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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Increasing Intensity of the Chaotic Node: The Gulf of Mexico
3.)  Polaris: The Gulf Oil Spill: Invitation for Change
4.)  We Move as Ever as a Oneness
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  The Altar You Build
7.)  The Great Paradox Of Infinite Being

Isis' Message of the Day -
My Prayer...
Is for mankind to wake-up before it is too late.
For the masses to listen to the messengers sent to give you the opportunity of a lifetime. To give you all the love, devotion and information you need to ascend to the "Golden Galaxy."
For the masses to see the damage to Mother Earth they are causing by not accepting responsibility for their own actions and blaming it on others.
To see the pain and suffering they are creating by their lack of compassion for their fellow man. To see the pain in the eyes of the mothers, fathers and children in war torn countries.
To hear the cry of those who want freedom and equality. To stop the segregating one human being from another by seeing "your" kind and "my" kind ... for there is but one kind..."God's kind."
For all weapons of distruction made for but one thing... to kill, maim and destroy to be laid down by those using them and for them to say, "NO MORE!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!"
To see help for the homeless and starving all over the world.
To see world leaders turn to the Light and away from greed and control.
My Heart...My Soul... Is crying out..
For all the millions upon millions of human beings who are still treading the path of hate and bigotry.
For the cruelty to animals by those without love and charity in their hearts.
For those who are apathetic about everything around them.
My Heart and Soul is Grateful for...
All the Lightworkers who work so diligently to try and reach out to others.
My beloved Archangel Michael who has guided, protected and loved me throughout all the trials and tribulations, as well as the days of working together to complete our 'earth mission.'
For all the amazing people I have come in contact with through this medium...the Internet.
For all those who have worked with me day in and day out, year in and year out... by graciously allowing me to publish their work in my publication and on my web site.
And last but not least...For all you who are reading this and passing it on...helping to spread the Divine Light into a corner of the world. May we all meet in the "Golden Galaxy" and celebrate our Ascension together.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. Blessings to all. We are love. We come to be the expression of love. We come to open you to all aspects of love. We wish you to experience love in all of its wonders. Love is what makes everything you experience worth it. The contrast of other emotions makes the experience of love that much richer. Notice the contrast. Then focus on where is love showing up in your world. Bless each time it shows up. Bless the person who is expressing this love. Make this a game. See how many times a day you see love show up in your world. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"   * 

