It is the End Of A Cycle

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: It is the end of a cycle, and a new one commences
3.)  Canada and the USA: Dancing with the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine
4.)  The Annals of Time
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  One Beautiful Oneness

Isis' Message of the Day -
Never doubt the Truth --in essence we are all ONE. Each doing their work in their own unique way assisting in the unfoldment of The Divine Plan.  I Am Spirit of Enlightenment.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Uriel's Message -- The Power to Choose
Your power to choose is an aspect of your free will and it is how you create your reality. Everything you are and have reflects a choice you make. Every aspect of your life on all levels is a reflection of what you have chosen. While you know you have this power you do not always use it to obtain the best results. When you feel powerless and stuck you question whether you have choices and that is not the issue. You must learn to use your power of choice to create your reality in a mindful, powerful way, focusing on yourself and your needs and rejecting any choice when it involves another's free will. 
The people who have rejected and betrayed you, those who you feel do not love you have wounded your heart. From this wounded space you feel your choices are limited because you judge the results of your choice to be with them or part of their lives as not having manifested. Can you see that if the outcome you wish interferes with another's free will, that this is a choice that cannot be made? If you will eliminate all such choices from your mind, you will greatly increase the peace in your life and receive more powerful results from your choices.
No one can extend the day longer than what the earth has chosen. You cannot ask the earth to refrain from creating nightfall because you wish to see the sun for another five minutes. Yet this is what you do when you want to affect how someone chooses or to make choices for them. Those who wish to live through their limitations or powerlessness have made a choice that you cannot alter. Those who choose to ignore or reject your light are making a powerful choice that reflects their life path. 
You array of choices is limitless as long as you are aware that your choices have power in your reality and reflect the use of your free will. The choices others make are what they think is best for them. Do not view their choices from your wounded heart space but from a place of detachment and give yourself the blessing of peace that comes with acceptance. Then choose what you wish to have in your reality, and allow it to manifest with the people who can resonate with the love that you are seeking.
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About the author
Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel.  Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email for information.   * Enlightening Life  *  email: * 

SaLuSa: It is the end of a cycle, and a new one commences
November 3, 2010
Many different messages confirm that you are great Beings and we cannot emphasize that fact sufficiently, to convey to you that you are far more than you appear to be in your physical incarnation. Your view of yourself, has been clouded by the veil that has covered you in the lower dimension. It has not been helped by those who have controlled you, and kept the truth from you. You have been led to believe that you are lowly Beings when in fact you are sovereign Beings, and should be treated as such. You are the equal to every other soul wherever they are in the Universe. Some religious teachings have claimed that you are born with sin, whereas you carry no such burden. You have entered each life you with a clean slate, to make good any mistakes from earlier lives. That is the result of fair and just laws that do not punish, but allow for the experiences you have chosen using your freewill.
Your purpose in duality has been to experience whatever you desire, and in so doing bring through your Light and Love. Many of you have now been successful in overcoming the negative aspects of duality, and are ready to ascend. This in no way reflects upon those who have not yet reached such a level, as you have always been given as much time as you needed to evolve. The only factor that affects you are the periodic cycles such as the one you are now completing. It is the end of a cycle, and a new one commences that will last thousands of years before it also ends. Nevertheless, it is possible for a soul to ascend at any time, but it will not be as easy as the opportunity that you now have with mass ascension. It is a unique occasion, and completes not just a solar cycle of over 26,500 years, but also a greater Galactic cycle.
Dear Ones, the Creator is in your way of thinking the consciousness of All That Is and contains all life within. Your Mother/Father God is the creator of your Universe and has the responsibility for all that occurs within it, but bear in mind it is what you would call an experiment in Freewill, and you too have your own responsibilities. We know that many souls cannot understand why God has not intervened on Earth, to stop the dark Ones from abusing you and Mother Earth. It comes back to freewill and the Law of Attraction, and God cannot interfere with what you have brought upon yourselves. God will certainly protect other planets from your actions, such as the activation of nuclear weapons. Indeed, we of the Galactic Federation have been given that responsibility to contain the result of your tests, by protecting you from the radiation and nuclear fall out. You will know by now, that we have also prevented nuclear war and the possibility of the Earth being destroyed. Yes, we have done a lot of work on your behalf that you are totally unaware of, and that is the nature of our service to mankind.
