How 2 Bring More Light 2 Nov.2 Elections

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  John F. Kennedy: Circle of Light
3.)  Sananda: How to Bring More Light to the Nov 2nd Elections
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  All the Imagined Creation
6.)  Honor the Lessons of the Trees
7.)  Mother Earth: Matter Becoming Stardust

Isis' Message of the Day -
I look for the divinity within every man and woman. I believe there is something infinitely beautiful and precious in every being which deserves to be considered and loved. How could there be any less since we are ALL ONE with the Source of ALL That IS? By seeking the divinity in each man and in each woman, I show faith and love for the Creator/Source of All That Is. Therefore also showing love for you and for myself.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. The world is awash in colorful displays of illusion. Many walk around living stories of their own creation not seeing what is in front of them. Blessed are they who love like a child. Blessed are they who laugh like a child. Blessed are they who remember what it is to live the innocence of a child. Remember the beauty of you and the beauty that surrounds you. Bless your heart.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   * 

John F. Kennedy: Circle of Light
Nov 2nd Teleconference
Given through Susan Leland
My fellow Americans and my fellow citizens of the world, I AM the one you know as John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and I come to you in celebration of this glorious time at which you have arrived, and which as you know, was in some doubt, until most recently. When I was with you it seemed as though this country of the United States of America, was leading the world in a rebirth, a re-getting acquainted with all of the finest principles and freedoms for which it stood. And so you elected me to your highest office, the youngest president ever to serve, and I came with my family to that honored and distinguished residence called the White House.

And my purpose was to serve, and to lead the way even further, into space, into freedom and abundance for all, and to spread it world-wide.  And indeed, I lived what I believed in.  And yes, I made some mistakes along the way, at least history/herstory has judged them to be mistakes, but that is all right. I spoke my Truth. And for that reason the plan was made to end my life, although they did not succeed, some of you may know that a clone was put in my place.  Nevertheless, it was a shocking event for the country to endure.

There are those of you who remember how you felt when you thought they had put out my candle, my flame.  And the reason for it was that I was getting ready to tell the world what you now know, the Truth behind the power brokers, the Truth of the plans that were made to enslave, not free you, the lies that even then were being told, and the senseless, only for profit for a few greedy ones, war, that had barely begun, and which I was about to end.

And I had signed papers to put the country back onto a monetary gold standard, to take the fractionalized banking out of the picture. It would have been the end of the Federal Reserve and its control over the banking system, not only of the United States, but of the world.  And those who wanted all the power for themselves, and all the glory, and who wanted you to be nothing more than a slave, could not bear for that to happen.  And so in their arrogance, and in their greed, and their absolute darkness of their hearts, they arranged and organized for the assassination.
And whether you lived during that time or not, you can revisit it.  You can see the people who came to say their farewells.  You can go and visit the grave where my flame burns eternally, and that of my brothers, and of Dr. King, whose life was also taken, because he had a dream, and he was making that dream come true. The world wasn't quite ready.  The world had to suffer more, because the consciousness wasn't quite there. And suffer you have, through many adversities and many observations and participations in disastrous events.
And of course there is the 9-11.  Why?  Why have all of these things occurred?  So that you would be ready; so that you would reach this very moment; so that you would understand that the Flame of Freedom can never ever be extinguished, and that the Love that brings us all together is the real Truth of the Universe.  And certainly for Planet Earth this is the Truth that needs to shine forth.

And so we are asking that we join together in an exercise, so that those who really truly desire to be elected to serve, to be Lights leading the way into the Golden Age and beyond; that they may shine forth even brighter; that they be honored, that you may greet them all with Love, perhaps even with a dollar or two to help them along their way, but certainly to honor and appreciate them for the sacrifices that they are willing to make.
There is not a day that Beloved President Obama, and many others, are not targets,** but we have our Galactic Family who are intervening now.  They did not have the permission to do, to stop the plans, when I was assassinated, but they did have the ability to substitute, and so they did.  And so, I would ask you to remember the bright times, the Light times.  It's time for Camelot.  It's time for integrity and honor to be grounded once again firmly on Planet Earth.  It's always been there you know.  It just had to go into the mists with Avalon.  It's time to bring the world together.

