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5.)  Call It Love
6.)  It Is Time To Listen And To Learn What Is Happening In Our World!
7.)  White Buffalo Calf Woman 2012 
Isis' Message of the Day -
One day, very soon, the pieces of your puzzle will fit together perfectly. You will know The Universe has always been there, gently guiding your hand and those challenging moments were part of the grand plan to bring you back to yourself. Welcome home, my beloved!
~ Creator ~
How everything and everyone is connected. See this!
* *
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Archangel Michael: Put Your Thoughts on the Goal
We will speak more on the subject of self-worth this morning.  There is no way to stress this too much.  You may understand this better if you look upon yourselves as cells in the manifest being of your Creator.  Source loves every part of itself unconditionally.  You, in your every moment are a part of that.
This struggle that you term ascension is exactly the struggle to remember it.  You may choose to think of the concept of separation as an ailment to be healed.  Each and every experience or manifestation that you think of as undesirable has been drawn to you for the express purpose of learning something.  At the very least, it motivates you.  Without the experience of the less desirable you would have no concept of, nor desire to seek, the better.  Do you see?
You have been mired in deep negativity for thousands of your years, a blink of an eye, but seemingly an eternity for you.  You have lost your way back to Creator, or so it seemed.  In actuality, you were never lost, nor could you ever be.  Your return was decreed from the start.  When the memory of those times comes rushing back to you, you will realize your eternal connection to your Source.  Your joy will be as nothing you have ever experienced, and will be so precisely because of those experiences.  Your ability and desire to bring every other being to your state of bliss and unity will likewise be heightened.  You will then have come to understand the value of each of the things you condemned in your past.
As you look around you, try to see the value of the lessons you see others teaching themselves.  See them for who they really are, not what they seem to be.  It is not necessary to agree, condone, or even allow what they are doing.  But learn not to condemn the being, but the act.  Remember, they will answer to themselves in the end.  They are as loved of Creator as anyone.
You, with all your little seeming imperfections are perfect just as you are.  Why?  Because you are who you are, you are changing and learning in every moment, and you are, right this moment, all you have ever been and all you will ever choose to be.  You are perfect.  Love that.  That person next to you is all they have ever been and all they will ever choose to be, as well.  We promise you, they have been a loving farmer and a passionless killer.  They have been a compassionate sharer if all they had and a hoarder of all they touched.  They have loved and they have hated.  And they will return to Source in their time, just as you will, just as you have chosen to do.
Put your thoughts on the goal of your ascension to full consciousness, dear hearts.  Do not waiver.  And speed yourselves along by finding the value and love of who you are.  Do you see something you are not in love with?  If you do, allow it to return to the light and put your attention back on your goal.  Not much longer will it be before you will manifest yourselves exactly as you wish.  Do not spend time on what you do not like in yourself.  You have learned not to do that in your outer world, have you not?  The same applies in your inner world.  Look, recognize, release.  Put your attention back on that which you want more of.  Find your worth.  In the end, it will be far greater than you have an idea of this day.
We love you deeply and await you with open arms.
Ron Head
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Weekly LightBlast: Creating Relationship
by Jamye Price
May 17, 2012
Magic becomes science for those that Know.  Life becomes magic for those that Live.  Relationship becomes creative for those that Love.
Your magnetic nature shapes your world.  It draws, it pulls, it forms.  Your energy of Love is the compelling, the call, the union of opposites that find they are more same than not or else there would be no bond.  In the atomic structure it is the positive pull of the proton that elicits the negative electron not only into form, but into bond.  Within the negative charge of the electron is the desire.  All creation stems from desire.  Desire is the effect of separation, the beautiful engine that it is.  Once something is separated, it seeks reunion.  Thus relationship is created and opposites attract.  This is the fail-safe of the universal structure.  Relax into life and allow you desire to speak to you of unity.  When desire speaks for an intention of Love, its satiation will feed life’s continuation.  When desire is the voice of an intention of need, lack, fear or greed; guide the Self to seek Love, as all desire is a call to Love.
Creating Relationship is the responsibility of the Self to seek Love in all interaction.  Not all interaction has the visible Light of Love, but your heart always knows, sees and hears the Light of Love.  Listen with your heart (hearT) and you will see the Light of Love within All.  Love is choice.  The heart will flow Love without regret.  The heart does not need the response of Love returned, for the heart’s ability is to flow and experience Love, no matter what the situation.  The heart in the body does not resent the bile of the liver, it feeds it life-giving blood and appreciates the cleansing.  The heart in the soul knows that a harsh word is the negative electron’s desire for the union of Love.  As a Lightworker you observe and Light the way to Love through relationship.  Sometimes relationship means knowing one in the physical world, other times it is the relationship of humanity that may never meet but are still connected through the breadth of compassion.  That is what Lightworkers create.  Connection.
