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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Archangel Michael & Jesus/Jeshua: Q & A Part 3
3.)  The Infinite Human: Harmony
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  A New Journey

Isis' Message of the Day -
You will never truly die; you only change form. You are immortal.  Remember, you are a refracted Light/Spark of the Creator.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. There is much going on in your world and around you. Life is full of surprises. It has its ups and downs, and then out of the blue it presents you with a gift. Treasure the gifts coming your way. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day struggles. When you become centered and aligned with the God or Divine Spark within you, you are then able to see the opportunities that are You can reignite the excitement in living and possibilities. Allow the assistance of inspiration to be yours. Allow the creativity of thought to open up. Open to your Divine Guidance. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"   * 

Archangel Michael & Jesus/Jeshua: Q & A Part 3
Channeled by Robert Theiss
August 18, 2010
Question: I want to accelerate my ascension process. I discovered a variety of holistic products or supplements that are advertised to enhance our ability to receive source energies. Can these products help us to integrate these intense new energies?
Michael: We honor your question for this is on the minds of many like yourself. We will gladly comment on the nature of supplements and/or products that serve the holistic community by revisiting one of our original thoughts, love cannot be contained. The full essence of Spirit cannot be bottled, but it can be embodied. You have asked for the most accelerated path and so we recommend that you allow the full spectrum of Spirit to enter your life. As much as your mind hates to hear this one more time, practice breathing the presence of Spirit into your body. If your mind has convinced you that you must pursue something outside of yourself because you lack something within yourself then you will naturally look to these products.
Self-love offers the most accelerated path. Many of these products, although created with good intention, serve as yet another filter in your relationship with Spirit. There is no product that can love your body for you, this you must do for yourself. There are no products that will download self acceptance into your awareness.
These physical bodies have been designed to adapt to any number of changes. The change that many of you have chosen to experience now begins from the inside/out. Your human mind has become so conditioned to perceive life from the outside/in, it will naturally turn its attention to your external environment and look for the latest and greatest way to achieve enlightenment.
Many of you have experimented with a variety of supplements and products only to find yourself feeling disillusioned. Many of you have come full circle to this place you keep avoiding. A place that invites you to embrace yourself just as you are in this moment as being a perfect reflection of Spirit. As we continue to share our thoughts, take a deep breath, grab a hold of yourself and begin to accept that you don’t need to become something more than what you already are at this moment. Spirit doesn’t really care what choices you have made throughout the ages. Spirit only wants to share its love with you. It truly is this simple. Spirit is in love with you! Spirit honors whatever you choose to do with your life and would love to be a part of whatever choices you make. Would you like to enhance your health and wellbeing? Begin by breathing the presence of Spirit into your body on a daily basis? Would you like to feel more joy and passion in your life? Breathe in the very presence of life that supports, accepts and honors such a choice.
There are many spiritual tools, toys and supplements that are designed to enhance your spiritual experience. None of them can match the potency of your own breath or your choice to become conscious from the inside/out. From within, there is no drama, no turmoil or dis-easement, just the simple act of placing your attention on accepting who and what you are in this moment.
Question: I just think we are so conditioned to feed ourselves with products and medications that promise to enhance our lives!
Michael: Indeed! These supplements will not harm you, but they can become a trap for they focus your attention on what your mind believes you are lacking. We have a very healthy suggestion. Create your own medication! Go purchase an empty prescription bottle and label it Spirit. Write your own prescription on the label, how many times each day do you want to remind yourself to breath in Spirit? Your human mind is very attentive to all the pills most of your society ingests on a daily basis. Simply add this new prescription but notice the value your conditioned mind places on something that doesn’t require any effort except to breath.
Question: Michael, you have spoken of the many mansions within all of reality, are you referring to the different dimensions?
Michael: In part, yes, we are suggesting there are endless expressions of consciousness. It took many years for our partner to become comfortable with the expression of an archangel. My presence though is not limited to that identity. At the very core of Michael is a benevolent father energy which Robert calls Father Spirit. Others have labeled it as Lord Michael. Within that identity, I am what you would call a Creator God and so are you. The difference is that I know without any doubt I Am That.
Question: Are all Creator Gods benevolent?
Michael: No! There are those who would deny life the sovereign right to be free. It is my joy to set all of life free! You will discover much of your internal and external reality is entangled within a relationship between those beings who honor freedom and those who do not. Earth is now changing that polarized, galactic relationship every time you honor your own freedom. No God can give that freedom to you. It was already given long ago by Spirit. We can remind you of its value and inspire you to reclaim it. As above-so below refers to your relationship with these Creator Gods and will give you a hint of the value of your work here on Earth.
Question: Is it required to become a channel for other beings before we can ascend from 3-D?