And I would ask you to join now, join hearts, join hands, and let us move together.  Let us literally rise up out of our chairs and stand together, and join our hearts in a gigantic circle around the world.  And I ask that even though you're holding hands, that you hold a candle, you and the partner you are holding hands with, on the right side of you, in your right hand, your partner's left, so that there is a candle, really, in both of your hands.

And as we say this exercise, as we envision this exercise, let us go around the circle, and see the faces shining, and see in the center of the circle that there is a giant, beautiful candle of white, and the Light is so bright that you can see all the way across that circle.

And you see your brothers and sisters; you see beautiful shining faces of every color, of every description. You see all ages, you see the world, Beloved Ones, in this circle with you, and speak your message to this circle, and say to them:
"I stand here with you in holy Brotherhood/Sisterhood, and I say to you that now is our time. We come together in this special moment, and we stand tall together, so many profiles in courage, as it were. And so we come with no expectation of each other. We are not asking each other what they can do for us.
"We're asking the world what we can do to heal, to carry forward together into the Light, and if there is someone who cannot walk or fly, we carry that one upon our shoulders, joyfully, lovingly, together we move forward. It is as though we are marching together, side by side, hand in hand, this great circle of the humanity of Planet Earth.
 "And we invite those among our Galactic friends to come and stand with us, those who would join us as representatives from the various places that we have originated from, as Star Seeds in human bodies.
"And we invite the other Kingdoms, the Animals, the Plants, the Crystals, all, to send their representatives to stand with us, to reach out and put their hands, their petals, their branches upon our shoulders, that we may feel their Light, and be even more uplifted by it, because they know we come in Love, and that we bring them Love, even as they bring it to us."
And so Beloved Ones, focus upon this picture, this togetherness, and let us, as leaders for this exercise, let us move toward that great candle in the center, and let us light our candles that we hold in our right hand. Come back into the circle and light the candle of the one next to us going around the circle toward the right, paying it forward, paying it forward, paying it forward, lighting and raising our vibrations and feeling the Love even more as we do so.
Light the Eternal Flames once and for all, that they may never ever go out. And see how the circle now is fully lit. The faces now are bright with Joy and Love, and the Light in that circle eclipses even the Light that is in that great central candle, which appears to be crystalline fire.
And let us say to each other welcome, welcome brothers and sisters, welcome all.  I greet you as one with myself, heart to heart, hand to hand, and these Lights that we are lighting are lighting up the entire Planet with the Love and the Truth of who we are.
And now let all of those who are wanting to serve in these elected offices* come forward into the circle, and take their places, shining and facing all the rest, and hear them pledge indeed again their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honors as the forefathers of this country once did, to uphold the entire Constitution, to share its principles, not only with those they have been elected to serve, but indeed with the entire world and the galaxy beyond. And let these ones be your representatives, our representatives, one heart, one voice.
And see their intentions to bring Love and Peace and Abundance and Joy to the world.***  And let this shine through these Lights; up, up and out, that all of the Heavens may see the bright Lights of all of these candles lit on Planet Earth, never ever to be extinguished again.
Breathe in this Light, Beloved Ones, this Love, it's who we are, all of us together.  Keep this moment always in your hearts.  Keep your candle always lit, and join with me in service, the service of Oneness in whatever way you are here to express, and stand courageously and always, always insist that any you elect to represent you do the same.
And so I thank you my fellow Americans, and my fellow citizens of the world.  Stay in this Peace in this moment of Love, and feel the Grace, and feel the Freedom, and feel the Joy of this coming together in Oneness.  We are One; we are together; there is no separation.  There is no way for us ever to feel apart from each other again.
So I give you that universal greeting in honor of this moment. I await the opportunity to rejoin with you when the Announcements are made on Planet Earth. And meanwhile know that I AM with you in Spirit, and in this Flame of Love which we have lit evermore. I bid you farewell and Namaste!
Mother Sekhmet
Mother is always here. Enjoy this moment, Beloveds. This is a rekindling of alliances, the Light of America for the world. And you heard it from one of the great leaders of all time, because he symbolizes the Hopes, and the Dreams, and the Visions, that never died. They just got hidden a bit. And now, they're out again in the bright Light, and the candles are lit, and the Love is here, and the dark is receding forever. So breathe; feel the connection.  Oh yes, just breathe for a moment, and then of course we'll have another musical selection. You might want to put your dancing shoes on.  That's up to you.  Be joyful; Be One, because we're One with you.  And so it is!  Namaste!
