Hold Fast 2 Your Beliefs {Channeled}

You have always known that this time would come, when you could take on co-creatorship. Now, dear ones, it is time to bring the Real into the world, to hold the Love so clearly at the atomic level that you direct the atoms into the perfect expression of Love/abundance/eternal life in the symbols of the world.

What I Am saying here is that all energies are conscious. Where your attention is, you multiply. The veil is parted and the Light is free to come to Earth. I need your hearts and consciousness to re-create the world.

From The Messages from God
2011-09-05 | Circle of Light

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: Hold Fast to your Beliefs and Walk Tall in Your Light
3.)  Energy Forecast - Preparations
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  You Are the Sun
6.)  Guardian Council of the Golden Ray:
      Many Messages, Many Messengers By Design

Isis' Message of the Day -
"Fear is the great destroyer. It makes you vulnerable to manipulation and robs you of the freedom to evaluate your reality and radiate your light to bring about the scale shift needed to change the world."
~ The Spirit of Thomas Jefferson ~
through Hannah Beaconsfield
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
(The angels speak about what is happening in the Middle East.)
Dear Ones. We know many of you are concerned about what is going on in your world. It is indeed a tragedy. Many people say they want peace. But look at your own families. Do you not fight, get angry, storm off? We often hear people say, “I just cannot be around my family they drive me crazy.” If this happens in families, then of course it happens with nations. 

There are many things changing in the world. This region will resolve their conflict one way or the other. The choice is up to them. They must chose whether or not they are willing to let go of the past. For those that have let go of the past, if they can find a safe haven, and then gather their energies as a group in a positive manner and hold that space. There is an amplification that happens when more than one person is gathered together. Holding loving space is more powerful than you can imagine. Most people can only hold it for a few seconds or a few minutes. Make it an act of love. You are part of the greater whole. As you hold the space of love, you assist others in holding the space of love. War will rage until there is a shift in the masses. Can you be around your families in love? Make this your exercise. As you are able to do this, you have just assisted in the shifting of what is. Bless your hearts. Be the beacon of love.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *  www.cynthialeeshelton.com/   *      

SaLuSa: Hold Fast to your Beliefs and Walk Tall in Your Light
September 5, 2011
Leaders all over the world are aware of the coming changes, and realise that for the good of the people they must come into being. However, some still believe that they can receive all of the benefits and cling to the old ways that are no longer compatible with the plan for you. Do not worry, as those who feel that they cannot accept what we have to offer, will have to stand down. Those who will come forward to take their place are already known to us for being visionaries, and are aware that they have an important role to play. No longer will you be subject to the corrupt deals with the major corporations, and their power and influence will be greatly moderated. Your faith in politicians will be restored, as you see that the ones entrusted with your future are spiritually motivated and also of the Light.
When poverty and lack are addressed, at a stroke you will see an immediate drop in the criminal acts that arise from such conditions. The "them and us" divide that has brought about two classes of people will disappear. Wealth will be redistributed and no one will be allowed to keep their ill gotten gains. Believe us that we know exactly how wealth has been created, and much has been acquired by manipulation and outright theft. We also know where it is being hidden, and secret accounts will be revealed and confiscated. There is no place in the future for the unfair distribution of wealth, and monies given or collected by governments will have to be totally accounted for at all times.
We have little time left to continue convincing many noted persons in your world that the old ways must change, because they will come about whether people are prepared or not. The idea of a totally new society is readily being accepted by more people than ever. Indeed, you have made it clear that you are unhappy with the old system, that has failed to give you the benefits of your labours and failed to honour your sovereignty. Unlike earlier civilisations you are not going to be destroyed, and talk of great disasters and worldwide catastrophes are not to be your experience. We are able to control such events, and although we must allow Mother Earth to also take part in the cleansing we can limit its effect.
Clearly there is not much longer to wait for the whole process of change to commence. The plan is in place and will quickly bring about those initial changes, they will signal to everyone that the dark Ones have been denied their seats of power and no longer hold sway over you. The resultant joy and happiness will raise your consciousness levels further, and these wonderful energies will release the frustration and anger that has been building up for a very long time. Peace will descend upon Earth and those long established differences between you will be settled. In times of plenty there is no reason to covet your neighbours belongings, and happy and fulfilled people are able to share their love with others and enjoy their new found freedom.
As you approach the end of this year, it may be your conclusion that the many events we have continually spoken of must get underway. That would indeed be true, and rather than many individual ones, there will be a whole succession of them that will be linked. Much has to be prepared in advance for our mass landing, and any likely threat against us will have to be removed. Therefore First Contact will be dependent upon certain factors before we can go ahead. Come it will, and be part of a great celebration of your reunion with us who are after all your true brothers and sisters. You have been in the dark for far too long, and the Light is now clearing away the cobwebs of a system that what was designed to exercise total control over you.
These are the times when your resolve will be sorely tested, and whatever is calculated to distract you from the truth should be ignored. Nothing will stop the Ascension process from finally manifesting at the end of 2012, so hold fast to your beliefs and walk tall in your Light.
Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey
I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *            

