Important Decisions To Make


Cedomil Vugrincic
8:25 AM (1 hour ago)
(ENLIGHTENMENT Service Sector)
Dear CCC Family and Friends:
Many of you have seen the movie THRIVE, but in case you have not, here is
the link to watch it on YouTube:
This is a very well documented and well done look into the current status
of our world, and what the power brokers of the planet are doing behind the
scenes to perpetuate a way of life that is essentially killing us as a
human species and destroying the beautiful environment of our planet. I
feel this is one of the most important movies ever made. After I watched it
(twice) I was struck that these people needed more spiritual support as
they have a good grasp of what is happening on the planet in a physical
sense, yet they are probably not aware of the spiritual help that is being
afforded us as part of the Correcting Time.
Yesterday, while praying with a dear friend, as we created a prayer circuit
for the Thrive Movement, I saw what I needed to do. As we prayed, I “saw’
Michael descend into the planet after the Archangels created a circuit for
Him, and he radiated in His POWER, GLORY and AUTHORITY into the Thrive
Movement. The people who created this movement need our help now, and I ask
you to add your prayers into this circuit that Michael’s WILL may indeed be
done with and for them. My friend, who has connections to the Thrive
Movement, will inform them of being prayed for.
As more people watch this video and as it circulates into a wider
community, many people will feel anger and betrayal about what is happening
on the planet. This, of course, perpetuates a fear mentality and is highly
toxic to planetary correction and upliftment. The prevailing attitudes to
hold towards the perpetuators of the plan to harm humanity and world are
MERCY and FORGIVENESS. These spiritual attitudes will help soften the
energies that people feel and create a wave of spiritual energy to help the
Thrive Movement to continue to progress. Many people feel a sense of
hopelessness, and this is exactly what the powerbrokers are counting on to
keep people in fear and confusion.
I have attached a message I received several years ago from our Magisterial
Son about this time and how FORGIVENESS is an essential ingredient in the
necessary change that our spiritual helpers want us to make. I ask you to
focus on your hearts as you read this message and pray that Michael’s WILL
fill the Thrive Movement to help them in their tasks. Together we are
making a difference, but our world needs as many heart-centered people now
to add to continue to build the spiritual pressure for real, lasting change
to occur. Please forward this message to other heart-centered people whom
you feel would resonate with this. Thank you.
In closing, I lift this message and prayer circuit up to you, Mother and
Father, and thank you for adding what you know is necessary to continue to
build your will and ways upon Urantia.
In loving service,
Donna D’Ingillo
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