1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Jesus/Jeshua: The Parable of the Princess in the Castle
3.)  Lady Nada: Keeper of the Soul Keys - Part 2
4.)  Akashic Records: Human Enlightenment
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  There Is Love to Give

Isis' Message of the Day -
"Let go of your attachment to being right, and suddenly your mind is more open. You're able to benefit from the unique viewpoints of others, without being crippled by your own judgment."  ~ Ralph Marston ~
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Give up, dearest Ones.  Give up fretting and worrying over things you cannot change.  Give up lying awake, sick with dread over what might happen.  Give up, Beloveds.
Instead, call upon Love to enter your life and transform it.  Call upon Love to enter your heart and open it.  Call upon Love to be manifest in every area of your experience and align it with All That Is. 
This powerful act of trust, renewed with every loving word and action, is the seed-bed of miracles.  Do you doubt this?  Look upon the holy Ones who have walked the earth.  Despite the challenges they faced, each of them chose loving trust in Creator over fear and worry.  By this means, they accomplished great things.
What do you wish to see in your life?  Dear Ones, your success begins with trust.

Deb and Jean
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Jesus/Jeshua: The Parable of the Princess in the Castle
Channeled by Judith Coates
May 2010
Beloved one, would you like a story? There are in your holy Scriptures what have been known as parables, the stories that I often told to illustrate various points, because, as you know — and it is still true in this day and time—a story can be remembered more easily than a whole lecture. Often there is a tendency of the mind, no matter how good the lecture is and no matter how powerful the speaker, there is a tendency for the mind to wander, but a story is easy to remember. I will tell you a story, a story that is not in your Scriptures.
Once upon a time, before time was, there was a being, a holy being who in its desire to know itself decided to see itself in a mirror within itself, and in looking in the mirror brought forth a belief that there could be two instead of one. Now, it was still one, knowing itself to be two, and we will call this twosome a male and a female, a king and a queen; royalty; holy beings.
They desired to have offspring, to bring forth a child, and so they did. A beautiful princess was born, having all of the qualities of the king and all of the qualities of the queen, because after all it was the one being experiencing itself as two, and now there were three.
The princess was very much loved, very much adored, admired. So the princess grew up knowing that she was greatly loved and protected and would always be protected. In time, as they understood time, there was also the prince who was brought forth. And the prince had all of the qualities of the king and the queen, because he was an extension of them.
He looked upon his qualities and he wanted adventure, so he left the castle and went out to adventure, to experience, to see what else was out there, and the princess stayed in the castle, where she remains even to this day.
The princess looked upon herself to see what qualities she had. She saw how the prince had been enamored with the idea of adventure, but this was not quite what she wanted. She looked inside of herself and discovered that there were qualities there of intuition, precognition, love, what you would call now in this day and time the divine feminine.
The divine feminine for a long time now has been kept, guarded in the castle so that no harm would come to her. But this is not what she wanted and is not what the princess desires. She wants to be known for her qualities, and she wants to come out of the castle to be known for the qualities that are now awakening within you.
You have adventured many lifetimes as the prince. You have called forth experiences that allowed within the human realm the adrenaline to rush. You have known and created many examples where you could be the strong masculine.
But the princess has been kept within the castle and yet very much alive within you, waiting for the drawbridge to be let down. You are now returning again to the place where you understand feelings that the world does not understand, knowings that come to you and you do not know where the knowings come from; visions that come to you, perhaps instantaneous, sometimes longer, sometimes in a long dream as it would be.
You are experiencing intuitive knowing about people, places, happenings. You can move forward in time. You can move in the inner realm to what you would see a future to be, and you can call forth the qualities of the princess and allow her to come out of the castle now to help you make an expanded understanding of the divinity even of the world as the world yet sees itself to be quite chaotic.
You call upon her qualities when you meet a friend and there is the hug that is given, there is the warmth, the smile, the support. She comes rushing forward to greet another one as you give to them the understanding that, “I know who you are,” and you look upon them and you see the Christ of them; you see the divine being of them.
