How 2 Be Happy {Channeled}

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Message from Archangel Gabriel
3.)  SaLuSa: The Next Two Months Are Going To Be Quite Exceptional
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  The Creator of Free Will
6.)  Message from Spirit: How to Be Happy

Isis' Message of the Day -
"Both what you run from and what you yearn for are within you."
~ Anthony de Mello, SJ ~
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. Today is the beginning of your life. Tomorrow is the beginning of the your life. The day after tomorrow is the beginning of your life. Live each moment as if it is your first and last. Can you see how that shifts your perspective? Live each moment as if it is your first and last. This moment is the only one that matters. And this moment is the only one that matters. Be present. Open yourselves up to the wonders all around you. Look at them with the eyes of a child. Be. Live. Feel. Be alive. Feel the wonder. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *      

Message from Archangel Gabriel
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
October 27, 2011
Beloved Ones, 
I would like to have discourse on the quality of Love called Unity. This quality of Love encompasses the use of your divine and human faculties of discernment and inner knowing which combine together into a powerful grouping of thoughts, ideas, and concepts that are embraced by those of like mind and taken to a level wherein these groupings combine to create a unified field that effortlessly moves those thoughts, ideas and concepts to a whole new level. By doing this, a higher consciousness is accepted within this combined field to create a domino effect that then spreads out into ever greater and greater acceptance within the collective consciousness of Humanity. 
Unity implies a general consensus of understanding of a certain vision or desire that is given mental and emotional attention, employing many inner tools to achieve. It requires concentration and visualization skills, emotional intention to give it power and impetus and a feeling of certainty (belief) that what is universally desired can be caused to come into effect by these actions. Many great and wondrous things have been created in this way. There is an element of magic and alchemy to these practices as in effect one thought embraced by many people gathered together can make that thought a certain reality. 
Each of you "are" these magicians and alchemists as you gather together to create the World that you desire with all your hearts, which desire creates in outer manifestation. There is great power in employing unified desire to achieve a new state of Being and a new way of life. Gathering together in your physical bodies is very powerful as then all participants partake of the higher energy that manifests through the group efforts just as gathering together with an intention on a consciousness basis no matter where you may reside on the Earth takes this concept to an even greater and higher level where results become manifest more quickly and noticeably. 
As you gather in groupings, whether physically or in consciousness intent, a ripple effect is created which goes forth into the atmosphere of your Planet to transform all energy to a higher frequency and vibration. This is what a Unity of consciousness can accomplish in a short period of time. It can be likened to one match being lit, then another and another and so on which creates a greater and greater Light that spreads out in a blaze that ignites all the matches around it in a giant combustion of greater Light which then can be seen clearly from greater distances. 
Each of you are as those individual matches (Light) who come together in Unity and Love to create great and sweeping changes in your World. Be in Unity as often as is possible as wondrous events take place in your lives and on your Planet. 
I leave you now to ponder these thoughts and embrace you all in my energy field in Unity and Love. 
I AM Archangel Gabriel
©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff
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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,


SaLuSa: The Next Two Months Are Going To Be Quite Exceptional
Through Mike Quinsey
October 28, 2011

