Hold No Judgments


     One of the sure
ways to inhibit your Self-Ascension process is to hold judgments
and expectations. Judgments and expectations are ways of limiting
one's experience because they out-picture a refracted point of view
upon the field of experience. Many are in the habit of judging.
     Most judgments are projected inner wounds. We all grow up
with some limiting beliefs. It is common for a child, constantly being
instructed by their parents, to take on a belief that they, the child,
is inferior. After all, the parents know everything and I, the child,
am constantly being corrected! Therefore most people develop an
unconscious belief that there is something wrong with me. This limiting
belief must be overcome through improving one's self-esteem over
time and perhaps through emotional growth work.
     If one does not release the emotional charge on there's something
wrong with me, then that limiting belief will fester in the psyche of the
person @ it is a most uncomfortable belief to feel. Therefore the
ego will offer some protection by burying the energetic imprint in
the subconscious mind. This negative belief carries an energy that
wants resolution. As believing that there is something wrong with me is
painful to experience, it is far easier to discharge some of the energy
of this limiting belief by projecting it toward others. Thus, there must
be something wrong with them, becomes the vehicle for discharging the
uncomfortable energy of there is something wrong with me.
     Anytime your world view is challenged your unconscious
beliefs about yourself are triggered. If there is unresolved energy,
it will seek expression. Thus, judgments toward others is a way of
discharging energy that masks the need for introspection.
     Anytime you judge another person you are avoiding feeling a
truth about yourself.
      Expectations are another form of judgment. That is, with
expectation we take the process of projection and apply it not
only to people, but to situations and God! Because judgment and
 expectation are both projections of the emotional-mind, they can
 be dissolved by releasing the energy given to them. That is, instead
 of wrestling with limiting beliefs let's just bring our attention to
 higher truth.
      Judgment is false energy appearing real, or FEAR. It therefore
 responds to creations from the outer world. Rather than doing
 batde with your judgments, begin to release your focus on the outer
 world. When judgments do arise, look deeper at that which you
 judge and discover what it is you are seeking through the act of
 judging. That is, judging is a strategy of the ego to meet an inner
 need. Discover the energy you truly seek and focus on that energy
 instead of focusing on the target of judgment. Chances are most
 judgments you hold are an effort to "be right", to prove yourself
 better than another. As we focus on the Divine and keep our atten-
 tion on our inner sense of Joy, what others do or do not do becomes
 less consequential.
       Let each judgment or unmet expectation be an opportunity
 to return your eyes to the Divine. Say thank you to them all! This
 is how you begin to make friends with your shadow. The shadow
  aspect of our psyche holds unhealed wounds, limiting beliefs and
  other addictions that the ego felt were too painful to acknowledge.
  The ego, intending to make our Uves more comfortable, relegates
  all kinds of uncomfortable imprints to the subconscious during our
  childhood. However, you are now an adult. Things that the ego
  thought were too challenging to view can be safely looked at, for
 you are stronger now. Thus, it is rime for the shadow to come into
 the Light as a brilliant star of wholeness!
      There are subtle ways you can remind yourself of the light
 when the shadow tries to encompass your energy. Create notes to
 your soul. Enjoy nature. Place sacred & joy filled objects in strategic
 positions in your home and workspace. All of these will assist you
 so that when your ego shadow is present you can see these things
 as a subtle reminder that light is all-ways present.
      Rather than continue to cope with the shadow, it is easier and
 more effective to simply lift out of the level of experience gener-
 ated by the ego and return to Soul-based living. This is an essential
 differentiation between a spiritually-based life and the density or
 ego-based life.
      Most all of the great traditions on this planet have much to
 say about how to conduct yourself in the world. There are many
rules and regulations about right living. These rules, regulations
 and codes of behavior are intended to create order and health in
the people. However these rules predominantly train the ego how
to cope - they do not train the soul how to be free.
      The soul has already transcended the need for such rules. The
soul has Divine wisdom and an innate sense of morality. Soul-
based living automatically preserves connectivity to the divine,
while respecting all life. Right action springs naturally from one
who trusts their soul to guide their life. Soul-based living is indeed
the transcendent quality that many call living in the world but not
being of the world.
     Soul-based living transcends the grip of density without losing
access to the ego's wisdom. Thus soul-based living is the solution
to the problems that face this world. Paradoxically, by removing
your attention from the problems of the world, they will be healed.
Albert Einstein is credited with the statement that "solutions are
never found at the level of consciousness that created the problem."
Soul-based living is a much higher level of consciousness than ego-
based living. Thus solutions to the challenges of our world do not
need to be sought. If one will focus on bringing forth their own
Divinity, then the world will automatically align with that energy
The vibration of Ascended love supersedes and transmutes all forms
of material existence.
     The interplay of shadow and the light provide discernment
and support growth. It is only through an addiction to density that
some people believe both are required perpetually. In fact, the light
and dark interplay is a reflection of a state of consciousness that
can be transcended. We have outgrown the need for a shadow.
      Interestingly enough, as you anchor in your portal the expand-
ing light will consume or repel that which is not light-filled. Thus,
 old patterns (limiting beliefs and addictions) within you may arise.
As you notice them without engaging them, they will dissipate and
 be consumed by the Divine presence. If they arise and you engage
 the energy of fear or anger, then you must disengage as soon as
 possible from the cycle and re-establish the portal. That is, if you
 truly anchor in Divine trust, all that needs to be consumed will pres-
 ent itself to the Light and be dissolved. If you are unable to hold
 Presence, then these experiences will continue to be your spiritual
 practice until such time as you are fully surrendered to the Peace of
 your soul energy At all times, avoid judging yourself.
      Those around you will either become part of your expansion or
 they will go away Love them for their path and trust that through
 their choices they will find their way. Each path is unique, and all
 six billion of them are perfect.
"There are as many religions as there are people!"
                     ~ Gandhi
 When you reside in your portal of connectivity you are always
 home, you are always safe, you are always at peace. In the begin-
 ning of this process we are at times like the two year old who will
 open and close the cabinet door dozens of times. That is, we step
into our surrender and then we allow something from the external
world to pull us out. We then choose to step back into our surrender
and may enjoy the Peace that comes through this alignment.. .for a
spell.. .until something else is given our attention and we are pulled
out of trust. Keep practicing your mastery, no matter how many
times you are distracted. Inevitably, you will succeed.
     We all reside on a wounded planet that is in the process of
healing. We have all lived in this world of illusion for such a long
time that the habit of being in separation from the Divine feels
normal. We have all unconsciously adopted many societal beliefs
that disempowered our soul. These patterns are simply conventions
and habits in the orientation of our consciousness. As we reside in
Union with the Divine the refractions in consciousness are dissolved
and the Light expands.
     Stay in vibrational harmony with your core essence and ev-
erything else in life will flow in a good way. It is that simple. The
time is now. The choice is yours.

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