Inner Peace


Urantia, February 12, 2005. 

A Teacher named The Beloved One.” 

Subject: “A Lesson on Inner Peace.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “This is a fascinating subject much has been written about, and yet this inner peace remains elusive for most people.  They pass on into the next level of existence, never once in material life having experienced what it means to have inner peace, or they experienced this peace only very occasionally, fleetingly.  I am telling you that such peace can be experienced, over and over again.  These periods can become longer in duration so that this inner peace can infuse every cell of the physical body, and not just temporarily in the mental and emotional realms.  Those who persistently ask for peace to be awakened in their souls, and who sincerely believe that such peace is possible, having perchance only once experienced it, find that their souls begin asking for more of these experiences, as the true hunger therefore has arrived.

“These humans become the ‘awakened ones’.  They have woken up out of the material dream of unreality and the first beginning is the realization, and an inner restlessness that there is more to life than making a living.  The search for meaning starts sooner or later in each life.  Being willing to go the extra mile in listening to that inner small Voice is important.  At first the Voice has a difficult time to be heard above the din and clamour of the world.  Some even say that it is not possible to hear the still Voice from God, and so they spend their lives in denial, while convincing others that they are wrong.  However, I am telling you that this is not beyond the realm of possibility, as the Creator is intimately involved in every aspect of the lives of His evolving children.

“It is the higher self -- the super-conscious self -- which responds to the Voice’s leadings, and when at a young age children learn to sit in the Silence and meditate, to learn and listen for this Voice, such children have a great advantage over those who have not been given this great gift of listening within.  Children are naturally open to these ways of teaching, provided their surroundings are not overflowing with endless stimuli.  Children all need time to think.  A bombardment of noises in an unbroken stream will make them become deaf to their inner higher Voice.

“There are as many ways to open up to the Inner Silence as there are people.  Some are attracted to the ocean to look into infinity.  Sometimes an experience helps bring this about.  As long as the opening occurs and a spontaneous feeling of gratitude wells up from deep within, the door is then open to the wonders of the great beyond, and one can begin the quest for inner peace.  This is the pearl of great value, because inner peace means that you have sought and found the connection to the All That Is.  The bonding has begun, and as in every growing relationship, you will benefit by daily attention to Stillness until that peace has become so important, and these moorings have become solid.  The foundation has now been established, and nothing can shake this peace loose anymore.  It is through your developing a steadfast faith and trust in the goodness of the Creator that this peace comes about.  Ask and you shall receive, but do your part to take the time and sit in the Stillness of your heart and learn to listen.”

11:11 Progress Group.

You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire – ABC-22.