As you are fond of saying "things are hotting up" and the signs are there for all to see. The old paradigm is breaking up before your very eyes, and those still trying to maintain it are in fear of the consequences. People power is showing up all over the world, and growing stronger all of the time. It is not just a passing phase but one built upon the intent to bring change in, and force out that which no longer serves your needs. It is working because it is carried forward by the immense Light being attracted to Earth. Your time has come Dear Ones, when your visions of the new are rapidly manifesting, and already exist in the higher dimensions. It remains only for the Light levels to rise a little further and nothing can delay or stop the changes. With the expected energy surge with the coming of 11.11.11 there will definitely be an upliftment, and it remains to be seen how far it goes.
What is happening in your world is causing confusion, because it threatens to seriously disrupt peoples lives. Yet those of you who know it is necessary to sweep away the old, are able to be a balancing energy to avoid utter chaos. You are needed more than ever and indeed many of you came to the Earth for that very purpose. Lightworkers all have their own roles to fulfill and should by now be aware as to what they are. Some are simply to be beacons of Light, whilst others are healers, or active for causes that spread the Light. If you have not yet found your vocation, spread love and joy wherever you go and help lift people up. Beyond that be assured that once the plan for your future is revealed, many opportunities to serve will come up.
Time continues to speed up and it is unbelievable to many that you are nearing the close of this year already. That is of course welcome as the next two months are going to be quite exceptional. Something that would not be noticed yet, is because of the higher vibrations the aging process is slowing down. Eventually it will stop, and once you have crystalline cells the whole process can be reversed through the power of thought. The new cells will have a greater degree of consciousness than previously, and re-act to thought more quickly. Already in your Astral levels that souls pass on to after death, they have sufficient power to present themselves to you as they wish to be seen. This is clearly useful when newly arriving souls meet with others who passed over many, many years before them. In this respect when you ascend you are not really going to experience something that is completely new to you.
Many things that you are used to now will no longer apply once you ascend, and perhaps the most far reaching will be where food is concerned. No longer will great tracts of land be used for farming, and at one stage food replicators will be used until you can "think" into being whatever you require. There will be no necessity to rape or violate the Earth for the production of food or for fossil fuels. It will be restored to its original pristine condition and you will become the Guardians of the Earth. Neither will it be a dumping ground for all of your waste, as whatever is not used will be treated or changed to serve other purposes. Pollution will be unheard of as no processes will produce any.
Bit by bit, you are learning about the new Earth, and how it will change your lives. You will realize that your old ways were rather crude, and not helped by the drive for profit. In the future all will have everything they need and money will not come into it. You will all work with one another, for the good of all, and no soul will carry the lower vibrations as they cannot exist in the higher realms. So the mentality and desire to profit by taking from others, will not exist at those levels of consciousness. In your industrial and mechanized age noise is clearly a real problem, leading to illness through stress. That again will not be a problem in the higher dimension, as production where necessary will involve totally different methods that are noiseless. Much will be "thought" into being and sometimes involve groups of people, whose combined power will be so much greater.
Anything that you are called upon to do at this time will be so worthwhile, when you reflect on the wonders that await you in the future. We mainly address those of you who are dedicated to Ascension, but as we have mentioned previously not everyone of a higher vibration desires to ascend. Some of you will be identified by your Space family, and find that you arranged to return with them to your home planet after your Earth journey was completed. Many different civilizations are waiting to benefit from your experiences, such are the magnificent achievements that you have made. Perhaps now you will understand why you are so important to them, as not every soul will have entered duality or has necessarily desired to do so. You are indeed extra special souls with so much to offer to others.
As the cycle closes, remember that you have all played out lives on both sides of duality, and they are seen as necessary experiences to enable you to balance both energies. You may have succeeded now, but do not allow your achievement to cloud your mind against the dark Ones. Have compassion, and bear in mind that they are still sparks of the Light and Love, and can fully make their way back to the Light. In fact because they have dropped lower than many other souls, they will in time make great Light Carriers. You cannot know their karma so make allowances for their roles in your present period of history.
Whilst you are not punished for your "sins" you do make reparations so that you fully understand the effect of them on other souls. This can be very deep and heart wrenching, but it is the only way to learn your lessons. You have all to some degree had such experiences, so now you can understand why it is essential you are non-judgmental where other souls are concerned. Do your best to be forgiving if you have been personally hurt, and please do not harbor the energies of hate as they will eat into your body and cause you illness. They will also hold you back from progressing, as you cannot take them with you into the higher dimensions.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and that will be enough lessons for one day, so focus on your Love and Light and all will be well.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey
I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *     

