Japan Earthquake {Channeled}


Transmitted on March 11, 2011 through Mercedes Kirkel





Greetings Dear One,


I have heard your call to us and we are here.  We are always available to you, always ready and wanting to help you. And so your call is always received and responded to. And we thank you for calling on us. It allows us to help you, as we so want to do. We cannot help until you ask, as we respect your free will.


You are feeling the shock of the news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, as are so many. Some have been killed or hurt, some have had their physical circumstances greatly affected, some have loved ones or those they care about affected. And at the energetic level all of you can feel an affect from this event, if you are open to feeling it. This is part of the reality of your nonseparation. It tends to become more real, more obvious, more palpable, at times of crisis. Then the more superficial ideas and programs that generally fill your mind and consciousness fall away, and what is left is your deeper reality. And a part of this deeper reality is your care for others, and your connection to them.


So many of you are wondering what to do when you hear this news and are feeling shock and fear and sadness and powerlessness. This is what you are feeling, is it not? The first place always is to allow your feelings, to embrace them. Start with where you are. Breathe fully and open to the feelings. Let them in. They are your ally, and will guide you to where you need to go.


As you open to your feelings, let them take you to their source. Your shock comes out of your natural human longing for predictability and order. Your fear comes out of your need for safety. Your sadness comes out of your compassion for others, and your desire for their protection and well-being. Your powerlessness comes our of your desire to help, to contribute to others’ well-being. There may be other feelings, and you may connect with other sources of your feelings, but the sources will always be these kinds of beautiful qualities that live within you, that are part of you, and that come from your Divine nature.


So let yourself experience the feelings as long as you need to, and don’t stop there. Take the feelings all the way to their source. And when you’ve made that connection with source, feel how important those inner Divine qualities are to you, how much you value predictability, order, safety, compassion, protection for people’s well-being, and contributing to the well-being of others. Those are beautiful qualities, truly Divine qualities. When you connect with them you will come to peace. You will also re-connect with God, as God lives in and through and as you. You will re-connect with your wholeness.


When that occurs, you can feel that the world is whole, even if there are events that are bringing pain or hardship to people and the Earth. This world, as you know it in the third dimension, is always changing. There are constant cycles of birth, sustenance, change, death, and rebirth going on. And all of it is God. There is no separation from God. All who are on the Earth came here to experience God in this form, to know God in the lower dimensions. And so experiencing pain and difficulty and loss and death and change is part of the experience that souls have chosen to have here. It is not a punishment or an exclusion from God. It is all part of God.


When beings die or suffer in some way, their souls have generally chosen this as part of their path and experience, or part of serving a greater process. And those who are leaving the earth plane are still continuing their soul’s journey, still completely embraced and enfolded by God. There is not separation from God. Seeing this at a time of hardship is challenging for many of you. What is really happening is that you’re confronted with how you always relate to life and God. But you usually mask it through all your daily activities and concerns, your busyness, your plans and ideas for your life, and your habits of avoidance or addiction. Then when something happens that seems tragic or big or serious, your everyday habits of avoidance and busyness suddenly fall aside and you get to see what your real relationship to life is. This is valuable, because from there you can start to do real spiritual practice.


Begin with your feelings, which are a gift of Divine guidance. Embrace them and let them take you to Source. At Source, connect with the Divine as the Divine manifests in you – through your Inner Divine Qualities that are tapped into through the feelings. Rest in those Inner Divine Qualities – your love of order, predictability, safety, protection of life, compassion for others and their well-being, wanting to help and contribute to others’ well-being – until you feel your connection with God, and your peace and wholeness returns.


From that place you are now ready to act. And know that the primary action is always prayer and blessing. Call upon God, in whatever form you relate to God, and your guides and angels who bring the power of light and love to you. Ask for the highest good for all those affected by the event. Ask for Divine intervention, knowing that you may not know what that will look like. Send the violet flame of trasmutation to all those affected by the event, including the animals, plants, and the Earth. Send light and love. And then trust God, and maintain your connection to God.


There may be other actions you take. Perhaps you can send money. Perhaps you can help in another way. You will know what is right for you, once you are connected to God.


Celebrate your unity with all, and this opportunity to connect at a deeper level with your unity with all. That is your true condition, and what you are all moving into realizing more and more. Make use of this event to stay in connection with that field of unity, to continue to live from a place of deeper reality, even as you do your more ordinary activities of life. Let this opening serve you and continue to open your hearts and your minds and your world.


We love you and are with you now and always. We encircle you in love and light and support you in your growth.


I Am Mary Magdalene



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