Yeshua: It is required that you not only love and embrace your God Self or Higher Self but your human self as also being God. Step back for a moment and look at your human family. Are they speaking on behalf of a sovereign truth or channeling for a conditioned, collective reality? From our perspective, everyone is channeling, you simply label it woo-woo when the words don’t conform to your mass consciousness.
It will feel to many of you that while in the presence of Spirit you are communicating for or with another being, a separate entity from your own soul. Your authentic voice cannot be conditioned or controlled. Your God Self freely expresses itself with passion and joy. Those who have been serving as a type of bridge between the angelic realms and your physical reality are also merging their own human identity with the very presence they channel.
Learning to channel certainly can help you trust and become familiar with your own angelic lineage. Some of you already give voice to this relationship while others have chosen to express themselves in a variety of other forms. So many of you let your human mind determine for you the quality of your relationship with Spirit. Your mind will question the authentic nature of a non physical relationship but accepts how your past has managed to blend and merge its presence into your life. All of this naturally changes when you stop looking at your reality through the lens of your mind and begin to truly trust your heart and its connection with Spirit.
Question: 2012 is just around the corner, any updates on how things are going?
Michael: are still here, congratulations! We invited all of you over 14 years ago to flip your concept of Earth upside down and begin to see your life as being the pinnacle of creation. Now, your human family has learned to adapt to a freedom that was promised but never delivered. 2012 represents a dramatic shift in consciousness but not every human being wants to be free. Not everyone wants to become conscious of a game being played between followers and leaders. Many however will demand to know, if not this, then what else is there. That is where so many of you come into to play. They will discover your creative expressions and begin their own search for the very freedom many of you discovered for yourself. Many of you embrace our words, share our truth, but don’t truly feel free. Within you, you feel the presence or hear the thoughts of fragments or aspects of yourself that test your desire to be free on a daily basis. The freedom of an ascended master does not represent a state of perfection. It represents a state of acceptance even while shaking in your boots. It loves being a part of life, living inside your own choices without worry, doubt or concern. The value of 2012 resides in your willingness to simply experience it!
Question: I believe I speak for many like myself. I have embraced many spiritual teachings and have changed my life to serve them as both a healer and teacher. Why do I have so few clients? My workshops rarely exceed my expenses.
Yeshua: It is not because you are not a good teacher or healer. You, dear soul, are not interested in making the lives of others a little bit better! If you were, you would be serving more people. You, like many others, have a passion for helping others to become sovereign. You want to set them free! At this time, millions are feeling the anxiety of feeling trapped but they are not quite ready to question reality as you have. That comes after 2012. Then you and others like yourself will be asking us what happened to all your free time? Where are all the teachers? Indeed, it is time to step forward not because you must, but rather each of you will respond because you can. We are inviting you to step out of your own mind trap and discover a freedom that can serve your human family with passion and grace.
Question: I enjoy reading and listening to a variety of sources for Spirit but don’t see many if any organizations that represent these new teachings. I know organized religions have many faults but they also have a tremendous influence over life. Are these teachings meant to simply become an individual experience or can we also create groups or businesses that represent them?
Yeshua: I would not be so graceful in your description of your organized religions! (laughs) Many of you do not fully trust that when two or more meet in the name of Spirit great things can be achieved. In your past, many of you experienced in relationship to these spiritual groups’ unspoken agendas or hidden truths. We ask each of you to use your own discernment and recognize the nature of the inner work at hand. Being honest with who you are at this time in your life goes a long ways towards developing trust if you decide to organize your energies. Organizations that honor the sovereign nature of all of life are indeed rare. Does it bring you joy to imagine being a part of such an organization? Do you have the tolerance and patience to bear witness to a more exposed, family type of environment that also honors the process of unfolding your wings?
There already exist a wide variety of spiritual groups that represent a somewhat filtered relationship with Spirit. Many of us in the non-physical realms are actively involved with a number of groups and individuals who have the potential for working with group energies. You don’t have to look very far to discover such groups. If you are looking for a more direct, unfiltered relationship, we suggest you turn your attention to the emerging circles of consciousness. It is here you will find a direct relationship with the teachers and teachings.
Question: How would you describe enlightenment?
Michael: An enlightened human being has embraced and embodied their God self or the great I Am That I Am presence. Many embrace such a presence but very few have allowed this God self to become a part of their physical experience. The experience of being enlightened has become contaminated over the ages. Humanity or physical reality has been seen as being less than spiritual which has placed your attention on the heavens. While gazing at the stars, you’ve been taught you are not worthy of such an environment. You’ve been told enlightenment is something you achieve through great effort. It is folly to strive for a state of perfection, this state of being is an illusion that has been constructed by your human mind.
