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Lady Isis

Isis' Message of the Day -

It isn't what is normal or abnormal . . . it is how you deal with the reality of What Is.


I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~
Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. Beauty abounds you. Look at your hands. Do you see the creases and lines on your palms? Is your skin smooth or rough? Are you hands delicate or do they represent strength? What do your hands tell you about yourself as you gaze at the palms? Your hands are the expression of the character you are. This is an opportunity to see your self in a different light. Character is beauty. Bless your hearts.

Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
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Heavenletter #4247
Traveling with God
July 11, 2012
God said:
We are quite a team, you and I. We mosey along in life, the True One of Us, eager to hear what the seeming Each of Us has to say. I say, "Let's have a parade of love," and you say, "Okay."
Our spirits rise off the ground, and We sail across the sky as in a boat, and we land everywhere, and we land nowhere. There are no thuds of landing or dropping anchor. There is no running to the beach because the beach, the shore, the ocean blue, all, they come to us.
All is the energy of thought, and all We think in Our travels comes to pass right before Our eyes. We can see everything and go everywhere without moving an inch. All is within our reach. All is our Realm.
This is what We do. The only thing is that your thoughts tend to be preoccupied with other things, with details, with cause and effect and with such worrisome things as paying bills and getting somewhere on time. You don't know how to get away from the worries. Truly, you can get away from worry itself.
We are traveling together, you and I. What worries would you have with border control when We are traveling together? All the details you deal with on Earth are imagined. They are imagined as real, even though they are imaginary.
Yes, I understand the necessity, and I question the necessity. I don't say to let go of responsibility. Not at all. I say to let go of the disturbance that too often comes along. The worry of so many bills to pay, so much work to do. I am talking about the periphery that accompanies your taking care of what you take care of. I am talking about the non-essentials. I am talking of the energy you expend on the areas of worry that you are fraught with.
Life can be a walk in the park when you let go of tension. When you literally do take a walk in the park, you leave your troubles behind. I am suggesting that you make your way in life at the same time as you leave your troubles behind. Trouble is what you say it is. You anguish over troubles. This anguishing would be good to dispense with. You have the command over what you call worries.
You know when you carry a physical heavy load, you can only carry it with certain muscles. You don't worry about those muscles coming into play. They will come into play. You don't have to talk to each muscle and give it personal instruction. The muscles come into play. They are waiting for you, and they are ready.
Yet in life, when you carry a worry, you carry it before and after and during in your mind. The thought weighs heavily on you. This is what you want to do away with. Consider your mind like a muscle, and tell it what and when to do. Your mind is not to worry anymore than your muscles are to worry. Your muscles don't bite their nails. Your muscles don't say: "Gosh, will we be able to carry that table? Do we remember how? We never carried that table before."
I am suggesting that you already know how to do everything. Take with you the idea that everything is easy. Life is easy. Be easy-going, not lazy, but know where you're going and just go there as though it were a walk in the park. Make it so. Have confidence in yourself rather than visions of incompetency. You made it this far in life. What can keep you back from going ahead easily except misbegotten ideas you hold onto?

Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  *  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Listen to what you say: “I am running out of time. I can’t get everything done that I want to get done. I am running out of time.” Well, blessed be, yes, you are running out of time. You are moving into that infinite space that knows itself to not be limited in any way; to be free to manifest anything that you want to manifest, anything that you may not consciously think you want to manifest, in order to know the flip side of it, the blessing of it, because in human life oftentimes that which looks to be a challenge, that which looks to be a threat, is in truth a blessing, an opportunity, if you will, for coming Home; not in the sense of having to decease the body, but coming Home in the sense of awakening to your true divinity and your true being.
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SaLuSa: The wonders of the Universe Are Far Beyond Your Imagination
Through Mike Quinsey
July 11, 2012
There is no time like the present to review your relationships with friends or family. Often when you incarnate you are placed with souls you have known in previous lives, and it is for the reason that you are likely to have issues between you that need facing again. Because there is a block between you it carries forward to each life until it is resolved. When you are placed together again in a family you do not know why, but you may have antagonism for each other. Because family members are expected to try and get on with each other, it would be hoped that differences could be more easily overcome. However, that is not always the case and they can become worse.
So if you recognise yourself as being in such a situation, realise how it has come about and make a move to repair the damage to your relationship. Sometimes the hardest part is being able to forgive and it is not a sign of weakness on your part. Be the first one to offer the olive branch and it will release the negative emotions that you hold within. It will be better to have addressed the problem now rather than let it fester and remain with you. Those who hold on to the idea that they are the victim, should understand that karma is the outworking of problems between two people and both are equally involved.
Those souls that find it easy to forgive actions against them, are showing their spiritual advancement and in so doing are helping another soul to evolve. It is the way to avoid thinking in terms of revenge, as it is unnecessary as not one soul will avoid having to face spiritual justice at some point. It does not mean that punishment is involved, it is karma and making a resolution that you will accept another opportunity to show that you can deal with your problems without adverse results.
Uncontrolled emotions are at the root of so many upsets that you experience, and usually caused by the ego and so called pride. If you want to ascend into the realm where peace and harmony exist, then you must commence living that way now. Be that which you see as being your Higher Self, and be free from your old self that has become saddled with the lower vibrations and lack of Light. The time of fighting for survival is almost over and you are about to enter a new phase where there is no lack but abundance. Where those that are of the dark will no longer be able to bring you down and take away your rights. You stand at the door of freedom and peace, and you are asked little in return except that you treat all others as One with you.
If only you could all understand that you have been waiting for this period for eons of time. The past is breaking away from you and you should allow it to move out of your lives. Go forward with the experiences that have lifted you up, and know that those souls whom you have loved and lived with are also doing the same. If it is in your future plans to meet with them again it shall happen, but of course many will travel with you as you ascend. No one is deliberately breaking relationships apart, but you must recognise the free choice others have exactly as you have yourself.
Everything that lies ahead for those who ascend is of a higher vibration, and as such it is not prone to the lower vibrations and maintains its form. Aging as you understand it no longer occurs and in fact everything remains in its prime condition. Can you imagine how wonderful that is when there is no decay or death. Yet the conditions are not static and change can take place without leaving a trail of rubbish behind it, as it is instantaneous. Remember Dear Ones, that these are the realms where you will be able to create through the power of thought, and uncreate if necessary.
When you think of what you have to gain, it is surely worthwhile putting in whatever effort is needed to be sure you ascend. Your intent is one thing but you need to start living your truth now. The wonders of the Universe are far beyond your imagination and life abounds everywhere even in the same space as you occupy. All souls are experiencing what they have chosen as a means of raising their vibrations, whilst at the same time adding it to the pool of knowledge that all other souls can draw from.
Beyond your dimension you will find that the Oneness of all life is appreciated and understood, and consequently there is love and friendship between all civilizations. There are however individual groups that are an exception that you would call rebels, but they pose little harm and can be dealt with. Sometimes they infiltrate from other Universes but can be sent back to where they came from. On Earth it has been vastly different as you are of a much lower vibration that allows for Beings of a similar vibration to enter your space. Having said that it must be pointed out that we have been your protectors to keep unauthorised visitors away from Earth. If you did not have the Galactic Federation of Light travelling with you, you would not be where you are today. In your present cycle you have been as young children needing a guiding hand and protection.
We have enjoyed our experiences with you and have learnt much about the problems that you have faced. For us it has been a very satisfying adventure, and we look forward to a wonderful reunion that is approaching very rapidly. Then you shall meet your real families from whence you came eons of time ago. It has been a long journey but in earlier civilizations such as Atlantis many of you met us then, as in certain periods when the vibrations were higher we would regularly walk amongst you. Atlantis had its highs and lows and in the end was responsible for its own destruction. It could so easily have happened again on your Earth but for our presence and intervention.