I am a facilitator for the loving messages of Ashtar and those who accompany him at our Ashtar on the Road gatherings.  Thank you for taking this time to get acquainted with me and with my mission as a voice for Ashtar!
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Sananda: How to Bring More Light to the Nov 2nd Elections
Given through Susan Leland
October 26, 2010
Greetings, Beloved Ones!  It is I, Sananda, and I stand before you with the others known as the Mentors to this sacred gathering that we have been sharing.  We are scanning your energy fields even now, and we feel the Love and the Joy that is radiating forth from all of you.  And Arthur has indeed been the most wondrous of guest speakers.  And he speaks from his heart and we know that you're all in recognition of that.  So we join in thanking him and expressing great appreciation to him, for he has the courage, he has the heart and he does what he is called upon to do, as do we all.
So as I stand here with Ashtar and St.Germain, Kuan Yin and Mother Sekhmet and we have a special message for you and something yet more that you can do with these energy tools or with your own divine beings, and here is what it is.  We know that there is a great deal of underlying concern about the outcome of these elections and we are here to tell you to take heart, Beloved Ones, and know that no matter how they turn out, all is on track and all will proceed.  This is an opportunity for people to speak their hearts and to recognize the light in these ones who stand before you volunteering to serve you.  And if there be some who appear to be only wanting to serve themselves or their masters who wear hats of a different color, allow them.
Remember the teachings of Ashtar, Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude and be grateful to them for showing you the difference between what is now, in some cases what has been, and what is about to be, because the light is shining and nothing can diminish it and nothing can cause it to stop.  And so we are asking you, Beloved Ones, who have such great understanding of how these marvelous tools work, that if you have any at all, to empower the election of the light ones or the understanding among those who at this time do not understand the difference between those who would rule with their brains and those who would serve from their hearts.  
Beloved David has given a wondrous idea and that is to take the map, you can have a map of the world or a map of the United States of America, if you wish to empower the light during these elections, and spread it out (you can print it out on your computers).  If you have a crystal blanket, put the map on the blanket and then state your intent for the light to shine forth in all candidates, from all candidates and for those who would not come to the light to stand aside and allow the ones who are true lights to shine.
If you have a genesa, you can put it on your state or you can circle it around the area that you wish to bring more light and more love into.  If you have the nano wand, you can of course do the spirals.  If you have the roller, you can roll it gently.  If you have the magnet, the pendant or the butterfly, you can use that to empower the Lovelight coming to these areas which may seem to be quite dark at this moment, but remember, Beloved Ones, you are increasing the light to shine even brighter.  
And we join you in that and we assure you, that those of us who are here in the mission of bringing the Light to the entire world, below, on and above planet Earth, are joined with you, and we shall prevail!  Darkness can only be lit; it cannot put out a light.  And you shine so bright, Beloved Ones, and we have such great Love for you.  We just ask you to remember this and to join in this and to increase the potentials for more and more light to come into this event called election day.  And remember that we are with you and that we are indeed moving together on this grand path called Ascension.
And if you have not any of these tools, you can focus upon a picture, you can keep it in your mind's eye, you can use your wondrous hands.  Bring in the empowerment of the Lovelight and use your hands, or see the light shining on that map in your mind's eye, or however you would do it.  Do a meditation, play some music of upliftment.  You all have the gifts.  You all have the abilities.  Join with us now and let's shine the Light even brighter as we come close to this day of days.  And remember that the Light of Love, the Light of Freedom, and yes, the Light of Joy only will shine brighter as that day comes.
And so thank you, Beloved Ones, for hearing this message from us.  We love you beyond words and we join with you hand-to-hand and heart-to-heart.  We are One in the Light of the Love, and let our divinity shine forth now and evermore.  And so it is.  Namaste and thank you.
I am a facilitator for the loving messages of Ashtar and those who accompany him at our Ashtar on the Road gatherings.  Thank you for taking this time to get acquainted with me and with my mission as a voice for Ashtar!
© Susan Leland (c)2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.  *  *

