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Lady Isis

Isis' Message of the Day -
When you make choices, if you see them as mistakes you may try to justify them . . . make excuses. But there are no 'mistakes' only lessons learned and that is what life is all about . . . learning from choices made, either by ourselves or by others. For as you learn you grow.

I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
My dear friends, we love you so very much.
Our wish for you today is that you can release yourself from the massive expectations that you carry within you. So many of you hold yourselves to standards that are so high, they are nearly impossible to meet. In your society, so many of you strive to look like airbrushed models, behave like saints or stars, forgive as easily as Christ, and be all things to all people. Dear ones, we have only one expectation of each and every one of you, and it is very simple, that you are each doing the best you can do and being the best you can be in any given moment.
When you are not living up to your own expectations, ask yourself why on earth this would be a cause to criticize yourselves? What good will that do you? Would you criticize a child who did not live up to their goals, censuring them and telling them how worthless they must be, or would you point out all that they did already achieve? Dear ones, you must learn to be kind to yourselves. You must learn to love by starting with love and kindness for yourselves. You must question why you feel the need to beat yourself up at times, for we would argue that all self-criticisms are a learned behavior, certainly not natural to the soul. The soul doesn't say, "Look what I messed up! Look what I didn't achieve!" The soul says, "Wow, look what I learned! Look what I did accomplish!"
Can you take just one minute a day to acknowledge all that is good about yourself? This practice would change your life. It would help you realize you are an amazing soul. Perhaps you made a perfect omelet. Perhaps you smiled at the clerk in the store. Perhaps you hugged your child when you were in need of a hug yourself. Maybe you looked in the mirror and made peace with a wrinkle. Dear ones, any little victories of love are huge in the heavens. We celebrate each kind thought, word, or deed, no matter how small, for rather than what you achieve, how you look, or what you do, we focus on the love that you bring to each situation. Any loving kindness you give yourself, no matter how large or small, sends ripples out to the entire cosmos, asking the universe to give you an honest echo of that love.
Treat yourselves kindly. Release yourselves from your massive expectations. Enjoy and celebrate all the good that you are in this moment. To use, you are always and already perfect.
God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

With much love,
Ann Albers
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Heavenletter #4251
What a Beautiful World
July 15, 2012
God said:
The world is a blur. You don't see it clearly. Even when you think you do, you have seen only a faint-hearted picture. Instead of the word world, perhaps it is more helpful to think of the world as Creation, what God created, God's Creation. You live in God's Creation and, of course, yours.
Beloveds, consider that you sought admission to Creation. You did. Admission was free, and, yet, you had to wait in line to get in. The fee was waived. It would have cost a good sum of gold to gain admittance to the beautiful world I spread before you. Think a moment, My beloved teen-agers. You no longer have to be an adolescent. Be an innocent child, or be a well-versed adult who values each drop of water and the streams it comes from.
Now that you think in terms of God's Creation, in the morning when you get up, you won't think: "Ho hum, another day in the world." You certainly won't think: "Rats, another day in this world."
You would think. When you think God's Creation, you will certainly think: "Wow, another day in God's Creation!" There will be wonderment. There will be appreciation. There will be service.
You, who are God's Creation, live in God's Creation. Place has been made for you. You were invited, and you accepted. Be a guest who appreciates the accommodations given to him.
If the paint is chipped in your room, you don't think something is the matter. You do think, however, that your host might like the room ship-shape, and you get out a scraper and you get some paint, and you scrape and you paint the room. You make it nicer for the next guest, and you know that pleases your host immensely.
You mow the grass, and you plant a garden for all to see and pick flowers in.
You desire to serve your host, and you desire to serve all the visitors who also came on this tour of Creation.
I am your Host. I am the Host of everyone who visits My Creation. Naturally, I created with you in mind, and all the guests in mind. It is good for you to remind yourself that you are a guest. Be courteous.
If an earlier guest left your lodgings a mess, you won't complain. You will simply straighten up your accommodations and be glad to give the world, not only new paint, but a deep cleaning and be glad to remodel your accommodations from inside out and outside in. You will be glad to accommodate.
I created a beautiful world, and you recreate it. Make it nice. You make it nice best by your appreciation. What a wonderful invention appreciation is. I built it into Creation. If you were the first people on Earth, you would look around you in amazement and say, "Ah, ah, ah. What a beautiful world!"
At that time in Creation, world was a beautiful word. It was not an outcast. It was not snubbed. It was not looked down on. As time progressed, some children started complaining. They complained about the world I had made. This has continued generation after generation. I certainly hope you are not one of My children who complained.
Beloveds, take another look. Watch the sun as it moves across the sky. Watch the moving clouds. As the clouds burst open, and there is a rain, let your heart burst open in the same way. A cloudburst of rain. A heart-burst of love. How simple. How easy it is to renovate the world. How easy it is to become an admiring guest of God's world. Your world, God's Creation.