Your destiny is to ascend and no amount of interference by the dark Ones will alter it. It is not only too late but their power base is now falling apart and almost inoperable. They are as you might say running scared, and such was their arrogance they never imagined that their plan could fail. Now they hit out in despair as a last gasp, but that will be all as they are about to be removed from what they thought were their impregnable positions. Never fear Dear Ones, we are in charge and will protect you right up to the last moments.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *   
Arielle: The Art of Living in Joy
Received by Mercedes Kirkel - July 5, 2012
July 11, 2012
Greeting beloveds,
This is Arielle speaking. Some of you may not be familiar with who I am, as I am from a distant place and not one of the more usual Guides who communicate with you. But I am very moved tonight to come through and to speak, and so I am here to be with you, to bring blessings and wisdom that I am able to offer, help that I am able to give, and to answer questions, which I joyfully do.
I am here on the wings of joy. It is a joyful spirit that has brought me in, like a wind that blows through. And I am attracted by your joy, for I feel your frequency of joy rising. I feel it growing and multiplying amongst you and amongst so many people in your world. This is a very good thing. This is a very good sign. For joy is one of the hallmarks of raising your frequency and raising your consciousness. It is a sign that this is happening for all of you, that your frequency and your consciousness is growing and expanding. And with this you are experiencing more joy.
As you do this, the beings of joy are more and more attracted to you. For that is the way of the universe. The frequency that you are vibrating with, that you are amplifying, attracts those same frequencies from all different parts of the universe. And so I am attracted to being here with you tonight.
And I wish to share joy with you. It is an interesting thing, because it is not something that can be explained in a mental way. Joy is a state of being. It is a state where you feel your heart and your heart openness. Can you feel it right now? Can you feel this greater openness in your heart? I am bringing this with me and it is part of my gift, to help you to experience this state of joy and how it manifests as a feeling sense in your heart.
It is possible to anchor this in by coming to know this state, by remembering it, by inviting it to be always in your heart, like a home that you come home to again, and again, and again. You have this ability. You can contact this state in your heart. It is always there. It is always possible. But it takes a certain freedom and a certain baseline, you might say, that you are vibrating at, that your frequency is holding, to be able to merge with this feeling and to know it fully.
There is a way that you can meet with others in this space. Many beings do this. It is a way that you shine this frequency out, kind of like the way a flashlight shines light out in a certain direction. And you connect with other beings who are doing the same. It looks a little bit like fireflies who are all connecting and their lights are going out to each other. It is a joyful thing to do, like a game almost, but so much fun, so much joy. Often people think they can only have this when they have the experience of falling in love. But of course, you can have this at any time, just as we have called it in tonight, for no particular purpose, nothing has happened on the external. And yet here it is. Our hearts are full. We feel that excitedness in the heart, that joy, that feeling of love, anticipation, like something wonderful is about to happen and is already happening.
It is somewhat like a game. It puts you in a space that’s very childlike. Truly children often feel this and are more open to it. Oftentimes adults don’t realize that’s what going on with the children, but this is their state. Perhaps you can remember it being your state.
In this state, it is easy to play. It is easy to be play-full. That is another thing that is a very wonderful thing to call into your life—play. That, too, is not just for children, not restricted to them. But it helps if you have this feeling in your heart, which motivates you to want to play, to be silly, or to do things for no purpose, just for joy. It’s like you’re spreading fairy dust of joy all around when you do that. Do you like this state? It is available to you and is truly where you are going.
Sometimes people feel uncomfortable with this energy. It feels like it’s a little too much, a little too fast, a little too full. So it may take some time to adjust. Sometimes people need to receive it in small doses at first. Little by little you’re able to be with it for longer periods of time. This is one of the reasons why change in general, and especially the change you’re going through at this time, is happening over time in a gradual way. If it were to all happen at once, it would likely overwhelm you. This way, you are able to be comfortable, and not afraid, and are able to open to it at a pace, at a speed, that is right for you.
Even so, most of you are changing at an amazing rate. It is quite remarkable and you are to be commended for this. For change is not an easy thing, in general, in the third dimensional world. And you are allowing so much change, at a rate that is quite remarkable for the third dimension. Congratulations to all of you for doing it. You have called this in and it is a sign of your strength. It is a sign of your commitment to this process of opening to God. We all are most impressed and grateful to all of you for what you are doing.
But I do not want to become too serious, for I am an ambassador of joy and riding the waves of play tonight. So I think that may be enough for me to say. The experience is so much more than words. Words can dance around it like embroidery around a picture. But the experience is the primary communication.
I invite you to a very simple exercise. Right where you are, without changing anything, imagine, or feel, picture, sense—whatever is easiest for you—that there is light extending out from your body to all the other beings in the room right now. Feel, sense, see yourself connected in light to all the beings.
Just rest in that for a few moments. Let yourself just experience what it’s like. Don’t try to tell yourself that it should be one way or another. Just notice and feel.
Now go into the space of your heart. Imagine your heart like a rose. See this rose opening up, its beautiful fragrance emanating out. Imagine the fragrance of your rose mingling with the fragrance of all the other roses of the people you’ve connected to, the beings you’re connected to by light.
Now return back into your own energy field, once again seeing the rose of your heart, experiencing your rose’s fragrance.
And with this I leave you. I celebrate our time together. I thank you for your openness to being with me, inviting me into your sphere. And I leave you with my blessings of joy.
With much love,
I AM Arielle
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Holding Hardship in the Light of God:
The Challenge of Purification
by Julie Redstone
July 10, 2012

