Heaven Letters


God said:

You want All of Me, don't you? You don't want just some of God, a little bit here and a little bit there. The fact is that you do have All of Me. You have All of Me right now. You do not miss even one particle of Me. Of course, there are no particles of Me, so how could you miss them? And yet you feel longing. It is yourself you desire to know. It is yourself you are seeking. Not this propped-up picture of yourself, the one who struggles, who fails, who succeeds. You know you are something more than how you present yourself as you twirl around on Earth.

You know very well that you are something more, and it is this something more that you know you must have. It's right here, right here under the surface, and, yet, you haven't been quite able to reach the core of you, that which is above your searching self. How you long to know yourself in the glory in which I know you. How you long to look out through My eyes and see as I do see, encompass what I encompass. How you long to be your True Self without all the flim-flam that presently enfolds you. How you long to stand before Me in My light and know that My light is yours.

Yet, presently, you have inkling, and yet that inkling is almost too much for you to accept, almost too much for you to bear, for, if you are wholly what I say you are, if you are truly the Pure Spirit I say you are, you don't fathom how you can be it. You would like to be it, and yet it seems like a fairy tale.

It seems like a fairy tale, for fairy tales are like that too. Cinderella wasn't really Cinderella. She was a princess. In fairy tales, many things are not as they seem.

And, in real life on Earth, you are not as you seem. Why has no one on Earth told you of your magnificence? You may have been told of the magnificence of others, but for yourself, you have primarily been told how far you are from ideal.

Those in the world have used fallible measuring sticks, beloveds. They didn't know what they were doing when they denied your Essence. They denied your Essence because they had not found their own. No one who knows his own Greatness would ever grumble about you, or rail at you, or see less than the Magnificence and Beauty that you are.

It is also incumbent upon you to know your own value so you can also value others.

How far away is ego from the Glory I speak of. I do not speak of momentary Glory. I do not speak of a flash in the pan. I speak of what can hardly be spoken because your Magnificence is so great, so magnificent that it takes the breath away. Oh, to know the Truth of you. The Truth of you is beyond the horizon, and, yet, you can get a glimpse of the horizon. You can pull the horizon to you. You can do anything.

You can come to experience the Truth of you and what you are about on Earth. You can be ablaze with the Truth, and you can light up the world in half a second. You. Yes, you. I am speaking of you. I am speaking of Myself within you, for I AM the Truth of you, if only you could know. You keep coming closer, and then will come the day when you do not find your little self any longer, for very soon, you will have embraced Oneness in its Entirety, and it will be your little self that you no longer know.