How then does a human being experience enlightenment? Stand in front of a mirror and begin to practice loving the perfection of who you are, as you are in this moment. From this practice you will discover how Spirit perceives you. Combined with the art of being in receivership, you will begin to embrace and embody the divine nature of your own soul. Reading these words can only serve to inspire you to begin practicing a new type of self-love, acceptance and joy.
Question: You often talk about serving the world as the new teachers and healers but seem to contradict that by also suggesting we should separate ourselves from mass consciousness. What am I not getting?
Michael: We are encouraging all of you to discover the true essence of your soul or Spirit. The collective consciousness of humanity has entangled your freedom by placing the unfulfilled expectations of that consciousness on your shoulders. In this type of service, you lose sight of your own inherent freedom. We are suggesting that in order to serve your extended family you must first embrace a sovereign state of consciousness. This new consciousness will reconnect you with your divine heritage and allow you to work with your human family without compromising your own magnificence. 
Message from Robert: I know it’s been awhile since my last channeled message. I’ve been involved with several new book projects that are designed to serve those who are just beginning to awaken. My heart goes out to all of you and for the work we are doing together which values our freedom from the inside/out!
Many Blessings,
The teachings of Archangel Michael have touched the lives of thousands of people worldwide. He serves the fire aspect of creation to help initiate change, to promote growth and expansion in all of life. He offers his hand in friendship and his heart in communion to any human being to help heal the separation between Earth, our soul families and source energy. Ancient Wings invite’s you to become an active supporter of a new consciousness on Earth that honors all of life as being sacred. Join us as we celebrate these times while learning to integrate the unlimited nature of the soul with compassion, integrity and joy. Robert Theiss has channeled for Archangel Michael since 1998. He is a nationally recognised artist, author and the founder and director of Ancient Wings®, the Friends of Michael™ and the Choosing Balance™ Program. The monthly Sessions with Michael are open to the public, they are held in Portland, Oregon on the second Thurs. of every month at the Rose Springs Center. The messages are always uplifting, self empowering and love based. For information on all the programs and services, please visit  * The information above is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish in it’s entirety, including these footnotes. Its Copyright, however, prohibits sale in any form except by the publisher.  *    

The Infinite Human: Harmony
by Scott Rabalais
August 19, 2010
An orchestra consists of many types of musical instruments, each offering its own unique sounds, notes, chords and tones.  Harmony is produced when two or more different notes are played at the same time and generally create a pleasing sound to the ear.  Harmony also refers to any type of system in which the component parts work together in a complementary manner.  For example, we may consider our solar system working in harmony as the sun, planets, moons, asteroids and comets comprise an arrangement that operates in harmony.
Inherent within every nook and cranny of the cosmos is the quality of harmony.  In any given moment, all aspects of creation exist in harmony.  Appearances may be different in lower levels of perception, but harmony is an inherent quality of the light, just as are freedom and infinite intelligence.
When we speak of harmony between individuals, we refer to the comfortable blending of the lives, values and actions in their relationship.  There is a natural attraction and fluid interaction that occurs in the midst of harmony.  On the other hand, relationships fraught with disharmony are those that often contain struggle, strife and tension.
The cosmos is a system in which all elements, by their very nature, are in a state of harmony.  However, we do not always perceive the elements in harmony and can be quick to judge situations as discordant.  For example, in a symphony orchestra a bass drum may produce a very different sound than a flute, while the flute sound differs greatly from that of the chimes.  However, by combining the sounds from these instruments, along with others, a harmony can be produced that supports the melody of the song.  Listening to the sounds separately does not generate the experience of harmony, but from a “higher” perspective all the sounds fit together in a congruent manner to create a pleasing arrangement.
Similarly, viewing a busy ant pile, one gets the impression that the individual ant is just scurrying about in a chaotic state.  However, if one views the system (ant pile) from a higher perspective and sees the purpose behind the actions of each ant and the ant pile as a whole, one realizes the true “symphony” at work.
Consider as well the trillions of cells that make up the human body.  Then, factor in the complex processes that occur within and among these cells, and one realizes the human body is a virtual infinite “symphony” of activity.  And yet, the body is able to function in a harmonious state, each component doing its part to serve the greater whole.  While infinite intelligence is at work, so, too, is harmony in the “blending” of all the processes of the human body.
One may present a case that a body fighting cancer is one that is in disharmony.  From a limited perspective, that judgment is frequently made.  However, from a higher perspective, the disease is simply serving as in indicator and a catalyst to bring about vibrational alignment in the human being.  Viewed from a non-judgmental, higher awareness, the disease is seen as a gift that is effecting a higher vibration.  In short, all exists in a state of harmony, and this can be recognized from an elevated state of consciousness.  Existence and light can be no other way, as harmony is a quality of existence.
There are no limits to the depths and the intricacies of such harmony.  Every aspect of the light is in harmony with every other aspect (the idea of an “aspect” is applied in perception only).  This means that a grain of sand in the Sahara Desert is in harmony with a mosquito that flies on the beaches of Miami, Florida.  Again, all existence is interconnected and shares the same inherent qualities.
