Your questions.. Sri Sri answers..

Q: Guruji what are the dynamics of bringing peace to this world and to our own personal life?

Sri Sri: First thing is look at the cause of disturbance around you? Why do you get disturbed? So when there is a cause, I am sure you can find a remedy to that. Think how can we be peaceful:

A) Get rid of stress
B) Understand the problems of people. Understand you, your own mind and the mind of the others.
C) Accommodate people and their differences. You need to accommodate them.

With all these three we can bridge the gap. Stress brings negativity. If you are negative you tend to make the whole world negative around you. Thus you can only create waves of negativity around you. Do you agree to what I am saying?

So how do we eliminate negativity? There are multiple ways.. Yoga, Meditation, Walking in the nature, attending to the animals. You know walking; sometimes just seeing the sunset helps you to be inward!

Its people and their talking! Useless gossip! We keep passing opinion about other people. This will not allow your personality to grow!

Focus on the food you eat. Do pranayana. Understand your own mind. You see a beautiful girl, and your walking style changes!! Your talking style changes! You are not genuine. You are not well grounded.

Again someone praises you, you start flying! Someone criticizes you, you become depressed! You cannot bear criticism! This shows your weakness! How weak you are from inside!!

Wise will smile at the ignorance of people. You have to educate and ignore. Instead of burning and bruises. Become aware of what you speak. Understand the impact it has on the other person. Even if you are speaking the truth! Like you call a blind man blind, that's a truth, but what kind of an impact is it creating on the other person!! You call a deaf man deaf. At least he will not be able hear what you are saying!??! (Laughter!!) But the blind man will!

Every culprit has a victim lying within him. See within yourself! Are you clinging on to the negative? Are you an opportunist? Are you a true friend? Do you have an own agenda in your mind?

This is called Swaadhaya. (Introspection - Looking into the self) And the third thing is Accommodation. Accommodating others. Others way of life. Their culture. Their religion. Honor them. If we do these things, I tell you world will be a better place to live in! There will be so much peace.

Life is a war.

Doctors are fighting against diseases.
fight against injustice.
Teachers are fighting against ignorance.

happens when you lose the will to fight. Arjuna was depressed and he
did not want to fight. His bow fell from his hands and his fingers
trembled. Krishna urged him to wake up and fight! The decision to fight
can take away your depression like it did for Arjuna.

Bharat says
"Fight till you give up."

Prashant says "Not give up... give
in!' (laughter)

Even your body is a battlefield.

- Sri Sri

Do not worship or idolize worship. Idolizing without a sense of 
belongingness is always futile.  Such worship only causes fear and
distance.  And there are others who are  paranoid about  worship. They
get irritated by seeing others worshipping. The modes of worship or
idolizing may be different in different parts of the world. Some worship
the pope ; others worship the pop stars.  Some are crazy about the
politicians. Look at all the children. They  worship  their heroes  all 
over  the walls.  Just adoration makes you a fan. Having a sense of
belongingness and seeing the Divinity in those whom you adore, makes you
a saint.

 Raghu: You mean we can see Divinity in a pop star or politician.

If You can;..A Divinity that is distorted ( laughter) Those who worship
without a sense of belongingness and those who are against worship are
in  the same boat  as both are clogged with fear.  In  the  Bible, it
says, " I am your God. And  you shall have no other before  me. "  The
same is said in the ancient Indian scriptures. "One who worships God as
separate from the "I am" consciousness is dull headed". And  " Poojo aur
na deva".Do not worship other Gods. The offering, the offered and the
offerer are all ONE.

 - Sri Sri