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Isis' Message of the Day -

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~
Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, when you’re in that place of excitement and you’re even talking with another one, perhaps, sharing your dream and your ideas and you are in that shared place of excitement, you have an opening of energy. You are open to receiving help, assistance from the higher realms. And then what you are planning to do is given more impetus to move forward.
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All You Need Is Love
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
The world is awash with so many mental and emotional 'redundant' shells of thought forms that have, and are, being displaced by the clearing process that is being participated in by multi-millions upon the planet, whose energies and focus of intent are indeed on self preparation and of self cleansing. These so obvious misplacements have been occurring for some years as the world and  it's inhabitants move steadfastly towards the greater light, and the greater joy. This is also beginning to fill those places where the discarded energies once were, and flowing into those now pure virginal spaces, with far greater light.
Days are now gone when the hanging on to those old and obsolete patterning or well outdated habits that no longer serve highest good is all but over, being ostracized and disposed of once and for all. The violet flame of transmutation heralded by beloved St. Germain and Lady Portia, with AA Zadkiel and Archei Amethyst, comes into its own as these holders of the violet flame are on hand to assist and remove that which you are now ejecting from your auric fields, or  from any part of your multifaceted selves, that now no longer serves you. A time indeed to discontinue with any outmoded and unneeded debris, let go!
You are marching into the higher echelons of this ascension processing as it is nearing the time and place where the days of reckoning are arriving on the near horizon, when past and present fall into a oneness and the future is then  realized, chosen and co-created by you and all other radiant light beings and starseed, along with countless beacons of light that are here in number. The armada of light is growing by the day and by the very nature of All That Is, will  this fleet of ships be ever victorious as the way is surely paved with gold. For this golden light flows down with a crystalline purity, blessing and caressing each and everyone and everything upon this vibrant planet, Mother Earth.
As those discarded thought patterns and emotional debris' are jettisoned then simply engage with the loving grace of our beloved fellow travelers upon the violet ray. The day shall come when you will see an action replay of all that is, and all that will be occurring, and it will behoove you greatly to perceive of that which you now do, in the name of God, yea, in the name of Love! There is no power like the power of love, for it is the omniversal and universal glue, that adheres every thought, word and action. It is the precursor of Alpha and Omega, it is the harmony of the Central Suns that warm the very heart and the very soul of all and everything. Love simply Is. It quantifies everything with the grace and purity of the virginal and resonating 'OM' that begat this creation...
"All You Need Is Love," was indeed an amplification of the melody of Hu-man kind to Mother Father God, to the Ultimate Being, as harmony is the food that behooves all upon and within this beloved planet, the solar system and within our local universe. Love indeed makes the world go around, and it is indeed such a tonic and 'Pass Go Free Card' that has and will open all doors to the searching, aspiring soul. It will fill all hearts with immeasurable and joyous pleasure, with succinct and perfect acknowledgment that Love was, is, and will surely ever be the motivational, magic and mystical inspiration to all!
As you all together rise through the redundant quagmires of yesteryear, will it be pristine clear that the living will indeed not be in vain. The efforts and the tenacity, the power and the simplicity, the determination and the so divinely orchestrated purpose of intent. All will shine forth it's victory song with each and everyone participating in this, the greatest geometrically perfect and soul rendered inspiration of All You Need Is Love...and more...and yet more Love.
The light is ever and always victorious, you are the light! Love is ever a cradle for the soul, you are that love! Pure and pristine love, as the past, present and future merge into a Oneness of All That Is. Be the light and love of the world! Simply Be You! Be....

