Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Sincerity & Blessings


Q: Many ask for blessings but only a few will receive it. Why?

Sri Sri: The giver is anyway giving but the taker is not there - the sincerity is missing. One who gives blessings gives it freely but the one who receives it has to be sincere. Sincerity is the qualification to receive blessings. And everyone is free to be sincere at any point of time or space.

Q: Why do people choose to be sincere only sometimes?

Sri Sri: Because of the illusion that they are going to miss some mundane pleasure. Hankering after pleasure makes them insincere. When you are sincere you simply enjoy pleasure.

Poor people fight for food. Rich people share their food. Richer are those people who share power. Richer still are those who share fame. Richest are those who share themselves. Richness of a person is indicated by his ability to share and not by what he hoards. Godliness is enjoying sharing fame.

"Sincerity is being in touch with your Depth."
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