How Big Is That Problem ?

Jennifer Hoffman

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How Big Is That Problem?
by Jennifer Hoffman
There was some great feedback to this week's Ascension Insight, which you can read on my Facebook fan page, entitled 'The Road is Cleared, Now How do I Get There?' The topic is how I cleared my very long, snowy driveway (with help) and what I learned during that experience about how to overcome the overwhelm that comes with facing a huge task and not knowing where or how to begin. When we are faced with a big issue, the first question we can ask is how big is it really? 
The truth of how big anything really is, is relative to the person. For example, cooking dinner for twelve would seem impossible to someone who doesn't know how to cook. But for someone who does, it is fairly easy. A few months ago I got ready to leave my house, walked into the garage and noticed my car had a flat tire. I wasn't going anywhere until that tire was changed and while I know how to do that, the tires on my car weigh over 70 pounds each and that's a little too heavy for  me. 
The situation seemed hopeless and I was ready to cry (which would not have helped change the tire). My alternatives were to change the tire myself so I could drive my car to a service station to get the tire fixed or find someone to help me. It was the middle of the day and all of my neighbors were gone. So I called my car insurance agent to get the name of a tow company and she said that she would call someone for me and it would be free because the service was covered under my policy. Wow, that was a surprise. The tow truck driver had the tire changed in less than 15 minutes. My huge problem was, for him, just another service call. And he said it was an easy job since the car was in my warm and dry garage. In fact, he was grateful to have such an easy service call! Imagine that.
What does 'big' mean to you? How do you know how big it is, and is it really as big as you think it is? Sometimes what we think is overwhelmingly impossible is something that is just beyond our abilities in that moment and it has a gift for us, to allow us to expand our energy. The question for us is what do we need to learn to overcome this situation and create the way to resolve it, which may mean we learn to do something new or learn to ask for help and let the Universe step in and help us. What big problem are you facing this week? How big is it and what is its gift to you? Then, how can you create the solution by co-creating an effortless path to the road you know has been cleared for you?
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