JUDGMENT & The Garden of Eden


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Like Eve at the Beginning in the Garden of Eden

Heavenletter {Channelled}

God said:

When you judge your brother, you are judging yourself. Judgment is an indictment. Judgment finds your brother guilty, and therefore yourself. The finger is always pointed at yourself. When you accuse a stranger, you are nevertheless pointing at yourself.
In truth, the attention is on yourself. Press someone down, and you feel higher. Judge someone, and you feel justified. It is important to you to be right and acknowledged right. Of course, you tell yourself you are seeking justice when you are seeking vindication. When you let someone else be accused of his failings, you feel better. Someone had to pay, and you are grateful it isn't you. You are grateful that you are too good to be on trial.
Do you want your eyes to be accusing or loving? Oh, you may you say you love when you accuse. You love righteousness more than the simple souls before you. You love that they got caught, and you haven't been found out yet. You haven't been found out yet of being a human being who, in terms of the world, is less than perfect.
Let your heart throw no stones. Pick up a kindness instead. Throw out judgment. Throw it out to the winds. Judgment is no gift to you or anyone.
Of course, judgment has been justified in many ways, but, do you know what judgment really is? It is a hobby. It is a pastime. It is like a crossword puzzle you do. Aha, you got the right word. Aha, you found out someone's failings. Like Little Jack Horner who sat in the corner, you pulled out a plum and said, "What a good boy am I."
Let go of comparisons, and you will love. You will love because you will have left hobbies of the mind behind. You will have left all the distractions from love behind. You will be walking on a path where like Eve in the Garden of Eden at the beginning, you can point to everything and say, "Ah, how beautiful. How beautiful."
All the people in the world that you do not even know, and yet you set your jaw and join in on the crowd that sentences them. "They get their just desserts, " you may say. No, beloveds, they did not get their just desserts. Their just dessert is love, and they didn't get it. They got judgment instead. You sacrificed them to an altar that exonerates you.
What if you did live on an deserted island, and you were the only one on it? If one other person washed up to shore, how happy you would be. Another human being. What a gift, you would feel. What a gift another human being is, you would know. How grateful you would be for one other human being.
Perhaps later you would see the person's faults, and perhaps you would overlook them because something else about the person interests you more than his faults. Yes, please, choose love over justice. Just choose love. Choose love, and then you are the love you choose. Choose beyond the surface. Do not collect the flotsam and jetsam that another leaves in his wake. Simply remove it from you. Do not let anything cling to you that does not benefit you.
How much clearer can I say it? Judgment does not benefit you. Anything that does not benefit another does not benefit you. And it is my wish that you be benefited and beneficial. Be benevolent, beloveds. Be benevolent. Be a blessing to the ones before you. Be My blessing. Be the blessing I gave you to be.

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