Energy Forecast - Preparations
by Emmanuel Dagher
September 1, 2011
The month of August has forever changed the landscape of everything we once knew to be our reality. Absolutely nothing looks or feels the same anymore especially to those highly sensitive to energy. For many, the energies of August literally felt like a major a** kicking. Every last remnant of density we may have still been carrying has surfaced from the depths of our being, and has come up to be released once and for all. For those who may still not be prone to quickly adapting to change, these past few weeks may have felt especially taxing. We're now in a space that no longer offers us the luxury of dilly dallying when it comes to anything keeping us from operating from our heart center, and from being our most authentic selves. Many of us may have noticed it's pretty much next to impossible to be anything less than who we really know ourselves to be at our core. Dimming our light for any reason just can't happen anymore.
Right now the lessons, teachings, and gifts we were meant to learn from this lifetime and all other lifetimes, languages, levels, dimensions from our first point of conception are being learned at a highly accelerated rate. Remember the days when we were given the opportunity to learn our lessons over long drawn out periods of time? Thank goodness we are now able to process through our remaining lessons quickly. The sooner we learn the lessons we were meant to learn, the sooner we can shift out of the patterns keeping us from anchoring a higher state of consciousness. Even though at times we may feel the current changes are a little too much for us to handle, it's important to understand that our Spirit knew prior to coming into this physical existence that we would do everything in our power to re-member the Divine Magnificence within ourselves and others. And through this remembrance, we would usher in a highly evolved Universal society founded on love, kindness, and respect for all life.
Tying Up All Loose Ends

So, where are we energetically right now? Having just experienced a major releasing period on our journey, we now have the opportunity to tie up all the loose ends in our lives. We may notice people and circumstances from our past come back into our lives (if even for a brief moment) giving us the opportunity to fully resolve all discord, debts, vows, obligations, oaths, contracts, resentments, regrets, and any other imbalances that still needed tending keeping us from moving forward.
As we tie up all the loose ends in our lives, it's natural that we go through a re-evaluation of sorts to see what is really important to us going forward. Some ways this might manifest for many is through the realization that we are no longer in the environment, location, partnership, career, and situation best suited for us.
An awakening of deeply buried desires that where once very important for us to fulfill are coming back to the surface for us to connect with and bring into fruition. For many years, many of us ended up settling for relationships (with family, friends, partners), careers, and situations that required us to dim our light and sweep our own desires under the rug as if they did not exist. As we realize more and more that it's important to honor our truest desires, (which are also the desires of the Universe wanting to express more of itself through us) we will begin to see ourselves parting ways from the old reality we had settled for.

