Join Me To Celebrate Life



Michael Lightline 11.12.15
(Here Comes Santa Claus)
(Human being)
(Join me)
Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, Merry Christmas! We know that your real birthday, Michael, was some time in what would be late August in our current calendar, but we are more than happy, we’re delighted to celebrate with the whole rest of the world your birthday—your coming to us—in this season. It seems appropriate that one of the earliest and then lasting symbols of Christmas has been a little evergreen, sitting there in the snow. It reminds us of your greatest gift to us, this assurance of ongoing, eternal life even amidst what all seems to be dead or dying. You reassure us that the sleeping survivors are not dead but only slumbering beneath the snow, waiting their own personal Spring on the Mansion Worlds. And so for this rather ultimate reassurance, we do thank you. Amen.

(Here Comes Santa Claus)
Michael:  Good evening, this is Michael. Mother Spirit and I are delighted to accept your Merry Christmas. It is a very complex, almost complicated season for so many. And there is much berating the seeming commercialism. But we ask you, those with deep faith, not to be too critical of your fellows who may have a rather immature grasp of the whole thing. For there are some startling parallels. As the children delight in Here Comes Santa Claus—bearing his wonderful toys and good yummy things to eat; Here Too Comes God—bearing, and sharing, and sustaining life itself. And he is right inside you, part of you, giving you life--your life that holds all you have and all you have ever known.
Several years ago I introduced the concept that Christmas is not about me, not about my life as Jesus, so much as it is about you. This is your season of rejoicing. You can look at that little baby in a manager and be reminded that this too is how you started out—this totally helpless little creature, totally dependent on others, and for quite a while, for his or her life: for your life. It brings to mind your mother and your father, and all that they have done to create you and sustain you, and take delight in you.
I’ve found it almost impossible to express what my human life meant, and still means to me. I was blessed that at a certain time, becoming aware that I was a Creator Son, I could still have a human life. I could feel the sun on my face. I could feel the dust between my toes. I could hug one of my dear, dear friends, and we could look in each other’s’ eyes and just know that unfathomable nature of our human being. How wonderful; how humbling.
And so for me, I would like to offer: this was my religion. This was my relationship to my Father—my celestial Father. Worship is no more, nor less, than this thanksgiving, this wonder, this appreciation: what it is to be alive! And then, among all the orders of personal beings surrounding you throughout a universe—all those trillions of trillions of personal beings are there, right now; they’re all real—what it is to be a human being. What it is to be this living combination of a personality created by God himself, this uniqueness of being that he, the most unique of Beings, shares with you—his creativity. What it is to be so closely attached to a physical-ness that obeys his absolute laws of matter and energy. You’ve only to wiggle your fingers or your toes to appreciate that connection.
(Human being)
To have a mind that is truly infinite to you at any moment in time—all those aspects of Mother Spirit’s dimensions of mind—Cosmic Mind—she creates and augments for you. My Spirit of Truth, companion to your own spiritual nature, always teasing you to relax and let that which is so much greater than you, impinge upon you: this orientation toward an endless adventure of discovery of more truth, that will carry you into eternity--your spiritual nature—your creative nature. You yourself are at the center of what your psychology so nonchalantly tosses off as “subjective reality.” But that is, again, another transcendent reality--an encompassing—for you: all that you know; all you can look around right now and perceive, register, feel: it’s all partly you. No one else is sitting where you are sitting; no one else has that particular group of people that you have known. This is true for everyone.
And then there is your soul, this part of you, this living, functioning, determining part of you that is part God. It is not only as you remember your life and can recall parts of it, it is also as he takes it on. This is your gift to him, and it is a promise of eternal life that he gives back to you.
What a marvel a human being is. So seemingly finite---physically. There you are, air all around you, with very definitely limited physical strength and stamina. And then the dimension of time; such a limited short little space--it seems--to be alive. Although again, with the proper orientation—that wonderful appreciation, it too--a human life can seem a…little infinity--shall we call it, a little eternity. For so it felt to me.
(Join me)
So my children, if you wish to celebrate my life, please join me. Join me in how I felt about my life. Join me in thanking our Father for all this wonder, for all this (Michael chuckles) marvelous uncertainty at times. As a human being we literally don’t know, sometimes, even where our next thought will come from. What is around the next corner of the road? What will happen to us?—tomorrow, or the next day?
And so we appreciate. We feel, and give meaning and value to all that we contain, all that we encounter, all that a huge world and universe impinges upon us, quite willy-nilly at times. We appreciate. We let our hearts feel. We let our minds stop in wonder. We let ourselves be still in peace, opening to—just whatever wishes to suggest itself from our own being or from God’s presence within us. This is what makes Christmas truly merry, truly joyful in a deep, deep sense. This is the real fun we can know and share, bring into each other’s lives.
So this is my wish for all of us this season, this personal religion between us and our Father; this thankfulness, this appreciation. As for me, I thank our Father for all of you, for my children. I feel so blessed we can share so much of our lives with each other.
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