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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Hilarion's Weekly Message: April 1-8, 2012
3.)  The Masters: April 2012
4.)  Galactic Federation of Light
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  Sing the Song That Is Yours to Sing
7.)  Hatonn: Important News

Isis' Message of the Day -
"In Zen they say: If something is boring for two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, try it for eight, sixteen, thirty-two, and so on. Eventually one discovers that it's not boring at all  but very interesting."

~John Cage quoted in "Going on Being" by Mark Epstein~
How everything and everyone is connected. See this series!
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Each season of the year and every month has its own special angel. These angels help us learn from nature the particular lessons and insights that every season imparts.
The Angel of April - is the spirit of rebirth. As the days grow longer and the sun begins to warm us, April is a time for new life and new beginnings. April's angel spurs us to test ourselves in new directions and to make ourselves vulnerable in the face of unfamiliar people and places. Encouraged by the April angel, we search for novel endeavors that will enrich our lives and bring new meaning to our career or family roles. The April angel teaches us to delight in each sign of awakening, in nature and in ourselves.

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. It is good to reconnect in this time of re-knowing. Many are becoming aware of the moreness. They are experiencing the greatness of the connection to the Divine. Blessed are those who take the time to know the light that glows within them. Blessed are those who fan the flame of the Divine within them. Blessed are those who see the Divine everywhere they look for they are truly blessed. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *      

Hilarion's Weekly Message: April 1-8, 2012
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana
Beloved Ones,
As the long winter months are coming to an end in the Northern Hemisphere, new beginnings are waiting to unfold. There is a sense of renewal and rejuvenation in the atmosphere and all around new life is poised, ready to come forth in its diverse and glorious majesty. This is the time to plant seeds in preparation for the blossoming of magnificent abundance from the elemental and plant kingdoms. Together, in unity and in harmony, new life is created and nurtured and these new creations of wonder and magic are in their embryonic stages waiting to unfold in Divine timing. 
And so the cycles of the Earth continue in their inexorable march of life, aided here and there by unusual weather patterns that have not appeared for many cycles of time. As the kingdoms of Nature awaken from their dormancy to lift their beings to the Light of the Sun, so too do many people shake themselves off and begin again to plants their seeds of dreams and hopes for a better life for themselves and their families, a way of life that will sustain and nurture all of the finest attributes of each one in their expression of Divinity. By working in tune with the movement of the seasons and acknowledging the invisible helpers who toil with devotion, joy and delight in the manifestation of the life contained within the seeds, the majesty, beauty and wonder of all life renewed fills the air. 
It is the time for renewal of intentions and goals that were set perhaps at the beginning of the New Year, to revisit what has been accomplished, where changes need to be made and corrections take place in order to renew the commitment made to one’s aspiring Self as you set out filled with enthusiasm and determination that this year, things would get done, that it would be different, that the World would be different by this turn of the wheel of life upon your World. Yet, all around you, what is reflected back to you is only more of the same old, same old. But wait! There IS something different. There are birds appearing in your neighborhood which have not been seen here before. The eastern bluejays are now a part of the western bluejay family and living in harmony. There are wild geese that are black and white swimming in the river that were not spotted here in this area before. 
As you become keen observers of the nature kingdoms, you will have an inner knowing that things are "Not" the same, that there is an almost imperceptible change taking place right where you live. It is these events that tell the story of changes taking place upon your World and these hold keys to guide you forward. Watch the birds and the animals, Dear Ones, and go within to decode the meaning. They are adapting to the unusual weather patterns that are occurring across the surface of the Earth and are opening themselves to new environments previously unseen by their species. Nature is adapting to the new energies and following its inner instincts to survive, grow, flourish and perpetuate its kind. 
Continue to persevere in your quest for Mastery and open your senses to all that lives in your surroundings. There is more here than previously discerned. Bring with you a sense of magic and wonder and the openness of your hearts. There is so much to see and learn if you but look. 
Until next week….
I AM Hilarion
2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.
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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,


The Masters: April 2012
Received by Ruth Ryden
March 29, 2012
Dear Masters, please give us an overview of the state of the planet and the probabilities of dangerous storms, etc.  A lot of concern about Yellowstone, the Madrid Fault, and the Cascadian Fault on the web. This given today (3/29/12)

