The Upside of Illness





The upside of illness is that you can get well.
The upside of illness is that you can regard it in many ways. As dire as illness may seem and be, you can look at it as a language that you have not yet understood. You can regard illness as a friend who has something to tell you. Your friend, illness, comes closer, and you can look at him in many ways. You can look at him as punishment, the price you pay for having done something wrong, even when you don't know what you did, and may really have not done anything. Certainly, no one would deserve illness.
You can look at illness as a great mystery that descended on you, and not on the person next to you. You can take illness personally, or you can look at it less personally. You can also disregard illness.
Does illness come from the mind of man? Is it created? If no one believed in illness, would the world have it?
If there were no medicines, would there then be the need for them? If there were no doctors, whom would you look to?
Illness seems as though it is a part of life, yet where is that written?
If there were no need for illness, would it exist? It is a world condition at present, beloveds. Much credence has been given to illness. It has been bowed down to and honored, perhaps in a reverse way. Illness is spoken about in hushed voices.
You can also look at age in varying ways. You used to be young, and now the years seem to hang heavily on you and weigh you down. You don't know whether you want to live in a body ravaged by time. You perish the thought of aging and what the future might hold, and yet it is not so easy to leave the body even if you are sure you want to.
Fewer friends and family are left to you. You have more friends on the other side than you have on Earth. Along with your youth, so much has gone on without you, and you lag behind.
Youth was a gift, and now age is also. Youth and age are two sides of the same coin, beloveds. You looked through one end of a telescope, and now you look through another.
You walked through a keyhole, and now you are on the other side of it. All of life is a discovery.
Babyhood is all about discovery. Babies put everything in their mouths. It is very good to be a baby when you are.
It is very good to be a youth when you are, and it is very good to be all the ages humans can be when that is where you are.
So long as you fear, every stage of life is fraught with danger.
Common sense is one thing. Fear is another. You can care and not fear. You can care and forget about fear. You can give love at every moment. You have great latitude of choice.
Whatever is going on, you can substitute love for fear. Fear is a habit. It is not truth. Oh, it may be factual that you know fear intimately, and yet fear, and all that you fear, are illusions. You even fear the loss of illusion. You fear loss. Count gain instead.
In life you can only gain. You are always gaining experience, and you always have the choice to make something of the experience you gain. There are no lost causes, beloveds. Have love instead of causes. Give love instead of anything else. Give love to yourself under all circumstances. Will you do that, please?


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