As we sit to Blast Creating Relationship, we are opening lines of communication that span the globe.  We are connecting past hurts with present forgiveness and creating a future of Freedom.  We are Lighting the way to Love through compassion for those that do not know how to Love, but learn through example.  We are courageous creators, uniting opposites into connection, bringing the linear into the circular embrace of Love.  We are hearing Love in every word, seeing Love in every deed and Knowing that our choice to Love is the seed that grows the future.  We are the warriors of Compassion, relating each moment to the next that allows more Love to grow.  Blast on!
Jamye Price is an energy healer, channel and teacher. She channels Light Language, which are universal language codes that your heart and infinite mind speak fluently. Light Language works like a stem cell, it is Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light that adjust to your needs in each moment as guided by your Higher Self. When Jamye is running healing frequencies, she speaks and signs Light Language, tones, emotes, and physically clears imbalances through Divine Grace. Jamye’s work assists with transmuting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks into wisdom, compassion and empowerment. She teaches self-love, forgiveness and finding a perspective of Love to provide people with practical tools for Soul Progression and creating a joyful life. Jamye’s passion is Ascension - bringing people to the understanding of the Truth of who they are; cherished, powerful and brilliant Divine Humans, interconnected with All Life. Jamye offers private sessions by phone, group sessions and classes, Light Language healing CDs and a free Monthly Newsletter and Weekly LightBlast to help assist Lightworkers on their Divine Path. For more information visit * *   

 Archangel Gabriel: Quality of Love Known as Commitment
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana
May 17, 2012
Beloved Ones,
I would like to have discourse on the quality of Love known as commitment. This quality is one that requires a dedication to a person, activity or a cause. It brings out a desire to share One’s energy with others in a benevolent and caring way. It elicits feelings of good fellowship, friendship and camaraderie and all parties benefit from this. It is saying that One is willing to take responsibility for ensuring and enabling the desire to maintain these feelings for the greater good of all. This desire is shared by all parties who also take responsibility to maintain positive relations in a loving interaction one with the other.
In a relationship between two people, this quality is necessary to create the feeling of a firm foundation upon which both individuals can rely as the basis of their honoring of each other. When both individuals honor each other by their fidelity to this quality of Love, the Love between them grows, blossoms and expands into greater influence for good between themselves and with others in their sphere of influence. This quality is recognized by others as a healthy boundary in that relationship and is readily honored and adhered to. This creates Divine order in all relations the two individuals have with each other and the feelings of rightness and blessedness are very evident to all.
In a community there are always positions that come available where an individual or individuals may take part in order to accomplish a larger objective that will bring benefit to all. This quality is required to see the project through to a satisfactory completion. It enables many positive benefits to be brought to the entire community to be enjoyed on a continuous basis. The playgrounds and parks that are lovingly created by people in positions of power in their community bring many positive benefits to all individuals in that community. These areas allow many activities of positive benefit for a larger group of individuals to take place and are a lasting legacy to all in the area.
One’s spiritual growth and well being requires this quality to bring greater well being and an enhancement of spiritual gifts that can be shared with others. Without this quality operating in One’s life, there would be stagnation and boredom, with no growth taking place. It is by honoring this quality in One’s life that many illuminations and revelations about One’s Path occurs. Commitment inspires greater confidence in One’s ability to persistently and consistently follow through on the activities required to experience greater growth and expansion in One’s perception of the ebbs and flows of the Universe. One realizes that all that exists is connected into a greater whole than ever imagined.
Those who take upon themselves this quality are those who truly accomplish their every objective and goal. It is an inner desire to achieve greater unfoldment of their talents and skills which elicits a greater sense of fulfillment, which in turn leads to feelings of self esteem and self worth, and a trust in their ability to follow through and make manifest their goal or project. It brings out a sense of self reliance and independence and a confidence in One’s own fulfilling of potential. As this occurs, many creative and new technologies, artifacts and inventions are brought into manifestation that ultimately will bless others and make the World they all live on a much better and more peaceful one.
In commitment to your highest good,
I AM Archangel Gabriel
2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.
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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,

 Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, when the world will present to you its eccentricities and you want to remain centered, take the deep breath, think upon a time when you have known love. Think upon a person, a beloved pet, an experience when you knew yourself to be unassailable by all of the world’s troubles. Think upon a time when you knew yourself to be all-powerful, all free from the eccentricities of the world, and breathe love.
