I Am Your All Knowing


I Am Your All Knowing.

Dear one, a soul is truly blessed when it first senses, and then becomes fully aware of the love and the heavenly overcare of the Creator.

Take more time in your day to stop and enjoy this.  Such a wonderful feeling of security can sweep through you, and overtake you.  And thus you begin to feel accepted just the way you are.  Loneliness will disperse, never to return, as you make more room within yourself to receive this love.

In order to create a larger capacity for this love, it is desirable that you eliminate all negative self-talk, guilt, long-standing unforgiveness, and realize where these ‘weeds of self-rejection’ are growing in your mind.

You and all humans are the beloved mortal offspring of the Creator.  Subject to your free will, you are each given a chance to journey to Paradise.

This planet is riddled with the plague of negativity towards self and others.  This is one reason why love does not flow freely from one to the other.  There are all sorts of obstacles in the way.

But love is like a river of living water that needs to flow.  It can also become a stagnant, putrid pool of self-hate, self-guilt, and the harboring of ill will toward others.

Over time you will find that all kinds of maladies can manifest in the physical body.  In this manner the ills of the inner world go unrecognized at their root-source, and only remedies in the outer world are sought and trusted to heal the problem.

However, I tell you that this drives the problem only deeper into the inner world.

The only way to prevent physical problems is to learn about, and to then address, the inner obstructions in the mind and thought-stream.

Come into My healing presence, to seek My council, for I am your All Knowing, who indwells you.

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Intimacy often gets broken because of ego or your desire. What breaks intimacy?
Ego or taking a position
Taking intimacy for granted
Finding imperfection in oneself or others
Insensitivity or over sensitivity
Lack of vivek or vairagya (lack of discretion or dispassion)
Grumbling or lack of gratitude
Dissolving into infinity is the way to maintain intimacy. Intimacy is dissolving into infinity. Dissolving into infinity brings you to the moment. Go beyond events. Dissolve into infinity, be in the moment, and look beyond the events. This is the way to maintain intimacy.
- His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar