Humor, and The Kid Within

Partnering with God

The New Age Human


     Here are three more attributes that are spiritual. They are
practical, but spiritual, and, like the others, they have to do with

The Kid Within

     We want to talk about that little child within each of you. Do
you hear the voice of the little one here [child in the audience has
been cooing]? You know, she knows something. Intuitively at the
 cellular level, she knows Mom is good. She knows that whatever
 she needs, Mom will be there to supply it. She knows that. And
 like a lot of humans, she may fuss about it until she gets some
 response, but she knows Mom is good. At the cellular level, even
 at this age, she knows that everything is going to be taken care of
 for her. No matter what her need, even though she cannot even
 walk yet, it will be supplied. She'll be carried, fed, taken care of,
 loved, hugged, put to sleep--safe!
     There's a child in each one of you, just like this one. We call
 it the child of God. And instead of realizing that Mom is good, that
 child knows that God is good. The child knows he'll be taken care
 of. The child knows that it's going to be hugged and there's
nothing that will occur in its life, even if it stands in a place
seemingly alone, that it won't have the hug of God and be taken
care of. Oh, if you could go back and experience the childhood and
remember how good Mom is at that age! That is what we wish you
to feel, regarding the child in each of you--to know that God is
good, that home is where YOU are--that YOU are hugged daily,
that YOU are never alone. That you have entities who are assigned
as angels or guides or whatever you want to call them, that stand
next to you and love you. They're your best friends, each one. You
don't have to see them, and you don't have to name them. They're
there, regardless. And those of you who have chills and intuitions
to "move here or there" are feeling those loved ones next to you.
No human is ever alone! Never. That's the child within. Here is a
big source of peace, dear ones--a big source of peace. We ask you
to go there and revisit that feeling. And when you find that feeling,
savor it and don't forget how to go back there. Because that's
where the peace is. The inner child represents the HEALTH of
YOU spiritually, for it is never afraid and is always peaceful about
what tomorrow will bring. It owns the concept of being cared for!


     Let's talk about humor for a moment. Let me give you a
 metaphor--an analogy, perhaps, that you've never heard before
 about humor. My partner was right, you know, when he said that
 humor is the only thing that passes untouched to you from the
 other side of the veil. Let me tell you why. Humor begets joy. You
 cannot have joy in your life without humor connected with it.
 Imagine a candle, and in the wax of the candle is joy, and the wick
 of the candle is you. The candle stands there inactive. Nothing
 happens with the joy. It is rigid. It is suspended in a shaft that is
 going nowhere, but is poised and ready--pointing in a raised
 position. Then the light and flame of humor is assigned to the wick
 (which is you). It will start to melt the joy and activate it. You can
 smell it, and the joy then becomes pliable. It is working--it gives
  off light--it is alive, because of the humor that is applied to it.
 Humor is the catalyst for joy. Joy begets peace and melts the
 human heart. Do you understand what we're saying? Use this. Use
 it in all things. See it as a catalyst. Learn how to see it as a catalyst.

Questions and Answers
      Question; Hello, Spirit, I appreciate your sense of humor so
  much; it brings me such joy to laugh with you about our duality.
  How does humor work between spiritual entities? How does a
  sense of humor differ, if at all, when we are in lesson versus when
  we are not in lesson? What other things (besides our duality)
 prompt laughter?

     Answer: Dear one, thank you for this profound question!
 Humor is one of the only energies passed through the veil com-
 pletely untouched. The other is love. They are related, and we
 cry when we laugh and also in grief. They both affect Human
 biology, too, and so they are catalysts for chemistry changes.
     On the other side of the veil it is there, too. Don't we smile
 and laugh when we hug you? Yes. Don't we dance when you
 do? Yes. Believe me, it's very much a part of what you call The
 Cosmic Lattice of sacredness.
     Truly, humor is sacred. It calms the Human spirit and cre-
 ates the chemistry of tolerance, forgiveness, and even health.
 Is it any wonder that we make it a staple of this work you call
"the Spirit"?

     Let's talk about enlightenment. There are those in this room
 who are afraid of enlightenment, and you have anxiousness over
 this. We have spoken of this before, but we speak of it again now.
 There is a seed fear in each one of you of becoming enlightened,
 and it is appropriate. It's part of the test. Some of you are afraid
 to take that next step because it might change your lives, and you
 intuitively know that it's going to. We are not here to tell you that
you won't have to work, because you will. It is why you're here,
and we're going to face off with you in a moment and ask you a
question about why you're here. Fear of enlightenment--have
peace over it. It is a paper-thin phantom of fear. For when you
move into that sweet spot and start paying attention to your
guides, things start to clear up in your life. And one of the first
things you're going to receive is peace. Even when things may be
whirling around you and you don't understand what's going on.
you're going to have peace. We promise that, and we have said
this many times: Spirit will never give you a snake when you ask
for an apple. We love you too much. There is no trickery afoot
here. This is serious and life-changing.

{More to come on eight more spiritual attributes, please check
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