upon your planet.  See where you feel like "melting down" and add love to the situation and in this fashion, you help avoid a greater melt down on the planet as well.
We do not see disasters as tragedies dear ones. We see instead a great influx of souls returning home, amidst amazing celebration. When you lose souls, we find them. When people transition en masse as they did in your recent earthquake and tidal wave, we assure you there are grand celebrations in heaven as these souls meet up with family, friends, loved ones and guides. There is no sadness on our side dear ones, and yet we understand the sadness upon the earth and we are there to comfort you.  When such events happen you cannot help but feel love and compassion for your fellow man.  So many of you wonder what you can do. Take time in quiet and ask God what your role is here. Some of you will be tasked with sharing money and or resources. It will feel like a joy to give. Some of you will be called into prayer. Still others will be told to wait - there will be things later for you to do. Some of you will be called to live inspiring and happy lives or to simply ma intain a vibration of peace upon your earth. God knows what every single soul on the planet needs to give in order to grow, and God knows who is in need as well. Trust in your hearts dear ones for when God gives you direction your giving or your stillness, will be a joy.
We love you so very much and as your earth and humanity goes through rebirthing once again, we remind you all to keep sight of the bigger picture. From each disaster arises new love, new levels of human cooperation, new respect for the oneness within your hearts, for within each human heart, you all want the same.
God bless you, we love you so very much,
-- The angels
With much love,
Ann Albers
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, pay attention. Look for the joy, the laughter, the goodness. Look for it, because it is there. Look for it, and then you can live in it. If others want to go their own way, downcast, and they think the world is coming to an end, well, their world is coming to an end. Praise be. We're going to have a change.
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Lady Mary: Creating a Light-Filled World
Transmitted through Mercedes Kirkel
February 28, 2011

Greetings Dear Ones,
This is Lady Mary, known as Mother Mary to many of you.  I am so happy that you are all gathered here.  It is so wonderful – for all of you and for all of the world.  You strengthen yourself and you bring blessings many times over through this kind of gathering where you come together.  For truly, as Yeshua said, where two or more are gathered, there I AM.  And so your gathering is so wonderful to all of us in the higher realms who love you and who are very dedicated to supporting you in these powerful times of transformation.
And we so appreciate your questions.  We know that there are many questions, that you have heard many things, and you are experiencing many things.  And indeed, this is a time of change.  There are many things changing.  And it will continue to be so, and even increase.  So it is wonderful that you ask these questions.  It is wonderful that you always ask.  We so much love to be of service and to be of help.  It is very important for you to understand that we must be asked.  We respect your free will.  For us to offer our help to you, part of the Divine principle is that we must be first asked.  We are so grateful whenever you ask for our help and when you ask questions of us.  It helps us to be able to support you, as we so long to do.
One of the things I want to express to you is that what you’re doing is so important.  This spiritual work is the most important thing right now.  And those of you who are on the path of light, as all of you are here tonight (for most certainly what drew you to this group is because of your own path), you are doing such wonderful work.  And it is so important at this time.  Truly, this time is not fixed.  There are many people who have said this will happen or that will happen, but you are creating it, especially those of you who are doing this work, who are bringing in the light, who chose to come here at this time, especially to bring in this light.  You are so important, and you are making a difference.  Already the work that you have done is so wonderful.  Already the course of what seemed like it might happen has already been changed for the better.  So know that no one knows what is going to happen.  There are trajectories in motion, there are ideas people have of what will happen, but you are creating this, all of you together.  As you bring in the light more and more, as the light goes stronger and stronger – as it does the more you turn to it – the more that will be your destiny, and the more that you will create a light-filled world, a world of more and more ease, more and more beauty, more and more love, more and more light.  Already that is underway and is happening.
