Intention Weaving by Mother Mary

 Mother Goddess CreatorIntention Weaving by Mother Mary
Channelled through NatalieGlasson- 23-07-12
'I am the love and magic ofMother Mary,'
This is an affirmation whichI share with you now as I channel my energy, awareness and enlightenment to you.This affirmation is born from the purest place in my heart and soul, it is notto praise me in anyway but to honour the love you hold within your being,realising with the presence of love your reality becomes magic or magical. Everyexperience brings joy, bliss and greater creativity into your reality allowingfor you to be a source of magic upon the Earth for your reality and therealities of others. In the affirmation you are also recognising the energies,qualities and vibration that I represent; the Great Mother Goddess Creatorenergy. To acknowledge the Creator Mother aspect of your being is to acceptyour feminine goddess energy with the power, love and magic or manifestationthat you hold. Now is a time on the Earth where humanity needs to bring forththeir Goddess energies, understanding that each person's and soul's goddessenergies are diverse with numerous sacred qualities. The presence of thegoddess energy will allow for the necessary shifts and balancing of energies totake place, especially between the masculine and feminine. There is a greaterneed for each person to adopt the Mother Goddess Creator energies which arequalities of compassion, caring, creative power, the ability to protect and nurture.These qualities if radiated from each person will allow for a new perspectiveof the Earth to dawn, a time when compassion is given to another person ratherthan judgement, where each person is willing to be kind, to protect and nurtureothers as well as themselves at all times. And most importantly, a time whenthe creative energy which is guided by the divine mind and soul of your beingis able to rise allowing for miraculous manifestations of magicalcircumstances. Through my affirmation and my presence with you today allow meto encourage you to accept your Creator Mother self, applying these energiesand qualities however you wish to understand and interpret them, filling yourbeing and reality completely.
The love of your being whenallowed to flow creatively does actually create magic, this is something I wishfor you to explore and experience in meditation. Please, if you wish, use myaffirmation, repeating it in your mind as you meditate allowing for the energyof the affirmation to activate the same within your being, rising to beexpressed and experienced.
It is my belief that yourintentions at this moment of ascension could be focused upon love and magic ormagical experiences. When I speak of magic I am speaking of a reality andperspective free from boundaries. With the flow of the Creator's energy as itbubbles as love from your being you can experience the manifestation ofanything you wish to. The energy of love and excitement about your present andfuture is of importance at this time, as you begin to place intentions intoyour reality which are completely free from fear, becoming creative manifestations.At this moment the Mother Goddess Creator is weaving intentions of love andbliss for humanity, of perfection and truth. Anyone who wishes to connect withthe Mother Goddess Creator energy can do so with a simple request asking forthese creative intentions to flow into your being and reality. The MotherGoddess Creator is the highest feminine vibration of the Creator; theintentions created by such a divine force of light have the potential to betruly magical when experienced energetically but especially physically. Thissimply requires you to allow the energies to flow through your being into theEarth and your Earth Star Chakra beneath your feet. The Mother Goddess Creator energiesare so sacred that the masters and archangels are pausing to simply receive. SoI encourage you also to pause, openly and consciously receiving the sacredintention of the Mother Goddess Creator for all. Let this energy fill yourentire being, you may find it beneficial to achieve this after practicing myaffirmation.
I have an additional purposeof sharing this sacred information with you; I wish to encourage you to weaveyour own divine light force of intentions for your reality and the Earth.
 You exist in such energetic times, everythingyou think and every action you take is being magnified and energised already.You are being supported immensely and are being given wonderful opportunitiesof being the leader of your spiritual growth upon the Earth. Now is the time tofollow the example of the divine Mother Goddess Creator energies, weaving a lightsource of intentions for yourself and by doing so you will reclaim your owninner power, your ability to manifest as well as your ability to create magicand magical experience in your reality. So many shifts are occurring that thereis a need for you to create flexible intentions for yourself and your reality.There are many stages of growth and transitions which are major in your realityand your united reality with the world. If you begin to create intentions foryourself and the world you will ensure everything flows with the divineperfection of the Creator. Remember nothing can truly occur or be given lifewithout an intention first being created. If your greatest dream is toexperience peace on the Earth then weave a light from your being holding yourintention for peace.
Many chakras of the Earthare activating and awakening, including the Earth Star Chakra in London, it isimportant that intentions of perfect and protected light activations arecreated at this time to support the activations of the Earth Star Chakra andother chakras. The Olympics held in London UK is assisting with the activation ofthe Earth Star Chakra which will allow for the kundalini energy of the Earth toflow into and magnify each chakra therefore creating a deep awakening for all.So many other major situation and synchronicities are occurring from now untilthe New Year, each requires your intentions, your support and love.
The Mother Goddess Creatorenergy realises through a simply intention or thought fuelled with light thatcreation of the intention occurs. The Mother Goddess Creator holds completefaith in her ability to manifest and make a difference on the Earth and entireuniverse of the Creator. This belief gives extreme emphasis and purpose to eachintention, this is something I wish deep within my soul for you to experience andknow. The truth is your thoughts truly can make a different in your reality andthe ascension process of the Earth.
In order to weave a divineintention there is a need to exist within the highest vibration of Creatoressence and truth you are able to recognise at this moment.  So through meditation and focus upon yourbreathing let yourself access or focus upon the divine within you allowing itto emanate as you exhale.
Then you may wish to callupon the energy of the Mother Goddess Creator and the vibration of the Creatorto flow through your being, accepting this energy completely in any way thatfeels appropriate for you. Let yourself embody the vibration, light andconsciousness of the Goddess and Creator energies, experiencing divine blissand energetic freedom.
Take the attention of yourmind to your heart and allow for a source of divine light to build in thisarea. As you exhale imagine a strong but beautiful thread of light is beingexpressed from your heart with every breath you exhale. This thread continuesto flow from your heart, realise this is the thread of creation for you.
Allow intentions to emergefrom your soul attaching themselves to the thread to be expressed from yourheart as a thread of light entering into your reality.
You can achieve this for aslong as you wish. This is the process of weaving intentions. You are unitingthoughts or inspirational ideas from your soul with pure light thereforeallowing them to manifest and flow to where they are needed. With practice youcan begin to weave intention of light wherever you are and whatever you aredoing. This will be a great service to yourself and humanity, as well asallowing you to take a greater responsibility for your spiritual growth uponthe Earth.
I am here to guide you, letthe Mother Goddess Creator guide you in becoming a caring and creativity lovingexistence on the Earth as well as weaving intentions of love, excitement andmagic with each moment of your reality.
With Mother Goddess Creatorlove,
Mother Mary