Masters: This is a time of concern for all those who dwell near the well-known dangerous places in your country and around the world as the planet stretches and shifts. The forces that push and pull vary from day to day, paring predictions down to probabilities.  At this moment in time, Yellowstone is fairly quiet, but deep underneath the magma is heating up and may cause new geysers to appear very soon.  This is a dangerous place for a vacation.
Quakes in the mid section of the U.S. have been occurring in unexpected areas due to the vibrations of the shift in the Madrid fault.  Rock formations carry the movement for hundreds of miles and the shifting itself creates new pathways to carry these movements.  These slight quakes are nothing to worry about.  The Madrid Fault itself is like a pot on a burner, heating up. The Western coastlines of the North American continent appear to us like a gigantic bulls eye, waiting for a shot from a very inexpert marksman. From California through Canada and up into the wilds of Alaska, the Pacific plates could move against these coasts at almost any time. At this point in time we do not see very violent movements, but there is bound to be constant quakes for months to come.
Storm systems create themselves from the frequencies in the atmosphere, combined with the energy flowing out and around the Earth.  This is why these systems race across one continent after the other in seemingly indifferent modalities.  The tornadoes of the past months in the U.S. are angry protests against the atmospheric turmoil that is going on, and continues for some time yet. Tornadoes are also occurring in other parts of the world not so fervently covered by the news media. As this Spring season continues and the flowers bloom under the welcome warmth, the change in seasons also causes clashes in temperatures that will bring more sudden dangerous storms. Please realize this and be prepared as much as possible. This holds true all over the world and in the great seas. Undersea shifts look to continue for some time, causing high waves and even tsunamis when they come into contact with land.

Yes, April is rather a dangerous month. This also applies to the energetic forces that control the human mind. It is obvious that mental control and intelligent conclusions are being affected around the world, not just in your political system. Those who govern have a very difficult road to pave, as continuity of clear thinking  is sorely lacking. Humanity comes together to protest the rulers and laws that prevent them from enjoying the gifts given by the Creator, and havoc ensues. We see this continuing for some time, as logic gives way to self-preservation. Please take a few moments to think, to feel what is right, before you act. Fear is the great destroyer; let your inner strength and courage be your guidelines, not the voices on television. Try to accept that the spiritual forces that rule the universe are all around you, listening and trying to help when the inner door is opened. You are not alone in all this; you are all here to experience the tremendous changes in your world and to gather them into a better world, one at a time.
Ruth Ryden
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Galactic Federation of Light
Channeled by Greg Giles
March 29, 2012
The ground will shake and the skies will be dim during the first days of the birthing of your new world. Many changes will have to be made, and much of the old will have to be torn down to make way for the new. We are master builders and architects and we will assist you to rebuild your new world from the bottom up and from shoreline to shoreline. We are master craftsman and we have designed and built many worlds throughout this universe, and we are here now to assist you convert your world from a 3rd dimensional home to a 5th dimensional home. This rebuilding project will last for days, weeks, and maybe even months as we prepare your world for your arrival from the safe zones that will shelter you through this reconstruction project. You will be protected while you remain in these safe zones, and immediately upon the culmination of this great dimensional shift you will be entirely free to leave these areas and behold your new 5th dimensional kingdom.

It will be beautiful, it will be plentiful and it will be yours to cherish forever, to protect, to nurture and to enjoy as you will have earned your right to its keys and all the treasures stored within. Help us build you a better world by continuing the work you are doing today spreading our messages far and wide and helping to calm the fears of your brothers and sisters. In time, there will be other avenues of information available to all throughout your world, but today you are our voice and we ask you to use it and inform those who wish to hear of the changes that are and will continue to take place all around them.

Turning back the clock of your Earth is what we plan to do as we repair the widespread damage that has been done to your mother planet. This is a necessary step as we will not build on unfertile ground. We will only build on a foundation of perfection, so this will be the first step in our rebuilding project. How we will do this will be explained to you, and there will be those among you who will be taking a hands-on approach throughout areas of this rebuilding project. Nothing will be kept in secret, and there will be nothing that is not readily and completely explained to you. This rebuilding project will begin in earnest once all who wish to relocate are safely removed from the construction sites.

Your Earth will receive a complete makeover, and in many ways she will be unrecognizable to you upon her unveiling. She will retain her natural beauty that she possesses today, although her soils and her air will be sparkling and pure. Her forests will be green, and they will be rich in their trees and wildlife. Her oceans, lakes and rivers will be crystal clear blue water, alive with your aquatic species, and your skies will be abuzz with your bird species soaring from treetop to treetop. You will have new homes prepared for you, and you will have libraries and places of higher education assessable to all. You will have new career opportunities where you may offer your services to others and the community, and all this will be available to you upon your ascension into your new higher dimensional home.