Beloved Ones,

There are many experiencing great hardship today, especially in the area of financial security and planning for the future. What may have seemed to be a future that one could anticipate and prepare one's children for, is, for many, an unknown future, based on the uncertainties of the present time. This uncertainty, in whatever area it occurs, is part of the vibrational shift that the Earth is going through, and as it is a shift of large proportions, all beings who inhabit the planet are affected by it.

Since this shift is about light expanding on the planet, all beings who carry energies within themselves that do not resonate with light or are separated from it are being brought forward so that their inner being which is pure and one with All can be re-established within the conscious self. Such a movement creates great upheavals, without and within. The separated energies, often having to do with doubt, fear, mistrust, and hopelessness, appear to be, in the present, activated by outer events which seem to produce them. Yet these events, in turn, are being produced by the need for purification and self-confrontation, initiated by the force of light expanding.

When one is in the midst of a time of insecurity, whether it is financial, relational, physical, or emotional, it is difficult to know that there are powerful spiritual forces at work endeavoring to bring about positive change. Often, one only feels fear or doubt, while trying at the same time to regain balance and trust. This, Beloved Ones, is the challenge of purification, inherent in the very struggle to remain anchored in spiritual light and truth even while great uncertainties are present. The purpose of such confrontation is to challenge attitudes, preconceptions, structures of thought, perceived needs, motivations, and ways of viewing reality in order to bring forward the truth of the deeper self, the sacred self created by God. For this to happen, these attitudes must be revealed to the conscious self and a new way of being sought.

Such challenges do not occur as punishment or because one has done something wrong. Rather, they exist by way of an invitation required by the needs of this time to respond to life-events in a different way, a new way, to see life in a way that takes into account the reality of the soul and of God. This re-visioning of what life is really about is at the root of the emotional, financial, and practical upheavals that are taking place today for people all over the globe. Although one can attribute these, particularly at the financial level, to global recession, to poor ways of managing money, to a shaky economy, or to just chance, the truth is that what is collective is also individual. Each embodied soul is being asked to face the challenges that correspond to what will bring their unique self into greater wholeness.

The conscious self, still based in ego-consciousness, will often protest and feel that life is unfair, especially when pain is involved for oneself or one's loved ones. The rational self will attribute individual circumstance to collective factors that are causing hardship for many. Nevertheless, the spiritual underpinnings for each one in any area of hardship can be found within each soul's choice, prior to taking birth, to face certain difficulties, to overcome certain challenges, in order that the self may grow in truth and light. Each individual on the planet at this time has chosen to be here during this time of challenge and change.

