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When you make choices, if you see them as mistakes you may try to justify them . . . make excuses. But there are no 'mistakes' only lessons learned and that is what life is all about . . . learning from choices made, either by ourselves or by others. For as you learn you grow.
~ Isis ~

I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, as long as you draw breath, you are in a place of unlimited possibilities. Let no one tell you what your truth is. Another one can only tell you what their truth is, what their perception is, what their perspective is, but it does not have to be yours, and many times it is not yours. Let no one tell you what your truth has to be, because you are the maker of your truth moment by moment. So you can make your life anything you want it to be, any how you want it to be.
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Heavenletter #4236
The Crown of Good Will
June 30, 2012
God said:
Be grateful to yourself. Give yourself a well-earned pat on your back. What did you do today that you can be glad about, or grateful to yourself for? Instead of picking on yourself, chalk one up for you.
Do this often. Then you won't need so much input from those around you.
Whom did you smile at today? Whom did you give a kindness to? What doors did you hold open for others? Whom did you give a minute to? Whose eyes did you look straight into? To whom did you say, "Thank you?” Whom did you greet today? Whom did you cross the street to say hello to?
These may seem like small acts, yet they mean a lot, and you can like yourself for them.
Bless someone today, and bless yourself.
Above all, get out of the habit of pointing out inadequacies, yours or others. Whatever you think about another, you compound. Whatever you think about yourself, you compound. If you have generally seen yourself as inept, start thinking about the wondrousness of you. The same for the people around you. Okay, they are not perfect. So what? They are still a gift to you, and they also have their wondrousness. This must be so because I made them, and I made them as I made you.
When you fault another or yourself, you are faulting Me. It's better all way around for you to see the Good God in Me. This advice is to your benefit, beloveds. If you gripe about Me, what are you doing? When you gripe about anyone, what are you doing? When you gripe about yourself, what are you doing?
There are some things not to be casual about.
You are a powerful force in the Universe. Be a powerful force that sweeps up the Universe in your arms and blesses it. I sweep you up in My arms and bless you and bless you and bless you. See with My eyes, and speak with My lips. What is there really for you to complain about, beloveds?
How quickly you are ready to think of something, or a list of somethings! To what avail? With every complaint you voice or think of, you are nailing yourself to the wall. You are hammering negativity into your head. Today, say not one word that is not worthy of being pinned to your lapel. Even if you cannot stop your thoughts so easily, you can stop your mouth. Stop your mouth, and your mind is more likely to follow.
Look, for every bit of negativity you extend, there is whiplash, and you get it. You may think you are throwing just criticism at someone else, but it hits you in the face. It hits you in your heart. It damages you. For how you deal with others, that is how you deal with yourself. The surface may seem otherwise. You may feel you put yourself in a high place, yet if you have to raise yourself by negating others, you have already lowered yourself.
Exonerate yourselves, beloveds. Enter your own Hall of Fame. In your own heart, wear the Crown of Good Will. Be My Ambassador of Love. Reveal to yourself and to the world what a human being can be. Be what I desire you to be. Be what you truly desire to be. Live in the image of Whom you were made. It is the Truth of you. Heretofore, you have been a dissembler. Now you become the Real Thing.
You don't want to be a lump of clay. You want to be a work of art. Why not? Why not accept yourself and accept others as I made them? Why not exalt yourself, not in words but in vision, and then in deed. Be good to yourself, and you will be good to all.