Increasing Intensity of the Chaotic Node: The Gulf of Mexico
A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon
June 23, 2010
You are entering a very difficult passage in this phase of the Chaotic Node. Danger to planetary life has been created through human arrogance, greed and stupidity. We are speaking here of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. You have not been told the entire truth about the situation by your media or by your government. The situation is dire and there are multiple possible timelines that intersect this event.
We wish to discuss some of these, but then shift our attention to you, the individual human. These timeline possibilities we are discussing are malleable, changeable. They are not written in stone, as the saying goes. There are so many factors involved in the ecological disaster unfolding in the Gulf; it is difficult to predict the actual outcome, as it will appear in your three-dimensional reality. And as we have said before, things can radically change even in the eleventh hour.
The oil and gas reserves that have been punctured are vast, and if it is not contained it will unfold into several possibilities.
One of these extreme possibilities is the extinction of much (if not all) sea life in the Gulf region and a transporting of the contaminants into the Atlantic Ocean through the Gulf Stream to the coast of Europe, where a high level of toxicity will negatively affect ocean life in these regions of the Atlantic. If the puncture is not sealed, pollution of the entire Atlantic Ocean is a distinct possibility, and eventually the rest of the world’s oceans will be compromised. The further away from the Gulf region, the less toxicity there will be. But one distinct possibility is an eventual contamination of the entire Earth’s oceans.
In a worsening scenario, the methane gas, the natural gases in this field, could erupt and break through the ocean floor creating a tsunami of immense destructive capability as well as the release of poisonous gases into the region.
Another worse case scenario would unfold if the rift in the ocean floor were large enough to create a tectonic shift that rises up from the Gulf into the Mississippi and into the Great Lakes. This would be a disastrous scenario far beyond imagination.
Again, the current situation in the Gulf is a direct result of human arrogance, greed and stupidity on the part of the corporations involved in this incident and due to governmental negligence. The primary value that drives these corporate interests is profit, and so risks were taken that should have never been taken had the sanctity of life been included in the equation, but such was not the case. Sadly this is a trait of the age you are now leaving, and you are witnessing, first hand, the defamation of the waters of the Earth by a culture that depends upon oil and corporate interests that prevent the utilization of other technologies, all in the name of profit.
What will your money be worth if life is compromised? This simple intelligence test seems to have been failed. You are literally at the brink of the collapse of the old world and a chaotic birthing into the new.
The Chaotic Nodes are upon you in ever-increasing intensity. We view these as birth contractions, the birthing of a new Earth. And while the birthing of the new world is unfolding before you, if you are caught in one of the contractions it can be quite difficult.
In our opinion there is no place on Earth that will not be affected by the planetary changes, both natural and manmade. Some areas of the world will be less intensely affected, but all will be radically altered. Life on your planet is an interconnected web.
We advise those who are currently living in the Gulf region from twenty miles inland to the coastline to be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared. This is a time for honed intuition and instinct. If you feel an intuition to leave the area, this will be an intelligence test. Who will pass and who will fail is simply the impersonal force of evolution at hand.
If the Gulf incident continues without mitigation, then this will be a time of immense challenges for the entire planet. And so even if you are not living near the Gulf, this is a time for intuition and instinct. Our advice is to hone these abilities within you and to act on the revelations that come to you. Each of you will be in the place, the circumstances and the timing based upon your level of evolution and what you came to Earth to experience.
However bleak a situation may appear to you, we wish to convey clearly this message: you are the co-creator of your reality. Move upward in consciousness, even if those around you move downward. If the situation deteriorates it will be a difficult time, in that, mass hysteria will increase, and you will have to find the center path, the narrow passage that leads upward. In the past we have given suggestions on how to bootstrap your consciousness. We won’t go into those here. You may find them in the Archives.
Now is the time to step into your spiritual authority if you have not already done so. A dividing line is being drawn by evolution. The planet is responding to human greed, arrogance and stupidity. Gaia will survive this. It is not clear if the bulk of humanity will.
But even in the midst of this moving darkness there are exquisite opportunities to move upward in consciousness, both as individuals and as culturally creative/cooperative human communities.
You can also expect a continual deterioration of your financial system. The seeming recovery was a result of propping up a house of cards, and that house is beginning to shake again.
Our suggestion is to not be frightened by these changes that are upon you, but recognize them as breaks in the walls of a prison that have been erected around you. Step through the cracks into your freedom. You are creator gods and goddesses. You hold an immense power in your hands, but you have been sleeping and unaware of the immensity that you possess. Perhaps with this crisis in the Gulf, more of humanity will awaken and demand an end to the old ways that threaten all life.
The Hathors 
Who Are the Hathors? The Hathors say that they are a group of interdimensional, intergalactic beings who were connected ancient Egypt through the Temples of the Goddess Hathor, as well as several other pre-history cultures. Read more at:  *    

Polaris: The Gulf Oil Spill: Invitation for Change
Channeled by Karen Murphy
28 Jun 2010
We wish to comment on the recent oil spill occurring in the Gulf of Mexico. At the risk of sounding overly simplistic or obvious, the fallout and end result of this spill is anticipated to be both more far-reaching than presently imagined and unclear as to scope for many years to come. Both the magnitude of this spill and the ongoing responses and effects are presently underestimated by the majority of the scientific community. This is, in a way, understandable, as the event is unprecedented in human history — previous spills did not occur in heavily populated areas, and the Gulf is a central oceanic pivot point, essentially affecting a vastly larger section of the planet’s total oceans than the area of the Gulf itself. But this underestimation is also na´ve and reflects a misperception regarding the ocean’s existence as a single, united entity.