We look forward to assisting you in each way that we can, and we look forward to working with many selected individuals from throughout your worldwide communities. We wish to get started soon with many of these projects, and the notification process for those who we are interested in working with will begin shortly upon the purification of your world of those aligned with the dark. We see this process continuing smoothly, and soon you will witness how hard many have been working in secret. Please continue to do your parts in issuing advanced notice of these proceedings as to greatly reduce the shock and fear some may succumb to upon the revelations of what has been transpiring in their world. Not everyone understands as you do what has been going on here, and many see those who will be taken away into custody as their servants and protectors and they will be quite astonished to learn that so many of the world’s dire problems were directly and purposely cause by these dark individuals.

These revelations come as no surprise to many of you who have taken the time and made the effort to inform yourselves, but you are rare cases indeed, and that is why we ask you at this time to share this information that can act as a desensitizer for many who will be overwhelmed throughout these proceedings. After we are satisfied that it is safe to proceed with the next phases of operation, we will begin our initial introductions to those who will be working with us. Upon these introductions, many of you will share the evidence of your experiences with us through your media outlets that will be freed from the control of those that have been taken into custody, and many of your world still reeling from the revelations of these arrests will again be shocked as they learn that they are not alone in the universe and that we are here. This will be an extremely trying time for many of your world, and we wish you to make it your top priority to be there for your fellow humans, to comfort them, to ease their fears and to assure them that the ills of your world are now being repaired and we are here to assist in this much-needed process.

We see so many of you working so hard in this effort and we thank you greatly for your dedication to our mission together. Soon you will begin to see these arrests as several of your media outlets will be covering these events throughout many days. You have waited a long time for this day, and we assure you it will be worth it as the site of those aligned with the dark being taken into custody will allow many of you to forget how many days have gone into the planning stages of this worldwide event. This event will surely be worth the wait, and we wish each of you to enjoy it to its fullest. Much depends on the outcome of this operation, and we wish as many as possible to be reached through this process. This operation is more than merely the arrests of these individuals, as we also wish for these arrests to act as a trigger to awaken so many of your brothers and sisters who yet sleep, and we also wish for these arrests to be the catalyst for so much change needed in your world.

There are many institutions that must be either abolished or restructured throughout your societies, and we see these arrests as merely the beginning of an avalanche of dominoes triggered by this media event. We wish to see many of you publicly displaying your elation upon these arrests, and we hope to see many of you celebrating openly as a demonstration to so many throughout your world that this event can be seen as good news and a reason to be cheerful and hopeful for your future, as indeed, that is precisely what this event signifies. You have so much to look forward to as individuals and as a collective, and these arrests will merely be the beginning as your world takes the shape and form of a higher dimensional society. You will be joining our Galactic community, and you will be officially welcomed in ceremony. You will be formally introduced to all the communities throughout this galaxy and some even beyond, as you are officially welcomed as a higher dimensional member of our extended family.  We are so excited for this day for you, and we say to you that you have earned this place of honor and we have high expectations of your world to contribute greatly your gifts to your Galactic community.

With the honor of being welcomed into a Galactic community you will be presented with many gifts and tools that we offer you that will benefit your world greatly in many ways. We ask you to use these technologies with diligent care and responsibility, and tell you that upon your demonstration that you are using these technologies wisely, there will be other gifts presented to you as well in the future. This is how this universe has been designed, where the Creator's gifts never cease to be showered upon those demonstrating their worthiness for them. You have earned all of the gifts you are to receive, and we look so forward to their presentation to you as they will benefit so greatly every man, woman and child on your planet and allow so many to enjoy their lives the way they have always meant to be enjoyed. We look so forward to this day, and tell you it will not be long now.

Show others your love for your changing world as it unfolds before the opening eyes of many. You are a Wayshower, and we ask you to show the others the path without fear, without suspicion, without distrust, and show them a path that is clear of all these lower dimensional aspects. Take the time to explain to them that there is nothing to fear and that no harm will come to them in any way. Explain to them that much of your old world must be torn down and redesigned through the higher dimensional geometries of love. When you make the effort you will reap the rewards as there will be those that respond positively from your example. Naturally, there will be those who oppose your point of view and speak out against you and your position, but we say to you that enough lives will be touched in a positive way through your efforts to make even the harshest of naysayers speak fall harmlessly shy of your ears.