Dear Lady of the Light,
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Uriel: You Are Worthy Of The Gifts Of Heaven
Received by AuroRa Le
June 27, 2012
The road to ascension is fraught with challenges, and for the majority of you it has spanned countless lifetimes of embodiment in human form.  What you once knew as the Karmic Wheel has already stopped spinning, and in it’s place you will find that you are embarking on a journey of a different kind.  This is a journey of healing and reclamation.  One which you embark upon not so much to put to right any prior indiscretions,  but to rediscover and reintegrate all aspects of the Self and to stand in full realization of who and what you truly are.  The trick then becomes to actually be that Self;  to work it into what you do with your time, into your dealings with others, into the words you speak and the level of confidence you have in your own perfection.  Your role in this lifetime has changed drastically in these last months.  Much transformation has taken place, whether you are aware of it or not.  Where once your lesson was simply to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible,  and then return to do it all again, now, in the year of 2012, the game has changed.  The course you are on is no longer one of survival and the reparation of contractual agreements gone awry.  Liken your former self to the hamster on the wheel.  He spins and spins to the point of collapse, getting nowhere and accomplishing little of value.  Over and over again he runs the same course, and he wonders why he makes no progress, despite his hard work.  It is not until he slows down and steps off the wheel that he begins to see his path for what it really was.  He sees that running in the same circles, in the very same formation, day in and day out, all the while paying little mind to what is going on around him, will never garner new and better results.  It dawns on him that it all has been an exercise in futility, and for all this time he has just been playing someone else’s game.  So now I say to you, step off the wheel.  Be bold, and embark instead upon your personal journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.  Let me assure you that you are so much more than what this world has led you to believe.  You are powerful.  Wise.  Invincible.  A holy child of God.  You are each an irreplaceable piece of the Universal Whole, and there is not a one of you who is not worthy of the gifts of heaven.
You have come through the tests of the Piscean Age with flying colors, but it had a way of dragging you down, am I right?  Rather than taking it as your due, the attainment of life’s basic needs became something of a prize.  More the exception to the rule than your equal rights as citizens of the Earth.  Only on Earth do you  have to fight for your bread and for your shelter.  No other society in the cosmos operates under such sorry principles as “survival of the fittest” and “kill or be killed.”  Understand that this entire way of thinking is backwards.  As a child of the Mother and the Father,  these are your most basic rights.  You deserve to be loved and sheltered and cared for, for these comforts are yours as sovereign beings of the Light .  And yet the clever brainwashing tactics of a mere few have brought a population of billions to it’s knees.  They have told you that you must fight to be worthy, to be considered a success, and you believed them.  You believed that you must compete for what is rightfully yours.  They have told you who to be and where to go and what it is you must attain to be accepted.  The reason it has been such an uphill climb for the vast majority of people has everything to do with the goals these others set for you and the means by which they told you that you must seek them.  It has absolutely nothing to do with your talents or abilities or worth in the eyes of God.
Because you have been mislead into thinking that the amount of material wealth you attain is a barometer of your worth,  so many of you feel that you have fallen short of of society’s expectations, that you have somehow failed.  You have measured yourself by unattainable and meaningless standards.  Whether you sought fulfillment through professional achievement, romantic conquests, scholarly accolades, physical beauty or the items you purchase, you have found that it never brought you that elusive feeling you were searching for.  These things never make you feel complete.  They do not bring you any closer to God.  Upon closer examination you will notice that each one of these things is based on competetive and exclusionary principles, and on a foundation of judgement.  You may spin your wheels forever in pursuit of these things, Dear friends, but they will never satisfy you.  They will never bring you peace.

True satisfaction lies in the strengthening of your connection to All That Is.  It lies within the core of your being, in the  heartspace, and through the loving connection between yourself and others.  It lies in spiritual growth, compassion for all and acceptance of truth.  See before you the way of the New Earth.  Although, in all honesty, I must tell you that this is actually the oldest way of all.  Strive to attain your goals not by the besting of others but by the betterment of the Self.   It is through the realization of your natural connection to the Divine that your manifestational abilities will blossom.  The new way is to create from the heart and not from the ego-mind.  It is done through the understanding that you are already perfect, and you have no need to prove yourself to anyone.  In the 5th dimensional society for which you are headed,  you are known from the outset as the magnificent being that you are.  Nothing is hidden.  Your glory shines bright for all to admire.
Begin right now by stepping down from the wheel and giving close examination to all that you believe to be true.  Choose a direction and visualize a brilliant new world, your 5th dimensional home and give thought to the role you wish to play within it.  Visualize this daily and with great conviction.  Then begin to take those awkward, yet necessary, first steps into making it a reality.  This is the the very definition of ascension.  This is the true meaning of success.  Until I speak with you again, I wish for you a loving and abundant journey. Namaste.