Contrary to what many of us may have read about 2012 being the time when the 'Great Shift' will occur, the "Shift" has and is actually happening right now. Everyone is feeling the change whether they are consciously aware of it or not. Similar to how a child waits with excitement for Christmas morning to arrive, those who have walked a conscious path for a long time are now feeling the same way about the new reality emerging.
With the anticipation of starting a brand new adventure comes a time of preparation. There are many ways we are being asked to prepare ourselves for our new adventures. Some of us may be feeling called to clean out and simplify our home and living environment. By clearing out and donating the things we no longer use, we create more room for new energies more in alignment with where we are at on our journey to enter our lives. Some of us may be re-committing ourselves to the spiritual practices such as meditation, physical activity, running energy, yoga, healing, music, and being in a community that we know grounds us in love. This will absolutely come in handy, because there's a great amount of fear being projected in all communities, even those of a spiritual nature. We may even notice that those who have served as strong anchors of love and truth in the past are finding themselves caught up in the fear due to 'scientific' & astrological findings that may be moving them out of their power.
It's important to remember that 'We' are powerful beings and 'We' together have the power to shift out of all fear-based timelines in an instant! There are millions of dedicated people right now who are holding the space for a graceful mass transition to occur into a higher collective state of consciousness. This absolutely counts for a significant amount of the current rapid physical and emotion shifts happening. Remember that all meteors, comets, planets, stars, oceans, Earths, etc... are reflections of "Us." Just like any great fiction book, we know that sometimes drama is added as a form of excitement to keep us entertained. However, it doesn't have to be that way in our reality. We can have excitement in our lives without needing to create drama. Drama only prolongs us from being in a higher state of consciousness as a collective. There is a way to promote important information without provoking fear in others. It's all in the delivery and it can either promote or hinder us from moving forward. So, one of the greatest way to prepare ourselves for our new adventure is to keep anchoring ourselves in love.
Another way to prepare at this time is by making sure we are giving our bodies the proper nutrition it needs. Many of us are finding that boxed, canned, and processed foods no longer agree with us. A lot of these foods have been the culprits for constant headaches, stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and back, digestive issues, allergies, anxiety, chronic fatigue, etc... to occur for many. We can no longer put our bodies through the ringer and expect it to show up the way it always had prior. We are energetic beings, and our bodies are a reflection of where we are at energetically. When we feed our body with the nutrients that it needs in addition to the personal inner development we have committed ourselves to, we become fully prepared to ease into our very new adventures.

As we move through the months of September and October, solutions to many of our personal and global concerns will begin to make themselves present. The only requirement asked of us is to remain aware, open, and willing to work with ideas and concepts that up till now may have seemed out of reach or beyond the realm of human capability. I wanted to briefly touch on this in this forecast, and will be sharing more information on the specifics in the coming months.
In closing, no matter how noisy or unstable the world may seem at times, we can find comfort in knowing that we are never alone. We're all on this journey together fully supported by the Universe, and I'm honored to be sharing it with each of you.
With heartfelt gratitude,
Miraculously Yours,
©2011 Emmanuel Dagher, All Rights Reserved - You are absolutely welcome to share these forecasts with others as you feel guided! Thank you!  *       

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
When loved ones leave the body, they feel the freedom and the joy. They are quite happy to know that then they can make choice to incarnate again, which you all do by choice. There is no one, no power that is greater than you that forces you into an incarnation. You choose to incarnate, and quite often you will choose again because you have loved ones whom you want to come back and see again.
Visit our website: www.Oakbridge.org  *    

HEAVEN #3937
You Are the Sun
September 5, 2011
God said:
A caterpillar doesn't resist being transformed into a butterfly, and yet you resist your own transformation. In your case, it is not really so much a transformation as it is removing old layers that have kept you hidden, even from yourself. And so you may resist taking off your old familiar bathrobe and serapes and shawls you have covered yourself with. You can't hide your bright light forever. You have never hidden it from Me.
Why hide that which is the most beautiful of all? Why not be a butterfly?
Your days of being a bumbling caterpillar are over. Now you are going to fly. Bared of the old cloaks, you are going to be as light as air, and you are going to light up the whole world. Think of it, your light going on all over the world. You will be waking everyone up to the bright light they have held back on. Your light is not dim. Your light is bright. Only you have covered it up. You are a bright candle, so now let your light be seen.
What choice do you have, dear ones? You have the choice to brighten the world or to cast shadows upon it. Take a stand. If you wish to represent Me, then represent Me. Instead of casting shadows of doubt or negativity or whatever, cast out old thoughts that darken life on Earth. Jump out and let your light be seen. You can't hide your light forever. You were born to be king or queen. No longer can you hide in the crowds. Now you come forward and accept your crown. I dub you now the bright light that you always have been. Bright light, stand up. Come forward and accept what you were born for.
From this day forward, you will acknowledge yourself as bright light. You will come out from under the eaves and reveal the light that you are.
If you don't know where to begin, then I will tell you. No more old thinking. When an old thought appears, replace it with a new thought.
If you have previously thought that you are not worth much really, now say that you are worth a great deal.
If you have previously thought that you were not lovable, now say that you are lovable and how much you love yourself.
Negative thinking is old thinking. There has been a preponderance of old thinking on Earth, and that is going to change now. You are going to change it. And you change it by stepping out of the past and putting on a pair of new shoes. They are spanking new shoes, and you can only dance in them, and you can only speak truth in them. In these new shoes, you can only glisten. You can only step out of the old shadow of yourself, for you now recognize your bright light and hide it no longer.
You are a bright star from Heaven who has alit on Earth. Where did you think you came from if not from Heaven? You are still from Heaven. You were Heaven-sent, and now you are rising to Heaven, and you pull the entourage of the world along with you. You are not an idler here on Earth.
You are a proponent for Earth. As you dance on Earth, you lift up the world as you would the hem of a ball gown, and you raise Earth to Heaven so that darkness disappears and only the sun shines on Earth. You are the sun that shines. Do not deceive yourself that you are a cloud. Clouds burst, and you have burst out of cloud-consciousness now into starlight-consciousness, into moon-consciousness, into sun-consciousness.
You are the sun.
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Guardian Council of the Golden Ray:
Many Messages, Many Messengers By Design
through Jill Renee Feeler
Spetember 3, 2011
Greetings and blessings.  We are a collective consciousness of Guardians of the Golden Ray sharing wisdom at this time to assist you in reaching your next expansion of consciousness.  Our energetic translator is one of us, choosing to serve her role from within the bodysuit at these magical cycles of time on your planet.  These messages are accessed from the higher realms relative to Earth’s vibrational frequency.  Let us begin with this sharing session.
We witness the various roles and blueprints of spiritual messengers in physical form on the planet.  This variety is by design, an important aspect of your opportunity to embody a level of Light that has never been accomplished in any other time phase of Earth.  This variety of messengers and messages is creating confusion for some and we notice your desires for simplicity, a yearning for The One messenger, "The" message.  We offer you assistance in opening yourself to the ever increasing higher realm communications being offered to you through Self and others. 
Many, many spiritual Councils/Oversee-ers, Ambassadors, etc. from throughout the Cosmos have voluntary representatives in human form at this time.  A portion of these volunteers serve as messengers, a specific role blueprinted to assist the planetary and personal ascension processes by sharing truths, wisdom and knowledge from the higher realms while also serving as energetic gateways for these higher frequencies.
Messengers as well as Members
These messengers of the form we speak are also light body members of the group or consciousness from which they are channeling or receiving.  Many of them are not conscious of this direct affiliation.  Not being conscious of this direct membership at their Soul level does not diminish the quality nor relevance of their message.  And, stepping into that awareness will serve to dramatically raise their vibration as they elect to identify with that aspect of their Soul’s responsibilities, owning more directly their home vibration as well as the Co-Creation role they have as a Soul in creating the messages they share.  By embracing this aspect of their Soul’s identity, they not only deliver the message, they embody the vibration of the message.  This is the next phase for many teachers on Earth of this blueprint form we speak.  Some are in this phase presently, paving the way for many to follow and helping materialize the highest frequencies within the Earth plane.