The princess then is allowed out of the castle. The princess for a long, long, long time has been kept hidden away in the castle because the world seemed fit only for the prince, the adventuresome one, the strong one, the masculine that the world knows.
The qualities of the princess are more gentle, and so she has waited until there would be welcome for her qualities. Now is the time. Allow yourself to invite the princess and the qualities that she embodies to be very much working in your life. Allow the princess to be very much alive in your thought processes. Allow the princess to adventure now with the prince, and understand that both the prince and the princess embody all of the qualities of the One who looked into the mirror and thought that it saw two, and then brought forth the offspring that has seen itself to be separate and different from each other and yet the same, offspring from the same Source.
As you go forward now, your world is changing. It is changing because you are changing. It is changing because you have demanded that you want to know the combination of the male and female qualities. You have wanted to know the prince and you have wanted to know the princess. You have said, “I want to know the One of me and how creative that One of me was, even before time began.”
That is the story of the princess in the castle, the castle which truly never existed, the princess who is alive and well, the prince who is alive and well and desires to venture forth with his princess, and the story of the king and queen of the One who looked in the mirror and saw two.
Allow yourself to contemplate how this reality came into being and what part the prince has played and what part the princess has played and is playing. Celebrate every quality of royalty, because that is who you are. You are royalty. Celebrate the royalty of your divine Self.
Allow yourself to cast your mind back to a time before time was and to understand how you have come to a reality that yet believes in separation, that yet believes in duality. It has been as the One looked in the mirror and saw two, and yet was only One.
You have had in this past few weeks of your timing much that has been going on in your world. You have been seeing much of change, where the divine feminine truly is being called forth, needing to be called forth in order to see with balanced view what is happening in your world. There is much that is being tossed up in the air, where ones are making a stand, whether they think they are the prince, a very strong warrior, very much into temporal power, very much into adventure, and where other ones are calling upon the divine feminine quality of gentle deliberation, intuitive listening, and supportive caring.
The divine feminine knows itself to be divine. Now, the prince also knows his divinity but has focus upon the world, because the prince has declared that he will live in the world and adventure in the world. But the divine feminine is now looking beyond appearances and has the courage to speak with honesty from the point of focus of knowing the divinity of everything that happens.
In your own life in the past few weeks, you have had challenges and changes that have come up, and you have dealt with those challenges and changes as best you knew how from past experience. And yet there has been a voice within you that has said, “But there must be other tools that I can use, other aspects of myself.”
And that is when the divine feminine, the intuition, the psychic abilities as they are called, are invited to come forth and to be very much a player on the stage. You have wanted to know how you could come through a lifetime and call it all good, and so you gather to yourself all of the experiences, and sometimes you listen to separated ego that says, “Woe is me. Why? How could I have been so short-sighted?”
And then you take the deep breath that I highly recommend and you step back from what is happening and you say, “There must be more that is happening here than what I can see as the appearance of what is happening. There has to be much more,” and there is much more going on. And so you allow yourself to be the divine holy Child, the beholder that steps out of reality—small “r”—to behold how Reality—capital “R”—is at work even in the smallest experiences.
And from that, it gives you a new perspective, a new vantage point of understanding that you are not the victim of anything that happens and you are not tossed about on the waves of old experience. It is truly asking you to break the cycle of what you have done many times in this lifetime and many other lifetimes as well; to break the cycle and to interject into it the divine feminine qualities to call forth the power of intuition, the power of gentleness in the face of the storm.
You are an expression of Life. It is a gift freely given from yourself to yourself to do with it as you want to do. So make it easy. Nowhere is it written that you have to struggle. Nowhere except in the world view and in what the generational teaching has been is it written that life experience has to be difficult, that it has to be a struggle.
Live in joy. Bring forth the princess of you. Bring forth the gentleness that says, “I can shower myself with the gentleness of love. I can live in the space of love of the heart, the divine heart of me.” It does not have to be difficult.
