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    Heart: The Harmonic Pulse of the Universe
   Recognize that in the heart center, in the space of being fully aligned, with
   the harmonic pulse of the universe, one has put the I's to rest. The I's are
   no longer the preoccupation, and have found their way into choice.
     One can only hear the harmony of the universe from the heart. Within
   the heart, one hears the soul sounds of Truth. When the I's become dominant and takeover, the heart cannot be seen or recognized, especially
 I's are determined through the eyes of density.
     The greater question is always, "Do I choose the path of the heart, or do I choose the path of the I's ? " This is a simple and nonthreatening way to make the choice, rather than by asking, "Do I want peace, or do I want chaos?"
     Dearest children, you must know that the Earth you seek, the Nirvana
   you create, the pleasure, the Joy, the unity, is already here.
    It is not something you need to be searching for. It is already here! All
   you must do is keep your eyes on it and train yourself to move into it.
 Breaking free from Spiritual Activism is indeed far more complex than
releasing Density Consciousness. This is due to the broad acceptance
of Spiritual Activism. Ironically, it is this approval that creates the wall!
Spiritual Activism is simply an egoic refinement.
   There is another simple way to break free from Spiritual Activism:
Recognize and embrace the love within yourself. This is far beyond the
romanticized idea of love that is commonly accepted on our planet. It
is the simple recognition of your Universal Connection with all. Being
unconditional in self-love is the same as unconditional love toward
all. As you forgive yourself, you forgive others. As you accept yourself
without judgment, you stop judging others.
 Discernment is the quality of detached observation, free from
 emotional needs.
   Judgment is discernment with an attitude. You do not need to agree
 with all expressions of light; you simply need to release the judgment
 of them. The gift of Ascension Awareness is recognizing that you have
 evolved. You are now creating on a bigger canvas, one that is beyond
 judgment, and is rooted in Divine Love. Yes, this takes practice. As
 you practice the release of judgment, you must accept surrender as
 well. This will return you to trust and love. It will propel you into
 Ascension Consciousness.
   Divine Love is the practice of reconnection to your Ascended Heart
   The year 2012 is rapidly approaching, and with it comes the oppor-
 tunity for a Quantum Leap in consciousness. Everything that you
 have experienced in every lifetime has culminated in your presence
 on the planet now! You have chosen to be here at this momentous
    2012 is not Judgment Day.
    2012 is not the end of the world.
    2012 will not magically transform us into a Golden Age.
   Yet, if enough people gather their consciousness around any one of
these beliefs, the state of affairs will indeed gravitate in that direction.
You are that powerful! Your creative power has never been greater than
at this time in history. This is why we encourage you to awaken to your
true energy. A conscious co-creator has a lot more to offer back to the
world than does a slumbering powerhouse!
   Embracing the "top" of the Pyramid, or Ascension Consciousness, is
not a level to attain--it is a presence of being that embraces all aspects
of your expression as Divine Love. It is a state of blissful flow that offers
great Light and service to those in other states of consciousness. To do
this, you must understand the difference between connectivity and
attachments, or you will not be able to anchor in the bliss.
  Ascension Awareness is the state of consciousness in which issues of
density no longer grip you; however, you still have an investment in the
third-dimensional world. Ascension Awareness offers a bridge to higher
dimensions, translating worldly power to spiritual empowerment. It
is an anchoring in Peace, Love, and Joy, rather than in attachment to
drama, power struggles, and ego needs.
  The Pyramid reminds us that our evolution as conscious beings
requires a transition through each state of consciousness. Be grateful
for them all. Each level of experience refines your discernment and
further opens your heart.
     The Difference Between Connectivity
     and Attachments
   Soon a grander scale will appear before you, and in the transition, chaos is irrelevant. Why do you give credence to the chaos during the time of chaos, and believe the chaos is real, necessary, tragic, awful? Know the perfection of the chaos as it calls together hearts of wholeness and Oneness.
  Remember that chaos is an illusion.
     Remove the obstacles presented from your consciousness and honor
   them as gifts. Be present with that which is present within you. The Joy
   of Oneness, limitless expansion, wholeness, and integration--this
   is the truth within.
     All illusion is dropping. Even the fear will find less resistance, for it is
   time to let it go, on all levels. Know this: There is only one challenge, the challenge of connectiveness. When anything is not flowing, look at the
   challenge presented and ask, "Am I connected? If I am connected, what
   is it I am connected to?"
     This is a good question. It is simple to have attachments; it is simple
   to attract clinging attachments. This is not connectiveness, and it is an
   important distinction to understand. There is only one true connective-
   ness that offers you complete nourishment, complete energetic feeding,
   complete flow. It is connectiveness with the understanding of the limitless,
  boundless Joy of the Divine. This is true connectivity.
     Yet, in the truth of this, many hold on to their connections. They claim
   connection to material things, persons, events, or beliefs. What must be
 clearly recognized is that they are not connected at all--they are attached!
  Know that all attachments can be removed.
    Connectiveness is spacious. When one is connected, one has the
   expansiveness necessary to experience expansion. One is in the Divine
   relationship of connectivity. This relationship offers giving and receiving
   simultaneously. It is without judgment, without fear, and in complete
   trust and love. This is very different from attachment, and shows a vital
   distinction - the difference between connectiveness and attachment.
     Attachment can be simply cut away. Attachment is a manipulator as
   it is manipulated. Attachment has rules, and attachment has caveats.
   Attachments have all of the necessary strings that hold us captive in
   our thoughts, captive in our patterns, captive in our habits, and captive
   without the freedom of connectivity.
     You might ask, "How do I know? How do I know the difference
   between connectivity and attachment, and how can I possibly under-
   stand that difference?"
     Connectivity creates a spaciousness of energy that is physically com-
  fortable. It completely encompasses you as a pure crystalline bubble. It
  nourishes you. Connectivity offers the spaciousness of a peaceful mind,
  an open heart, and giving hands. It has no judgment, and it fills you. You
  are nourished by the Love of God or the universe.
    Attachments...you feel them in chakras, and you feel them in the
  emotional body especially. Many have extensive attachments in their
  sixth and seventh chakras, many more than they are aware of, because
  they are so comfortable being attached. When one has these attachments in the sixth and seventh chakras, they are also blind to them. This is the intent of the attachment; it is meant to hold you in a specific space. That is another difference between connectivity and attachment.
    You can be held or you can be free.
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