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, the other side of manifesting is a little-known secret, because ones have not looked far enough to find it. It is to know that truly you are already in the right place at the right time doing the right thing, and everything that you need is being given unto you moment by moment, even if you cannot see it.
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HEAVEN #3627
All the Imagined Creation
October 30, 2010
God said:
Wherever your body happens to be, you are with Me. Be you flying on a jet or flying to the moon or diving deep into ocean waters or lost on a mountain climb, whether you have moved from one house to another, or moved to another land, or sleep on a park bench or sit in a tree, you are with Me. This is our Holy Alliance. This is how it is. No matter what, We are together. How can that be, yet it is.
We can look at it this way: There is One Soul. Vagary thoughts sprout, one to another. I, Who am the Source, stay the Source. I never depart. It is so wonderful to be Me. Why or how could I depart?
Thoughts arose from the Solid Truth. One thought led to another. We could say that the thoughts thought wandered off on their own. Fantastically naļve, the wayward thoughts thought they were singular, independent of the other thoughts that wandered around, even independent of their Creator, out there on a string all on their own. They didn’t know how they got to the place they found themselves in. They didn’t know what to make of it, and so they thought they were the All, and yet the wayward thoughts were really imagined departures from truly the Source of All. The wayward thoughts who had bodies formed and so forth forgot their true nature. They forgot where they really were – with Me, of course – they also forget that they were My original thought. They piggy-backed My thoughts and ran off with them as if there were a separation, as if Thou and I actually existed as separate rather than the true state of affairs which is that We are One, not One Alone, but One i n love with all the imagined Creation that they thought had more or less been foisted on them.
Did I create this imagined you, or did you create the imagined you? I would say, “Both.” I created the possibility of Human Beings, and you ran off with the idea. “Yahoo,” you said to your imagined self, “Yahoo, I am me and not anybody else.” This idea thrilled you, and it dismayed you.
Of course, from the point of view of seeming Earth, you are you and not anybody else. That is as far as you who ran off with the thought of yourself can get your head around. You who declared an independence of sorts are not quite sure about Me or even that I am. This is, of course, ludicrous, because I AM the Great I AM, and you run around the circumference from where you came and where you still are. You objectified yourself and got off the subject of yourself. Your intellect took over, and the whole world believed as you, except for a glimpse now and then of the True State of Affairs.
You are not capable of leaving Me, your very Source. What you have done is identify with fiction, fiction sometimes, from your point of view, wonderful and, other times, too awful to contemplate. As I said, you can’t quite get your head around the idea that We, you and I, are One, and, yet, even so, you can’t altogether toss the idea away. It comes back to haunt you, as it were. The thought of Our Oneness is like a siren that tempts you. Sirens wouldn’t let Ulysses leave to go back to his wife and rightful home. In Our case, the siren is Truth that won’t let you quite leave all the beauty and majesty of your Rightful Home.
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Honor the Lessons of the Trees
by Ann Albers