The re-translation of life events, including all financial, emotional, relational, and political events into spiritual terms is not one to be taken lightly, for even while pursuing practical means to deal with crises to security of varying proportions, it is important to know that one's ultimate security rests in one's being a soul and a child of God. For those who seek to follow a path of Light, all challenges faced today will intersect with the one challenge that is at the root of them all, the need to cling to Divine love, goodness, light and truth at a time when darkness and the fear it produces may surround the self.

Such clinging is a powerful means of moving through this time and of re-establishing a stable platform from which to live. Choosing such a perspective, even tentatively, can allow one to face whatever challenges life presents with greater compassion and understanding, and with a deepened sense of the need to turn to the Divine in order to see where one is being led. This latter search is at the heart of the matter, for there is within all realms of difficulty a way through it that is held in greater light and that one can be guided toward if one persists in asking. The way through may not immediately relieve all distress, but it will show the path of navigation so that obstacles can be surmounted.

For life-events are but a teaching, and in each and every moment they are leading one in the direction of greater wholeness and a deepening of one's relationship with the Divine. This is the case, even where fear and mistrust appear strong. Those who seek to embody greater light and a deepened spiritual awareness will, in the face of such fear and mistrust, ask to be shown: "Where are You leading me, beloved God? Show me where I must go."

This is the prayer with which to face any and all life-circumstances, and it is the prayer which can liberate the conscious self from all self-blame and blame of others for whatever hardship must be faced. This is of some importance, since blame can often interfere with one's progression in a spiritual sense, causing the self to close down in relation to life, rather than to open to it. Within the parameters of whatever hardship one may be facing, a deeper sense of connection with oneself and with God can be found. This is the pathway, then, through all levels of hardship, namely, asking to be led through experience itself. When such experience is accepted rather than fought with, new ways of seeing and perceiving can begin to open within the self, for these ways are already present within the soul level of one's being. Reaching toward this depth through prayer, alignment, and anchoring in light can create a path through all difficulty so that the way is clearer and the destination hopeful.