And yes, it is true, that some of the things that are happening in your world politically, some of these changes in countries such as Tunisia and Egypt and Libya and other countries, have everything to do with the light that is coming in.  It has to do with the empowerment of people.  They are seeing a pathway that wasn’t clear to them before.  All of a sudden they are feeling their own empowerment, feeling the path of light, that they can claim their power, they can claim their freedom, they can claim a way that is more about caring for all, sharing with all.  And yes, this is part of this unity consciousness, this change that is coming in, where it will not be about a few having all the power, all the resources, and so many not having enough for even their basic survival, let alone their well-being and their thriving.  Of course, this was never the way that it was meant to be, even at the time of Yeshua, where he said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”  Of course it was not about one person having so much at the expense of so many.  But it has taken this long for this shift to come in.  And truly, this has been one continuous cycle.  You are still in the process that was underway and was so activated at the time of Yeshua’s life, 2000 years ago.   We all understood that this was going to be a process, that this was going to be coming to fruition in a magnificent way at this time.
Time is very different from our perspective.  This is such a short amount of time, as we see time.  This shift that you are going through is a shift that has been underway for immeasurable time in your perspective.  It is so exciting that you are here now and that this is what is happening.  Time is changing.  Your sense of time is speeding up.  This is part of the cycle that has gone from seeming like no change ever is occurring to so much change happening at such a rapid, ever-increasing speed.  Eventually this will reach balance point.  Eventually your sense of time will shift altogether into a new way of viewing time.  That is where this is all headed, where it will not be your linear sense of time.  You will be in a much more multi-dimensional sense of time, with freedom to move by your choice into the future, into the past, into the present, understanding all time as being in the present.  This is where you will be shifting to.  But this process now is not there yet for most of you.  And so the sensation is that time is going faster and faster.
Interestingly, the way to respond to this sense of time going faster and faster is to relax more and more.  And the more that you do that, the more productive you will be and the quicker things will happen.  It will seem quite remarkable that things seemed to take so much more time in the past, yet now, as time is going faster, they seem to happen more easily with less time.  That is part of this shift of moving into time transforming altogether.
There was a question about moving into this unity, and part of it is relative to time.  The unified field of time will become more and more your reality.  But it is not only about time.  It is about a sense of your relationship to life altogether.  You will understand more and more that you are not separate.  Of course, you have had this idea.  But it is not enough to just hold it is an idea in your mind.  It must be your complete experience.  It does not mean that you will not be individuated.  Your sense of individuation will continue all the way through the seventh dimension.  But individuation and separation are not the same.  Separation is about the heart.  It is about the sense of connection and love that you feel for all of life, for all people, for all other beings, for the earth, for beings from other planets, other solar systems.  For, yes, something that you will be encountering more and more is your connection with other beings.  You are ready now, because you are moving into this shift where you realize that you are not separate.
It has been, you could say, an illusion, but sometimes that gives people the wrong idea.  It is more like it has been a limitation.  It’s like you’ve had glasses on that have made things appear to be separate.  You take off those glasses and you see that, in fact, it wasn’t as it appeared.  But in this third dimension, yes, this is a dimension of separation.  This is a dimension where that is the reality.  So it is a sign of your ascending, of moving and growing in your consciousness, and because of that moving into higher dimensions, that you will more and more have this experience of unity, of not being separate.  But it is not an idea.   Do not confuse the experience with the idea, dear ones, because the idea can itself become a form of separation.  Your ideas, separate from your whole-being experience, are another kind of separation.
An idea can guide you.  It can be a compass to let you know where you are headed, what you are growing towards.  And as you start to experience it more and more, you will recognize it because of your familiarity with the idea.  This is how ideas can serve you.  You open in different ways.  Sometimes you open through an idea.  Sometimes you open through an experience.  Sometimes you open through your heart opening.  There are all different ways that openings can happen.  But always they are meant to lead you to your wholeness, where you are experiencing this in totality.
Sometimes these experiences happen initially as what you’d call “an experience,” which is where it happens for a while, and then it fades.  What that indicates was that you received a gift, a support.  It was like having a brief visit to a realm that you’re not quite stable in, you’re not quite strong enough to remain there continuously.  But it can help you to see the next steps, to support you and inspire you to continue moving in that direction and returning to what you have already experienced.  And it can help you to understand your priorities.  As you see the wonderful attractiveness of these higher dimensions and these higher experiences, it can help you to very naturally, organically, become less interested in the things that used to be more interesting to you.  Now this is becoming more your focus.  So these gifts can serve you in all of these ways.