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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
You meet a friend and you get to discussing various things that bring you joy, and for a minute or longer you spend time in that place of love, that place of Home. You meet up with an old friend you haven’t seen for some time, and instantly there is that feeling of being at Home with them. That is your true nature. That is your divinity calling to you and saying, “Live here.” As often as you will remember, allow yourself to live at Home, to be at Home even in the body, even in the world; to remember Home, to remember love.
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Hilarion's Weekly Message: July 15-22, 2012

Received by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana
Beloved Ones,
The Great Work continues. Each of you has been releasing the cycle patterns of pain and disempowerment from the very cells of your Being. We see that this process has not been an easy one for you and we ask you to remember that you are the Ones blazing a path for others to follow in the days ahead. All pioneers such as yourselves walk each step into the unknown and so there is pressure to be born as you go against the grain of established conditioning. We say to you that you do a greater task than you can conceive at this moment in time.
Know that you never walk this lonely path alone, for we are always with you. We, as your Family of Light, support you in the as yet unseen realms and in the days ahead, you will be more able to see past the density you have been traversing into the realms of Light and multi-dimensionality. As multi-dimensional Beings, you exist and work on many different levels and that is why we say that you are doing so much more than you are currently aware of. Each day, you are surpassing yourselves and former limitations are melting away as though they were just a dream.
It is important to firmly establish a mental intention at the start of each day to be in a state of joy and gratitude, for these will assist you to step into the new frequencies that are inundating the Planet from the Cosmos. This intention also assists in the breaking up of the densities of mass consciousness thinking that has been accepted as the normal way of thinking, doing and Being for Humanity. By choosing a different solution to the problems besetting your World, you are creating the changes necessary to align to the Divine Plan for yourselves and for the Earth and all Her inhabitants.
As always, we counsel that you be kind to yourselves and those around you. You are all learning how to use your energy and personal power in constructive, life enhancing ways and many times, this is a learning process for all. What you do and what you accomplish by overcoming former tendencies that were not for your highest good is that you establish a way for those around you to also become aware that there is a better way to fulfill their most dearest wishes and desires for a happier life. You are the pattern breakers and the pattern makers and this is a most important focus in these current times.
Keep on shining your incredible and beautifully luminescent Light as you go about your daily labors. This is all that is required of you, Beloved Ones, that your hearts glow with purity and kindness for all, that you let go of all ego justifications that have been keeping you from your rightful place as Divine Humans stepping into the new Golden Age, the new template for all upon the Earth.
Until next week….
I AM Hilarion

2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.
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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,


To Be A Lightworker
by Julie Redstone
July 15, 2012
Beloved Ones,

There are many on the planet today who have come specifically at this time in order to advance the cause of humanity's transition into light and to help the Earth make this transition. Each of these embodied souls serve through their own embodiment and consciousness by bringing light and love through their being and spreading the awareness of unity and love everywhere. Lightworkers may occupy specific paths of service as healers, counselors, and helpers in various forms, but they may also exist within ordinary spheres of activity, and may appear to themselves to be ordinary citizens of the planet. The underlying consciousness, however, is that of one who seeks to extend love wherever possible, and who seeks to live in harmony with the Earth.

