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Heaven Guaranteed

Heavenletter - {Channelled}

God said:

Habits are from the past, you understand. One habit is the habit of analyzing. Analysis is on one level. It is a surface level. We can say analysis is a game. It certainly is a game you play when you try to analyze Me. Analysis attempts to break My thoughts into separate pieces, and then build a construct. Analysis looks for a sequence. It looks for a neat cause and effect. Analysis tries to find an answer, and yet analysis is always questioning.
In analyzing the Divine, you attempt to find a neat cause and effect to pinpoint Heaven and Me. The world has been rife with cause and effect. “Be good, and you will go to Heaven. Better be good, and Santa will come to your house.”
I guarantee you Heaven. How can you analyze that? How can you reduce what is already the simplest to simpler?
I do not sort people. Nor do I find reason and justification for what I do. I do not discriminate. I do not sit in judgment. It is automatic that everyone goes to Heaven. How could it be otherwise? Would you make Me into a God of Judgment? From the world view of logic, it is not logical to let everyone into Heaven. Your logical trained mind would say that some ought to be kept out.
Loving is not spoiling. It is fine that everyone goes to Heaven. You may believe in punishment, but I don’t.
You may say then what is the point of being what you call good when you don’t come out ahead of those who may not be as good as you? You might say, “It’s not fair.”
Beloveds, from the very beginning you deserved Heaven. Would you really want to be the only one in Heaven? Would you want going to Heaven to be a contest rather than a given?
Give love for itself and not for a pat on the back. There is not a selection process. I ask you to give love even to those who seemingly are bereft of love and do not seem to have as much to give as you do. Would I do less? What is love for, beloveds? It is to be used, not withheld. You object to crime, yet would it not be criminal to keep anyone out of Heaven?
Who needs Heaven more? Is it you who gives love or one who seems to have none or little love to give?
What is analysis, beloveds? It is a way to justify or refute. It is a man-made way. Of course, go ahead and analyze metals. Analyze problems and solve them. I am problem-free. Why analyze Me? Why analyze Heaven?
I ask you to come to Me. What is there to analyze? What is there that you have to understand? Heaven and Earth are like two different languages. When you analyze Heaven and try to put it in world terms, it is the same as asking: “Why does not the Basque language follow the rules of English or Chinese?”
Look, simply enjoy Basque and English and Chinese and all the beautiful languages. By the same token, simply enjoy Heaven and Me and Earth.
When there is love shining, what is there to question? What formula has to be created or reconfigured?
When you analyze, you are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. You are trying to make something fit into what you already know. Would it not be better to go beyond what you already know? What is the point of trying to organize anything according to a limited perception?