They also, little by little, help to transform your being.  They can activate you, they can lift your energy, they can open you to greater amounts of reception of light, the creator light, the adamantine particles of light, to greater reception of love.  But truly, it is always the love and the light that do the transformation.
And so, if you want to know how to move in this process, how to support yourself, it is always through love and through light, and generally through the practices that you already are familiar with.  They will not be different.  You may learn some new ones and add these over time.  Certain practices that you’ve been doing may feel like they’re not as necessary anymore.  You have stabilized that within yourself and now you no longer need to focus on it in an intentional way, the way that you may have in the past.  But always these practices are about love and light.  This is what you do to prepare yourself to go through these things. There are also technical practices, such as the one you learned tonight and practiced, practices that involve breathing, practices that involve visualizing light and having it come into you, practices that involve moving into a higher dimension.  These kind of things are also very valuable. 
Always reflect within yourself, whenever your hear recommendations from anyone who is channeling, anyone who is recommending practices.  Know that this is always being filtered through someone.  It is your responsibility to yourself to always reflect, “Is this the right practice for me?  Is this what I am meant to do that will serve me the most right now?  Does this information I am receiving feel accurate?  Does it correspond to my experience?  Does it support me in being more connected to love and to light?”  That is always the ultimate measure:  “Does this support me in growing in love and light?”
And dear ones, know that there is a subtle trap that can happen, especially at these kinds of times, where there is so much change, so much is happening.  That trap is to get caught up in the sense of urgency of things, the excitement of things, and feel a sense of anxiety or stress around it, even a sense of concern that you may not have enough time.  Or maybe you’re not making the shift.  Maybe everyone else is making the shift, but you won’t be making the shift.  Or maybe there are loved ones you have, who you’re not sure if they will be shifting.  Please know, dear ones, that everything is happening perfectly for everyone.  This is not like an elevator that only so many people are going to get on, and then the doors are closed, and everyone else missed out.  That would never be the case.  Certainly this is an empowered time, and truly everyone is benefiting from this time.
Everyone has their own path.  Some may not be staying here on this earth.  It is a soul choice that all have made or are in the process of making.  They may be transitioning because they choose to have a different body that will serve them more.  Others are transitioning because they are better supported by being in a different environment, perhaps another environment that is more like the one that they have known up till now on the earth.  It will support them at making their changes at just the perfect timing for them.  Know that you are not losing connection with anyone.  You are not losing anything.  So, as I said earlier, the real key, especially relative to the sense of time and what is happening, is to relax and to trust.  And you will be guided to what is perfectly right for you.
A part of this opening that so many people are experiencing is that people are opening to their higher self.  This is a most wonderful thing.  That is your primary form of guidance – your higher self.  Through your higher self, you are being led to what is absolutely right for you and what is in alignment for your greatest growth and your soul choices.  So focus on your guidance, on what is coming through you, and discern what is for your highest good, what supports you the most in light and love.  And that will be right for you.
Relative to helping others during this time, know that your work is always first and foremost with yourself.  The way that you help others is always by doing your own growth work.  As the love and the light grows in you, and as you expand in having more love and light, not only will this feed you, this will feed all, because that is part of your unity.  Your love and light is not separate from anyone else.  So always the primary way that you serve others is through your own embrace of love and light.
And it is always so important to respect free will.  Remember that you do not know another’s path.  Unless another specifically asks you for help, bless them.  That is what you can do.  You can send them your love.  You can send them your blessings.  Specifically, you can send them the rose ray from the heart.  You can send them rose light that is filled with love.  You can visualize them being supported and being open to their guides, for their greatest good.  You can send them love and blessings.  That is the greatest support you do for others.
If they ask you, you can certainly respond with the kind of help that they are asking for.  Do not give more than they ask for.  Be very conscious of what they ask for and be open to giving this if it supports you in your highest good.  Do not give help that seems to be compromising you in any way.  That is not true help.  True help always supports you, and out of that excess you give to the other.