About Me
I am an Angelic/Pleiadian, and one of the ten Pleiadian, Sirian and Angelic women who make up The Council Of The Venus Ray.  I’m also a Mom, a lightworker and a business owner.  This wonderful lifetime is my one and only incarnation on the Planet Earth.  I’m known, as we all are, by many names… as Bella Capozzi, on my Earth journey, and (in “reality”) as Archeia AuroRa or LoRa Le.   
There are many of us here on Earth at this time, living ordinary lives.  Some, like me, have known who or what they are all along and safely held that knowledge in a private, sacred space.  This, until the moment we can’t play the game anymore and burst full-force out of the Spiritual Closet, kicking the door shut behind us.  Then there are our other blessed brothers and sisters who are just now having their aha-moment, and are stepping forward to share their amazing truths.
Whichever it is, or if you just happened to find this site by Divine Synchronicity (there are no accidents), be open to everything!  Speak your truth.  Tell the world who you “really” are.  *  *  Email:

Saul: There is Unacknowledged, Unseen, and
Infinite Value Within Every Human
Received by John Smallman 06/24/2012
With the excitement mounting, as more and more of the essential changes needed to bring on the moment of your awakening occur, do take time out daily to relax or put yourselves into a peaceful or meditative state.  Focus your attention on the field of divine Love that envelops the planet, and which is encouraging you to open your hearts to accept unconditionally, lovingly, and compassionately all who are embodied on Earth at this extraordinary time.
Everyone who is here now chose to be here, and each one has a path that they are following for the lessons that it offers them to guide them in their spiritual evolvement, and that it presents to others so that they may learn to understand and accept that there is unacknowledged, unseen, and infinite value within every human, regardless of the face he or she may display publicly.  God created you all in Love, so to reject or judge anyone is to do so to God!
You are loved, infinitely, always, and eternally.  The fact that you do not presently experience that feeling is purely because you are lost within the illusion — confused, and questioning all the wrong things!  There truly is nothing to question; you just need to accept that you are divine beings of infinite value — every one of you, without exception — and to express love unconditionally at all times, for all.
Within the illusion, that is asking a lot as you see the misery and suffering that others are causing (and you know that there are none among you who have never behaved unlovingly!).  Many of you believe they must be stopped, and forcefully if necessary.  But your history shows you that forceful intervention only leads to pain, resentment, and more violence.
You need to summon up the courage (and you have limitless assistance from the spiritual realms to help you do this) to always and only engage lovingly — whatever the situation.  It works.  You just have not attempted to do it as a people.  Small loving communities have been established on Earth many times, but it seems that when the founders move on, intense efforts are made to enshrine their loving guidance in inflexible, limiting, and judgmental statutes, leading to disagreement, conflict and the dissolution of those communities.
Deep within, you do know that love is the answer, but because of the pain and suffering each of you has experienced over many lifetimes, you are reluctant to make yourselves vulnerable by offering love, as you fear that it might be spurned, making you look weak, na´ve, and foolish.  The actuality is that even if you experience treatment like that, the love you offered has an enormous effect as it spreads out and softens the unloving energies that are so prevalent on planet Earth.  More and more of you are doing this now, and you can see the results of compassionate acceptance of other cultures, beliefs, and philosophies showing up all over the world.
Each single human offering love instead of negativity, defense, attack, or indifference causes an enormous intensification of the divine Love field encircling the Earth, because when you offer the gift of love your heavenly Father further intensifies it more than one thousandfold.  Never think or believe that you are wasting your time, your breath, or your energy when you offer love, even silently and quietly as you meditate.  Love is the infinite power of creation, and your task is to embrace It and share It, and by doing so you play your essential and vital role in bringing on the moment of your awakening.
With so very much love,

About Me

I have been taking dictation from my friend Saul since 1995. He is a spiritual entity whose messages over the years have been inspiring and uplifting for me. In them he refers frequently to “Full Consciousness.” Now seems to be a very good time to start sharing these messages via a blog. I hope you find them of value. * *  
Weekly LightBlast: God Reflection
by Jamye Price
June 30, 2012

The mirror.  It’s easy to focus on what is in front of your eyes, it’s even easy to resonate to a lovely spiritual teaching you hear, read or feel.  What takes effort is to see beyond the obvious and to apply spiritual practice without judgment, expectation or obedience.  To see Divinity in each moment, each experience, each person, each challenge, each grain of dirt – that is God Reflection.  Different forms, different focus; yet God in form.