There are so many others out there that are willing to listen and carefully weigh their options, and they only look for an alternative viewpoint to think over and it is here that your wisdom is needed most. There are very many of those who speak for the voice of fear and separation, and what we ask of our Lightworkers is that they counterbalance these negative forces and give the others who deserve another point of view a brighter picture to think about and look forward to. Many will avoid the consequences of a fear-based choice due to your efforts to explain fully their options, and these souls are out there right now waiting to hear your voice cut through the negative echoing of the voices of fear. You are called to duty at this time as Lightworkers, to shine your beacons through the darkness and guide those souls to your shores within the safe harbor of love.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
Greg Giles
I am a Starseed, incarnate of the Indigo Ray and channel for the Galactic Federation and my Star Family from the Ashtar Command, an 11th dimensional Osequeq collective from the Star System Tauri C; Amanda, Arisa, Rona, Jella, Morgana, Sophia, Germana, Capella, Jackie, Romana, Angela, Patricia, Anthony, Gifta, Maria, Mercula, Pierca, Ramulete, Augusta, Chevron, Thomas. I have incarnated at this time on assignment to advance my education and assist this planet and its people in their time of ascension to a higher dimensional existence.  
**The Galactic Federation of Light, The Federation Of Light or The Galactic Federation is all One and the same, some channelers may use a different name, and  was founded over 4.5 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional dark forces from dominating and exploiting this Galaxy. *   