As human beings, we, too, are of that inherent harmony that is within all existence.  This means that we are capable of experiencing harmony as who we are, as a characteristic of our being.  And yet, the idea of harmony implies not only harmony within, but harmony with all that exists.  So, while we can feel harmonious in our physical form or in a mental state, we also exist in harmony with all that we may view “outside” as separate and apart from us.  However, when we focus on the idea of separation, this prohibits us from experiencing harmony.  It is only in unification or blending of “parts” that we can experience the system as a whole and thus its resulting harmony.
Harmony implies an awareness of the whole and actions that fit in an orderly manner with the whole.  For example, the orchestra member who plays the flute must be aware of how the music from the flute fits into and complements the sounds from the other instruments.  The flutist serves his highest purpose when he plays in coordination with the entire music piece, rather than playing out of sync with the orchestra.
Likewise, when our lives are in harmony with all of humanity, we are acting as a harmonious aspect or agent of humanity.  We contribute to the whole, and do so by acting naturally out of the light.  Though we never escape our inherent nature as light, we are able to experience the harmony of our existence when we live according to the light and for the benefit of the whole.
No effort or strength of will is required to live in harmony.  Likewise, we don’t have to earn our freedom or study diligently to be of infinite intelligence.  Harmony is inherent in who we are.  In experiencing the core of our being, we experience the harmony of our nature as a light being.  We are the music that complements the symphony of the cosmos.  And, we are the symphony itself.
Copyright © Scott Rabalais - Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article freely on the condition that the author’s name is included with the article.
Scott Rabalais is an author, speaker and visionary, unique in his ability to articulate the experience of unity consciousness. Having been an avid student of spirituality since his teenage years, Scott had his first life-transforming experience in unity consciousness in 1983 and has spent the past quarter century honing his ability to convey higher dimensional experiences in simple and understandable terms. His lifelong journey has been a progressive and intense experience into the physical, mental and spiritual realms, as well as personal leadership.    *  

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, it is your divinity that allows you to be whatever you think yourself to be. Ponder that for a moment: the power of being; the power that you are; not as the world knows power, but the power of being, the power to choose, to choose anew in every moment.
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HEAVEN #3560
A New Journey
August 24, 2010
God said:
Today is a conjunction of your life. Today is where your whole life is pinned together off to one side. All the corners of your life are gathered together the way the hem of a fancy ball gown might be pinned with flowers. The past is gathered, pulled to one side, and now there is a whole new start to today, you, and your life.
The past is gathered together in one piece so it is out of the way. You don’t have to step around it nor do you have to start where you left off. You can start anywhere. The past is not about you unless you insist it is. This is a new slate before you now. No matter what labels have been stuck to you, today you have a new start. Today is a whole new day. In this sense, you can undo the past. You can make today anything you want, for the truth is, whatever build-up from the past you have accrued, you can drop it now.
Today you have a new start, and I suggest you start anew. Whatever thoughts you have had about yourself, start over. A new beginning. No matter how wonderful the credits of the past may have been, today you are starting a new journey to the New World of Space and Time.
The Old Book has closed, and today a New Page is open before you. All the past has drifted off somewhere, filed away, and yet not kept. You are free today to be as you want to be. If your life has been beautiful, today your life is yours to make more beautiful. If the past has not been glorious, today is perfectly willing for you to make it glorious. Today is innocent, as innocent as you, beloveds.
If you have limped through life, today you can dance. If you have sung sad songs, today you can sing a happy song. And why not? Why stick with the same old songs? If today is a new day, why not a new song? You can make it up as you go along.
Do not feel you will lose your place in life by doing new things today in a new way, or even doing old things today in a new way. You can take the same bus or take a new bus or walk or skip or simply be a new you on the same bus.
Why not surprise yourself and others by enjoying today? Why would you prevent yourself from having great joy today? You were meant for joy, so why not have it and give it and have it and give it again and again today?
Do you really think that I keep an old book of records and look you up on it? Do you really think that I keep an accounting of all your thoughts and acts, a list of merits and demerits? I do not. I am not a bookkeeper. I am a Lover. Love keeps no records. Why would I? Why would I call you to task? Why would I go there? I am not like an accountant. I am God ever as I have always been. I am not caught up in the past.
How could I tell you to let go of the past unless I Myself let go of the past? It isn’t even that I let go of the past. It was never My idea to keep it. It is not My style. I keep My heart and My vision. I never lose sight of them. What is the past to Me? Where I live, there is no time. Where in Eternity and Infinity can the past be kept? Past-keeping is an activity of the world. Why oh why would I even consider hanging on to the past even if I could? Of what use is the past to man or God?
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  *  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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