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Heavenletter #4194
Call It Love
May 19, 2012
God said:
So many thoughts you have. How they race around. Come, settle down. Let your mind rest a while. Your mind does not have to be so busy, so occupied with one thought after another. Your mind can recline in a hammock, put its feet up, have a little recess from thoughts racing back and forth and up and down like a scale in music.
You have been resting your heart and speeding up your mind. This is askew. Let the mind rest and your heart surge. Your heart is ready to go.
Your heart is now coming into its ascendency. The mind is taking a step back. The active mind is going to recline a while and let your heart have its day in the sun.
It's your heart's turn. Your heart is coming out of the closet. Your heart comes tumbling out, happy to be getting its day in court, in the courtyard, rather -- in the courtyard of love where love dances and beckons every heart to dance with it. Your heart is quite polite, generous, perceptive and receptive. Your heart is love on the move. The love in your heart is much more than the frosting on the cake. Your heart is more like the cake in the oven, maybe even more like the batter prepared and just ready to pop into the oven.
We could say that, with your intent and consent, the cake of love is baking in the oven of your heart right now. Love is all prepared there. It has been stirred there. The baking tin is already full with love. And love bakes, and then you serve the love generously, right and left. What kind of cake is the love in your heart?
Any cake you choose -- the cake you love to bake and love to serve. Look, it can even be bread spread with sweet butter, perfect. No two hearts exactly alike, yet, at the same time that all hearts are alike, each heart makes a difference. Each heart follows a recipe, a long-standing recipe, and yet each heart has its own touch. I made everyone's heart individually by hand.
I am the Source of the love in the oven of your heart. The cake in the oven of your heart is ready. It is just the right time for your love to come out and for you to serve it to the world, the Universe, and to Me. How happy I am when you love.
I realize that you are not quite sure what love means. I will tell you more. This is not a specified love We are speaking of. This is more of a generic love, but not mass-produced. Say to yourself right now: "I have a heart that loves. The love in my heart does not have to be aimed. It does not require a specific goal. It just has to go out."
Now, I will tell you how to recognize the love in your heart as it pops up as if from a pop-up toaster. You also know love by another name, and that name is joy. Whenever your heart reclines and you notice that you like being where you are and the people you are with, then you are experiencing the love in your heart. You can experience the love in your heart as well as anyone, as well as I.
Your heart feels light. Love is happiness being spread, and that happiness also spreads on you. It is spread on the field that surrounds you and that you walk in. The love in your heart takes you with it. Your heart is plump with love, and We can name what you feel as a kind of general well-being. We can call it joy. We can call it peace. We can call it love.
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It Is Time To Listen And To Learn What Is Happening In Our World!
by Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.
How much easier it would be to prepare myself and allow all others to care for themselves, come what may.  But, it is not my nature to do so.  So I speak, hoping you will listen.  Thousands of us are speaking, hoping you will listen.
Humanity now faces a period of turmoil for which little to no public preparation is being made.  Why?  Because our major media is very tightly controlled by the dark cabal.  Americans, in particular, could listen to the news on TV 24/7 and still have no idea what is really happening on our planet.  It doesn’t manner if you don’t believe in the dark cabal—they exist and have controlled our world for hundreds of years.  You feel their control everyday and have simply grown accustomed to it, considering it to be life.
What is About to Happen is that mass arrests are to be made of the thousands of members of the dark cabal.  Because the dark cabal members hold a huge variety of power positions, their arrests will create confusion and fear—particularly among those who know nothing about what is occurring.  For this reason, each of us can make this period of upheaval much easier for all concerned by being prepared and sharing this information. Why the arrests?  Because we cannot create a better world for our children and grandchildren until the dark cabal is removed.
Creator God created Earth as a paradise.  We Earth humans have almost completely destroyed it.  Divine Will is uppermost and Divine Will is that Earth be cleansed and the 3rd dimensional plane of duality be removed.  No longer is suffering, wars, destruction, deprivation of any kind, or illness to be a part of life on Earth.  Earth, as a planet, is ascending to the 5th dimension where suffering is no more.
With the mass arrests, we will learn that all we have considered true about our lives is a lie.  We have been living in an illusion of lies that extends into all religions, all political parties, all education.  We have been so subtly and completely enslaved that our minds will have difficulty comprehending it.  At this moment we are faced with a choice.  We can say, “I don’t believe a word of it” and go on our way.  Or, we can look into the eyes of our children and grandchildren and know that we, as the adults, must at least be prepared.
First, we adults need to be prepared for a time in which life may come to a practical standstill.  There will be a period of around 72 hours during the mass arrests that satellites will be cut off and American borders will be closed.  Credit and debit cards will not work. We can be prepared by having enough food, water, medicine, toilet paper and other essential personal items, gas in the car, and cash on hand to last several days.