Relative to the question about the photons and the photon belt, this is part of the great shift that you are in the process of and moving through.  And yes, these are powerful energies that are available to you now.  If you so choose, during your meditation you can specifically invite these energies in, into your etheric bodies.  There is a specific practice that was brought by one of your channels, Tom Kenyon.  This is indeed a very valuable practice.  You can learn more about that from this woman who channels now or from going to that website (  This is a very powerful practice, so start it very slowly.  Do it for just a minute or a few minutes at first.  This will have the effect of increasing the transformation going on within you, the spiritual transformation.  If you feel like it is getting too intense, you feel too out of balance or destabilized, perhaps your energy feels too uncomfortable or too strong, like you might just be about to burst out of your skin, or you're having trouble sleeping, or it doesn't feel like it's coming in an integrated easeful manner, then slow down.  Don't do it as much.  But you can take it as a kind of ascension medicine, if you will, that can increase the changes that are happening for you, and you can work with it in that way.
I believe that is all to be said at this time.  Know that we are always with you.  We love you so much.  Call on us anytime.  I am one of many, and we are here for you.  We are supporting you in this transformation and these transformative times, for yourself and for so many beings.  If you could see what we see, you would be so pleased with yourself.  It is quite remarkable and amazing, the shift you are going through, the speed with which you are changing.  You are indeed blessed beings of light, and we send you our love.
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HEAVEN #3760
How Can Your Heart Flow When Old Objects Block It?
March 12, 2011
God said:
Your heart is not an attic to be stored with unused unuseful items. Your heart is not meant for storage at all. Put no boxes in your heart, no unused items. Empty your heart of old collections. They collect dust. They sit there. They block your way.
In life, you are to take a running leap. You do not want too much in the way, too much to jump over, too much to get around, too much waylaying of your heart, Our heart, Our One Beautiful Heart. Do not muddy the waters of your heart.
Precious is your heart. It is a keepsake. Your heart is, of itself. It needs nothing stored in it. Only love belongs in your heart. No matter how taut your heart may have become, attune it now. Fix those heart strings. Reconnect them. Remove what gets in the way.
You are at liberty to have the heart you want. I know what you want. A stuffed heart is not it. Your heart is not meant to be your teddy bear from childhood.
Your heart wants to be free and new every day. Nothing carried over. Fresh love only in your heart. Nothing stale. Nothing bitter. Nothing held back. Nothing forsworn. Your heart is not meant to be made of coals or ashes or anything unuseful.
How can your heart flow when old objects block it?
Come right up to Me now. Empty your heart of anything that rattles around there. Rethinking all the thoughts you rethink serves you not at all. You have held to stones from the past, and you like to look at each one, turn it over, recall the memories. You must be aware that memories are of the past, those you hold dear, and those that hold you in their thrall. Let memories be like puppies you pet as you move from one room to another. Pet your memories in passing. Don’t stay with them. You don’t have to carry them with you. And, if they follow you around, give them a little pat goodbye and tell them that you have other things to do than to keep taking stock of them. Whatever happened in the past, happened in the past. It is a chewed bone. It is time to get past chewed bones.
Make room for new adventures. Step to the front. Leave the past behind you. Get past the past. There is no good reason to cling to it. If the past holds you fast, and odds are that it does, if you keep reliving the past, most especially the tortured past, you are holding on to a dry branch. Unwrap the past from the present. In holding the past close to you, you evade the present and repeat the past. The yesteryears cannot come back. There is no place for them now. Even the beautiful past cannot be restored. Don’t wear out the shoe leather of your heart. Don’t sop your heart up with the past and so undermine the present. Avast, said the old captains of the sea. Avast. Go forward.
The sea you sailed yesterday is no longer here. The day you rowed past has gone. Row a new ship today on a new sea. Be new. No longer restore the past. The past is meant to be a passing thing. Let it pass. Let the energy that goes into remembering go into life. Do not reheat old food. Make fresh food from fresh ingredients. What would hold you to the past? What would make you stay there when there is a whole new field before you, inviting you to romp on it and to make a heyday of it?
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Message From Sitting Bull
Received by Kris Won
March 10, 2011
Greetings from the Spiritual World, where spirits who are not currently incarnate live.
I don't have the same name now that I had in that incarnation for which I was better known, but I will employ that name so that you can better recognize who is talking to you.
At that time, I was the Chief of an indigenous North American tribe, concretely, that of the Sioux, and I was known as "Sitting Bull."