Such is the destiny of this planet as it comes through a time of difficulty. It is the return for each and every child of God to their sacred roots, and for the Earth, a transition into a radiant planet of light. 
Messages from Archangel Michael, Raphael,Jophiel and Gabriel
Channeled by Ron Head
This is who you are. Claim it so!
We wish to bring you information today regarding a new connection which is available to you now should you wish to activate it.  The energy of this new connection is washing over all of you now, however your intention will ensure the best use of it.  Once your conscious link is made, there will be no doubt for you that you have tapped greater light than has been available to you heretofore.  The only requirement is your intent and imagination.
Use the method of centering and grounding with which you are most familiar and which is most effective for you.  We have given you a simple one which brings your attention from your heart down to the center of your earth.  There is no change to be made there for you.  The change is that you understand that Earth’s crystalline core is now linked as never before through your star to the Great Central Sun.  This, with your intent, gives you instant access to light and energy from your Creator.  Intend this link and it is yours.
Please also understand your worthiness to receive all that this link will bring you.  This need not be earned by you in any way.  This is your right as a creation of Source.  What you do need to understand is that you are now plugged into a power source that will begin to accelerate all of the changes you have desired for such a long time.  This, as we have said, is now happening for everyone.  Understanding and intent can help you to make the most of it.  This connection may feel at first as if you have grabbed a live wire.  Enjoy the sensation to its fullest.  But it is time for you to learn to be discerning in what you intend from this point forward.
You will now begin to create around you that which you allow yourselves to think of.  Think with intention.  Allow a thought which you do not desire to manifest no attention.  Allow it to pass right by you.  Just do not claim it.  Bring your focus instead back to that which you do desire.
You may wish to spend some time at first feeling and familiarizing yourself with the newness of this.  This is the energy, the light, the love, which you call by whatever name you give to your creative Source.  Learn to call it to you.  You may trust that it has as much desire for the connection as you do yourselves.
Be now the ones who spread this light and love far and wide on this planet.  This is who you are.  Claim it so.
We leave you now to consider this and try it for yourselves.  We delight in your progress.
Enjoy the ride and help each other as much as possible.
We are the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Jophiel, and Gabriel.  We are speaking through Michael at this time to bring a special message of hope and joy.  We ask that you remember and hold this message in your hearts during the immediate times to come.
We have told you that the light frequencies reaching you would become stronger and stronger.  We have now reached the point where that should be becoming obvious to you.  We have told you that the information coming to light around you would reach a crescendo.  You must certainly see that beginning, as well.  There is currently an apparent conflict in some areas about what is occurring and will occur.  This is only an apparent conflict due to a lack of information and understanding.  We regret that it is not possible to resolve all of these issues for you while your security is still an issue.  We ask that you not allow these minor concerns to fragment the awesome unity you have been building.
Continue to seek out areas of shared interest and cooperation.  Continue to hold to your dreams for a world of freedom, abundance, and opportunity.  Continue to connect daily to the light, love, and power of your Source.  This connection will carry you through.  Do not waver now at this last moment.  You will find that daily effort to forge this bond will begin to make it easier and easier to recognize.  It will soon become instant with your intent and then grow from instant to constant.  This is one of the signs of what you are calling ascension.
You are on that path now, and there will be events along the way, but understand that the path has no finish line until you are once again united with your Creator.  That, dear friends, will not happen for a long, long time.  Except that it already is.
So now that you know that, enjoy the ride and help each other as much as possible along the way.  There is much approaching that will be shocking and unsettling to the majority.  There is more that will be a source of infinite joy.  Your task will be to find that joy and share it with any who ask for it.  As you feel the light, love, power, force, frequency, buzz, pain discomfort, bliss, joy build within you in these next days, remember what you have learned in the build-up about aligning and allowing.
The benefit of what is happening to you will not be long in coming now.  It is possible for us to help you if you need it.  Ask and we will help you assimilate these changes in the best way for you.  You need but ask.  Watch now as your world begins to transform before your eyes.  You are loved more than you can imagine.  We will speak again soon.  Good day.
Ron Head