In the lifetime that I lived which is so celebrated, it is written that I suffered for your sins. It is written that I suffered for the original sin that none of you can remember, mainly because there never was an original sin. There was an original forgetting, but there was never an original sin, and you are not a sinner.
I did not suffer, and I certainly cannot absolve you from the “sin” of being when we are all from the same Source. I did not suffer, and you do not have to suffer, and there is absolutely no advantage, no points gained by suffering. The only thing that perhaps separated ego will say to you when you come through a time of suffering is, “Well, at least you came through it.” But it was never really necessary in the first place.
Allow yourself to laugh. How good it feels when you laugh. Truly, when you laugh, it puts a vibration into the air which allows an upliftment.  As you laugh at yourself, and see yourself playing a role, you can say, “Wow! Hey, you know, that is really funny. It wasn’t funny at the time, but it’s funny now when I look at it,” and you begin to laugh and it lifts everything up.
Oftentimes when you are into an experience, you will react to it even before you think. So pause for a moment and understand that your acting has been a re-action based on what you have known in the past. It is a re-action.
Allow the princess, which is you, to come forth to create a new action, based on gentleness to self, joy of living, and intuitive knowing of your divinity. These qualities have been guarded in the castle for long enough. Now the princess can adventure forth with the prince, adding balance to their experiences.
Go forth and love. Bring the princess into this world.
So be it.
- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) in expression through Judith
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Lady Nada: Keeper of the Soul Keys - Part 2
Channelled through Natalie Glasson
With sacred Christed blessings I extend my arms of love to you now to cradle you and your soul in a pure blissful light that flows directly through me from the soul of the Creator. I come forward once more emanating love to continue my communication from the weekly message of last week where I spoke of my abilities of activating an individual’s soul and assisting them in realising the truth that exists naturally within them. I reminded you that you are more than you currently realise and imagine; that you hold a wealth of Creator power, love and enlightenment within you which is waiting to be aligned to and expressed. With the title of Keeper of the Soul Keys bestowed on me I feel a great need to express myself to all and make myself available to be of assistance to each of you beautiful light beings in existence on the Earth, in order to aid your alignment and integration with the Creator’s soul.
In my previous communication I offered you an invocation that allowed you to connect with my energies and to become receptive to a cleansing and purification in preparation for further soul discovery. Now I wish to continue this process of soul acceptance and share with you a simple but special meditation that will guide you in aligning on a deeper level with your soul.
Please gain a relaxed state of body and mind, allowing your breathing to become your predominant focus to assist in the manifestation of peace within and around you.
Please say . . .
‘Lady Nada please channel your soul light, the eighth ray light, the Christ consciousness light and the Creator’s light deep into my being to raise my energy vibration, to increase the volume of light that I hold and to clear all unneeded energies from my entire being, thus manifesting a pure and clear outlook that promotes the presence of clarity within me. Allow me to experience your light pouring through my being now as I sit in a state of peace.’
I, Lady Nada will step forward and stand before you, placing my energy hands over your heart chakra to assist in my light penetrating your heart chakra.
Imagine, sense or acknowledge your heart chakra being filled with light, this light then flows throughout your being.
The light holds the intention of connecting your soul with your heart chakra to allow a pure and sacred expression of your soul. Imagine your soul flowing from the depths of your being to connect with your heart chakra.
Let your mind or focus rest within the energy of your heart chakra and your building soul energy, your mind is experiencing a deep alignment with your soul and heart chakra.
Let us sit together, I will sit before you and let us simply observe the magnificence, peace, beauty, purity and enlightenment of your soul. Retain your focus on your heart chakra and soul; simply be open to feelings, experiences, ideas and insights flowing into your mind from your soul.
You may also wish to say . . .
‘I accept the essence of my soul.’
Take time to experience this fully, it may take practice, faith and dedication.
I, Lady Nada, will now send my consciousness deep into your soul’s energy and core to gain a greater understanding of your soul, its goals and will. As I achieve this I ask that you imagine that our heart chakras are connected as one, that there is a beam of light that binds our heart chakras together. This allows me to access a greater depth of your soul but it also allows me to relay to you any information that your soul and I believe is appropriate for you to comprehend in your currently reality. While I achieve this please retain your focus on observing the essence of your soul.