There is a group of lightworkers, however, within this larger group, that comes with a specific mission to the Earth at this time, a mission that involves not only spreading energies of light and love but absorbing energies of disunity and darkness. These lightworkers are specifically aligned with the mission of the Christ to the Earth at this time, and they have taken on a calling that can be challenging on many levels, a calling to assist in the purification of the Earth and of human consciousness through the direct encounter with energies of opposition and through the direct absorption of these energies into their body and awareness. Sometimes this calling exacts a toll physically and energetically, and there are many, both healers and non-healers alike, who wonder why they are so sensitive to others and to environments. Some who have committed themselves to the mission of the Christ on the soul level are not aware of it on the embodied level, but rather experience the difficulty involved as just something they must put up with.

Beloved Ones, the soul can commit itself fully and with dedication and faithfulness to something that the embodied self is not aware of or is only dimly aware of, and in many instances the challenges of this situation must be endured until such time as the path of service becomes more fully awakened within the conscious self, and until more light may be retained within the body that will permit the difficult energies to be dissolved in light without a problem.

There are many souls now who are serving the mission of the Christ without knowing it. They are faithful to it. They endure out of love. They are here because in the fullness of their love for God and for God's Creation they have volunteered to assist in this way and to endure the consequences on an energetic level if there be such.

Because all is One, all of Creation is being affected at this time by the Earth's transition into light. As the Earth moves out of the sphere of duality into the sphere of unity, spiritually and vibrationally, everything is touched by this change. Therefore, it is a cosmic event of great importance and forces that are present and intending to prevent or limit this shift are being counteracted by all embodied souls who have taken on a portion of responsibility for assisting in God's plan for the redemption of a planet.

There is a paradox here that cannot easily be fathomed by human awareness. For what must be dealt with as a challenge on the plane of duality, within the larger unity of God is already assured. For God's plan for Creation has insured from the beginning that the transition taking place now would take place, and although there remain challenges for as long as darkness and separation continue to have a hold within human consciousness, the force of light is stronger than all darkness and thus will prevail. This is the inherent paradox, then, that though there are forces and counter-forces present within the plane of duality that must be met, the outcome is already assured. All lightworkers who are here at this time are playing their part in this cosmic drama in order that the highest light may find its true abode everywhere, replacing the consciousness of separation.

May all who find themselves challenged by the confrontations in their lives take heart from this knowledge of the importance of their mission and the great love within their own soul that has agreed to it. May all who have chosen to serve in this way be blessed, for their loving service is immeasurable in its value to all of life.

Julie Redstone is an emissary of the Realms of Light and the founder of Light Omega, a spiritual center that has been given a mandate to assist with planetary change through making available the ancient teachings of light.
Light Omega was founded as a center for spiritual teaching and healing to support those who wish to serve God and Life by putting into practice the sacred teachings of Light.  Such service does not depend on religious outlook but rather on the Divine commitment of the soul to serve humanity’s need to take the next step in its evolutionary process.
Established in 1990 in western Massachusetts, Light Omega is based on the teachings of Julie Redstone. These teachings form the mystical heart and core of all religions. In their present form, they are expressed anew as universal principles, applicable by anyone of any background.
Julie's work in collaboration with the Realms of Light is to bring through both the concepts and energy that are needed so that a new consciousness and way of life can be anchored and established upon the Earth. This new energy is not meant for those of any particular religion or form of belief, but belongs to all.  It is simultaneously an energy of the heart and an energy of awakened consciousness that can recognize Divine reality in and through the mind, heart, and body.
Julie serves the mission of the Christ as does the center that is Light Omega.  This mission serves all of the Earth’s inhabitants in bringing into awareness knowledge of the One Creator and of the One Heart that dwells within all.
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French Arrest Warrant for Equatorial Guinea VP

Equatorial Guinea, a tiny island off Africa’s coast, has the dubious honour of being one of the top 12 corrupted states, as listed by Transparency International.   A resource rich country, less than half the population has access to clean drinking water and 20% of the children die before age five. 
President Obiang took over after leading a successful coup against his predecessor, Francisco Macias Nguema, who had, himself, allegedly committed genocide of the main ethnic minority, the Bubi.  He is also suspected of ordering the death of thousands of suspected opponents, closing churches and forcing out approximately a third of the population that was left.

