How Far LOVE Can Go ...


How Far Love Can Go


God said:

I am not a God of discipline. I am not a God of favor. I am a God of Love. Just as light shines, I love. I don't know anything else to do. What could I possibly do but love?
Of course, I do not speak of love in the terms of the frailty that can exist in human love, that on and off love. I mean love. I mean love that never blinks. My love stays on. It is permanent, indelible, shining bright light love. The whole Universe is carried in My light, born of My light, bred by My light.
We can say that My light and life itself are the same. Your light never goes out either. Death of the body is insignificant. The body is the least of you. The body is even less than that. It is not you at all! Your body is not even as much as the bark on a tree. Your body is a vehicle. Every lifetime you turn in that vehicle. It has served you and served you well. You don't need it any longer. Bear in mind that you never really needed it! You needed it only so far as life on Earth goes. You just needed it for appearance's sake, beloveds.
You really have nothing to do with your appearance. Even if you spend hours putting make-up on and shopping for clothes, your appearance has nothing to do with you. This is not to say that appearance does not have its value. Of course, appearance has its value in the world, yet the value, like appearance itself, is not long-lasting. You, the you of you, are long-lasting. In fact, you are eternal. You are infinite and eternal. You are the sum and substance. Appearance is not. Appearance only appears. It is the vast illusion called the world.
See more of what is beyond appearance. There is even greater beauty than that which you have witnessed. There is even greater love than you have noted. The greatest love you have experienced or seen or read about, even if you have known torrents of love, is perhaps equal to only one raindrop of My love.
There is a whole river of love that is going to rise up from you, the seeming you. You are riding on that river now. The current pulls you forward to the Ocean from which the river comes. The current of love pulls you to the Ocean of Love on which you have ever been and yet not quite recognized. You have been unobservant, beloveds. The tide of love has you in its thrall, and soon you reach the Ocean and soon you reach the Shore of Love, never to depart from it, not even in your imagination. Any departure from love has been your imagination. The thing is you believe in what you imagine. Believe more in love. Believe more that you are an agent of love, and nothing but love.
Despite all the propaganda of the world, the world is overtaken in love. Look at all that is cared about, and you see the fringe of love. War is even cared about! Do you begin to have an idea of how far love can go? How much love can there be that even war can be loved? Somebody loves it.
Of course, it is really the other side of war that is loved. War means to vanquish war. War means to make itself extinct. War does not yet know that it can only be replaced with love. When war takes a breath, love takes over, this nice quiet easy love called peace. Of course, peace is far more than the absence of war.