Our Immune System & Spirituality


Strengthening the Immune System through Spiritual Alignment By DL Zeta

There’s a lot of concern these days about pandemics and illnesses affecting entire populations. Pandemics are a form of planetary teaching that point to thoughtforms and belief systems that weaken us at all levels. These thoughtforms impact our spirit as well as our immune system. In essence, they “amp down” our energetic resonance, leaving our energy fields open to attack by pathogens.

The rapid spread of airborne illnesses parallels the telepathic transfer of thoughts, feelings and beliefs from one person to another. While airborne pathogens are present everywhere, most people pass through environments without contracting illness. Others become ill in a short time. It is one’s thoughts, emotions and degree of spiritual alignment that determines immunity to pathogens.

Understanding the Purpose and Nature of Illness

The main reason people experience illness is to receive feedback concerning their spiritual progress. Even a minor illness can prompt a person to take a few steps back from their life and question why they are experiencing challenges. Illness is not meant to be a punishment. It is simply a wake-up call for us to examine the course we’re on and the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes we’re using to navigate life. When we steer off course, our life force energy amps down because we have fallen into less resonance with our higher self. At such times, we’re simply not on the wavelength to receive the maximum life force flow.

When our life force flow ebbs, less oxygen gets to the cells in our bodies. Cells deprived of needed amounts of oxygen for a period of time are unable to properly replicate themselves. In time, this condition manifests disease and illness.

If we wake up and pay attention to the message of an illness, we’re able to change our course and come into greater alignment with our higher self and our mission here, therefore amping up the flow of life force into our physical system. This is what happens when a person goes into remission and seemingly miraculous reversals occur. This signals a change in course that allows greater life force flow and spiritual alignment. This increased flow allows the body to receive the oxygen needed to manifest radiant health and well-being. In this way, illness is a built-in mechanism that nudges us to go within and seek answers that can bring us to course corrections that bring us to new realms of joy and self-realization.

The Rapid Transformation of Physical Systems

Right now, physical bodies are changing as greater light floods the Earth plane. We are being asked to “eat light” - to eat consciously, in other words. As our vibration rises, we receive guidance and intuitive nudges to detox and cleanse our body. This triggers detoxing and release at all levels.

This greater light is transforming the Earth as well. Through the Law of Attraction, as the Earth shifts its vibrational frequency, all that’s in disharmony with this frequency is de-magnetized. Pandemics are one form this “clearing and cleansing” of the Earth will take.

Pandemics will come through doorways associated with environmental disharmony. Those transitioning to organic, naturally-raised food sources – particularly vegan, vegetarian and living food diets – will exist on a different frequency from the most destructive pathogens. It’s easy to see from this perspective how existing out of harmony with nature opens our energy field to attack by pathogens. These pathogens are, in a sense, designed to eliminate all that operates in disharmony to the Earth and its environment.

Accelerated Manifestation and Healing

As we move closer to Earth’s transition point, new parts of ourselves will come up for healing and review. Disease and illness may manifest more quickly than ever before. Paradoxically, healing may manifest more readily than ever before.

Everything is manifesting faster now. This allows us to see the results of our thoughts and beliefs with record speed. If we see we are manifesting illness, we can quickly make a course correction and begin to manifest health with record speed as well. Now more than ever, staying awake and aware is critical to our well-being.

Muscle Testing and Strengthening the Immune System

There are steps we can take to flow with the shifts and changes now occurring. Below are some steps that can help raise our vibration, amp up our life force flow and enhance our overall health and well-being.

All the steps listed operate on the same principle as “muscle testing”. This test involves making a statement or asking a question while holding one’s arm out straight. When we make a statement that pulls us down and weakens us, another person is able to pull our arm down no matter how strongly we resist. When we make a statement that lifts us up, it is very difficult for another to pull our arm down. (This test can also be done by yourself if no one is around to assist. Simply interlock the thumb and forefingers of both hands, then attempt to pull them apart; the strengthening statement will make it difficult to pull them apart while the weakening statement makes it impossible to keep them locked together). This demonstrates that when we align with our highest vision, we are naturally fortified and strengthened.

Beneath all of these suggestions is the intention to more strongly align with our highest visions and dreams. As we love ourselves by following the path of our deepest joy, we naturally strengthen our immune system.

Twelve Steps to Strengthening the Immune System

One) Practice positive self-talk. Pay attention to what you say to yourself. Do you lift yourself higher by being kind and loving with yourself or do you pull yourself down by being critical and negative about your prospects for the future? Practicing positive self-talk raises your vibration and strengthens your immune system.

Two) Pay close attention to what you put into your body. What you eat and drink makes a strong statement as to how you feel about yourself and your life. If you find yourself eating junk or other low-vibe foods, pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that precede these choices. Develop a plan for healthy foods and make sure you have plenty around. Taking care of yourself and providing a healthy and conscious diet is an act of self-love that strengthens you on all levels.

Three) Visualize yourself downloading vibrant life force into your energy field. See the flow of life force moving through every part of your physical system. Focus on any areas where you have experienced challenges. See them filling with healing, radiant light.

Four) Build in plenty of time each day for creative play. As you make the effort to find windows for creative activities, you will find it easier to find time in the future. When you regularly engage in creative play, you integrate creative thinking into everything you do. This keeps inspiration flowing and opens your energy field to downloads of life force and intuitive guidance.

Five) Make time to work out and exercise each day. This enlivens your physical system, oxygenates the body and amps up the flow of life force into your energy field. The flow through your physical system is equal to all other forms of flow in your life.

Six) Regularly still and quiet your mind while focusing your intentions on love and inner peace. During meditation, send love to your higher self and you will quickly feel this love amplified back to you. This builds and strengthens the bridge to accelerated guidance and life force flow.

Seven) As you move through your day, express gratitude for everything in your life, even those things you consider to be challenges. Challenges and obstacles are our best teachers for they help us grow in our understandings and develop resiliency. If there are objects in your life you no longer feel connected to, pass them on to others who can benefit from them. If you have relationships that seem to be ending, enter a place of gratitude for all that has been and move on from this place of complete love and gratitude. Nothing pulls down and weakens the immune system like anger, resentment and blame.

Eight) Make a list of charities and groups aligned with your desire to assist people, animals and the environment. Regularly donate and/or help raise funds to benefit these causes. An excellent idea is holding a garage sale to pass on items you no longer use and donating the proceeds to groups working to bring about positive change. This will give you a feeling of well-being that greatly enhances your immune system.

Nine) Make a list of large and small things that bring you joy and each day do as many of these as you can. Constantly add new areas of joy by exploring new and positive practices and trying out new ideas and possibilities you feel drawn to. Allowing more joy into your life uplifts and strengthens you at all levels.

10) Listen within. Listen to the voice of your intuition and act on the guidance you receive. When you lose sight of this connection to your highest vision, you become a slave of the world which amps down your life force flow.

11) Create environments and spaces in your surroundings that uplift and inspire you. Spending time in spaces with positive energy flow raises your vibration. If you need help in creating positive flow in your environment, study the art of feng shui.

12) Alkalinize your physical body with enzyme-rich, live, alkaline foods. When your cells are being properly nourished, you grow calm and serene, which raises your vibration and draws to you uplifting people and experiences.