JOY is Your Job {Channeled}

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Jeshua: Joy is Your Job
Channeled through Joyce West
February 3, 2011

Joy is your lifelong career.  You may pick it up at your choosing.  You may travel with it throughout your lifetime.  So it may be a constant or a fluctuant, but it is the most important career you will have.
Be in joy, Little One.  Enjoy, Little One.  Dance and shriek shrilly, with gusto.  Sing loudly the song of innocence.  Light the spark of joy and blow on that spark until it becomes a roaring bonfire.
It is your natural essence.  It is love in exuberant bloom.  It is contagious, a wonderful glue, a common unifier. (unifire)
In pure, raw, undifferentiated form, joy is the essence of who you are.  It—you—spin and twirl just for the experience of it, the JOY of it.
So spin in various forms.  Spin in unbridled humming, strumming, running—vibrant shimmering joy.
Reach deep into your knowingness and birth—rebirth—that essence.  Move past years of shoulds and oughts, if necessary, to get to that pure, clean surety of the essence of your birthright, this powerful, throbbing, vibrating eruption called you.
It’s your job.  It’s your career.
Joyce West (c) 2006-2011.  Joyce has been in the field of counseling for over 30 years.  In 1992, she began automatic writing, and in 2006 began channeling Jeshua verbally. Her private sessions have been described as "paradigm shifts" and "life changing."  See * * for additional channeled messages and more.  Feel free to forward this uplifting message.  *