In other words, what affects one part of the ocean on one part of the planet ultimately has an effect on the rest of the ocean and as a result, the entire planet. This is a concept that will be coming to light over the next 50 years or so as effects of the spill are parsed, measured, and recorded.
One result of the spill, therefore, at least in the not-too-distant future, will likely be scientific acknowledgement that there is really only a single ecosystem on the planet; that all life is connected, intertwined, and interdependent.
Effects of the spill

While that interconnectedness is well and good and will reflect growing change in the understanding of human effect upon the planet, there are other effects closer at hand and perhaps less desirable.
1. Biodiversity decreases. Species like pelicans, cetaceans, fishes, kelp, algaes, and numerous single-celled organisms are being affected in obvious ways. Any time large numbers of a single species are wiped out by disaster or disease, it increases the chances for that species to dwindle to extinction. Most of the affects won’t be immediate, however, as dramatic as the available footage of oil-soaked birds and dolphins may be. Instead, the danger for the future lies in the availability of an untainted food source through the planet’s oceans. We anticipate a number of species moving toward extinction over the next several years, especially as the snowball affect of tainted food sources increases.
2. Political coverup. For many people in positions of power, mass-scale events like this precipitate the need to keep oneself safe from harm. Every man for himself. Because of that very common and very human response, we see that choices have been made and likely will continue to be made in order to create protection for those who might otherwise be excoriated by an angry public demanding a right to know why their oceans have been tainted for generations to come. This desire to protect runs deep and has itself a snowball effect, creating a veil of secrecy to prevent fingers of blame from being accurately pointed.
The far-reaching effects of this are deeper than they appear on the surface and portray a mindset we find becoming prevalent in first-world culture. As global culture begins to move into a more relationship-oriented phase, ways of interrelating that have been a part of culture and experience for the past thousand years, manifesting in different ways, become more dear to those who are heavily invested in it. Whenever there is significant change, there are those who resist. There are those who feel fear. The fear and resistance becomes a holding on to what is known, and this often manifests in extreme ways. We have spoken before about the evolution of a “police state” in North America, becoming so without resistance or even anyone really noticing, because the evolution of such a state always begins with the interests of the majority at heart. What is important to protect here? A sense of security. Of belonging. New ways challenge this, especially because what is ahead in the future is still largely unknown. Better to protect what is already known.
To this end, covert groups have long been established in order to attempt to protect the familiar. Again, this is done without underlying sinister intent but instead a desire to protect the known. The outcome, however, is much the same: there are secrets, lies, and manipulations.
3. Changing attitudes toward natural resources. Some of you might think this is long in coming! Seeing proof of any significant change will continue to tax your patience, then, but we see this event – and some others that are similar and yet to come – as the beginning of what will be a shift in attitudes toward the exploitation of the planet’s resources. Big change occurs slowly, however, and for many, there is a theoretical shift in ideology, often manifesting as actual anger toward those who don’t share their ideas, that doesn’t translate into a shift in practice as well. A true shift – one in practice as well as theory – likely won’t occur for most people until resource depletion is at such a level that as a group you are forced to look for other avenues. The key here is true creativity, and we haven’t yet seen a need for that. While there are people thinking about non-petroleum energy replacements, and that thought is helpful to a degree, it is still simply a substitute (one thing for another) that doesn’t result in any true behavior change. SUV tanks still require filling. A trip to the grocery store still yields a case of plastic water bottles filled with expensive filtered tap water. A switch on the wall still turns a light on. Factories still churn out tens of thousands of identical mass-produced items. Cars still choke city streets.
But where you are headed – true acknowledgment of the interconnectedness of all beings and life on the planet – is a part of this path as well. That IS at the other end of this road. And many of you feel a glimmer of that. The glimmer is useful. Go with it. Keep that flame alight, as it will ignite a larger flame, even as necessity (resource depletion) comes at you from the other side.
Why did the oil spill occur?