Namaste, Selemat Ja

Each Day is A Prayer - an Affirmation!
Each and every day can well be an answered prayer or poetry in motion, for those words of sincerest  intent and honorable affirmation can well indeed be the precursor of all that good is, for each ensuing day. Making one a focus in the looking glass of self  mirrors the  true image eye to eye, face to face, heart to heart, and as those words of purely loving and aspiring invocation are uttered forth then the connection to All That God Is, is cemented. Self assertion and self esteem, along with self acceptance and self allowing, unify and marry to co-create the ‘playing fields’ for an immediate and infinitely true love affair with that precious God-dess  within each seeking and searching soul. 
This inner bonding is an immaculate concept of all that is of purity and of pricelessness as the dualities begin to merge and meld into Sacred Oneness and androgynous non-polarity. Each day is ever an expression of our meditative endeavors and each and every moment becomes an infinite expression of the magical balancing of right and wrong, him and her, left and right etc. etc. Each minute and every eventuality of each and every day become as one as the poetry and motion invite the whole experience into an exactness of equilibrium, that put all things onto the  universal  scales of balance, harmony and justice. The days become, in truth, a walking living meditation encapsulating all events and occurrences no matter how big or how minute they might be, into a 24 /7 of attempted harmonious activity and of selfless focus embracing all into The Inner Being!
The days may project themselves with lesser imbalance and also limited discord, yet all aspects of undue variation are easily enveloped with your inner - and outer- poise and persuasion. This ejects all that  unqualified is from one’s equilibrium and self assertion,  yet gently with unassuming control and balance. There comes a time when there is not a need to ‘take time out,’ as it were, to specifically sit and meditate. Your whole day can well be an inner prayer of an outer truth, and may well be that these‘meditations’ are an expression of much sought for balance and peace. All your actions of the day - including every thought, word, deed and motivation - shall grow from a space of balance and fine tuning, and a space of ease and grace. When all and everything is at this peak of balance, harmony and melodious at-one-ment - then you surely begin to see a little of whom and what  you really are, as the Universal Mind and your grandeur self  are in total harmony and in sacred geometric alignment.
Twenty four hours day and night is what we are living right now, and there is only a very slight  shift necessary to invoke all shortcomings or minor frustration into our heart focus  and to make each day an answer to a prayer, as the walking daily meditation is surely on ‘all systems go!’ Bringing  humor into the equation, perhaps, we might remind ourselves that the said 24 hour day of yesteryear is greatly reducing or imploding into itself, and with our commitment and continuing ‘fine tuning,’ is now significantly but 13 hours or so. As we continue daily to ‘walk our talk’ and also to walk our path, we therefore attract ever  greater and finer light inputs, recharging on both personal and planetary levels, thereby ensuring an ever increasing light held quotient which is sheer emphasis of whom we are.
Remember we well the heavy clouds that hung menacingly oe’r the heavens as we awaited in expectation for the day when the sun really began to shine, after the winds and storms did level trees and dwellings and the seemingly not so harmonious, harmonic convergence was to be experienced by the stalwart light workers and star seeds whose hearts and souls were so attuned to that day! As by their most sacred presence did they make possible, aid, and abet the Gods in full force, as it were, on that so awesome day of days, as Metatronic minuscule and magnitude momentum, of sacred geometry in sheer pyramidical splendor was precisely enacted and the keys of all that was to be were deftly and divinely turned. A day amongst many that were ‘prayed’ for and in heightened ‘meditative’ consciousness and focus were the energies realized. This one whom writes these words did sleep the night as a babe and  seeming havoc reined outside; yet most times did the mere blinking of an eye  his rest disturb. Being one with the nature, being one with the rising energies, being one...
So then was a day that was also an almighty attainment by the unified focused collective as the 7 planet line up in the year 2000, in Anchorage, Alaska, in May 3, 4, 5, when this scribe again followed his inner guidance and traveled to that place, physically alone, yet an army of  lighted beings from all Universal Brotherhoods and Cosmic Lords and Ladies of all sectors, vectors and multi time lines were with him. With him too were the unified mass of light workers, world wide, all at a prearranged time namely noon on May 4th. 2000, who all Prayed and Meditated  in a most marveling unification and Oneness of Being, to trigger off and energize totally the re-opening of the Mighty Crystal portals that he was party to over 14,500 years ago in closing the Atlantis end times. Since that all important event have the wondrous, worthy and so magnificent Christed beings who walk daily this beloved planet, are furthering the expansion and addition to the Crystal Grid system and all is in perfect divine order, for so it surely is.
Praying and meditating, those most special and effective tools that all may have a need to utilize, as they open up countless doorways to the immaculate concept and to the purity of our hearts and souls, affording the realization of  impeccable and un -improvised joy and ecstatic reunion of the yin and the yang, which merge into a marriage of peace and poetry. Let us strive to make each day a day of aspiration and of achievement for thus far has that been an outstanding success. We each, one and all, are likened to that ‘trigger point’ high in the mountains of Alaska, where you all do knowingly or unknowingly lend your prayers, your focus, your meditational skills. With your very ‘heart of hearts’ you bring about these so grand and necessary shifts and adjustments whilst you are blessing our beloved Mother Earth as she indeed blesses you!  
Each day can well be an answered prayer and as we together expand and harmonize then can we liken it to beautiful poetry in motion. Some days  may we seem to struggle; it’s not that we are really struggling, we are simply placing bets and treading water as we splash a wee bit before staring off once again. Do not be wary of the lesser days for they are to show you just how darned strong and truly remarkable "You Truly Are!" It is incredible   to share with you all these words that  come from our hearts to yours, for we who dwell in the lighter side of the veil are at times in awe of the rigors and the trials that you move through! May we once again convey our deepest love as we acknowledge you a thousand times a thousand fold and applaud you, for we are blessed to be beside you each and every
Selemat Ja.... Namaste.  Metatron and Sananda  
(c) Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and ever United Kingdom. Feel free to copy and share, affording full credit to the source. Remember That the Light Is Always Victorious... Love Is! Email:   * 