Our role has been one of ensuring that you safely reach the end of this cycle, and that you all have the opportunity to ascend. The dark Ones would go to any lengths to stop you, as their agenda is to take over the Earth and enslave you. However that is not to be because the Creator has commanded that Ascension goes ahead, and is not to be interfered with in any circumstances. Rest assured we have carried out our responsibilities in this respect, and you are about to see the full extent to which we have planned to accompany you through to the end time. The energies that accompany disclosure have increased tenfold, and it is forcing the issue so that it must come out very soon.
Like you we can get excited, particularly as your achievement in having come so far is quite remarkable given the opposition you have encountered. Levels of consciousness continue to rise, and that means that more people are awakening to their true selves. Not only that, they are demanding a better government that truly carries out its duties and responsibilities to the people. That will in fact come into being, but first events must enable the old government to be removed. It will then be possible to bring in those souls who are here for that purpose, and in many cases have already made themselves known.
Deep within you know that success will be yours, but you still have to work at it by bringing to Earth as much Light as possible. The going may get tougher but as we take pains to point out, it will all be turned around much quicker than you can imagine. It was never intended or envisaged that you would have to suffer right to the end of the cycle. In fact, it has always been known that you would be released from the control of the dark Ones, well before the final days. Matters are coming to a head now, and once the ball starts rolling there will be no stopping it. At times you will find your heads spinning as you absorb the information that is to be given you. It will cover your history and our involvement with you, and the path we shall take to ensure Ascension takes place as planned. Some of you will be joining us, as others take their ordained paths that will take them into the higher dimensions. You could say that the end of this cycle is in fact more a beginning of something entirely different to what you have been used to. It is desirable and merited by your perseverance and determination to see out duality successfully. Those who are not ready for Ascension will take the benefit of their experiences with them. It means that they will have a head start in the next cycle of duality, which will take place on a planet similar to Earth.
Evolution never stops, and it is paced according to your desire and intent to progress through the higher dimensions. You choose how quickly you proceed, and will find that you always have an inner urge to keep moving forward. At present that same urge pushes you onwards, as you have your sights set upon taking the opportunity to leave duality. When the hard lessons have been learnt, there is no need to prolong your stay in the 3rd dimension, and you look for new challenges in the higher ones.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased to be associated with the Human Race. You have shown great courage to experience the lower vibrations, and enormous faith in the Creator to plan for your release and Ascension. I bless you all and send my love to uplift you wonderful souls.
Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

Canada and the USA: Dancing with the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine
a message from Thoth and other Ascended Masters
through Norma Gentile
November 1, 2010
Politics, the Divine Feminine, the Sacred Masculine and Our Shared Consciousness
Canada and the USA as examples of Healing our shared Polarized Consciousness

Like many who were born in the northern United States, my family roots reach back to many other countries, including Canada. It is hard for me to imagine due to the current state of border security, but at one time the border between the two countries, whether made by stakes in the land or by one of the Great Lakes, was easily and frequently traversed by my family members. We have found cottages and businesses and homes belonging to recent generations of my family members who lived and worked, nearly simultaneously it seems, on both sides of the border.
Like many people with this sort of history, I spent summers in the north, sometimes in the U.S. and other times in Canada, and became horribly confused about the proper way to pronounce certain words and spell other words. I learned that you could put sugar on tomatoes. But only when certain family members were present.
My guides frequently point out to me that the obvious circumstances of our lives are here for a reason. And so as I've grown and explored the energetic context in which I live, I am coming to understand that I was exposed to both U.S. and Canadian cultures not by accident but to support my soul's journey.