Beneficial Filters and Energetic Gateways
The messages being shared by these volunteers from their "teams" in light body form are affected by the vibration and energetic signature of the volunteer.  Filtering does not always mean deterioration; filtering can also lead to amplification of the message, as these embodied messengers interpret and heart-fully discern the most appropriate manner of expressing the concept, idea, revolution or truth to their fellow humans.  After all, being in a bodysuit has its practical benefits, including helping the message become real for others, not just in the words shared but the energy distributed through the message.  These energies can and often do include activations, light codes, healing, and many other facilitations of expansion deemed beneficial for those openly receiving through their heart-centered consciousness.   
Much Variety, By Design
This filter is affected by the human journey these messengers have set up for themselves.  These messengers are intentionally of many backgrounds, varying cultural upbringing, interests and passions, ages and also varying years on their spiritual path.  This allows the volunteer to receive and deliver a unique interpretation.  It provides them an opportunity to better relate to certain audiences and/or to focus on specific aspects of the overall Ascension or personal Ascension process.  Each messenger and their work is unique.  And it is by design.  Each messenger has a direct role in creating their “platform” and this is often honed and tuned throughout their journey as the planetary vibration and each of you change and flux with these Ascension time cycles.
Newly Activated Messengers
Many new messengers are coming "on-line," be-ing activated to re-member and share, assisting others in re-membering and helping you usher in the dawning Golden Age to your own personal journeys and experiences.  These messengers, newly activated or simply new to you, may have something that is helpful to you in your process. 
Opportunities for Personal Expansion
The bringing into reality of the Platinum Age*, you may re-member, is very much a personal experience, rather than a mass event.  No big switch is turned on for the Planet to awaken.  You each have your own switch and you are responsible for turning “it” (you) on to the higher dimensional experiences now being offered to each and every one of you.
With the vast variety of Councils and Contingents participating in your Ascension process, it is recommended that you remain open to various, perhaps many messengers, trusting your heart that you have happened across their work for a reason, a purpose personal to you and your continued expansion.
No one messenger holds all messages from the Cosmos
It is programming that may be directing you to be loyal and focus upon one or very few teachers/messengers.  Consider the organized religions on your planet and how limiting they are because of the De-ification of one particular Ascended Master.  Do you wish to repeat that process?  There is value to be obtained, Planetarily, from having many, many messengers, uniquely representing the Council(s) and/or Contingents, consciousnesses they embody.  This approach offers a much broader set of messengers for you to experience and a valuable variety of approaches and perspectives being offered.
As your personal ascension process continues, all of you in the higher dimensional reality being offered become another form of messenger; for yourself.   Hence, we encourage you to open yourself to the concept, design and benefit of many messengers, many messages.  This approach is meant to assist you in reaching your personal next phase of expanded consciousness and higher vibration more readily. 
We are not asking you to attempt to partake of all teachers but rather to notice that a teacher that crosses your path may have a unique perspective to assist you in reaching your next phase of Personal Ascension.  Various choices in teachers, channelers and other forms of messengers can increase the rapidness, ease and grace with which you and the overall planetary Ascension process can progress. 
Loyalty to Self and, thus, All That Is
We see rapid expansion being experienced by Be-ings that are loyal to their Personal Ascension process as opposed to a more third dimensional form of loyalty to A teacher/messenger or to A specific method or teaching.  Loyalty to Self, and thus All that Is, is an important process of expanding your consciousness and raising your vibration amidst these New Energies.
Staying Open about a Teacher’s Value
In terms of evaluating and comparing the teachers through your mental analyzer, please hold in your heart consciousness that each messenger has a unique blueprint, and various truths and wisdom they are sharing with those who are ready for that phase of their personal evolution.  We ask you to consider an approach of “not right for me” when discerning which teacher may be for your highest good . . . at this time.  This is a higher vibrational approach than needing to define as good/bad, right/wrong, real/”fake,” etc.  Rather than compare and contrast them you may instead choose to show gratitude and appreciation for the many choices available to you while honoring the unique way they are Be-ing their soul’s blueprint in human form.  Your heart will help you discern what suits you best at the current phase of your growth and expansion.
Teacher and Student, Simultaneously