First Impressions Are Intuitive
by Owen K Waters
Whenever you step firmly into heart-centered consciousness, your awareness immediately becomes more connected to your inner source of intuition. Through intuition, you become aware of information about people, places and events that springs from the essence of those people, places and events. This information is not delivered through the outside senses, although it may unfold within you at the same time that you receive sensory information.
While visual information relates only to the sense of sight, intuitive information includes much more. It includes all sensory information – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste - and, in addition to that, the thoughts, feelings and memories that are relevant to the situation.
First impressions are more than just visual. They are intuitive as well. When you are about to meet a person for the first time and you are approaching them, you will receive a visual impression and your consciousness will also receive impressions about the nature of their consciousness, such as their true emotional state. That intuitive stream of information will come into your awareness alongside the visual stream and, if you are aware that it exists, you can add the intuitive information to your conscious impression of the person.
Everyone receives this intuitive information stream unconsciously, but, for it to arrive in your conscious mind, you have to:
1) Be aware that it exists.
2) Be open to receiving it.
The more you practice having an openness to intuitive information, the more this will develop.
Most people are not aware of their mental and emotional transmissions. In a crowd of people, these transmissions add together and there is as much mental noise as there is physical noise. As you become more in tune with your inner senses, you will find that, on some occasions, it’s better not to access your intuitive information for a time, just to give yourself some peace from the volume of mental noise.
At night, when you travel out-of-body in the spirit realms, communication is different than when you are awake in your physical body. The natural method of communication in your spirit body is to exchange information with others via thought. In the spirit world, people naturally know when to open for a communication and when to close down their thought transmissions again. There, you sense when a person ‘opens’ to you and sends a mental greeting, or when they are ‘closed’ and not offering any communication.
In daily life, first impressions are intuitive as well as visual. The reception of such information is automatic, but the conscious mind misses this information feed when it is focused entirely upon the external world.
Be more aware of your own intuitive information. Be open to it. Then, it will flow right into your conscious mind along with the visual information that your conscious mind is receiving.

