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God is always bringing us closer to Him.

Heavenletter #4223 Frequenting Heaven, June 17, 2012 

God said: 

Stay with Me, beloveds. When you don't know what to do or where to go, stay with Me. I am your Haven. Yes, your Haven, or Heaven, if you prefer. You are always welcome with Me. Welcome is not a strong enough word. The fact is that I will not be away from you. I come to you. I am already with you. Acknowledge this, and be happy. My love for you is great, and My love for you is constant.

I know you want more than you presently surmise. I know you want to see more love coming to you in the world. Dear Ones, you know, all the love in the world is not enough. No matter how much you are loved, you want more. I am the More. My love is yours. You were born with Original Love, and Original Love has stayed with you. You may have submerged your awareness of joy. Nevertheless, joy is yours. You cannot delete it, nor can you run away from it. Well, yes, you can run away from it, but not forever.

When life in the world seems to become too much for you, come back to Me, and, so, you come back to love which is exactly where you started from and to which there is no departing. Only in fantasy, you and I, can We be separate. I do not live in fantasy, however. I live in Truth, and I invite you to join Me in the One Self that We truly are. Any seeming difference between Us comes from your not knowing Who You Really Are. I know Oneness, and I know Oneness as your Identity. There is one Identity, and it is Oneness. Oneness by any other name is Oneness. We can call Oneness Wholeness, Vastness, Totality, Love, Joy, Beauty. All of Oneness is Ours. All the variations in the world fall under the umbrella of Oneness. There is only One, and yet We can say an umbrella. We do, after all, have to give some credence to the fictitious world.

And I would also ask you to give some credence to the Real World of which I tell you about from time to time or often.

Love is real. Anything else is not. All the matters that hang heavily on you are not real. You have some clues of this.

You shake your head at what the world calls death. You can't believe it. That's just right. It is unbelievable because death is not. That the body is emptied of the soul that used to be in it is real. That is very real. You do know that the body was not the extent of your loved one. Not by a long shot. Then, why, My beloveds, would you accept that the death of the body is an ending? The most it can be is a transfer from the physical world to the world of spirit AND YET, there is no transfer, you understand because always you are alive in the world of spirit. Temporarily, you live in the world of the body. Permanently, you live in spirit, and you know this, even though your logical mind cannot quite digest it. And, yet, you know the Truth of it. You are no stranger to the World of Spirit, the world often referred to as Heaven. You are all about Heaven, beloveds, and so am I.

Yes, indeed, your feet are in two boats. What I mean to say is that your feet are on Earth while your soul frequents Heaven.