Human Nature


NATURE,HUMAN - There is no particular
nature. Eech has his own
particular nature - there is nothing
like a generalized nature,
nothing like human nature. Jesus has
his nature, I have mine, you have
yours. And when you flower, you will
flower in a different way. ---
Everybody has his own. Even
Jesus'Master, John the Baptist, had a
different quality. Jesus never followed
him - he started moving in
different ways. It has to be so. There
is no problem in it. ---
I have to follow my nature. This is how
I see that it is more helpful
to you. It is my way, there is no
comparison, no criterion. ---
And there is nothing like human nature.
Each individual human being
has his own nature. So if you reach to a Buddha he will be tatally
different from Jesus. If you ask a Buddhist, he will say that Jesus
must have been a little political, that he was not purely religious,
otherwise why should he be crucified? Buddha was not crucified! ---
Mahavira lived naked, so his followers think that everybody who has
attained has to live naked, because when you become innocent, what is
the use of clothes? Jesus is not realized because he is still wearing
clothes. Even a Buddha is not realized - he is still wearing clothes!
--- So these are different people, and they have all attained in their
own ways; their expressions are unique. And it is good that they are
unique, otherwise life will be too monotonous. Think - a row of
Jesuses standing in a queue. It will look ugly. Alone Jesus is
beautiful, a precious diamond, but if there are too many just like
him, he will be a pebble on the shore - nothing of worth. ---

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