President Obiang feels that “oil revenues are a state secret.”  The family-led dictatorship has used the oil boom to siphon huge payments from U.S. oil companies like Exxon Mobil, according to Human Rights Watch and a 2004 US Senate Investigation.

Obiang, the son, has long been under suspicion and investigation by the United States as well as France.  He was appointed Vice-President by his father in May 2012, possibly to seek his immunity against legal proceedings.
French Arrest Warrant for Equatorial Guinea VP
By Elaine Ganley and Nicolas Vaux-Montagny,
Associated Press, Paris, July 13, 2012
France has issued an arrest warrant for the son of the president of Equatorial Guinea, a suspect in an investigation into the alleged misspending of public funds, a judicial official said Friday.
The warrant followed Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue’s failure to show up for questioning, and eventual preliminary charges, on Wednesday by investigative judges handling the probe, which targets the acquisition of properties in France by the leaders of Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Republic of Congo, the official said.
News of the warrant, initially revealed by the daily Le Monde, came on the same day that UNESCO, the U.N. cultural arm, announced that it will go ahead with presenting a controversial $3 million research prize from Equatorial Guinea next week that pitted nations against each other at the institution dedicated to world harmony through education and culture.
The prize has drawn condemnation from scholars, human rights groups and Western and other nations because of the poor human rights record of oil-rich Equatorial Guinea and corruption within the ruling clan.
The head of the Paris-based U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Irina Bokova, had herself called the award divisive and tried to pressure Equatorial Guinea to withdraw it. With the board’s passage of the prize despite the controversy, she had said she would seek legal counsel about how to proceed and was apparently left with no choice.
The name of President Teodoro Obiang Nguema was removed from the prize, first approved by UNESCO in 2008, to make it less objectionable to detractors, but that failed to calm the fires.
“We condemn UNESCO’s decision to award this prize against the wishes of many of its own member states and international human rights community,” the U.S. ambassador to UNESCO David Killion said in a strongly worded statement. “We simply cannot promote this award given the concerns regarding the questionable source of the prize funds.”
The UNESCO-Equatorial Guinea International Prize for Research in the Life Sciences will be awarded Tuesday to Egypt’s Maged Al-Sherbiny who heads his country’s Academy of Scientific Research and Technology; South Africa’s Felix Dapare Dakora, of Tshwane University of Technology; and Mexico’s Rossana Arroyo, who teaches at National Polytechnic Institute’s Center for Research and Advanced Studies.
It was not immediately clear whether the timing of the two developments was linked.
The warrant seeks the arrest of Obiang, the president’s son, for money laundering and misappropriation of public funds among other things — charges that would have been leveled at the missed hearing as part of the probe, the official said. The judicial official is not authorized to speak publicly about the case and asked not to be identified.
The son’s lawyer, Emmanuel Marsigny, contended that the arrest warrant is worthless because his client, recently named second vice president of his country, is covered by immunity.
“You can think what you want about the Obiang family, but Equatorial Guinea is a sovereign state and he (Obiang, the son) is vice-president and recognized as such,” Marsigny said in an interview.
Last September, French police seized 16 luxury cars of the son, including a Bugatti whose value was estimated at more than €1 million, expenditures suspected of being looted from the country whose population lives
That was followed by a search in mid-February of his vast and luxurious Paris apartment building — a move considered illegal by Equatorial Guinea on the grounds, it said, that the building was part of its diplomatic mission.
The U.S. also has zoned in on Obiang, the son, who is the subject of a U.S. criminal investigation after he moved many millions of dollars of money into the country and, among other things, bought a $30 million home in Malibu, California.
The French arrest warrant “is excellent news which sanctions the flagrant bad faith of Mr. Obiang,” said Joseph Breham, a lawyer with Sherpa, the anti-corruption association at the origin of the French complaint.
The Galactic Federation
Channeled by Blossom Goodchild
July 14, 2012
Blossom: Hello there. Me here. To continue on from last week if I may? We mentioned about different channellers and how messages differ and possibilities as to why. Would you care to go in depth on the subject if you Feel it appropriate?
First and foremost we welcome you to this time we share together.
Oh yes of course, manners Blossom, Welcome to you also!
The subject in which you desire to discuss, like many, has many aspects to its nature. For indeed, we would say that each and every one of you are a channel to yourself. Yet if we are then to speak of frequencies and vibrations and radio waves we are venturing into a much more complex matter. Yet as asked we shall do our best.
When a soul is ‘chosen’ to relay messages for those who are not of this planet, and here we mean ‘chosen’ to be in the public eye, for indeed are there not many who communicate with us, yet remain silent? It is assumed that the majority of those choices will carry out the request for it has been agreed to do so long before it may ever cross the mind of the messenger. Should all agree at the awakening time then much is put into play. For as with you dearest Blossom, it was not that you simply felt it would be appropriate to do so and ‘ Hey Presto.’