This may take time and patience.
With a greater understanding of the essence and will of your soul I now wish to work to assist you in accepting a new aspect of your soul, this must be achieved by dissolving any limitations, boundaries or barriers that may exist around your soul, hindering its expression. Barriers are often placed by an individual around their soul as a protection but these must be dissolved in order to allow a greater expression of the soul and Creator presence within.
Please use this invocation . . . 
‘Beloved Lady Nada I ask that you create a ball of pure cleansing, rejuvenating and activating light that is appropriate for me now and will assist in the dissolving of any blockages, boundaries, limitations, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, experiences and judgement that may hinder my expression of and connection with my soul. Please place this ball of cleansing light into my heart chakra and soul now to begin this sacred process that encourages my soul to  expand and develop more fully into your physical being, mind, emotions, personality, surroundings and reality. Please oversee this process of deep cleansing and ensure my protection on all levels of my being at all times. Thank you and let it be.’
Simply sit and allow or acknowledge my light melting and merging with your heart chakra, allow yourself to accept the colour and vibration of light that I have placed to encapsulate your soul.
Hold faith that the appropriate barriers will be dissolved with time. This may bring forth lessons for you to overcome or realisation about yourself and your energies for you to accept.
Please know that I am here to guide and assist you always and you may call on my energy or inspiration whenever you wish by repeating my name, Lady Nada, in your mind.
When you wish to complete the meditation simply ask for your community of guides to surround and protect you, balancing and settling your energy while grounding and centring your being back into the Earth and your physical reality.
I believe that it would be beneficial for you to practice this meditation each day for the next week and then I wish to return to complete the meditation and journey with you.
With sacred Christed blessings,
I am Lady Nada
May you walk in the love and light always,

Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website  she shares the channelled messages of the Creator’s helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet.  She offers a service of channelled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.
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Akashic Records: Human Enlightenment
Channeled by Jen Eramith MA
In the human angels channeling, the Keepers say there are 4.2 billion angels in human form on earth at this present time.  If there are presently 7 billion souls on earth, who are the souls that are not angels?
All of these numbers are approximate because every human being has a different origin, like spirit origin and every human being has a different contract for what parts of their true selves they bring into their human lives.  About half of the human population is angelic.  We say angelic as a form of spirit ancestry.  Each one of you, you existed before you were born in your human life.  Your spirit, your soul, it has existed usually for far longer than you have been alive.  Each of your souls, they did not originate by being born as a human being, they originated somewhere in the universe as an energy, as a spirit, as a unique, divine spirit in the universe.  In the wider universe, there are different realms of being, there are different kinds of beings, and there are different kinds of energy held in different parts of the universe.  You can think of it as neighborhoods even though they do not exist in different spaces of the universe, they exist everywhere.  If you imagine those neighborhoods it can help you comprehend the differences and the way those differences interrelate.  You can think about the angelic realm as being one neighborhood in the universe just like the Pleiadian Realm, which is the realm of healers, is another realm or neighborhood in the universe and there are many others.  The thing we have to tell you about humanity in regard to angels is that the angelic realm is one of the core originating forms for humanity.  The angels are beings who helped formulate humans.  The difference between an angel and a human is small compared to the difference between other kinds of beings and human beings.  The jump from being an angel to a human is not as far a jump as it would be from being a Pleiadian to becoming a human, which is far more rare.  It is a bigger jump.  It is a farther distance dimensionally.  It is common for angels to occasionally live as human beings because the angels are deeply intertwined with human existence and they are deeply committed to human wellbeing.  About half of the human beings alive today are angels in human form.  Beings who were previously angels or have been angels before who have chosen to live as humans both to experience life as a human being and to be of service or help at this time on Planet Earth.
