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   Emotional distress needs to be uncovered, revealed, healed
and released because it is so often a major factor in the origin
of many body imbalances. Opening the Heart-Centre will
enable a long term cure for emotional distress.
The emotional tension and wounds can be healed by being
overlaid by the Spiritual Light and Love condensing through the
Heart Centre.
   There is a multi-dimensional interaction between physical
healing, emotional healing, nutritional enlightenment, and an
open Heart Centre. In their interdependence, there is not just
one place to start; however, the applied wisdom of excellent
nutrition has positive effects along each of the above
dimensions, as well as for improved memory and mental clarity.
Guidelines for Excellent Nutrition
Naturally, there are a multitude of approaches to achieving
excellent nutrition and, most certainly there is not just one diet
which encompasses all needs. There are, however, certain
themes which are common to all diets and nutritional
supplementation programmes which lead to that desirable state
of excellent nutrition.
   The most important foundation is the continual intake of
spring water or water from a household supply which has been
thoroughly filtered. Around four pints of water a day - eight
large glasses, will provide the body with sufficient resources to
keep glands and organs sufficiently hydrated, to keep the
digestive system and intestines functioning well, and to enable
the body to flush out toxins and waste products.
   The absence or shortage of water causes the body to make
unattractive rationing choices between depriving this organ or
that process of sufficient fluid for its correct functioning.
Although the body control systems are ingenious and creative in
allocating scarce water supplies, the long term effect of
insufficient water will include ageing and degeneration of the
body, as well as loss of energy for living life to its fullest.
   The next most important common aspect of the various
nutritional approaches, which lead to excellent nutrition, is that
of maintaining an appropriate acid/alkaline balance within food
and drink intake. A traditional Western diet is heavily acidic
from its heavy proteins, most grains, and traditional teas and
coffee. The rather sparse leavening of mostly alkaline fruit and
vegetables still leaves typical diets with 80-90% acid content -
far removed from the ideal ration of 80% alkaline and 20% acid
   Even many vegetarian diets, not withstanding the real intent
to eat healthily, are still far more acidic than the 20% goal. Rice,
legumes, coffee and Indian tea, cheese, eggs, lentils, and many
beans are acidic and need to be balanced by four times the
quantity of alkaline foods and liquids. In particular, great
emphasis must be placed on the consumption of raw, uncooked
fruits and vegetables, along with unsweetened herbal teas.
   Another high priority, both for vegetarian and non-vegetarian
diets, is the elimination or severe reduction of refined sugar,
gluten (including white wheat flour), and refined salt. In many
 respects, these substances have even more disadvantages than
 eating red meat itself, so the elimination of these highly refined
 items is an essential part of the nutritional overhaul required to
 achieve optimum health and well-being.
    There is also a great need to avoid food contaminated with
 chemical fertiliser, insecticides and growth hormones, to the
 greatest extent possible.   Unfortunately, even organically
 produced food is rarely completely free from the chemical
 contamination percolating through the air of the countryside and
the ground waters beneath. Having said that, it must be
 emphasised that organically-produced food is light years ahead
 of the chemically produced alternative (even without genetic
distortion) in terms of nutrients delivered and a low level of
   People sometimes say that they would be open to consuming
more organic food "if only it didn't cost so much". It is important
to realise that in terms of the real cost per nutrient contained,
organic food is at all times less expensive than the chemically
produced alternative. For example, an organic orange contains
of the order of 40-50 milligrams of vitamin C, compared with as
little as 5 milligrams from the chemically produced version. By
any value comparison, it is worth paying twice as much for the
organic orange - the cost per nutrient is up to 90% less.
   Without a predominantly organic diet, most individuals are
not ingesting the minimum daily vitamin and mineral
requirements set out by government health departments, let
alone the considerably larger daily amounts actually needed by
most people living with the level of air, water, and food pollution
typical throughout the industrialised world.   During the
transition period through to the post-2012 times of freedom
from pollution, most individuals will need to support their diet
with vitamins and mineral supplements, in the most natural
forms obtainable, forms which the digestion can recognise as
clearly food-based.
   Since hunger perceived by an individual is at least partly in
response to the human body's need for nutrients, there will be
less inclination to eat a larger amount of food when living on an
organic type of diet and/or one with a comprehensive range of
supplementation to fill any nutritional shortfalls.
   While it may be true that many people are partially motivated
to eat by sheer emptiness of the stomach, or by sugar and salt
addiction, the effect on most people of consuming nutrient-full
food, is indeed to eat significantly less, usually after a transitional
period. Much of the Western world's obesity epidemic would
disappear if only people followed the broad nutritional
recommendations set out in this chapter.
   Eating smaller amounts of easy to digest food with a high
nutrient content and, separately, drinking abundant amounts of
clean water, will enable the body and its components to function
well in the long-run with minimal deterioration, just as they were
originally designed to do.
Nutritional Supplements and Body Rebuilding
Most people are not ingesting the minimum daily vitamin and
mineral requirements set out by government health
departments, let alone the considerably larger daily amounts
actually needed by most people living with the level of air, water,
and food pollution typical throughout the industrialised world.
 While it is a great step to change over to eating a healthy diet, the
 years of eating inadequately have left in most people a legacy of
 nutritional deficiencies that have caused the body to bypass or
 even shut down certain bodily functions as originally designed.
 This is a coping mechanism in order to survive the shortage of
 necessary nutrients with the least amount of damage being
 caused to the body. To bring these affected parts of the body
back to full functioning, a programme of vitamin, mineral, green
 algae, and energy food supplementation is desirable.
   Combined with a stream of nutrients extracted from organic
or similarly pure food, the body commences a rebuilding process
which gradually brings the whole body back into balance and
fuller functioning. As this is repeated consistently each day, a
continual renewal and rebuilding process takes place.
   After a cleaning out of old garbage, both physical and
emotional, the body engages in a long term restoration
programme in which all parts are brought back to their highest
possible level of operation. Provided other issues described in
this chapter are addressed, the long term path of degeneration
and decay, known as ageing, can be avoided or greatly mitigated.
   Depending always on the degree of environmental pollution
surrounding an individual, and on how little or how much
emotional and physical stress there may be in their lives, it is
possible for the human body to re-attain the ability to receive and
assimilate all the nutrients it requires to sustain life processes
without degeneration, from just food and water intake. This
would require residence in an unpolluted area with healthy and
vibrant Nature energy in immediate proximity, as well as a
personal living situation where calmness, creativity and
purposeful activity are part of the normal curriculum for each
Transcending all the physical characteristics of food, water, and
environment, is the vibrational essence of Spiritual Energy -
sometimes described as Lifeforce - contained within all beings,
and all substances. As we examine the challenge of sustaining
health and well being within the human race, perhaps the largest
gap in understanding among governmental, medical, and
pharmaceutical organisations, as well as the mainstream
population, is in awareness of the Living Spirit within all things.
   As an individual eats, drinks, and breathes, all that they take
in passes on this vital Spiritual Essence according to the
vibratory level pertaining. Similarly, as a human touches or is
touched by another being, or is exposed to a particular energetic
environment, the Spiritual energy within them is directly
   Each living being whether human, animal, vegetable, or
mineral has its own specific range of wavelengths within its
"Beingness" and this is transmitted, received, or shared during
consumption or contact. This exchange of "invisible energy", is
a little similar to the process of electro-magnetic induction which
can be observed in a physics laboratory, however, the
wavelengths are much more subtle - even Kirlean photography
and related techniques only pick up a sub-set of the total
vibration. So our health is directly influenced by the sum total of
all the energies we are in contact with whether food, drink, air,
or physical and emotional environment.


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