In Truth, all that is around you is reflecting grace.  The energy that binds life into creation is Love.  It is the force that creates a flower, it is the force that creates a human, it is the force that creates forgiveness within the same Loving force that created strife.  How is it that we can apply the unconditionality of God into a life of human emotion and choice?  Some emotions and choices feel good, others don’t.  Some seem as if they are assisting life and others seem as if they are harming life.  It is God Reflection in all things that always assists life, for the system is fail-safed toward continuation and fail-safed toward Love.  Love isn’t always a pleasant feeling.  It is everything in the full spectrum of Life.  That’s a hard one to accept when you feel negative emotion, disappointment or the battle of the ‘dark’ side exemplified.

In every every every experience, hope is available.  That is God Reflected.  Hope is the possibility of improvement in every situation.  Improvement is a duality-based word.  You could say hope is the possibility of Creation in every situation and the semantic separation is assuaged.  In every creation, faith is available.  Faith is not a powerless stance of ‘I believe God does…’, it is a powerful understanding of the laws of creation on Earth.  Creation begins in the subtle and unseen realm and binds into form through space/time.  God Reflection is the knowing of your creative ability, thus faith in yourself and the laws of the creation are synonymous for utilizing the momentum that builds galaxies!

As we sit to Blast God Reflection, we are the observers that bring faith into form through focus.  We are remembering that each situation is a gift of creativity that beckons our mastery.  We are aligning with the powerful force of Love that creates form through the experience of enjoying Life on Earth.  We are reflecting Self Love out into the field of response (space) and creating a moment (time) of opportunity for Life to form.  We are namaste as a verb, wisdom in action recognizing the thread of hope and Love in every situation of life.  We are the builders of form, faithfully allowing and directing through the gift of choice that God is.  Blast on!

Jamye Price is an energy healer, channel and teacher. She channels Light Language, which are universal language codes that your heart and infinite mind speak fluently. Light Language works like a stem cell, it is Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light that adjust to your needs in each moment as guided by your Higher Self. When Jamye is running healing frequencies, she speaks and signs Light Language, tones, emotes, and physically clears imbalances through Divine Grace. Jamye’s work assists with transmuting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks into wisdom, compassion and empowerment. She teaches self-love, forgiveness and finding a perspective of Love to provide people with practical tools for Soul Progression and creating a joyful life. Jamye’s passion is Ascension - bringing people to the understanding of the Truth of who they are; cherished, powerful and brilliant Divine Humans, interconnected with All Life. Jamye offers private sessions by phone, group sessions and classes, Light Language healing CDs and a free Monthly Newsletter and Weekly LightBlast to help assist Lightworkers on their Divine Path. For more information visit * *   

Mass Arrests Will be Happening Around the World, Not Just in the U.S.

America, yes, but elsewhere too . . .

A reader from Brazil has asked whether the mass arrests will take place around the world or only in the United States.  The spokespeople for the galactics are explicit in stating that they’ll take place around the world. Let’s look at some of their statements.

Wanderer of the Skies, for instance, said in March of 2012 that the changes would embrace all governments and the media and will be discussed more openly as the dead hand of the Illuminati is removed.
“Many exciting things are now planned in the days and weeks ahead. As changes continue with your world governments and your media, with emphasis on your financial institutions, you will see more and more a willingness to openly discuss what has, until now, been the 800 pound gorilla in the room. You will hear statements as politicians and media personality begin to openly talk about the Illuminati and their role in your world and what must be done to take back the world for your people.” (1)
Similarly, on another occasion in 2011, Wanderer directed his remarks at the planet as a whole. He said:
“It appears that more and more is happening on your world and that those matters you have been preparing for are accelerating at a rapid pace. That is as it was designed to be. You now find yourselves at the beginning of the changes that are taking place that have been discussed for so long. If all seems tumultuous, it is so because that is the way it is.” (2)