Indeed. White Cloud told me my 17-year illness neatly adapted and rewired my body and energy field in preparation for energies to speak through me. I am assuming it is a different set up with White Cloud though? Which we may not need to speak of necessarily today.
Indeed. The process of an energy ‘speaking through’ another is not entirely different yet there is obviously more involved regarding the blending of physicality of each involved.
So then if we may continue, can I ask again about one’s individual knowledge affecting a message? For example, You seem to Know something I may have read during the week, and be able to discuss it with me when I communicate as we are doing. This is why many say that one’s beliefs may influence the direction in which the ‘channelling’ comes through. Is this a possibility?
Let us now get down to the crux of the matter. There are many that ‘bring messages through.’ There are many who ‘think’ they are bringing messages through. Yet, with the deepest respect the desire to do so for many is simply that, the desire, and therefore when they ‘try’ their desire is what is speaking forth as opposed to a Higher dimensional Being or energy.
So the big question of course, How does one tell/know the difference? You’re going to say by the resonance one feels aren’t you?
You read our minds! One must consider this to add to the equation, each one of you is resonating on a frequency that they have ‘become.’ This changes as one’s heart lifts in knowledge and understanding. Therefore one’s Truth can change as one ‘moves to the next floor of the building.’  What one knew on level 3 may be greatly elaborated upon on level 4 so that much that was once forefront on level 3 is merely background music on level 4. Therefore those that read channellings from various souls will resonate with a channelling from level 3 if They are on level 3 etc.
So, let’s say the building has 150 levels – who is the messenger for level 3 channelling?
Without doubt … their ego!
What about those on level 31?
They will be in communication with Lighter Beings than themselves, who were once of and have experienced the Earthly vibration in physicality. We would say that these souls who communicate ‘back to Earth’ would be of a ‘seasoned’ vibration. Not of a soul that still had many a mile to walk on their journey.
Ok, so assuming that this configuration applies throughout the building?
No, because we would suggest that around level 66 one would no longer be in human physical form because their Light would not be able to remain in such a density .
Ok. So Mmm, this is getting complex.
You asked.
True, I’ll persevere as best I can.
We knew of this, Let us for many’s sake, revert to keeping it as basic as we can.
Ok, let me ask then, there are many ‘renowned’ channellers now, whose work is spread far and wide on the internet. Many ‘claiming’ (with all due respect, and me included here),  that they are bringing through messages from a ‘particular group or individual’. Now some have been around a long time, some a short period, yet as I say they have become ‘known.’ How is it that the messages can differ so greatly? Even messages that are supposedly being delivered from the same group? And if not from the same group, from those channellers of notoriety, many saying completely different things about one thing or another. What’s that all about? How is one supposed to know which one to follow? You say by discernment, yet what if your heart is saying ‘this one and this one and this one,’  it can leave one getting ones suitcase out to pack for the funny farm!!
Imagine in your world or even for simplicity, in one country, a central pivotal city . All villages and towns country wide had a pathway that led to this pivotal centre. Yet not one of the folk that lived outside of this centre had ever been to visit it in the physical flesh. Each one of these towns/villages had their own way of doing things. They had done so since ‘time began,’ and to each village/town this was ‘how things were done.’ There was no other way.
Each place had heard that this central pivotal place was about to undergo great change that would have a ripple effect on everyone and everything in that country. So it seemed the right thing to do to assist in any way that anyone could. Therefore, they offered via telepathic means that which ‘they knew’ to be the best possible proposal of assistance and sent through that which they had heard and knew to be Truth regarding this great change that was to take place.
I see where you are going here, yet that pivotal town is left with a ‘melting pot’ of ideas, possibilities, Truths, untruths, myths, prophesies and so on and so on, yet not knowing that any one of them for sure is Thee One.
Then consider this, as we continue our story, The elders of that pivotal centre held council because of the confusion that all this outside information was causing. They decided to look at All the different sources of information and look for a common denominator.
I’m ahead of you, Love!
This is our continued message, and the thread that runs through all messages of Truth.
The Elders found reason in this One Truth. It stripped away all confusion and they decreed to all who resided in that area to disregard all else other than that which brought out the best in oneself. This is the One Truth. By Living In It … You Live How You Came to Live. There Is Nothing Else for You to Know at this Time.
The more you chose to ignore the confusion and rely upon the Love Within Yourself … the More the Answers You Are Seeking Will Reveal Themselves to You. That Which You Desire to Know … You Already Know.
It Presents Itself to You, at Exactly the Right Time That You Agreed to Know it, That Is Why You Do Not Know it All Now. It Isn’t the Right Time to Do So. You Told Yourself That Long Ago.
In a sense no one is right, no one is wrong, each ‘delivery of the Truth’ is right in the hearts of those who bring it forth. Yet note in earnest we say ‘delivery of the Truth.’ By this we mean that many different ‘sources’ are connected to Loving Truth from ‘a particular village,’ and here we add that the receiver perhaps ‘originates’ from the village from which they receive, ( another possibility).
Yet we ask you to acknowledge also the Known fact that there are some messages out there that Are Not and Never Will Be descended from Higher realms. There are messages sent out whose purpose is to deliberately confuse and dupe. They are encoded in order to make one Feel in certain moments that their hearts are being Divinely touched and yet they are encoded also with fear and darkness that leads ones thoughts directly to the place in which the message was intended. Doom and Gloom!
These are easily detectable for if one is feeling Love in one moment of the connection when reading and then the heart begins to race at a pace that is uncomfortable, then this dearest souls, is when the ‘delete’ button should be instantly pressed. It is not a matter of ‘throwing out the baby with the bath water,’ there is no baby, just dirty water in the guise of a baby!
Now, you see this is interesting. You must know then that my neighbour threw out some dirty soapy water on her soil the other day and that very saying came to me and I checked out its meaning in full as it did so. So, back to the beginning, am I not influencing as the receiver, the message you are sending through?
We would say not. We would suggest that we are so in tune with that which your thoughts have digested that we use such instances to our benefit.
Oh cool. that answers too, why in readings White Cloud may show me something I saw in a shop or caught my attention recently and use it as a metaphor for someone. It used to confuse me,  then I just let it be, now I know why/how. Cheers! It feels like we’re done today, Mmm … interesting, you have given us yet again something to ponder over. Until next time, Nanu Nanu!
We are always at your service.
Oh … in that case … I’ll have a cup of tea and a slice of cake please!! In Love and thanks!
Blossom Goodchild