The cultures of the U.S. and Canada are complementary. Each represents an aspect of the male / female polarity. Experiencing life within both, I can feel and appreciate the depth of honor that the shared Canadian consciousness has for graciousness, beauty, honor and those things generally associated with the feminine. As I have created my career path primarily in the U.S., I have come to appreciate the masculine clarity in action that the collective consciousness here has embraced. I am fortunate to be able to access these two distinct consciousnesses and their respective qualities in my life.
I understand the consciousness of polarity as existing on both microcosmic levels in my daily life and macrocosmic levels in world events. The personal level of judging what is good or bad in my daily experience is my microcosmic experience of polarity consciousness. My immersion into the national consciousness' of both the U.S. and Canada allows my guides more ease to share through me insights on the balance of male and female polarities related to these two countries on the macrocosmic end of the scale.
As humans we now live in polarity consciousness. In order for one extreme to exist another extreme must also exist. For example, in politics if there are liberals then conservatives also exist. If something is defined as good then something else, probably its opposite, is defined as bad. Eventually this will change . . . but not yet. In order for us to move out of polarity we must first understand it and create within it both the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine. Only then will the collective consciousness of humanity shift. 
Chaos, as Piscean and Aquarian Ages meet
The much lauded Aquarian Age, which makes its official entrance on December 22, 2012, began to influence our planet in tangible ways nearly a thousand years ago. In order to complete our exploration of polarity consciousness, we have used a very special energy that is only available during the time of transition between Ages, in this case from Piscean to Aquarian Age, to manifest a series of issues related to polarity.
Imagine if you would the waves of an ocean. They move in succession, one after another, in the same direction as the wind, across the ocean. What if there was another set of waves, created by a wind moving in another direction? What would happen when these two sets of waves met? Chaos. And the energy of both sets of waves would be released into this chaos.
That chaos energy is what we are using to create our reality with now. The waves of the Piscean and Aquarian Ages are bouncing against each other in the sea of consciousness of all Beings related to this region of space. It will not last long according to cosmic time, just a bit more than a few hundred years. But its climax point is right about now. And so humanity, and other beings of consciousness with whom we share this reality, are being tossed about in our little third dimensional rowboats. My guides often remind me that our shared collective consciousness is thrilled to have so much energy with which to create our reality. But our personalities might beg to differ!
I find myself alternating between euphoria (what a great time to be in human form) and disbelief (how could my soul have even considered putting itself into this cauldron of chaos and tumult?) These final energetic waves of the Piscean Age colliding with the new energies of the Aquarian Age are allowing us to create extremes of polarity around issues both microcosmic and macrocosmic. The ferocity of politics, earth changes and weather are some of the visible issues reflecting our desire as humans to clarify what we hold dear to us.
Qualities of the profane masculine such as craving power over others and greed are easily visible now in the U.S.. That visibility is very uncomfortable for some of us. But we can only transform what is visible. No matter what the choice of the voters (and please do vote, don't assume Spirit will take care of things  . . . you are Spirit on Earth, so go do your work as Spirit in form by voting on Tuesday) the U.S. will continue to work for nearly another hundred years on opening its collective consciousness to the qualities of the Sacred Masculine.
Masculine qualities expressed in a profane manner wound the feminine. Masculine energies expressed in a sacred manner empower the feminine. Profane energies cannot be expressed through the heart. Our hearts always open in the presence of sacredness, regardless of whether that expression is from the Divine Feminine or Sacred Masculine. What are the qualities of the Sacred Masculine that the United States is working on expressing? That is the question those of us engaged within its shared collective consciousness are working on answering now.
The founding of both the USA and Canada rode in on the Aquarian Age wave. Remember, the energies of the new Aquarian Age have been caressing our planet for many hundreds of years. The date of December 21, 2010 is the closing date for the Piscean Age cycle of more than 11,000 years. Cosmic energies don't turn on and off like a light switch!