Owen K Waters is the author of Spirituality Made Simple, which is available both as a paperback and a downloadable e-book, at:
Messages from Archangel Michael
by Ron Head
June 28, 2012
Today it is well for us to speak about peace.  Of course we are not speaking about a cessation of hostilities in the world, although that will soon be your experience, as well.  The peace we wish to discuss is the end of hostilities within your mind and body.
Your soul has been wanting this for all of your life here on Earth.  Perhaps not all really, it is likely that learned behavior is responsible for a great deal of the problem, although much of it is brought forward from your previous experiences, as well as the influences of others which you have, knowingly or not, assumed were yours.
Those of you who are sensitive to the feelings and emotions of those around you, and that includes almost everyone who will read our words, also, in most cases, are still learning to separate those emotions from your own.
In the past, there were years spent learning to quiet one’s mind and emotions, if any attempt were made at all.  There is no time left for that sort of game to be played.  We know that sounds a bit stern, but it is time now for the real masters that you are to stand up and step forward.  There is one paramount assignment which you assumed upon agreeing to be here at this time.  You knew that you would need to be at peace in the midst of upheaval.  How does one do that?
You, many of you, have always avoided crowded places simply because you were so sensitive to the thoughts and emotions around you.  How will you remain calm in such times?  The knowledge of how to do that is within you.  And we are telling you now that the means has been given you in these past days, as well.  You are carrying within you a much greater resource of love and light than you have ever had before while on this planet.  You have been told many times how to connect with that.  If you have made any attempts to do so, you are aware that one of the things it imparts to you is total peace in any circumstance.
We hope you are using some of your moments every day to seek this inside yourselves.  This will spill over into your outer lives as a matter of course.  But we ask you to intend that this happen in order to speed the process.  You will need this solid ground on which to stand.  Find the heart center of your being and think, speak, and act from there.  Do this and all will be well with you.  Intend this and do not allow words, actions, or circumstances to shake that intention.
You have been told that you are the strongest of the strong.  The time approaches for you to find out why we have told you that.  As change is measured in the universes, you will not be asked to weather long years of this.  But the abruptness and quantity of change will be difficult for some of you, and for most of those who do not expect it.
Remember also that you are not now, and never have been, alone.  Call upon us.  Call upon your Creator.  Ask for the peace and strength we are speaking of and it will be yours in full measure.  Allow it into your hearts and cherish it as we cherish each of you.
We are your loving family and we stand with you always.  Our promise is that very soon you will have the knowing of this.
Your anticipation and desire are important tools
It is my task and privilege today to address the question you have asked of the Creator of All That Is.  It is a very important topic indeed.  And although it could be answered in a very short sentence, we will give it the attention it deserves.
You have asked to know what is going on today in the Reality, and not in the illusory world of arrests, banking, fear stories, and so forth.  There is, of course, one main objective to all that is happening, but we will not give your sincere question such short shrift.  Neither is there space in a daily message such as this to even begin to explain all that is occurring, for there is nothing in your universe which is not being affected by this thing you term Ascension.
We could say that even the atoms, and indeed particles, in your universe are being changed.  But the reality is that the energies of which these consist in themselves are changing.  Which is why we have said that nothing will be the same.  When we say that nothing will be the same after this, we mean that there is no thing which will not have undergone fundamental change.  And since everything is derived from this energy, this frequency, this love, of the All, it will be forever and completely changed from what it has been.  Add to this that your manner and ability to perceive your world will also have changed completely.
Many, if not most, of you are in anticipation of an Event.  There will indeed be an Event.  Many, if not most, of you are primed for a huge and disruptive change in your outside world.  And this may indeed occur, although we intend for that to be the least disruptive possible.  But the real Event that is approaching, the one that will change everything forever, will not be anything of that nature.  The real Event will be the reaching, by you, of the level of consciousness that will see the final lifting of the veil separating the worlds.
You anticipate this, we know.  But you can only imagine it using the tools in your current state of consciousness.  These are inadequate to the task.  But we continue to describe it to you because your anticipation and desire are important tools, as well.  Everything in your world is a creation of human thought and endeavor.  But now the human who thinks and endeavors is going to fundamentally change.
Truly you are going to drop the masks you have assumed in order to play this game once and for all.  Try as we may, we cannot truly describe to you what that will be like.  But we can assure you that you have never, on this planet, experienced the life of joy that will be yours.  That day approaches now with increasing speed.  Please continue to use daily all the tools you have learned to employ.  Imagination, dreams, intentions, prayer, and meditation are all important.  You are soon to see the power of these things demonstrated in full.  Live, as much as possible for you, each day in your best image of what that shall be like.  Share that vision with the world, at least in your imagination.  And know, dear ones, that infinite numbers of us are adding our efforts to yours in every moment.
We send to each of you who are reading these words our love and friendship.  Be at peace until we speak again.  Good Day Dear Hearts.
Ron Head

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Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. Blessings. Blessings. Blessings to all. Fill your heart with love. Bring to mind a moment in your life when you have felt love or been “in love”. Make that memory real. Feel it, see it. Bring the memory to mind several times throughout the day. See how the memory brings a smile to your face. See how the memory changes how you feel. You choose the moments you focus on during your day. Chose the ones that fill you with joy and bring smiles to your face. Bless your hearts.

Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *     

SaLuSa: Cleansing Will Spread Across The World
Through Mike Quinsey
June29, 2012
The hot topic that occupies most of you is the commencement of the arrests so that you are in no doubt that the final days of the cabal have arrived.  Needless to say, it will cause a sensation across the world and the media will have to respond. They will be inundated with calls asking for an explanation, and eventually even those that are conservative will be forced to give the true reasons for what is happening. There will be official announcements in the U.S., and careful steps taken to ensure that people have the correct understanding of why the arrests are taking place. Doubt will exist until it becomes clear that the actions are in the interests of all people, by providing a scenario whereby they can be released from the hold of the dark Ones. There will be deliberate disinformation circulated by those still under the control of the Illuminati, but we will make it clear that the Military are involved as a back up for those making the arrests. They are not execution squads and will only use weapons if they or the Marshalls are attacked, in the course of their legitimate pursuits.
The first real action now enables the next part of our plans to go forward, unimpeded by interference intended to delay progress. There will be a pressing need to set up a provisional government of representatives that have proved they are trustworthy and honest. Ones who have already been primed of their responsibilities to you the people. So at last our promises to you can be shown to be genuine and your rights will be restored. First things first and when we are satisfied that no further dangers exist, we can go forging ahead with other aspects of our plan.
Do you do not need to rub your eyes as what you see and hear about is really happening, and is the Lightworkers taking charge of your destiny. Even those of you who live outside of the U.S. are part of the plans, and the cleansing will spread across the world. It is after all a plan for everyone who is ready to ascend, but will naturally effect those who have other plans for their future. With freedom comes choice and all of you will ultimately find yourselves exactly where you should be.
In the distance there is of course the long awaited contact with you through disclosure. With everything that is taking place those personnel under oath of secrecy will be released from that responsibility, and free to tell you of their own experiences that support our existence. You know quite a lot already but when it is made public, it will reach those who have not normally followed such matters or in some cases are in a state of disbelief. There is clearly much work to be done to convince people we are not just your friends, but your family. However, we believe that our presence will soon be seen for what it is, and we will be welcomed to land on your precious Earth. We do of course need that contact to establish working groups to be part of the cleansing forces.
All will happen in good time, but it will speed along once we get started as their is much to do in just a few months. We sense that the excitement is growing at the thought of your liberation from the controlling powers, and your lives being lifted up into the Light. The end times for this cycle were planned many eons ago, and in spite of any thoughts to the contrary when you needed help it arrived. Our efforts and that of the Spiritual Hierarchy have guided you to this point in time, and now you are about to seize the wonderful opportunity to ascend. Deep down you always knew that your experiences would end in your return to the higher realms. It is where you came from and where you are entitled to be as Beings of Light. The lower dimensions are home to those who have become embroiled in the darkness that has pulled them down, but they have benefitted from being around you even if they do not yet acknowledge the Light.
Understand that many souls who do not ascend have not necessarily failed to lift themselves up, but have planned their experiences in that way. So do not judge others who follow a different path to you, and allow for them to have the same choices as you have had to map your own destiny. Your freedom may be taken from you at times but it will always be returned by divine right. Remember God and remember Mother Gaia as both are like your parents, they have always been watching you and providing you with help. It has been given even if you have not known the source of it, and now it would be nice for you to acknowledge it and show your gratitude. A loving thought or prayer would bring even more Love and Light back to you, and that is the Law of Attraction working at its highest level.
Dear Ones from here on the going will gradually get easier, and we will be by your side to ensure that having come this far you do not fail at the last moment. Of course there will be physical changes, but as the vibrations lift up the extent of them will not be as severe as some perceived. There is no need for large scale devastation to restore Mother Earth to her pristine condition. Whilst we must allow what needs to be done, we can assist Mother Earth who certainly does not want her activities to cause undue harm to life. With adequate warning people can move out of harms way, and we will be there to help. We must not forget that the Inner Earth Beings are also waiting the call to surface, and they have so much to offer you. They are also your family from many thousands of years ago, and will delight in making contact with you again.
You are of course a mixture of Beings who are related to various Star Civilizations of mainly humanoid origin. These will come to Earth to meet their own and you will have many uplifting meetings with them as old memories return. So you see that you are as much Space Beings as those who many view as different to yourselves. In any event you are all One with the Source so please treat others as yourself and be kind and considerate at all times.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased you are nearing the end of the road of what has been a deep and lasting experience in duality.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *   