All of the beings who do not have angelic ancestry, you still have divine, loving, magical ancestry; it is just not from that particular neighborhood.  Some of you, as we mentioned in our other example, are Pleiadian.  These are just words that human beings have come up with to help you differentiate these different energies, to help you understand or comprehend the differences.  The Pleiadian are healers and light bringers.  Some of you are of reptilian origin.  The reptilian beings are the managers of information in the universe.  They help determine what information is relevant when and where and they help to hold that information in place so that it can be used throughout the universe.  The reptilian lineage is also a core part of humanity so that there are many human beings that have the reptilian lineage as well.  Spiritual lineages like this operate just like blood lineages, but most of you have some kind of mix.  Most of you may be both angelic and reptilian at the same time.  An old way of looking at these different dynamics is through a duality where you imagine some are good and some are bad or some are right and some are wrong.  Ultimately, everything in the universe is ultimately made of love.  In some parts of the universe, that love has been slowed down to a form that is so far from love that it feels like shadow.  Ultimately, if you were to uncover the truth to everything, it all comes back to love.  Part of what you are doing through the process of enlightenment is coming to recognize the divinity and the grace within each one of you.  This includes remembering that you are an angel or a Pleiadian or a reptilian or these different kinds of spirit origins.
Then the second part of enlightenment is determining how you want to apply who you are in the world to bring about the most light and love for humanity overall.  For some of you, for instance, those of you with reptilian lineage, the best way to bring light and love is to share information or to help determine when information will be most useful or how best to apply information.  For those of you with Pleiadian lineage, you best way you can bring light and love into the world is to perform healing or to help empower others to heal themselves.  Of course there is a lot more information about those of you that are the human angels.  Many of you are here to protect and bless the lives of others.  There are actually countless other universal origins for human beings.  Then again, most of you have some kind of a mixed lineage.
Will there be a shift in enlightenment that happens where those who have chosen to move away from third dimensional reality will have done so?
There will be a time when all beings that no longer wish to be on an enlightened planet will have passed on and incarnated somewhere else.  But there will not be a single moment; there will not be one single event of a shift.  The shift is occurring now.  It began occurring at the harmonic convergence in the 1980s.  It started really slow and just began as a trickle but since about the year 2004 or so, that shift has been occurring much more rapidly where many souls who die and pass away on this planet are choosing to incarnate somewhere else because to fulfill their purpose, they no longer will be served by being on a planet that is moving through enlightenment.  They want to continue experience physical reality or duality or those kinds of things.
What you are likely to find is not an obvious shift as it is occurring, but instead a time when you all look back and realize that a shift occurred.  It is not a shift that happens in a moment, a day or even a year.  It is a shift that occurs over the course of about somewhere between 40 and 60 years, we do not yet know.  That is the way the shifting is occurring.  What we can tell you is that no one lives on Planet Earth without wanting to at a soul level.  As long as your soul wants to live on Planet Earth you can.  The instant your soul no longer wants to live here, you will pass away or somehow leave the planet.  That has always been true, so it continues to be true.  What we want to address in your question is the idea that some beings are choosing to move away from this reality.  This has always been true but it is becoming more remarkable or more discernible that this world is changing.  To live as a human being in this world five hundred years ago was a very different thing from living in this world now.  There is less density available, there is more understanding and that understanding is leading to a limitation on suffering.  While there is still much suffering on Planet Earth, the scenarios that led to suffering are becoming less palatable to you as human beings.  As societies, you are evolving, as individuals you are evolving.  You are moving toward compassion and it is becoming less possible for you to tolerate oppression.  As you continue that journey as a whole human family, there are souls who need in order to continue the journey they have begun or in order to explore or experiment with what they want to experience, they need to live in a more third dimensional reality than what this one is becoming.  They will incarnate somewhere in a world where duality is more available; where density is more available so they can continue to learn, grow, experiment and create from that third dimensional perspective.