Canada and the United States are karmic partners, paired up like the male and female in the YinYang symbol (most countries or regions are paired in similar ways). Because the Sacred Masculine consciousness failed to flower in the U.S., Canada's consciousness of Divine Feminine has developed in a wounded manner. There is new power in the expression of the Divine Feminine that Canadian consciousness will step into in the coming decades. The development of new leadership principles based on Divine Feminine values may be one of the first uses of this power.
The Aquarian Age is awakening the Divine Feminine within the consciousness of the entire planet. The chalice formed by the awakened feminine serves as the safe container in which the Sacred Masculine can come to rest. It is only when they are at rest that the profane energies of the masculine allow themselves to be transformed into their sacred natures. And as various awakenings occur in the shared collective consciousness of humanity, all those who are able to create the chalice or fill it with Sacred Masculine energies are stepping forward.
My blessing to each of you,
(with help from Thoth and the Ascended Masters)
If you enjoyed this essay, you might also enjoy similar essays on my website regarding the shift of 2012, Barack Obama and our shared Spiritual Journey. Please feel free to pass this onto others. And also let those who live in Canada know that I will be in Ottawa and Toronto this next week. (see Calendar Page for details on my web site).
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The Annals of Time
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
November 1. 2010
There are moments within these now times that are special and rewarding to the avid seeker who searches for the truth and finds it with self discernment. There are times in these now moments when the truth of another takes maybe precedent over that which one truly feels to be right within one's own heart and soul. This is where the inner messenger needs honouring and the sway of anothers' placed aside, then can one be true to self. Difficult at times,but it's a lesson that every master in the making needs to address and accommodate. So much wonder-filled input from many and various sources of channel, and yet the only truth for you is the one that you FEEL right within your own heart!
Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall indeed 'see their God,' and realise that It was ever and always within, but had quite simply forgotten to remember As we begin to remember, so does the penny drop, and the doors begin again to open with more ease and regularity as the once impeding veils fall aside. We are left with a clear space and pure intent with no expectation and then...Greetings beloved friends, each time that I am invited to this most salubrious  of 'extra terrestrial space' does my inner joy rise vibrantly in tempo, and there is a spiral of radiant crystal white light that encompasses us all within its love and sacred celebration. It is ever a wonder filled moment in now time, as two or more hearts are enjoined in perfect rhythm and purest harmony as the God within embraces the God without, unifying and uniting all in a pristine prayer!
Placing the lightly clenched right hand over ones' crystal diamond heart in  loving salutation is the greeting we are honoured to exchange as we regroup once more in the divinity of All That Is. How blessed we surely are as the joy of true recognition opens wide our hearts so paving the way to gently caress  our very souls! Life is indeed a monumental myriad of unfolding bliss in ever rising realisations - and a veritable mirage of sloughs of illusory despond as the quagmire ebbs surely away. We bless and honour our constant mutual connection and urge all to affirmatively invoke our presence, when the going 'gets tough' and the way is momentarily obscured. These days shall indeed pass and the loving bonds that are for ever between us are firmly reinforced and collectively melded, with vibrant radiant light and in unconditional love.
Many of your soul families are stepping forward ever stronger than before as the flimsy veils are, even during these seeming  turbulent changes, becoming near transparent, visible, and quite accessible. There will soon be nothing to hide and indeed nowhere to go, so to speak, as you are busy reclaiming your  immense wealth of stored knowledge that lies bare before you, an open book.
These acquisitions are much closer than you might think. There will very soon arrive a time when you truly begin to BE those co-creators of the future as the tutors and sages of the ages will slowly move aside, allowing you freer space and hand you near the 'whole ball game' to yourselves! You can do it, know it. Stunning thoughts perhaps, and they are in need to be heeded for your magic
and miracles are well in sight as the greater picture comes fuller into bloom.