When large-scale, world-changing events such as this occur, it is natural for people to begin to ask Why. Why this? Why now?
The short answer is, It was time.
One many levels, it was only a matter of time before such a disastrous event occurred. The mechanics of deep-sea oil drilling are less precise than one might imagine. There are variables with ocean pressures and the behavior of metals within a changing environment that have not been strongly considered. In addition, the planet is a living being. What lies underneath the surface is a changing environment as well, and efforts to capture the essence of this living being with measurable and quantifiable science are imprecise.
In addition, there was a need for change, and a need for a large touchpoint event to begin to precipitate this change. Change is inevitable, and is a significant part of physical plane experience (despite efforts to deny it). Globally, collectively, the human species — as well as all beings on the planet — chose this event, or one enough like it that would create similar effects. Big, dramatic events that people can point to and say to themselves and one another, “THAT is when changes began to happen,” give people something to measure themselves and their experiences against. They act as a touchpoint that everyone can agree was a changing event for many. September 11, 2001. July 4, 1776. The Haiti Earthquake. The Christmas Tsunami. The Black Plague. Princess Di.
What do we see as the future from this event? The outcome? Again, we see the effects as being far-reaching. You may never know everything about the effects, because they are pervasive in ways that are difficult to measure. We mentioned a decrease in biodiversity. Species die out. The affects the fishing industry. The livelihood of individual fishermen. Families move and relocate. When fish die, interrelated species are affected. The ocean is a living organism, an entity. The shores of all the planet’s oceans are affected, not just in the Gulf. The people perched precariously at the shores of all the planet’s oceans, billions of them, are affected as well. Food sources change. Livelihoods fluctuate. Other food sources are focused on, exploited. Cellular change within the human structure is affected because of the evolution of food. Social structure changes as a result of food source change, of physical relocation, and of the cellular physiological change. Food has energy that affects thought. You’ve heard, “You are what you eat”? And so you are. You take on the energy of what it is you consume. As a group, if you are accustomed to consuming fish and then you change that to, for instance, a grain, there is a change in thought patterns. In behavior patterns. In physiological response to the environment. In disease. In social response to changes in disease. Do you see how one thing affects another? As beings, you are so closely tied to what is around you. It can be said that you are a product of your environment. You also CREATE your environment. It goes hand in hand.
What you can do to help

There is, naturally, a feeling of helplessness when faced with such a far-reaching, world-changing event. It is natural, then, to wish to do something. Take action.
There is no wrong action.

Each of you will feel pulled to do something that is a natural part of Who You Are in this moment. For some, it will be activism. There is anger with that helplessness. Fine! So use it. Write letters. Take part in focus groups. Help plan change. For others, it will be service. There are people affected, many of them. And animals. Use your gifts and talents to support them directly in some fashion. Other people will be focused on healing. Combine energies with others doing this work and focus on allowing the event to unfold as it best supports the greater good. Connect with Gaia. Connect with ocean energies. Give compassion to those affected and to those responsible. You are all One, after all.
Whatever you feel pulled to do will be of assistance in some way. Trust that you have this inner knowledge and allow yourself to be guided into what feels best for you and what supports you on a soul level. Feel your connection with others doing the same thing. Feel the power of what you are creating in this way. Feel the potential of what is yet to come.
Who is Polaris?
Names are kind of arbitrary. Energy, however, is not. Polaris is wisdom. Polaris is teaching. Polaris is knowing.  Polaris, most of all, is love.
Polaris is wonderful and loving, sort of a super-being who is guiding us on our path to joy. Polaris is a group consciousness that exists in a reality we can't see—but we sure can feel it! The feeling Polaris brings is something Karen describes as "a feeling of pure love, in a totally physical fashion. Polaris is what each of us is, the highest and best of all of us in every moment."
Polaris comes to us from the non-physical world.
They operate in another plane of reality—a reality in which the perception of separation does not exist. Polaris knows—and experiences—that we are all One! While not having eyes or other physical senses, their perception goes to the very heart of things and they have complete knowingness of the perfection of the oneness of All: the energy, vibration, and connections that exist between everything there is.
We talk about Polaris as "they" and "them" because, as they tell it, they are a group of thousands of souls that have united to teach those of us still in physical reality. Each of these souls brings lifetimes of glorious experience in the physical reality that we know of as home. Each of them experienced everything that we think of as simply a part of being alive. Because of this, they truly understand the challenges and joys we feel every day.