Ashtar Command: Cue the Orchestra
June 27, 2012
What we wish to do is remove this pyramidal power structure of abuse and control that has been designed here in your world and has been used as an organized means to attempt to control your every thought, your every movement, your every dream, your every wish, your every day and your every way of your existence. We see the removal of each and every one of these blocks that comprise this massive pyramid as the most important steps for you as a race to take. Nothing can be done until these dark lords of power are removed from your society. They have plotted and schemed and bribed and stolen and abused and threatened and murdered their way deep into the trenches of every system and form of government all throughout your entire world.
They have left barely a stone unturned in their pursuit of total control and domination of your countries and every citizen within them. They were not planning on stopping their assault until every human alive was made their prisoner. This is how they think. These are the thought processes of those who currently control your world on a daily basis. They do not know decency, for they do not understand decency. They do not understand love, charity, mercy, kindness, forgiveness or empathy. They do not know the meaning of these words. These words are foreign to them, and so are the emotional expressions that accompany them, for they do not possess the same inner strings as you do and therefore these notes cannot be plucked no matter how hard one tries to teach them the music, for they cannot hear the music and they will never willingly dance to it.
It is only you, the members of your human race, who have ears to hear this music and the hearts to feel it. You are different than they. We do not wish to ever draw lines between people or races, worlds or galaxies, but here in your world is a very rare case, for here in your world there are, let us say for the sake of simplistic understanding,  two distinct types of beings that walk your Earth. Let us compare one of these types of beings to a being who can love another being and understand what love is and why they love this other being, and let us describe this other type of being who walks your world as a being who does not love another, who cannot love another, as they do not understand what love is, for love is a foreign emotion that exists not within their people or within themselves. It is as if a foreign word has been spoken to them and this word bounces off ears made of tin and falls directly to their feet.

This is what is happening in your world today. These are the two types of beings that, to put it in its simplest terms, walk the face of your Earth. Beings that can love and do love and beings that cannot love and may never be able to love if they continued to live on your planet for another billion years. One of these species has to leave, there can be no other way for the survival of both these types of beings, for you cannot mix these two different beings into one society, it just will not work on many different levels. What we have come here to do is help the race that can and does love remove this other type of being from their midst. We are also beings who can love and do love and you, the beings that do possess love within your hearts, are our brothers and our sisters, and although there are many ways we are connected, our strongest connection is through the love that we can feel and feel for each other. We will help you rid your world of those who cannot love, for if they are permitted to continue to live amongst you there will come a day and it will come soon when they will reach the final stage of their agenda to enslave those who are different from them, those who can love.

We feel we of the higher realms have stepped in and intervened at the right moment, and the last moment we feel that was possible before the dark's agenda brought the curtain down on the human race. We feel matters are now very much in control in our favor, and we will not allow the safety and well-being of your people to recede back into a dangerous or precarious area. You have our word, the word of your brothers and your sisters, that the agenda of the dark ones to enslave your people will never be permitted to continue, and at this time the many blocks that they have constructed of their pyramidal structure of power and control, abuse and profit, of surveillance and extortion, are being removed and broken into pieces one by one and day by day. We, together with you, will see to this and see that those of the dark are removed from your Earth and are never permitted to return here ever again.

