Hope For ET Contact : The Pleiadians


The Pleiadian Light: Hope for Extraterrestrial Contact
Channeled through Hannah Beaconsfield
We are the Pleiadian Light. We greet you with peace in our hearts. We wish to alert you to a probable change in
your world consciousness that is gathering increasing energy to support it. We are referring to an event that would
validate the reality of extraterrestrials and their interactions with Earth through out your planetary history.
Since the mid-20th Century and especially in the past twenty years we have come close several times to creating
an open contact situation with Earth humans. The probable situations always turned out to be off balance in some
way and the events shifted to parallel realities outside the current path on which Earth is progressing.
This time the plan entails an acknowledgement from a unified group of your world leaders that there is evidence of
ET interactions with Earth. They will admit that this evidence has been withheld from the public out of concern for
negative or fearful reactions. If this revelation is handled well by the people, more information will slowly be
released as to the many interactions that have taken place and are well documented.
Then, with equal care, the presentation of the beneficial technologies that have been gifted by ETs will be
revealed. The intention, at this point, is to keep everything low-key. The power groups on your world are terrified of
the response from the general population. They fear chaos and loss of control.
It is our hope that this plan will pave the way for the introduction of some ET envoys. Your leaders would present
them through your mass media. The first ETs to be introduced would be those who are in like form and appearance
to your Earth human bodies.
These plans are contingent upon some changes that are and will be happening with regard to diminishing the
powers of negative energies. The intent of the dark forces has been to prevent open contact by fear, ridicule, or any
other means possible. They are threatened by the revelation of benign extraterrestrials and the potential benefits
for Earth.
We cannot give you a time frame for any of the steps in this process. The fluctuations of energies are intense in this
period of change. It is like a series of storms that rise without any clear pattern. They sweep through your world
consciousness tearing down old beliefs and instituting new patterns of thinking. By extension, this alters the reality
you manifest. Prophecy has many more variables to compute at times like this, many more energy forces vying for
their chosen future.
Our intent in sending you this message, at this time, is to galvanize the many ETs who currently inhabit Earth
bodies, those among you who know with an intuitive certainty of other world realities. We say this understanding
that your spirits have had many lives on Earth as well as lives on other worlds. Your ET presence is supported by
the high level of energy you have chosen to carry from a particular ET experience on to the Earth plane. You are
the ones likely to be reading this material and who are acting as a benign fifth column, resonating ET energy within
the many different populations on Earth. Your interwoven energies have been preparing the Earth, on subconscious
levels, for ET contact for decades.
Now we are asking that you support the elevation to conscious awareness of the caring, extended family that Earth
humans have. This family is reaching out to make open contact with your world. We aren’t asking for marches,
rallies, telethons, or charity balls to support this endeavor, but rather another type of low-key, gentle increase in
positive associations about ETs. Even if all you do, as thinking members of the mass consciousness, is to entertain
your own visions of the benefits of open contact. Your thoughts WILL influence your unified consciousness.
In addition, this type of thought-work will counter some of the effects of the endless media scenarios of terrifying
ETs intent on destroying life on Earth. As we said, this is a propitious time for a probable event that would initiate
the first steps to bring your world into open awareness of its place in the galactic family.
Our feeling is that this probable event has a very high level of energy supporting it. The power of darkness on Earth
IS waning, even though it appears on the surface to still be a roaring, bloodthirsty beast. We will repeat: The dark
energies ARE waning in power. Therefore we are asking for your conscious use of your powers of manifestation in
support of the impending probable event. And this time we hope to break through the barriers and allow the truth
of ETs to emerge on to your living plane. This event would initiate such a huge change in your world consciousness
that nothing would ever be the same again.
We, the Pleiadians, are part of your extended family. We are supporting you. And we wish you peace.