Polaris brings with them an unlimited wisdom. They bring to us a stronger connection to the Source of All That Is.
They lived, they loved, and they experienced sadness, joy and all of the human emotions and experiences that we encounter every day. These experiences served to reconnect them to who they are and to the awareness that we all have access to: of the oneness of All That Is—Love.
Polaris is a being of energy. *  *  

We Move as Ever as a Oneness
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
July 6. 2010
These times that we live in are quite testing and trying but we must never forget that we chose to be here at this time especially so that we could give of ourselves - knowing that we have something to give! As we are well aware we are going through what the Bible terms as 'The End Times' and it is now quite acceptable that these times are well aligned with perhaps a similar prophesy. Much have we seen in this last decade or two in the guise of planetary catastrophe and of the high loss of life in many countries and in many continents. These changes are unavoidable as we slowly, yet surely, inch our way back on track, so to speak.
Mother Earth as we lovingly relate to her, or as Lady Gaia, has had to release a lot of unwanted debris on behalf of humankind, in order to return to a vibration she needs to be able to survive in the imminent future, namely fifth density. We are now still operating in the third, moving into high fourth and as we release all our old stuff such as anger, fear, greed, control etc., we will also be ready to reach that fifth density, so that Mother Earth and we will be aligned and more in balance. These 'end times' are thorough and are brought about by the lesser mistaken actions of humanity over many eons of time.
One prime example of such misuse and abuse by man, is the current catastrophic oil spillage in the Gulf Of Mexico which is killing thousands of birds, plants, corals, algae and cetaceans over an ever increasing area. The whole ecosystem could be challenged by this most atrocious man-made  short cut, creating critical consequence on all fronts and possibly threatening the beloved planet if not successfully repaired! You see the implications that some of our humankind have brought upon us and upon beloved Mother Earth! Carelessness, cutting corners to make  the greatest financial profit and seeming disregard of basic techniques and safety measures whilst drilling in such deep and sacred waters!
Mother Earth is a beautiful and benevolent hostess to us and all life that depends upon her grace and favour; BUT AT THIS NOW TIME SHE IS HURTING AND NEEDS OUR HELP to support her to get through these quite critical times. Follow your hearts and as you feel the rightness within, send to her mighty heart centre all the unconditional love and light that you can muster. Do not do it out of despair or fear, no way! Do it from the love that is ever within your own mighty hearts and souls, affording her the divine blessings that she is now very much in need of. Join in groups or alone if you have a few moments to spare, but believe it, Mother Gaia is IN NEED OF YOUR LOVE AND YOUR HEALING RIGHT NOW.
The whole world is in some form of change and upheaval at these now times, yet the Gulf  laceration to one of her ‘main arteries' is extreme and life threatening. Be not lulled into false security, she needs our loving input as much as she needs off planet input. Be not filled with hate or blame towards the perpetrators of this miscreation. Send to ALL areas unconditionally - to the oil company leaders and repair teams, the President and all governmental assistants in whatever form they take, to all those whom are already grossly affected at this now time. See the whole area enmeshed with a net of pure golden white loving energy, containing the oil as far as possible, to the ‘one local area.' See the end result slowly yet surely being achieved as you truly envisage all to be once again in a pristine and perfect state of being.
"We send the energies of pure love and gratitude to the Seas and to all living creatures within her; to beloved Mother Earth, to Poseidon, to the cetaceans, the pelicans and birds, to the fish and corals, to the shellfish, algae, and to all other manner of beings! We ARE SORRY dear lady Gaia, please forgive us,  we thank you and truly honour you... we do so love you... so be it!"
Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and an ever United Kingdom. Please copy and share giving full credit to it's source.   *    