We lived in peace and harmony with Nature, taking from Her only what we needed. We only hunted strictly the number of bisons we required to feed ourselves. With the arrival of the white man, everything changed; they took our land away from us and confined us to a reserve, took away our freedom and our right to live in the sacred land of our ancestors.
The white men started to massacre bisons that grazed our prairies and that were our basic food, doing this only for the fact that they enjoyed hunting them. Their thirst for blood had no limits, and in their unconsciousness they would have decimated all of them, were it not for other white men united in association for the defense of the animals who prevented their complete extinction. But the damage was already done; they killed hundreds of thousands of them, for the sole reason that they enjoyed hunting them.
This and other savage acts of the first white colonists of the lands of North America, and other inhuman activities that are still being carried out today, are creating a tragic destiny that will be very painful, for every action that a human being does has repercussions on that which will follow over the whole of the population.
That is why it is very important today that each one of you, not only in North America, but in all of the Americas, Europe and all the lands that rise over the oceans, carry out actions to counteract all the atrocities that have been carried out in the name of colonization and which you have called 'progress,' that for me has been rather a backward movement, as these reprehensible and indignant acts of a human being have caused the near extinction of many animal species and polluted and befouled the land and the oceans that Mother Nature gave us so that we could live on Her.
I trust, and thus ask Great Spirit, that all of you rectify in time to prevent the whole planet from being left without resources. Do not allow that future generations to feel ashamed for the way you treated your land and your oceans, and what is worse, that they curse you for having left them a polluted planet without basic resources for their subsistence.
Sitting Bull
Kris-Won was born in the Island of Mallorca (Spain) in the Mediterranean Sea in 1961, where he currently resides. He got the gift of channeling when he was 21 years old, while he belonged to a spiritual group in Palma de Mallorca. He has traveled to countries with ancient cultures of undeniable spiritual influence such as India, Mexico and Egypt. In 1985 he personally met the Indian Master Sathya Sai Baba. His teachings and guidance influenced his life profoundly, so he dedicated himself to translating a great deal of Sathya Sai Baba's teachings to Spanish during the last 10 years. By late 2009, he joined our group of translators and began to translate other channelers' messages. Shortly after that, Alpha Starship began to dictate him their first messages.   *    

Create from a Place of Knowing or Do Not Create at All
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
You are in a place and time when you are just now remembering that you have the ability to expand and create your world however you chose.  The chaos the destruction, the disease, the disasters on earth can be changed in a blink, if enough believe this to be a truth.  Perform from a place of knowing.   As one that walks the tight wire Do you want to get up on that tight wire with a knowing, or with a maybe?  These are your everyday life choices.  The  wire is your next thought, your next word, your next decree.  Create purposefully with a knowing not just a thinking of maybe! 
Know without a shadow of a doubt, that your consciousness is birthed from the cosmic crock-pot, and what has been ladled to vast civilizations is also divinely ladled to you.  True knowledge is inherent within all.  Light masters and Ascended masters are a part of your divine blueprint.  With this understanding and knowing, draw your life, become all possibilities. 
Delete the impossibilities that you have received while growing up. Earth is full of limits—speed limits, time limits, credit card limits, parking limits, everything has a limit.  In your true being there are no limits. 
All that you can imagine as truth is but a single grain of God consciousness. The beaches reflect what is the true possibility for life.  Every granule of sand is a world, a universe, and a galaxy.  Imagine all the sand on all the beaches and oceans of earth.  Each one of those granules of sand represents your untouched abilities, and your untouched knowledge. 
Do not be afraid of the next step of your journey.  It is as if a cell within your body is afraid to connect with another cell within the same body.  You created connectivity but you chose separation.  Open the doorway that you have kept nailed shut for so long.  You are the projector of your limitations. Open yourself to receive the river of all possibility. 
The vibration of money was given to you as a speed bump.  Something to slow you down. Let go of the concept of money as being your rescuer!  You are provided for equal to the amount of love you give to yourself.  You create and manifest the exact amount you can receive, nothing more, nothing less. 
Take a good look at the word “pro-vision.”   You are creating and providing for, through ‘vision.’ Stop thinking and living on emergency provisions, sea rations.  Proceed forward past what you have provided for your self up until now.
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