Your assertive interest in the forthcoming elections in the USA are also an opportunity to enrol within, as the dice were thrown high into the sky yet again and the way ahead once more co-created by Hu-man-ity in the street or in the ballots as before.The ways ahead whatever choices are monitored by you the electorate must be ever discerning. The common denominator and sincerest urge to awake to change coming into your lives is NOT to be witnessed within the first few months of Barack Obamas' Presidency, but to afford that change to mature over possibly two terms of invigorating office. It will then be given the exciting rhetoric of the affirmation and invocation of the unified millions of voters who will together voice, "Oh Yes We Can," to be ready and world widely recognised and acclaimed. What ever result, there is ever and always to be a  'light victorious,' undeniable acclaim as even The dark hats have, ultimately, only one way to go - and that is empowered within the light, for so it shall be.

Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and ever United Kingdom. Please copy and share in full, affording recognition of the source.  *  *  UK 01843 866875 *

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, these three steps bring the awakened Christ into joy. “What do I truly want to manifest? Why do I want to manifest it? What is the underlying motivation, the underlying fear that something could be not quite whole or not quite all there?” Take the deep breath, and then look around and see that truly you already have it. You already are it. That is the other side of manifesting.
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HEAVEN #3631
One Beautiful Oneness
November 3, 2010
God said:
Once upon a time, you forgot there was a God and that you and God were intimately connected, that God spoke, and you heard, that you spoke, and God heard your heart and spoke to it. The connection was so intimate that it seemed you didn’t need to speak. All was in perfect agreement. The only message capable of being imparted was: “How much We love. How much love speaks for Us, love that is Oneness, and beyond this feeling We call Oneness.”
Oneness is feeling, and yet it is beyond feeling. It is knowing. It is Oneness Itself. It is beyond closeness, though close it is. It is so close, it is Oneness. We experience Oneness, and yet Oneness is not exactly an experience. Oneness is a non-experience. Oneness doesn’t shift.
And yet in conscious thought, you have drifted away. Only in your awareness have you drifted. You think you are far from shore. You have forgotten that the mighty Ocean brings you back to the shore of its love, My love, never out of reach, never truly forgotten, never out of range. You are plunked squarely in My Heart. You are the very water and waves of the Ocean that propel you to Me and never let you go. We can call it the Tide of Love that brings you Home to My Heart where you have been right along. Nothing can stem this Tide, and there is no drifting. Only in thought can there be. From Me, you cannot depart.
How solidly We stand together amidst this seemingly-forgotten scene, and yet We are far more than a scene. We are far more than an episode. Oneness isn’t little. Oneness is big, and We are it, beloveds. We are Oneness, this marvel We are embraced in, always were, always are. We can be nothing else but Oneness.
Even the water of the Ocean carried in a bottle is still Ocean. No matter how distant the cup of water may seem to be from the Ocean it came from, the water in the bottle and the Ocean Itself are One, one communicable One. Heart waves communicate. A conversation is heard. A willingness and welling of love rise until it becomes clear that there is nothing else in the whole wide world but love, the same love that exists in Heaven. There no longer seems to be a to and fro of love. In silent harmony Oneness rests on Itself. Nothing breaks the Silence, the Silence unspoken, for nothing can be between Oneness, for Oneness Alone Is. Not even words are between. Nothing is between. There is no between. There is Oneness Supreme. There is no un-supreme.
Oneness has no competitor. What could compete and who would want to?
Oneness is not playing solitaire. Oneness is Wholeness all rolled into One. There is no big nor small in Our parlance. There is nothing that is not Oneness. There is nothing more or less. Oneness has no size. There is nothing misunderstood. There is no one to misunderstand. There is simply the Surgence of Love, Love all around, Love encircling Itself, Love as a Whole, the Oneness and Wonderment of Love.
Of Love, Oneness sings. Day or night, Oneness sings. Of course, there is only Day, so to speak, for there is no departure from Oneness, Truth be known. There is no such thing as a fragment of Oneness. Oneness is Oneness and nothing but Oneness, One Beautiful Oneness. Oneness does not come in shards. There are no shards to Oneness. There are no cracks. Oneness by its very nature cannot be broken. I raise My hand, and I announce to you that you are Oneness, and Our Oneness can never be put asunder. Who is there to do such a thing?
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