The Pleiadian High Council speaking through Wes Annac said that the changes were taking place throughout our physical reality.
“You are hearing continual updates about the takedown of those who would strip your freedoms away from you in a heartbeat if allowed, and the process of this coming forth is indeed as harmonious and peaceful as it has been predicted to transpire. …
“We expect the overall excitement and stress levels of humanity to increases substantially upon the initial announcements, and this is because the scope of what is being done and what you will be informed of far surpasses that of the most historical events that got the attention of the general world.
“What is being done at this point is something that has not been achieved on your world for so very long, and while there have been many tyrannical leaders falling from power on your world in many civilizations of your history, the extent to which these current dark souls are being brought down for good is showing that the Light quotient on Earth truly does make a difference, and whether or not one possesses an assumed intelligence and right to manipulate the general populace of any planet, the awakening that takes place eventually on each world will always serve to show that the Light will always be the ‘dominating,’ transmuting force that sets all imbalances, both personal and planetary, straight on so very many levels.
“The Divine assistance you are being given at this time far surpasses what you would expect. We are working on each and every level, and in many physical levels on Earth you are beginning to hear of the many allies we have in place who have remained anonymous but who have been working with all of themselves to bring the real, legal change forth in your physical reality that has been required and needed.” (3)
Matthew Ward in April talked about “the forcible removal of numerous individuals from top level positions in major world banks.” He said that follow-up steps were winding their way through the legal system:
“Follow-up steps to the bankers’ arrest are grinding through your legal systems so this matter is handled legally and ethically; other arrests are imminent; technology aboard spacecrafts is rendering nuclear warheads dysfunctional; and remnants in the Illuminati ranks are running away or running scared.” (4)
Matthew returned to the topic in June 2012 and implied global happenings when he observed that “your steadfastness in the light has remained strong even though nearly midway into this world-transformational year, nothing that you would consider conclusive evidence has occurred. … It is sad for us, just as for you, that the topmost dark ones still have enough influence to cause widespread suffering.” (5)

SaLuSa also framed his remarks as applying worldwide. In February of 2012, he said that “from one day to another circumstances in your world are changing very rapidly.”  (6) In May of 2012, he explicitly stated that “all over the world there are countries that are in the process of change, and each one will have to answer to the people and their demands for freedom. It is not possible any longer to impose authoritarian rule on them, by denying their rights. The people have smelt freedom and are coming to realize that it is theirs to claim back, and so be it.” (7).

He continued by saying that the galactics had spoken to all world leaders:
“All of this is known to your leaders who are part of the cover-up, but to be fair some are under extreme pressures not to reveal the truth. That indeed has been the problem, as the Illuminati have had such control that it extended right up to the top. However, with our protection, you will soon see some leaders speak out and support us.” (8)
Finally, when Archangel Michael addressed us in An Hour with an Angel on June 25 on how to respond to the arrests, he took pains to indicate that he was speaking to the people of the world and not just of the United States:
“The emphasis on what we are doing with each and every one of you is to begin to help you with your choices of freewill, with the choices that are not reactive, but are choices based in building and creating and co-creating with us the future that you want. If you create the basis of the future by assuming control, it is not the basis that we participate in.”
“I do not speak just to the people of the United States of America but to all inhabitants of Gaia.” (9)
Perhaps it’s well to remind ourselves at this point of what SaLuSa said that, when the leaders are arrested, they won’t be mistreated or killed.  Many will work their way through the legal system but some will taken directly off-planet, but all will be given the opportunity for rehabilitation.
“Bear in mind our actions are carried out in such a way that there is no loss of life. We can ‘remove’ people quite easily and deposit them wherever we choose, and often it is off-planet. We re-educate those who indulge in killing and violence, so that they may return to Earth as useful citizens.” (10)
Thus, though attention is often focused on the United States, which is assumed to be greatest military power in the world, (11) the expected events will take place around the globe. It’ll see the total Illuminati structure collapsed and the leaders of the cabal and all their henchmen removed from power and brought to court or escorted from the Earth and offered the chance to bring themselves back into this or another 3D society as useful citizens.

You may pass these on or post them to your group as long as all information is included.
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