Hi All,
I LOVE autumn in Arizona. Every year a friend and I take a trip up north to see the aspens turn colors. Walking amidst this forest of giant trees with their white bark and beautiful golden leaves is like walking in nature's cathedral. We always stop, eat lunch, and lay in the carpet of rolling late summer grasses for a little nap. To me, this is a piece of heaven and a reminder of God's unspoiled glory. As we hiked and chatted this year we couldn't help but comment on the incredible changes everyone has been going through this year.
It seems like the theme of this year, and the years to come is "God's way or the highway." But ... te he... God's way IS the HIGH WAY!! Nature is such an awesome example of how we can live in harmony with our own spirit. The forest does not keep rigid schedules. Last year the aspens were turning colors at the end of September. This year they have just begun in mid October. They don't sit there, and say, "Oh my! We are late this year!!" They just know that when the temperature changes, so do they. Likewise, while we do have certain commitments we must meet, we so often create so many artificial deadlines for ourselves that we can drive ourselves crazy.
Whilte putting together my conference for Celebrate Your Life, I appreciated this reminder for the trees. For all practical purposes I "should" have stayed home and started working on updating my seminars on my "office day" last week. But my heart said GO NOW!! And so I took my office day off and went up north, then locked myself in the office the following weekend. It ends up the timing was great. The temperature was perfect, and if we had waited, there would have been inclement weather. I'm glad I listened to my heart! Today, "office day" once again, I'm typing this newsletter, have more work to do on the conference, and yet I know there are other errands calling prior to what I "should" do. So I will honor the timing of my heart, and get things done in an order that will certainly be more productive than if I forced myself to honor an artificial and rigid schedule.
How many times do we force ourselves to cross things off the "to do" list in order, rather than saying, "Hmmm... what do I feel like doing first?" How many times do we act like the world will fall apart if we don't get to the grocery store right away, clean the house, answer our emails, jump up when the phone rings etc. The angels keep teaching me, that while we DO have schedules, when we are not obliged, we should listen to our hearts and honor that timing. It always works! I get more done. Today I have an insane amount to get done but because I will honor my heart it will not feel rushed. It will either get done or not, and if not, there are other days in the week.
So this week, honor the lessons of the trees... instead of forcing yourself to a rigid schedule in your 'spare' time, try to honor the heart and rest when you need rest, do things when you are inspired, etc. What your soul deems unnecessary will fall away and you'll get done what you need to do. Trust, trust, and trust ... and you'll find life moving at a more natural an unhurried pace.
Have a great week!

With much love,
Ann Albers
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Mother Earth: Matter Becoming Stardust
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
As the thickness of earth starts to lesson it is a wise and formidable thought to act as if you have landed upon a dessert isle far from the land of plenty. A place where you are parched for nourishment.   What was once plenty has dwindled in size and does not have the ability to recreate itself.  As Earth becomes a star her matter will decrease as its DNA shifts into stardust. Earth will become singular in nature not reproducing herself.  Matter in its densest form is released to the ethers where it will seek to become stardust again. 
Each earthly element awakens from a long sleep of discontentment forcing humanity into a corner of slim pickings.  Wanting more is habitual of nature doe the 2-legged ones.  The essence of more has left the planet as it too seeks to become more. 
You have asked to be in the moment – no place in the past, no place in the future.  In this now so much comes at you that you can neither move forward or back like one who is caught in a riptide.  The now fits like a dress 3 sizes too small squeezing the very life out of you as your very light expands and takes the form of matter.  The Earth herself grows weak and weary now as she changes matter for light.  This can be no other way in this point of creation. 
Humanity needs to embrace the quality of their individual light – in doing so new thresholds of invitation rewrite themselves announcing the innate ability to take thoughts, encircle them in light, and bring them into matter form thus replenishing the dwindling resources.  The resources will not come from the Earth herself as she readies for her new role as a star.  The resources come from the minds and the needs of humanity. 
Like a great magician you have the ability to call into matter what is needed.  Once upon a different time your Mother Earth fed your needs now you are called forward to feed the needs of many in a deep creative form of manifestation. 
Treasure each element, each drop of water, the shade from a tree.  Treasure what was once thought of as plenty and live accordingly.  Your needs grow deeper and the land is fiery and dry – from whence will the light and nourishment come.  The solution lies within your heart and thoughts.  Birth a new world from old wants and needs.  The Mother that once sustained you moves away from you.  Left in this dark forest of thoughts how will you survive the night of the soul.  Look for new possibilities, see with an open heart and create always from a point of love.
The future, dear child, I leave with you  Love,
M.E. – Mother Earth
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