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, in your Course in Miracles it says, “I am willing to see things differently. I want to see things differently.” And so you are aware that there might be a choice, that there might be another way of looking at things. That is the first step in remembering the master which you are, is to be aware.
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HEAVEN #3513
The Altar You Build
July 8, 2010
God said:
I never said that you had to become famous. I never said that you had to be wealthy in the ways of the world. I never said a lot of things. You have said. You have said you had to become something. I said you already are what I dreamed you to be if you will let My dream be.
I never said that the world had to honor you. I never said you had to be a movie star. You are already a star in My eyes. You already are the fruit of My vine that I gave to the world to dispense My Will.
What do I ask of you, beloveds, but that you be, and that you radiate My light, and that you spread joy like confetti. I do not ask you to hide nor do I ask you to flaunt.
The Great Ones have been simple. What did they carry with them but My light. They were holy because they carried little. They were great simplicity. They did not adorn themselves. They lifted the world. They lifted the hearts of the world. They did not proclaim themselves great. They proclaimed the greatness of the world and the greatness of all those who walk on Earth. They spoke Truth. They did not speak illusion.
What did the Great Ones desire for themselves? What did Buddha want when he laughed or spoke wisdom. What did he want for himself? He asked for nothing. He had everything. He had Me.
You have Me. You do not possess Me. You serve Me in the fullness of the light of life. You came to Earth to do My Will. You came to Earth to be a force of light. You, who are the Light of the World, came here to share My Light, to make it visible to all, to reveal My light, to make it clear, to make clear what man is made of and what Earth is here for.
Your life is the altar you build for Me. You are My altar I have built. I have lighted you, and you light your altar to Me.
It is not possible for you to live for yourself alone. I never asked that of you. That would be too little to ask and too difficult at the same time. If I asked that of you, then your life would become like an ingrown toenail. That is nothing you want. You want to expand, not contract. You want to fill not empty. You want to fill the world with light.
You are not here to take anything from the world.
You who belong in the world do not call the belongings of the world your own.
You do not call the light you share your own. You do not own. You give. You reach into the pocket of yourself and you give My light generously. There is nothing else for you to do. You cannot be a miser of Me. You cannot give only a little. You have to give all of Me. What of yourself do you have to give anyway?
You serve Greatness. There is nothing else to serve. You serve the ultimate of Me, and so you serve the ultimate of yourself. You serve well. And you who serve so give great service to yourself and you do it in My Name. You who are My blessing bless.
Walk barefoot, or walk in designer shoes. What do you think that matters? What matters is that you walk on Earth, and you walk for Me, and, therefore, you walk on behalf of all. Then, hallowed be your name.
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The Great Paradox Of Infinite Being
by Owen Waters

Infinite Being is The One and The All. We are aspects of the One, aspects of Infinite Being, each of us experiencing life from our own unique perspective. This concept leads to the idea that you are one small part of an infinitely large variety of life. However, when you go within and contact the deeper levels of consciousness, you begin to sense that that concept is actually one of the illusions of life as we know it.
Infinite Being is The One and The All. We can see the infinite variety of The All in the external world but, at the deepest level of consciousness, each individual part of The All is The One.
At the deepest level, you are not a part of The One. Within the One, there are no parts. There is no separation. Within the One, you are The One. You are Infinite Being.
If this were not so, then at that deepest level of awareness, there would be both The One and you. That would make two, and that is not what is there at that deepest level of consciousness. Only The One exists in that ultimate state. Therefore you are The One, as, indeed, is everyone else.
Infinite Being is The One and The All.
We are Infinite Being.
So, The Great Paradox of Infinite Being is this: While you appear to be one of infinite parts of The All, at the deepest level of awareness you are not a separate part. You are, instead, simply The One.
The reason for the paradox is that we live in an existence which creates the illusion of separation. Deep down, we're all the same One but, to be able to experience all the drama and excitement that life in this world has to offer, the appearance of separation into the All was created.
This was done so that Infinite Being can observe itself from an infinite variety of viewpoints. That includes your unique viewpoint, my unique viewpoint, and everyone else's unique viewpoints.
This article was an excerpt from the e-book, Discover Your Purpose in Life by Owen Waters.

Discover your own unique purpose in life now. See how it fits in perfectly with the natural flow of the universe and even with the original reason for life itself. Your journey of discovery is waiting.

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About the author:
Owen Waters is an international spiritual teacher who has presented his insights into the New Reality to hundreds of thousands of seekers. In 1963, while growing up in a mystical part of Britain, he encountered his first spiritual awakening. The surprise of this mystical experience was such that his life became focused upon a continuous search for spiritual answers.
Almost forty years of study and research followed, along with the development of his inner vision. By the year 2002, like many of the spiritual teachers who are coming forward for The Shift, his realizations began to unfold rapidly. Today, as Editor and cofounder of Infinite Being LLC, he helps people find inspiration, love and creativity through heart-powered consciousness.  *  

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