Inner Guidance {Channeled}




Urantia, September 20, 2011. 
Teacher: The Beloved One. 
Subject: “A Lesson on Guidance.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “There are many people alive today who consider themselves to be without guidance.  Instead, they are rudderless, ‘living to and fro,’ and unable find a toehold in life, so they hang precariously from a precipice of self destruction.  These are the ones with disastrous and destructive habits, like alcohol, drugs, and gambling, held in a grip from which they seem unable to extricate themselves.  It is mainly fear which holds these unfortunate ones in such a position, and yet the solution can be so simple if only they would wake up and take a good look at themselves and their destructive habits so as to gain insight into their unproductive ways of living, and to make a 180 degree turn, facing the direction opposite to the way they traveled to that point in time.

“Each and every thinking mortal has this Guidance within them, but their still small voice is being silenced through fear, which is still running rampant on this planet.  This needs to change.  The time has come for humanity to wake up and take a good look at the self and their brothers and sisters, and see the reality of how they all treat the self and each other.  There is much evidence of self-abuse and all the other self-destructive behaviors mentioned here.  This is not the way the Creator intended for the planet.  It has come about through the free will of her inhabitants, and is not the way to progress.  Much can and will be done to uplift all of humanity in tandem, but it needs a more concerted effort.  One remedial measure would be for each human to free up some time during their busy days for some meditation.  It would be expedient, indeed, to teach the younger ones to sit in peace for a while to get them get used to this health-building and sanity-restoring habit.

“This habit would then become a lifelong exercise and slowly on, less and less rudderless, lost and lonely people would be found on the planet, because early on in life, the inner connection with their God-Spark within would have become established.  Good habits are formed early in life, before the child reaches 5 years of age.  These are the most important years of child rearing and culture building, as this is the formative time period during which the foundation is laid down for the successive ages.  Much dysfunctional behavior can be avoided including many feelings of sadness, abandonment, feelings of not being loved, a low grade depression or worse.  The list of psychological aberrations is well nigh endless.  To raise healthy well-adjusted children, appropriate care must be taken.

“You have a wonderful saying: ‘A family that prays together, stays together.’  You can take this one step further, it is this togetherness of spirit, mind and body which is the most important, as herein lies the true harmony and balance.  If there is illness in either spirit, mind, or body, the individual cannot operate optimally as everything is reciprocal.  The human is meant to operate from these three systems in unison, and much ill can be prevented if the preventative measure of Stillness is used, during which great healing can take place as the soul is being nurtured and nourished and the mind is opened to higher impulses and directives.  The electro-chemical system undergoes a beneficial recharging while the nerves come to rest.

“I desire for humankind to start practicing this simple method of self-healing, for then the proper guidance can be in place.  Terrestrial life represents your initial years of acquiring good habits needed for the next stage of your eternal existence.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.