This is one of the priorities of our mission, and our plan is now unfolding. In the days ahead, every facet of this operation will be fully explained to you as you will be fully taking part in it and working right alongside of us as we rid your world of these parasites who have wreaked so much havoc and spread so much disease, poverty, mayhem and destruction throughout your world like rivers that burst their dams and spilled over their banks swallowing up cities, towns and small villages throughout every corner of your globe. We, together with you, will dry up these floodwaters and reseal these embankments and allow your cities, your countries and your people to thrive once again on the fertile soils of your new world.

Help us help you rid your planet of these beings who do not belong here, who have never belonged here, who have never earned the right to be here, who are only here through a freak of nature, through an accident of enormous proportions, an accident that has left damage and an aftermath we intend, with your assistance, to rectify and remove any evidence of its existence from throughout every corner of your world and throughout your history. This is a great endeavor, and what has gone into the planning stages of this mission is beyond the level of understanding of many of you at this time. There are here now representatives from thousands of worlds, hundreds of galaxies, numerous different races and beings from many different dimensions. There are beings here who have come in service to this mission, to our Creator and to you from different timelines, and you would more clearly understand this as time travel. This is how important this mission is deemed by beings all throughout every corner of this immensely vast universe.

You, the beings known as Human, are the centerpieces of this entire mission. It is you that this mission cannot succeed without, and it is you that must make the initial moves throughout every step of this operation, as you are the maestros and it is you that conducts our entire universal orchestra. We must wait for you to cue our instruments before we may start to play. We find ourselves in a constant state of waiting for you to make your move before we can make our move in support of you in many different ways. There are many moves that we have waited on you to make, and there are many moves that you have indeed made, we wish you to understand this, and wish you to know that progress has been made steadily since the undertaking of this great endeavor. It is at this time we again wait for you, the people of Earth, to make your move.

What we are waiting on is for those termed our Earth allies to kick into high gear their mission to take into custody all the men and women listed as members and associates of your criminal cabal, their underlings, and all who conspire and have conspired with them. These beings must be removed from your society before we can begin the implementation of many projects we hold as very necessary for the continued safe passage of many of your people. There are challenges coming over the horizon for your world and we wish to be able to be there right by your side when these challenges come into view. Help us help you and we will do just that. Make your move, we wait for you, the conductors, to cue us and our orchestra will begin to play. This is our promise to you.

We are your ascended family of the Ashtar Command.

Received by Greg Giles
I am a Starseed, incarnate of the Indigo Ray and channel for the Galactic Federation and my Star Family from the Ashtar Command, an 11th dimensional Osequeq collective from the Star System Tauri C; Amanda, Arisa, Rona, Jella, Morgana, Sophia, Germana, Capella, Jackie, Romana, Angela, Patricia, Anthony, Gifta, Maria, Mercula, Pierca, Ramulete, Augusta, Chevron, Thomas. I have incarnated at this time on assignment to advance my education and assist this planet and its people in their time of ascension to a higher dimensional existence.  *    
Energy Update: We're in the Void
by Meredith Murphy
June28, 2012

Hello Beautiful Being!

I'm writing a new energy update, but wanted just to pop in today and connect.

We're in the Void. Do you feel it? It's that empty space where it feels like nothing is happening when we thought everything was going to start moving and shaking.
Persevere and enjoy. This is a natural part of clearing and changing, and especially after the deep shifts many of us have felt happening since the March Equinox, the Eclipse Cycle, the Venus Transit, the Uranus-Pluto Square and the Solstice, now we're in a deep period of integration and emergence. Life is going again to birth. Now is a time to allow these deep changes to penetrate and perpetuate a new way of being. To enjoy this still point and just be, trusting that all that we've released and shifted will come forth in a new configuration of our experience. It's a time to breathe deeply and fill our energy field through appreciation of the simple things in life while we allow our bodies to do their amazing work of assimilating all this newness into form.
I love this picture which is filled with golden light.  I've seen this light in many readings lately as the light body attunes to higher frequencies and can carry these in a more sustained way. Beautiful.

We're mid-way through this amazing year and some enormous alignments are integrating.  Smile at yourself.  Rest easy.  Enjoy this stillness while deep layers of being come into a new coherence.

Blessings and light,
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