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Djwahl Khul: Walk the Labyrinth of Love
Through David J Adams
July 11, 2012
Greetings Beloveds, I am Djwahl Khul.
It is interesting that those who will soon be participating in what you refer to as your Olympics are said to be joining the Olympic family, for the energies that are coming to the Earth at this time are very much concerned with family – not family in the limited form that you know it, but family in its greater form.
Many of you are coming into contact with ‘soul family’ at this time, coming together to share Unconditional Love in the lead up to the great shift. The energies are also about the greater family of humanity. This thing you call the Olympics is a wonderful opportunity to focus this energy, for it is a time when, all across your Planet, attention will be focused on place, at one time.
Although it is the participants who are regarded as being part of the Olympic family, you are all a part of the Olympic family. As you come closer and closer to this happening, you begin to embrace the rest of the people in your area, in your country, to support your athletes. You become a family within your country.
Although the Olympics may seem to some to be confrontational, pitting one Being against another, it is done within a unique spirit of friendship, of family, of coming together to play out our dreams.
Can you see, Dear Ones, how important moments like these are for your Planet? To have the opportunity to focus these wonderful Cosmic energies through your Heart, and focus them on the one place on Earth that everyone else will be focused on too, radiating Divine Light and Unconditional Love.
You feel part of your family, but you are not a family at war with other families, you are a family coming together with other families.
Those who participate invariably find great love and great friendship, for they accept each other. They do not judge each other on the basis of their religions, on the basis of the colour of their skins. For just a short time they embrace each other as equals.
Just as the participants do this, so too the opportunity is there for those supporting those participants to come together with others in the same way, sharing Divine Unconditional Love.
There are always many layers to events of this nature, Dear Ones, and you need to look beyond the obvious, you need to look at the opportunities that moments like this present to you, present to the whole of humanity - the opportunity to come together in Love. Oh yes, there will be competition, but competition within the energy of Love, within the energy of Respect, within the energy of Honour.
Each time these events come around, humanity is given an opportunity to become the family of humanity, when you do not look upon the differences of others, but you look upon those aspects that draw you together. The essence of family is Unconditional Love, so the family of the Olympics is an opportunity for each and every one of you to become a part of that family of Love.
On this coming occasion I invite you again to look beyond the obvious, to see within the symbolisms that will be used, the essence of the changes that are taking place within the Earth at this time.
It has already been widely announced that as part of the opening ceremony of the Olympics there will be a symbolic Glastonbury Tor. The Glastonbury Tor, as you all know, Dear Ones, is the confluence of the Michael and Mary Lines, the coming together of the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine, which again, Dear Ones, is what the energy which is coming from the Cosmos is all about. It is about coming into oneness, about embracing the Divine masculine, the Divine feminine within yourselves, and here the very symbolism of the opening of the Olympic Games will be this projection of the Divine feminine and the Divine masculine.
Of course Dear Ones, as well you know, the Glastonbury Tor is the physical remainder of the Sacred Isle of Avalon, so the focus right at the opening ceremony will be on this Divine Love energy, so if you, in knowing this, focus your Hearts and project your energy into this representation of the Tor, you build anew the essence of Oneness.
Imagine, Dear Hearts, the power as the focus from around the world is on that one symbol. For just a fleeting moment of your time imagine the in-pouring and the out-pouring of Love through this confluence of the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine, and as you connect your Heart to this, you in turn are drawn into this “Labyrinth of Love” that the Tor represents.
I invite you now to place this happening within your Hearts and to see it not only as a sporting contest, but as an opportunity to become the “family of Humanity”, and to share once again the Unconditional Love, and to reach out and share your Light, and share your Love.
The timing of the Olympic Games is never an accident Dear Ones; it has particular power at this time in the year 2012. It is time of coming together into Oneness, to focus on becoming a “family of love”.
As you read, or see, or hear of what is happening at that time, in that place, connect yourself in Love - become an artery of love - drawing in the beautiful energies that the Cosmos is gifting to the Earth at this time, and focusing that energy in that one place, at that one time, that everyone who is connecting to it may feel the Love and see the Light, and within their Hearts walk that “Labyrinth of Love.”
I bless each and every one of you.
(As a matter of interest, I researched the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, and the ceremony is called “Isles of Wonder” – Kath Smith) * 
Galactic Federation of Light: News Flash: Arrests in Full Swing
Ride like the wind now knowing that what has been hoped for so long by your people is now fully underway in size, scope and determination, and that this campaign to arrest all of the members of your criminal cabal and their associates and remove them from the halls of your society is now in full swing and will not slow and will not fail to garner you the results of your creative manifestation through your thoughts, intentions, words, acts and dreams. This is how it works, and this is how it has always worked here on your planet, no matter which dimension your planet resided in at any particular moment in time.
It does not matter much which dimension you find yourself in at any particular moment, as you always possess the ability to manifest whatever experience you wish for yourselves. This is important to always remember, as although there will be those departing this dimension for other dimensional destinations, those of you who are to remain here to continue your studies and experiences in the physical must realize that you too can and will experience just whatever it is you wish, and that what it is you do not wish to experience you do not have to, as nothing is forced upon you. Whatever it is that you create for yourself or yourselves is what you shall have, it is not any more complex than that. Do your best to always remember this no matter where the path for you up ahead may lead, and wherever it is you shall journey shall be a much more pleasurable, rewarding and consciously created experience for you.

