Impressions of the Past

God said:

Who are your teachers? Whom do you choose to learn from? Choose well.

It can be said that you learn from everyone. You imitate something from everyone or everything you listen to. Sometimes you learn the opposite of what another portrays, and you vow not to be like him. And, yet, sometimes you pick up another's posture or mannerism and surprise yourself.

You pick up ideas. You pick up aspirations. You pick up something from everyone.

You have impressions from the past that you are not even aware of, to say nothing of the impressions from the past that you are well aware of.

You are a mix of all the experiences you have had, what you have observed and heard, and yet you are far more than what you have picked up. There are also experiences that you have had and have no awareness of. You never were consciously aware of them. You have such experiences now, perhaps during sleep, perhaps in the gaps between words.

You can recall times when you are aware that you have been somewhere else. You came to and had no idea where you had been, and yet you know you had been somewhere. For a while, you got out of the experience of happenstance.

There is more happening in your life than you have any idea of. And all that is happening that you are unaware of is the making of you. You can refuse to believe this. You can deny it all you want, and yet you are a traveler to unremembered places, like to far corners of the world, like to Heaven, like to where I am and where I dwell. Well, of course, I am always with you anyway, and, therefore, you are always with Me. And yet that is sometimes hard for you to hold onto to. We are never at a distance. In your imagination, We may be apart, but nothing is further from the truth. I am the Truth, and you are My Truth, and Truth prevails.

We know that worldly life does not prevail. It is short-lasting whereas I speak of Eternity and Myself, the Ocean from whence you come and where you abide and never leave. The difference is that you wear a human body which you waltz around in. It is only a body. Why have any fear when We are always together and never apart? Why hold onto to ideas that do not profit you and let go of the One Idea that is immeasurable, that lifts your heart, that transcends all perceived difficulties?

You think you dream at night, yet it is when you are awake that you are dreaming. You believe in night dreams more than you do in daytime dreaming. You are dreaming now. You dream that I am writing to you as if I were somewhere else than within you, as if I am apart from you, as if I am far away from you in a place named Heaven which you may be uncertain that it even exists.

The trend is that all that you believe in so seriously, all that seems apparent, obvious, proven, all that everybody seems to know, is the dream. You sleepwalk. You sleepwork. You sleeplove. You sleepfear. You sleepdefeat.

Awake to Me now. Throw off everything you think you know, and know Me. When you know Me, you know yourself. You have been dilly-dallying along even as you have been racing. Stay on course with Me, and you will know treasure, and you will be a treasure to all the daytime sleepers, and you and they will awaken and find Me right where I have always been, and where you have been all along but unable to see.