Messages from Archangel Michael
Channeled by Ron Head
July 12, 2012
Our subject for today is the need for responsibility and the willingness to take action.  Both of these things were very necessary before any real change could occur.  We are happy to tell you that, when the need arose, you were up to the task.  Those who had the means and opportunity to take meaningful action did so, and we were then able to see to it that the outcome was as expected and needed.
Things are now off to a good start and the beginnings of the end are in sight.  Although your major information media are still not reporting the obvious, it is easy to see that the word is getting out without them.  Your social media and your alternate news sources have far outstripped them in the reporting of truth and thus are having a marvelous affect in changing the mass consciousness.
Millions of you are getting used to the idea of affecting change with the input of your own intent and imagination.  This is something that was to be avoided at all cost.  The knowledge of your own power was never to come to light.  Now it is too late.  The cat has escaped the proverbial bag.
During this next week, there will be a great boost given to all of this in many ways.  You have a tendency to discuss and perceive of these changes in one or two specific ways.  Please know that what is actually happening is far, far more all-encompassing than that.  Every thought, every action, every person, indeed every particle is becoming involved in bringing about the shift that you desire.  This is what happens under the Will of the Divine.  It cannot be otherwise.  Even the most strenuous efforts in opposition will be bent to the task and will only end up insuring their own defeat.
Momentum is continuing to grow and will do so until the moment when you realize that your new world is here.  This is always the way of it.  Every intention, every word, and where possible, every small action each of you can add will, in the end, prove to have been exactly what was needed.  This, you see, is why we are always acting as your cheerleaders.  We are almost to the day when we will be able to say, “Look!  You have done it!”  Remain steadfast now, dear hearts, and call upon us whenever there is need for our help.  We are never farther away than your thought.
For those of you who are using the suggestions we have given in your meditations, one last image.  When the unconditional love begins to flow out from you, hold your entire world in your hands.  We think you will enjoy the feeling of that.
We will speak again.  Good day.
July 15, 2012

