How 2 Talk 2 Your Heart

Talk to Your Heart Now
January 6, 2010
God said:
Be confident in My love. Know it exists and that you have it. This will make all the difference in the world for you. I carry you in My arms. I am your comfort. Do not ask for proof. Ask to give love. By this simple asking, the kaleidoscope of your life will change. This is a certainty.
Say to your heart:
"Give love. Give all the love you want to. I give you laissez-faire. Go for it, heart of mine. Give love right and left. See how far we can go. God says there is no end to you. He says the love you contain is His love. He says there are no limits to His love, and therefore there are no limits to how far you can give yourself.
"Heart of mine, give me some love too while you are at it. I need more of your love. I must have asked you to withhold love from me, for I have not loved myself enough, and sometimes not much at all. Disobey any injunctions I have given you. Adore me. Love me from every direction.
"I will also ask my mind to think well of me. My clever mind has been quick to trash me. Too often, my mind has seen me as an unfavored stepchild. It has thrown stones at me. It has not given me enough to eat. It has played cat and mouse with me.
"Now I proclaim, dear heart, that you have the ascendancy over my mind, and you will love me forevermore regardless of what my errant mind tells you. My mind is no longer to control you. Laugh at my mind when it tells you that I am nothing. Stick up for me. Slather love on me whether I am ridiculous or wise. Slather love on me so I will always remember that I am love that is loved. Hold me in your love, and never let me go."
That is how to talk to your heart and to yourself. No more of this meticulous fault-finding. If you are good enough for Me, then accept that you are good enough for yourself. Parent yourself differently from the way you have been. Your job is to find favor and no more displeasure. The stepparent in you has made faultfinding a priority, and now you dispense with that.
You have been sailing on a wrong course, and now you right yourself. I set your destination. I set it to love. The furrows of the ship you sail on point to love, and the past is forgotten. Now you love yourself. That is My commandment. Love yourself. Deny yourself no longer. Love yourself forever.
This one thing will make such a difference in your life. When you love yourself, it will be easy for you to get up on a bus and give your seat to someone else. It will be easy for you to put someone ahead of yourself because, loving yourself more, you will love others more. You will do kindness to yourself, and you will do kindness to others.
The more you love yourself, the more you love. You are wealthy in love, and I ask you to use your wealth. Deploy your love everywhere, and that means you give love generously to yourself as well as others. Is it love that can be ungenerous? No, love can only be generous. That is what love is. Love is generous, or it is not love. Love is too busy loving to be distracted by lesser details. Make love your life, beloveds. Love now.