Those of you who remain in human form in this world for the next generations to come, will do so with a greater universal awareness than human beings have been able to achieve for thousands and thousands of years.  So that people being born now on Planet Earth come with a larger capacity for understanding their universal selves, they come with a greater capacity for remembering their past lives or remembering if nothing else, that everything is made of love.  What you will find is that you will continue to live as human beings, but you will be human beings with a larger universal perspective.  What has already begun to occur, and continue to occur, is that together, you are uncovering your gifts, your ability to heal yourselves, your abilities to survive trauma, avoid trauma and protect others from trauma.  You are able to see a bigger picture of who you are in the universe.  That enables you to live your lives differently.  You are still human but more enlightened humans. 
From Keepers of the Akashic Records * Channeled by Jen Eramith, MA *
The Akashic Records are an ethereal library, offering infinite information regarding every creation in the Universe. They hold an energetic imprint of a soul's journey from its inception until its return to Source.  Every human being has access to their Akashic Records by divine birthright.  There is a unique Akashic Record for every period of time, and the Records for the period can be accessed.  As we approach each new month, the possibilities and probabilities of the month come into form, and can be understood as a general energy that each of us works with individually.  The Akashic Transformations monthly channeling is offered to you by Jen Eramith in order to facilitate your own experiences as you move through the month. This Monthly Message Preview was channeled from the Akashic Records by Jen Eramith, M.A.
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, you are Light. You are of the Family of Light. You are part of that broad spectrum that has decided from before time began to experience and to express and to create. Wow! How vast that is. You can be anything you want to be. In that moment of peace and allowance, the aura of you expands exponentially until truly it fills the room. Those who are in non-physical form feel and rejoice in that Light. They are healed in that Light.
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HEAVEN #3457
There Is Love to Give
May 13, 2010
God said:
Once and for all, know My love for you and simply love Me. This is the healing. Once and for all, love. Once and for all and, above all, love. Love Me, and you will love yourself more. With love, all things are possible. With love, the Earth was born, and you were born. If love can do this, what else can love do? What can there possibly be that love cannot do?
Love holds up the Universe without effort. There is no need for Atlas. He is window-dressing.
Love heads the list, and love is not an effort, beloveds. You may have to turn on a switch in your heart, set an intention for love, and then love will flow of itself. Love takes its own course. Let your love free. Release the love in your heart, and let it go. Let it go for all it is worth. It is worth gold.
Heretofore, you may have allowed a trickle of love to drip from your heart. Heretofore, you may have been stingy with your love, fearing a short supply, fearing a banal supply, fearing a limit to supply and demand, and therefore withholding all the love in the world, hanging on to it like a possession, storing love in a storage bin, going there only seldom to open it up and see that it is still there in a lonely compartment in an impersonal storage place, stored along with musty things that also are not seeing the light of day, as if there were no other place for your love, as if your love were not wanted, as if your love were tainted, as if no one wanted your love. It was you who didn't want to give it, for you thought love was in scanty supply and had to be kept for certain occasions.
It remains for you to take love from under wraps and reveal it to yourself and to the world and to Me. Throw away the wrappings. Untie the love in your heart, and let it fly. Let your love rise as bubbles from a bubble pipe. Let those bubbles of love burst. That is what love is made for! Your heart will expand. It is as if your heart could burst because love wants out. Of course, love bursts through its bonds. Love was made for the giving and for the taking too, but not for the keeping. Love is for giving. Let an ocean of love stream from your heart. Full-throttle love. Godspeed your love. Rev up love and not so much your car. Don't let your motor of love just idle.
You have a pick-up truck of love, or rather a drop off truck of love. Drop off your love as you drive along. You have a perpetual engine of love, and it is for you to let it rip! Drop off that love wherever you drive. No need to label it, put someone's name on it. If you must put a name on it, put Mine, for My love is for anyone and everyone to pick up. I ask you to deliver My love. Leave heaps of My love wherever you go and wherever you do not go. Let My love in your heart find its way to hearts that will relish it.
It is like you have a hot dog stand, and you pour the relish of love generously. It costs you nothing. You expect no payment for the relish.
Now expect to simply hand out love without fear of loss. How can you lose by giving love that is meant to be given freely? There is no charge for love. There are no hidden charges. There is no bill to pay. There is love to give.
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  *  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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