Partnering with God

Intent and Co-Creation
     INTENT is extremely powerful these days, and perhaps we
ought to stop a moment and look carefully at what we are doing in
our everyday lives to use it. Those who understand the new concept
of "Partnering with God" understand that INTENT, plus partnering
with the Higher Self, can "co-create" personal miracles, basically
creating our own reality within the scope of walking through life. In
addition, it seems that it helps those around us as well. INTENT can
also give us total discernment over what is true and untrue, creating
peace over fear, and dispelling bogus fear-based information. To
accept and believe all that is being fed to you by the fear-based
 messengers is to totally give away your new power. Is that what
 you had in mind for your life?
     The following Spirit channel is going to give you some informa-
 tion regarding this co-creation gift, and some of its attributes, but I
 want to also discuss the literalness of it as well. Humans are
 powerful. As discussed in the past, the 11:11 time-
window a few years ago gave our human DNA permission to accept
 new power and changes. This was the beginning of the power we
 now are receiving regarding INTENT. Our intent is absolutely
awesome in its effect on our lives, and we should be aware of what
this means--not only when we use it when partnering with our
Higher Selves--but also for those using it unwittingly without
     Here is an example of what I mean. Let's say you are faced with
an upcoming challenge. There is the potential of losing your home,
job, business, or some other major issue that seemingly is totally
out of your control. These situations, by the way, are exactly the
ones that Spirit invites us to change, through "partnering and co-
creative intent." It's the "co," however, that is critical. Instead of
turning to our new gifts of Spirit, some people go right into fear
reactions at challenges such as this. They verbalize out loud, "I'm
so afraid! Nothing ever goes right for me! This will be still another
horrible thing in my life!" Bingo! Their biology, the planet, and all the
elements around them hear their powerful request through human
INTENT. Let's see now, the INTENT was that it should not go right,
and that still another horrible thing will happen. That's the intent as
verbalized, and the physical universe (not the spiritual Higher Self
part) will do everything to allow for the completion of that powerful
human's intent. Are you saying that we can verbalize our own
demise? Absolutely! Your power is that great. Be careful what you
say. Be careful what your intent is for yourself!
    The next time you have a major challenge--one that makes
your palms sweat with fear--try this: (1) Immediately look at why it
  might be happening from a metaphysical point of view. What is the
 lesson? Why now? What does it mean metaphorically (there is
 almost always an obvious answer). (2) Meditate and co-create
 PEACE over the fear. Do this first. Don't start working the problem
 yet, or trying to create the solution. Get peaceful first! This gift of
 peace is yours for the asking and can be created! (3) Wait at least
three days before you do anything about the actual problem. (4)
Take responsibility for it. Understand that sometime when you had
the "mind of God," you helped plan this test. Your Higher Self
wanted this experience, and now here it is on schedule. With the
 planning of the test, you also (from the depth of your interdimen-
sional wisdom) created the solution! (5) Finally, face off with your
divine "partner," and start co-creating the solution you designed.
When you do, don't tell your "partner--Higher Self"--how to solve
it. Instead, visualize it being solved and gone, with a win-win
solution for all parties.
    Right before we gave this information to the printer, Spirit started
channeling about the golden platter.
He has given us yet another visualization regarding our
problems on the Earth in,"The Parable of the Missing Bridge". This
parable is the story of Henry speeding toward a chasm where a
bridge was removed. He is told to "keep going," but is very fearful
since the bridge is gone. Just as he is about to soar into space where
the old bridge used to be, he is instead waved onto a new road
where a brand-new bridge has been constructed out of sight of the
old road Henry used day after day. Henry had never realized the
new bridge was under construction, and is amazed by its beauty
and size as he speeds over it. His problem is instantly over! He also
realizes something else--construction on the new bridge was
started long before the old one was removed, and long before he
had started co-creating a solution for his own problem. Think about
     Spirit tells us that there is a "golden platter" held by the "golden
angel" that has all the solutions of every problem
and test you will ever encounter on the planet! Just as when you
were in school, the answers to every test you took were known in
advance by those giving the lessons. So it is that the answers and
solutions to your life's challenges are known by your Higher Self
long before you ask!
     How does it make you feel to know that you don't have to force
solutions to the problems before you? How does it make you feel to
know that perfect Divine solutions are available now and have been
designed by you, just like the challenges were?
    Amazing? You bet. Too weird to be true? Too many New Age
people are discovering these Divine solutions for them to be flukes.
It's real, and it's all part of the love of God. INTENT is the key, and
intent while "Partnering with God" will unlock that golden platter and
present amazing solutions to everyday issues.

    Perhaps this should be the theme of the next Spirit book.
    It's that important.

{More to come on co-creation}