It is now the time that these arrests of the members of your criminal cabal and their associates are broadcast through your major media outlets. These arrests are now in full swing, we are very pleased to report to you. What is needed is for the people of your world to take note of what is transpiring all around them. Your media outlets are a very important component of this entire operation, as it is important that as many as possible experience this event and understand that it is freedom from their oppressors that they are receiving in full bloom and blossom like a beautiful bouquet gifted to them from their Creator. We ask at this time that all and not some of the media outlets that we have had prior discussions with and have reached amicable partnerships with proceed now with what it is they expressed they would do if these arrests were to begin to manifest here in your world. For those of your media that are reading these words (and we know that there are many movers and shakers within your worldwide global media outlets who are following these words through our channels), we ask of you at this time to now do what it is you assured us you would do.

There is no better time now to wait on, as these events are unfolding as you read these words and there will not be a more flowing cascade of motion than there is at this very moment. We ask you to find the courage that is inside each and every one of you and, even in the face of threat of violence, to stand tall, stand firm in your convictions and do what it is that you know deep down inside is the only right thing to do and that must be done to see to the complete freedom of the people of your world.

The people have spoken. They have awakened and they have demanded that they now be free from their captors and oppressors, and through this decree, this is what is now transpiring in their world and they deserve the right to witness this first hand for themselves and not second hand through our channels or any other means. You, the men and women of your media, are the people's eyes and the people's ears in many cases. You are sworn to uphold the ideals, morals and the integrity of your industry which is a vital bloodline through the life of any civilization. There are no civilizations in this universe without means to share information from being to being, from culture to culture, nation to nation or any point on a planet. This world is not unique in its infrastructure of media and communications, this is a surety.  What is unique to this planet is the level in which the media has been controlled by those of the dark, this we can also say for a certainty, as we have visited and monitored worlds all over this galaxy and beyond throughout this universe and we have never behold before so many avenues of media and communications that are completely contained within a pyramidal structure of power, control, influence and persuasion.

We ask you at this time is it not the time to break free from your oppressors as well? Is it not the time to rid your profession from the likes and control of these dark individuals who are motivated by nothing more but their lust for more power, control, wealth, destruction and chaos? Has the day not come where it is now time for you to take a stand and fulfill the solemn oath that you took when you accepted your position of such great importance in your profession, a profession which should guarantee the people the truth in your reporting? There have been many great men and women of the media profession who have stood for integrity, truth and honor, and these names will go down in history for what they did and what they stood for and we say to you, the men and women who today hold the power, unlock the truth that has been concealed for far too long. Is it not time for you to add your names to these lists of honor in service to their profession and to the men and women of your planet?

We will assure you once again that we, the Galactic Federation of Light, will do all that we can do to protect each and every member of your media, just as we have been and will continue to do so. We have many highly advanced technologies that we are employing to oversee you and protect you as these arrests move ahead. What we would like to see is someone of your media outlets take the reins and give the signal to their employees under them that it is now time to do what it is you do best and report the news, report the truth, and spread the word like a wildfire through your world that those who have oppressed your people for decades and even centuries are now being rounded up, arrested and incarcerated to stand trial for their crimes against humanity.

We ask you to rise up to the challenge. We know you can do it. We have met with some of you personally and we know what you are capable of and we have nothing but confidence you will meet this challenge head-on and you will conquer it, and this is why we came to you in the first place. We look to see movement on your front, and we thank you so very much again for your efforts and your resolve, drive and determination in the face of such adversity to do what it is you know must now be done.

We are with you in spirit and we are with you in the physical at this time, and we offer our cloak of protection over you. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

Received by Greg Giles
I am a Starseed, incarnate of the Indigo Ray and channel for the Galactic Federation and my Star Family from the Ashtar Command, an 11th dimensional Osequeq collective from the Star System Tauri C; Amanda, Arisa, Rona, Jella, Morgana, Sophia, Germana, Capella, Jackie, Romana, Angela, Patricia, Anthony, Gifta, Maria, Mercula, Pierca, Ramulete, Augusta, Chevron, Thomas. I have incarnated at this time on assignment to advance my education and assist this planet and its people in their time of ascension to a higher dimensional existence.  *