We would like to begin today by pointing out the intense energies you are experiencing.  The upgrades of your energy bodies and DNA are being sped up as we speak.  We would like to caution you to be more careful than usual during the next few days.  You will need some time to assimilate this and learn to deal with it.
Those of you who are in the midst of internal changes and clearing will find these accelerating as well.  If, in the course of these next days, you find yourselves thinking and dreaming of new ways to experience and enjoy the lives you are living, please do not reject and dismiss it.  These are promptings from your higher Selves, which are closer to you now than ever before.  In point of fact, you should now begin to feel the nearness of your entire spiritual families.  The ‘veil,’ as you call it, is in tatters and you should begin to feel a marked increase in communication, at least in feelings and urges.  Closer is, of course, not really true, but merely the best way to describe the situation.  Perhaps we should say that your ability to perceive their presence is being heightened.
We tell you also that, if it is your heart’s desire to embody your highest potential, then now is the time to hold your focus and intent upon that vision.  Reach for the energies that are surrounding you now with the intention of raising your frequencies to the greatest extent possible.  That is, in fact, the purpose behind their being gifted to you.  Every particle, atom, and molecule in your entire body, world, and solar system is being charged at this time.  You will begin to discover that nothing is the same, even if it appears to be for a short time.  Your perceptions do, after all, create your reality.
Release your hold on what you do not wish to carry into your future with you.  Thank it for its contribution to your learning and send it on its way.  Welcome the new story of your new life.  Change, if you think about it, requires energy.  Energy is available to you now as it has never been before.  Breathe it, welcome it, float in it, swim in it, dance in it, and hold an attitude of gratefulness for what it brings you, and we promise you that your tomorrow will be the joyous world you have always known should be yours.
Please allow for all to experience the uplifting if they so desire.  Do not hold yourselves back by dwelling upon retribution for past deeds.  It is important to know what needs to be changed.  It is equally important to forgive and move on.  Your focus in this moment needs to be upon your own rise in consciousness.  What needs to happen for another soul will happen.  That need not concern you.  In fact, you will best serve those souls and yourselves by holding them in the light and wishing for their highest and best progress, as well.
To return to more joyous thoughts, in your quiet moments now, reach out in your thoughts and feelings and you will feel our presence, even if you do not see or hear us… yet.  That, too, you will have soon enough.  Rejoice!  You are almost home.  Rather we should say, home is almost here.
In moments of stress, doubt, or fear, if there should occur any such, reach out for us and ask for our help.  We are no farther away now than your thought.  Hold us in your hearts until the next time we speak, as we hold you in ours.  Good day.
Ron Head

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