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, you are light. You shine in your life and in everyone else’s life as you allow yourself to feel lighthearted about everything that happens and to see the greatness of what humanhood is bringing about.
Beloved one, for many, many generations you have been taught that life is difficult and that it has to be a struggle. When I came along two thousand years ago and I spoke of the Father’s love and I spoke to you that truly you were perfect in the Father’s eyes already, it was a new idea. Some of you heard it, and some of you remembered it from previous lifetimes when we had been together, because two thousand years ago when I came as Yeshua, it was not the first time I had walked our holy Mother Earth and had been as teacher—by various names.
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Heavenletter #4146
Sing the Song That Is Yours to Sing
April 1, 2012
God said:
Even when you feel that you hold life by the reins, you are floating. Life is like riding a raft. You can even tie up the raft on shore, and still it can slip away into the sea, and somehow take you with it. Life will always take you with it. One way or another, you have to go along with it. You can take it in your stride, or you can drag your feet. Regardless, life will pick you up and take you with it.
You may create life as it happens, and yet you are not the captain of it. That you are in charge, the way a captain or general is in charge, is an illusion like any other.
What you do is live life. What happens, happens whether you consciously invite it or not. What you do now, this you have a say about. In effect, you paddle your own canoe wherever it takes you. You are not helpless, however. You ride downstream, and it is the ride of your life. Or you ride upstream. Or you bobble around in life, and life is the bobble of your life. You do bobble on the surface. This is life. And yet life is a big blooming amaryllis. Life grows. Let life grow on you.
As much as you might like life to be cast in stone under certain considerations, life is not cast in stone. It is a moveable object, a course that wends its way. Life is moving on at the very minute We speak of it or don't speak of it. Life is a live vibrant experience. It is for human beings to behold and uphold life as it appears. It is necessary to bend your knee to life even as you are the fulcrum of your life.
We can say that you pull the cart of life, and yet you cannot quite push it. You can try, of course. You have tried. You have tried to bend life to your will. Remind yourself that life is life and that's all it is, and life is not everything. Welcome life, and know that life is not your puppet. Nor are you life's puppet. You may have to go where life takes you. How you follow life is your call. In that sense, you do have eminent domain over your life.
You can follow the path of your life with a hop, skip, or jump. You can dance to it. You can try to chain life to your will. You can hobble along. You can mosey along. In any case, you do have to go along with it. Life is more than you may think at the same time, you make too much of it. Consider life a song you hear and sing it! Sometimes the tunes are what you love. And sometimes the tunes are what you don't love. In either case, you have to sing the song that is yours to sing until the juke box changes.
Of course, you have to go along with life. Do not mix up moving forward with making life obey. Life may put you in one spot, and tomorrow in another. Life really does have a life of its own, and you go right along with it.
You are not a puppet nor are you a pawn. Nevertheless, you do have to follow life. Life will let you know when you can go left, and when you can go right, and, still, you can love life for itself. Why not love life, this novel you read. Certainly, you can rest your eyes a while, and yet life moves on and takes you with it.
Life is meant to be a growing experience. It is not for you to point out wrong turns that you perceive life has taken. Life means to make good turns for you. Rise above the terminology of the world and give better names to what transpires in life. Give yourself new names as well. Give a good turn to life.
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Hatonn: Important News
Channeled by Nancy Tate
March 26, 2012
I am here today with some pressing news. Today is a day filled with unprecedented events. First we are taking the liberty to welcome many of your political and financial leaders to our ships. We are to see to it that they are interspersed throughout the solar system on various places of life where we have bases and means of comfort. We will be interviewing these people and will take charge of the means by which they are told to be in readiness for what is to come for them. They will be given the choice as to whether to come to a different way of seeing things and their interaction with all of you, or to be taken to other places to begin their reassignments to their return to themselves, at the deepest core of their being. 
Secondly, we are part of the process that is realigning your energies with that of the Central sun. We are intervening with these energies and with the Hollow Earth beings we are including our services with them in the effort to begin the transformation of the surface of earth. As this evolves over the next months we will begin a series of overtures that will be relative to the ongoing process of restoring the pristine beauty and life to earth and all of life on and within her body. As the Central Sun intervenes and in that way increases her vitality so too will you benefit and share that new vitality with her. It will be an ongoing interception and evolving in the Oneness that you are. You are all part of the energy of earth, therefore as is her image, so too is yours. 
As this process takes place we will be given much assistance from Gaia and we too to her. We will see that there is an ongoing extension that will bring about the resolution of the issues that have plagued mankind for so long. These issues will be resolved and the wonders of the true nature of mankind will come to the surface. There will be an ongoing evolution of what it means to be in truth with oneself and to take on the attitude of honesty and harmony with all of life. It will be a universal system of restoration and will be followed by a continual evolvement and exploration of the universal gifts that await these times of opening. 
I bring to you the first in a series of treasures for the ongoing evolvement. It is a course of restoration for those who wish to remain on the surface. We will be coming to earth to work with you in the business of bringing the ideal life to the world that you are in the process of creating. You will be working within and on the surface. There will be members of your humanity who will be chosen to come to our ships regularly for meetings with us. As we come to meet with you on the earth we will bring with us those with whom you will be working and creating. In this you will feel the newness of our family and how it feels to walk in the steps of whom you really are, and how we can all walk in harmony and beauty forevermore. 
As these times take shape we assure you that your safety is uppermost in our minds. We are working, as we have been for some time, on keeping you as safe and in as good heath as is necessary for you to be able to be with us, taking the pleasure for celebration at every turning point. Those who have left your planet to begin the next step of their evolvement will welcome you to their new world. They will have made their choice to be here and to present to you their new way of relating to you. As for those who have left that you will not be reunited with in the soon times, they have gone to reunite with their family in other star systems. They may at some point revisit you in one way or another. It is all universal; there is no separation in this universe. We are all members of the same family. As we reunite we will hear the bells toll for the coming together of the beauty of family throughout this universe that was created for all of us to experience this wondrous expression of who we all are. 
I leave this message for this day, and in so doing I invite you all to take a moment and feel the love that I transmit to you. It is a love that encompasses all of Creation, and it is filled with the Love of reuniting all that is. You are treasures beyond compare, and I welcome you back to the Family of One. 
Thank you dear Hatonn.
Nancy Tate
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Expressions of Life
by Onno Light
March 2012
With hidden truths coming out into the light on a daily bases, the much seen response I see is the conclusion that others have exceeded limits which is done at our costs, not for the betterment of humankind and mother earth.
When we take a step back, or up, to broaden our perspective a bit, and look at a human person, we can see in each and every one the aspects of being human. That is only logical. The human being experiences and learns lessons. Many times by looking for better and smarter ways of dealing with its own challenges and passions. Sometimes finding out through the hard way, which some tend to lovingly call our way, like going in the opposite direction first.
Now, aren't all expressions of life with a certain perceived gain and loss (or costs)? And, aren't we in general thrilled by expressions that demonstrate a certain human aspect in great extent or even mastery?
So, as each human person through our history has expressed Life, motivated probaly mostly by overcoming personal challenges or following passion. And with all people from all places and all times, much of what being human is all about is expressed in many ways and another. We judge them good or bad, constructive or destructive, positive or negative, pretty or ugly, long or short, ... My point here is that Life is expressed in all ways, and that is the beauty of it.
Some have become great Masters in expressing life (light or dark). We all know some of them.
Someone who has achieved a great deal in a certain area shows the rest of us that such an achievement can be made real. Perhaps it's even a part of or a stepping stone for another greater achievement of yourself or someone else. We benefit from achievements of others.
Looking at all expressions of Life through humankind, each expression has a, sometimes slightly, different subset and harmony of human aspects. This can give the perception among humans of being opposite to eachother, while basically human expressions are all part of the same collective wave of expressions of Life.
Following the observations at the beginning of this text, why not take out the judgement, and prevent feeling overwhelmed by expressions of others?
More simply said than done maybe, be more neutral about the expressions of others and focus more on creating our own reality, our own expressions of life, that we are passionate about ourselves.