Following the mass arrests, the global economy will be changed from a debt based economy to an equity based economy.  This, too, will require a period of adjustment during which banks may close.  This new system is already in place.  (For those of you who work in banks and know nothing of a new economy, keep in mind that we all—including the President of the United States—work on a need to know basis.  You do not know what your supervisors know … your supervisors do not know what the CEO knows … and on up the ladder of command.  This is how secrets are kept.)
Once we get over these hurdles, our world will be a much better place for all people.  Debt relief will be massive.  Advanced technologies that will render life much easier for all will be introduced.  We will no longer live in a world in which some live in luxury and others live in abject poverty.  There will be enough for everyone, with money eventually becoming obsolete.
Keep in mind that Earth humans presently operate with about 10% of our brain power and 3% of our capacity for awareness of the life that is actually around us.  We have much to learn and the knowledge will mean that we once more live in paradise!
There is a voluminous amount of information on the internet.  I refer you to David Wilcock because he is internationally known and respected, offers many sources of verification, and he is genuinely working for the people of this planet.
For now, the important thing is that we are prepared and do not panic when our world appears to be falling apart.  Know instead, that destruction of the dark precedes life lived as Creator God intended. Divine Order Is Unfolding On Eearth!  *

White Buffalo Calf Woman 2012
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
May 19, 2012
Children of the Sun, let your spirits soar upon the wind that whispers through your hearts, and through your days.  Let your spirits soar upon the smile of a child, the song of a bird, the twinkle of a star.  Let your spirits ride upon the tail of a rainbow on your way to embrace comet, on your way home to your star where your heart lives.  I AM she that comes on this day I AM White Buffalo Calf Woman.  I AM she that weaves and heals the holes in your heart. Like a spider I "Weave Light" catching the morning dew of pure healing.  I AM she that helps you contact that which "You Seek," That which can be yours no other way.
I look to your light, I look to your life, and I look to your hearts.  I see that you all do not sit fully within the power and the authenticity of the treasure within you.  By not loving and embracing fully all of your experiences, your daily reflections, and your human body – you cannot rise to the next level of heart and light. Look at your earthly reflection that is so divinely inspired, to find the trueness of your being.
Ascension is not available until you have embraced all of earth – her dilemmas, her heartaches; her pains are all part of your essence. For you come to clear and love the flesh of your flesh that comes from the body of Mother Earth.  By not loving your humanness, by not loving your earthiness, by not loving the cells, and the organs, and the hairs, and the wrinkles upon your body – you are not loving your Mother Earth.  You can heal her only by loving "You."
Stop on a daily basis and love every inch of the human body that you wear over your light. You are asked to enter into this next doorway of Light by loving every ache, every pain, every bone, every hair every iota of you inside and out.  It is easy to love the whales, the trees and the rainbows, but not so easy to love your humanness.  Do you love who you are this minute?  Every intersection of life is etched in the memories of your flesh.
Every choice you ever made – no matter how you view it now – was a divine choice. Every experience that you germinated, cultivated and then harvested was a creation manifested and birthed by the Divinity within you.  Every individual on Earth is having a different experience. Do not judge their experiences, nor criticize them, nor analyze them, nor rebuke them -- for their experiences are perfectly divine, as they have created them.
The upcoming energies ask you to come into balance within yourself and not to worry if thy neighbor is in balance, or thy husband is in balance or thy boss is in balance. Balance begins and ends with you. It is not your concern what another is doing, as their learning experience.  Do not busy yourself with the details of changing others.  Busy yourself with honoring your choices, your energies, your frequencies, and your challenges.
Each of you has come to a boxed canyon. You seem to be at the end of your rope and choices. Understand dear ones, you are being asked to move mountains, to change the molecular structure of what blocks your way, to walk through what keeps you less than, separating the seas of your life.  Walk in empowerment knowing that you can shift what you commanded into existence.  For every item in your life, in your closet, on your floor, and on your body – you commanded into existence.  You created it into the physical world.  I Buffalo Calf Woman ask you to love all of your creations --for God does not rebuke even one of his creations – he loves all of them, no matter how much the creation does not love itself.  You are asked to take the posture of Creator and love what you have brought forth into your life.
You all stand at the Doorway of The Sun. You will experience an eclipse of the sun.  This does not mean that blackness will enter your heart, but that you will go within to the portal of the heart and enter into all that you have brought forth to learn from.  On the other side of all black holes are stars that are being born, birth that star within you.
Walk into the sun. The sun is a doorway of pure light.  It is a pinhole in the cosmos, and the trueness of God shines through it.  Walk into the sun within yourself. Embrace who you are.  Stand tall in your light.  I am White Buffalo Calf Woman.  I leave you in love and blessings.
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