Please note that the information shared herein is aimed at all who read this, for all are simultaneously students as well as teachers/messengers.  Each are continuing to evolve as souls, including members of this Council.  From our perspective, each are also teachers.  Some of you hold various degrees of humility and self-doubt that preclude you from embracing your teacher role, preferring the comfortable, safe position of “perpetual student.”  By denying your natural ability to assist (teach) others, it is affecting your access to your Soul’s personal mastery and, thus, your vibrational frequency.  The overall Ascension process can proceed much more swiftly when each of you are able to notice the wisdom, teachings and insights that you have re-remembered, being open to the opportunities when you are called upon to share with others.  Your heart will guide you in this process, helping you notice when another’s situation can be enlightened by truths you hold in your expanding consciousness. 
By viewing yourself as a teacher and student, simultaneously, you also avoid the ego-ic trap of arrogance.  By embracing each role to the best of your ability, you raise your vibration, allowing the Universe to readily reveal to you more and more opportunities to grow and expand, through each of these roles.  It is a wonderful system and you might have Soul recall of this from home, where it is also well in place for all to benefit.
Growth is Infinite, for All
This is our truth for Messengers as well.  Many who serve in messenger roles are indeed continuously expanding, developing a closer alignment with their God-self, experiencing for themselves that there is no end to expansion, as a human nor as a soul.  This is particularly true with the New Energies now accessible, which we have discussed in other messages.  Messengers who follow this path of constant evolution and further refinement of the energetic frequency will continue to raise their vibration, offering them even greater ability to share more unique and perhaps higher vibration messages, insights, activation codes, etc.  We intend for this to inspire and encourage each of you who have this blueprint.  Those who hear your messages will more clearly feel the uniqueness of the energy you are bringing forth, further manifesting your home vibration in the physical plane of Earth for the purpose of assisting others whenever they become accepting of this blessing.  And your journey will continue to become more and more comfortable from within the bodysuit, bringing more of home, materializing the New Earth many are taking part in creating. 
Messenger’s Evaluation of Other Teachers
We notice instances of teachers/messengers who wish to point out what is "wrong" with another teacher's methods or approaches and this is interesting to us.  As a messenger role described herein, your Soul’s natural vibration offers you a much different response, choosing love, trust and honor, not fear nor competition, nor defensiveness when considering another messenger’s unique approach.  All teachers can re-member to trust the discernment of those who hear these various messages, thereby releasing your perceived need to counter others' methods or teachings.  Another's teachings may be providing tremendous value and evolution, as evidenced by those who are continuing to follow one’s work.  Free will remains.
For all, re-member Ascension can be, and is for many who choose it, a joy-filled experience.  Ascension into the Platinum Age, what you may know as the dawning Golden Age, is not a burden of humanity; it is the opportunity for humanity.  We encourage you to continue to transition your Consciousness to your heart-center.  Also, continue to notice the ever widening set of choices available to you in be-ing love, be-ing peace, be-ing harmony, be-ing joy.  These choices are present, always.  It often takes some practice in noticing those broader choices, stepping out of any lower frequency programs and routines not yet faced and released.  You are much more powerful than your habits and programs, Dear Ones.  Practice, experiment, trust in experiencing more love, more joy more harmony from within for there will always be more awaiting you.  Choose wisely, heart-fully in these shifting times, as you experience this magical cycle of transition for Earth and all who reside upon her. 
We extend love and blessings to each of you, filled with gratitude and honor for the voluntary role you are so beautifully experiencing and directing.  
Guardian Council of the Golden Ray shared through Jill Renee Feeler
*Given this uniqueness, we refer to the dawning cycle of enlightenment as the Platinum Age, which you may know as the Golden Age or the Aquarian Age.  Given the New Energies allowing this transition, the way in which you are Creating this unique transition, as well as it’s significance, for the Earth, collective Evolution and All that Is, a unique name is appropriate.  And so it Is.
About Jill
Jill is a spiritual teacher, channeler, healer, writer and inspirational figure for many seeking to access their God-self in their current journey.  Her awakening process in 2009 amidst the higher frequencies and her soul blueprint offered her ready access to many of her spiritual abilities, sharing them professionally since 2010.  Her spiritual support team is still in the process of sharing with her who she is as a Soul.  At this time, Jill is aware of several aspects of her Mastery, her Guardian roles as well as Spirit Guide roles.  She is a gateway for bringing in the highest frequencies to Earth.  Her service include assisting others in re-membering how to "be" in the higher frequencies, how to bring the New Earth into their personal reality in the present moment.  Her spiritual support team is displayed to her like a sports stadium filled with Ascended Masters, Angelic Ambassadors, Master Teachers and Guides as well as many Ambassadors from various Star systems.  To Jill, they feel like family.  The wisdom she accesses most often feels like a highest realm of unity consciousness.  In addition, individuated souls also participate in her work including the Souls we know as Mother Mary, Jesus, Thoth, Buddha and Quan Yin.
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