'Healing the Past'





Illawarra District, Australia, August 21, 2010. 

Midwayer Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8). 

Subject: “Healing the Past.” 

Received by George Barnard

Dr. Mendoza: “Greetings my human co-workers.  This is Dr. Mendoza.  I thank you for answering my (verbal) prompts, and getting ready to take in what I need to say about Adjutant Mind Spirits and how they impact on the human brain.  What better way or place might we find than right here to speak of a long ago accepted, but faulty viewpoint in the world-wide teaching of psychology?  We will consider the human expressions of evil minds, unbalanced minds or sick minds.  Today I give you to understand that these are incorrect expressions. 
“Without referring to the first or even the second aspect of the morontia mind, granted to but relatively few of the most spiritually enlightened of your many disparate races, we speak of the seven Adjutant Mind Spirits (see note below), which will only impact upon the human brain in direct relationship to its physical development or status.  A growing and mature brain development will benefit more fully from the seven Adjutant Mind Spirits, while an ageing or deceased brain may or will continue to lose contact with the Adjutants as time goes by. 
“The Mind Spirits are perfect in all regards, always, whilst human free will, intoxication, disease, or lack of development will thwart their positive functions.  The terms unbalanced minds, evil, or sick minds, are misnomers.  Little can be done today about the problem of Alzheimer’s disease, prolonged drug abuse.  Intoxication may present a temporary problem, only.  Genetic insufficiencies are very much a different matter, in that, if suspected to be likely in the newborn, they can almost always be alleviated, but for unsuspected birthing difficulties. 
“Mind is not at fault.  Mind is never at fault, and cannot be blamed, even as a victim of crime cannot be blamed for the actions of the perpetrator of the crime.  The inadequacies of the human brain are what we are dealing with here, and it is a function of the Correcting Time that we Midwayers, Life Carriers and others, are permitted to correct faulty trends in the brain development of human foetuses, and even in the young.  It is there for the asking of immediate family, distant relatives, and even strangers. 
“You across the globe that are 11:11 prompted by us, are merely the pathfinders for veritable legions to come that are set to do the Creator’s will in the understanding that you are to take responsibility for your world, peace, progress, and every form of advancement of your races, yes, with our help.  In this fashion, by improving future offspring, we, together, will be ‘healing the past’ from the inadequate infusion of Adamic inheritance.  This is Midwayer, Dr. Mendoza signing off.  Our love goes out to all.” 

Note: The seven Adjutant Mind Spirits represent total truth and absolute perfection throughout the time-space universes.  They are: Intuition, Understanding, Courage, Knowledge, Council, Worship, and Wisdom, and they impact on the progressing physical brain in that order.

The 11:11 Progress Group. 
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22