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, you do not have to suffer, no matter what others may be saying. You do not have to be embroiled in what they are experiencing and asking you to experience. You can take yourself apart from all of that and you can know peace, even in the midst of the most horrendous circumstances.
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HEAVEN #3990
The Creator of Free Will
October 28, 2011
God said:
Many of you think of Me as a Boss, someone Whose bidding you have to kowtow to. You think of Me as a great Authority Figure, a Judge, a Punisher, a Criminalist out to get you, find you in a misdemeanor and so on. Better to think of Me as a Benefactor, beloveds.
The fact is I am your Holy Servant. No One serves you as I do. No One is at your beck and call as I am. No One kneels before you as I do. No One listens to your every breath as I do. No One listens to your heartbeat as I do. My ear is to your heart. I am in service to you. I am indentured to you. I am in your employ.
I am your Servant. I take the cards you deal Me, and I do your bidding. You have had it backwards. You thought you did Mine. I am your disciple. I serve All. I have a lot to take care of, and, yet, I never have too much to do.
Serving you is My pleasure. It is My choice. I choose to serve you.
Sometimes you tie My hands, as it were, by your vision. You may see it that I throw you a bone every once in a while. It is not like that. I give you everything. All the time.
You rule Me, beloveds, do you see what I mean?
I love you more than you love Me, yet I do not tally points of your love. I simply give you all of My love. Take more of My love. Believe in Me as I believe in you.
There are times when you feel you are cheated. A loved one's body dies, and you are offended. Accept once and for all that I am never opposed to you. I give you diamonds and rubies and emeralds of love, and you pick out baubles of glass or pebbles and say I don't love you. You can take Me personally, but everything that happens in life you cannot take personally. Life is not hopscotch. I cannot toss up the world like a bouncing ball. All in life is not a toss-up.
I created the Universe, and I created you. I gave you free will. I have a domain. In one sense, I have the most Free Will in the World, and, yet, that does not mean I always follow your will. Ah, but, of course, you think that is what a Servant is supposed to do. You think it doesn't matter what you tell Me. You think I have to do it. You want Me to run upstairs and downstairs, and you may give Me opposing orders.
I am at your service, and I am also at the service of the Universe. It appears that I, the Creator of Free Will, cannot always grant your wishes the instant you ask. I am a Fulfiller of Dreams and yet, it seems, not always. I do not always give you the candy you want or even return your loved ones to you as you would like Me to.
You do understand that I have unlimited vision, and you see only so far. This does not mean I disobey you. The thing is I have never taken loved ones away from you.
It is like you ask Me to wash dishes that are already clean. Or it is like you are a man who cannot see, and you ask Me to move a piece of furniture where you want it, and it is already in the place you wanted it to be.
I do not apologize for My vision and your blindness.
Now, let Us bend to each other without bumping Our heads.
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Message from Spirit: How to Be Happy
Through Barbara Dutcher, M.A.
October 27, 2011
Dear Children, the way to be happy when you see so much that seems ‘wrong’ in the world, is to remember that you are “in the world but not of the world” as the Bible states. This world is not your home – heaven is your home. But, you say, “we see the world of reality before our eyes every day and that is the world we have to live in!” And I say, yes, so it would seem and yet if you will lift up your eyes, you will recognize that it could not be that God would have placed you in a world where so much suffering seems to be happening. Suffering is not the final reality, although it can seem very real.

True happiness is not even found in this world, although that is where most people are seeking for it. This may sound like an impossible or difficult statement to accept, that happiness can’t be found in your world. Is there not joy in life, in loving your fellow man, in seeing the beauty of the natural world?

Yes, of course, happiness is there, and yet the things that make you happy in this world are only reminders of your true home in God’s heart. Beauty reminds you of your own beauty; love reminds you that you are only love, forever; and sharing reminds you that God shares everything with you always.

Think to yourself - who are the very happiest people that you have ever seen or heard about? If you are honest, you will recognize that those who are truly the happiest are not those who seek for happiness where it can’t be found – in the things of this world. Those who are the happiest, the most joyful, the most at peace, are those whose peace and joy comes from within – not from without.

This is not to say that you are not to enjoy your love, your beauty, your friendship. I only ask you to remember that within you, where God speaks to your heart, is where your true happiness lies. From that place of true joy, you may share of yourself freely with your fellows.
Barbara Dutcher, MA, is a teacher, channel and certified spiritual counselor. She teaches a method for reliable connection with inner guidance, and receives kind, loving and wise messages from Spirit on behalf of her private clients. To learn about her Audio Lessons, Self-Study Course and Workshops, please * For information on her Spiritual Counseling services, please go to: * For Articles, and Messages from Spirit, you may visit  *       

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