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Q: So much emphasis is put on healing as if everyone is sick or imperfect in some way. What would happen if we collectively as humanity focused on living our health in happiness instead of looking for imperfections within ourselves, and the healers and products to fix them?
There is such a mass consciousness fear around "Enlightened Healer" and "Victimized Patient" that perpetuates the cycle of focusing around illness and tools for dealing with it. Healers are selling healing 'products' and making a lucrative and healthy business out of 'healing', whereas in reality, they are
really creating an awareness around more fear and disempowering consciousness in the 'patients' who are soully whole and perfect, and are not victims to anything other than to their own belief systems about themselves.
Each one of us can be healthy and happy if we choose it for ourselves, and are not suffering victims. Yet most "healers" suggest to these 'patients" that it takes time and it needs magical forces from the outside. Most healers simply tend to perpetuate this cycle of dis-easing and 'healing' to profit their own lacking abundances, and they need dis-ease and "patients" depending on them and their "magical products" to do this.
Your remarks raise a number of very interesting issues and I am delighted to have this opportunity to address them.
First, you are absolutely right that each person has within them the capabilities for healing. And at one and the same time, each person is perfect exactly as they are, in that they are where their life has led them and stand
right now, in this precise moment, exactly where they should stand on their path, ready to take the next step. All of this is true.
And it is also true that no one is a victim, that each person carries within them the signature of their purpose and being, a perfection of being, a uniqueness which is theirs alone, and they are where they need to be to express themselves and that uniqueness, and their suffering to some extent is an expression of this as well.
For we cannot have a discussion about healing and healers without addressing suffering. For when you are suffering, all the rest of this is just talk. When you are suffering, you seek help where you can find it and you are
willing to try many things.
When you speak of the self, I would ask you to speak of the self on multiple levels. There is this physical self here, on this level, on this dimension. And above you, on a level higher, is the soul self, a glowing ball of perfect
energy, consisting of information and love and light, utterly unique, but yet closely joined with other soul selves, in perfection and in communication. And in the level above this is the oneness, the all, the great silence, in which
all uniqueness is subsumed and becomes as one.
When you speak of your perfection and your healing abilities, you are speaking first of the soul self, which is absolute perfection. And the soul self, in this perfection, has chosen to project down a form into this physical
existence. And this form has spirit and mind and personality and also this physical body, in its several energy layers. And the best thing you can do for yourself is to open up the channel of energy and love which ties you to your soul self, to open wide this channel, through spiritual practices such as meditation and contemplation and visualizations, and allow the healing and loving energy from your own soul self to flow down to you unobstructed.
The more you can do this, the more you can fill this physical body with love, the more you can understand who you are and why you are here and what your next step can be. If you were to be able to achieve a perfect and
unobstructed flow down from the soul self and into your physical presence, you would have no disease and would require no healing. You would walk in peace and joy at all times, a perfect expression of the soul self which is
projecting down and filling you with endless love.
And so, I would ask you to think of suffering and disease as a disconnection, a twisting and tangling of the cord of energy which comes down from the soul self. For here, in this physical world, you are not in a world of complete light and love. You are in a world of shadow, and the darkness is fear and doubt and the light comes from the glow from above. But yet, it is your glow. And the more you can open the channel to your own soul self and love, the greater your glow and the more the darkness of fear and doubt recedes from you.
And there are those in the physical world who have a gift to help you do this and they are known as healers. Even though, of course, they are not healing you, for that is done yourself, from your own light coming down. But yet,
they can perhaps help you to open that channel wider, to endow yourself with more of your own love and light, to brighten your existence and be more of who you are.
And are all of these so-called healers perfect people? No, of course not. Are they all fully enlightened beings who care for nothing except to help you achieve your own perfection? No, of course not. They are human beings with
physical needs and with egos which need filling. They have shortcomings as do you. They sometimes get confused about what they are doing and why. They also have a need for money, to pay their mortgages and feed their children, and this is simply as it is.
But if you are tortured and suffering and if a healer teaches you some techniques to open yourself to healing, you will not care if they are sometimes a bit overblown with their own ego or if they charge you money in exchange for their services.
As for the magical products, this is simply metaphor and symbolism. And metaphors and symbols are very powerful. You know this, for religions, countries and societies are full of this, and people die and kill for symbols
and metaphors every day. They are very powerful.
And so, if you are suffering and a healer fills an object with loving energy and gives it to you and tells you that it will help alleviate your suffering by bringing more of that energy into your body, thus opening up the channel to
your own soul self, and it does this, if it actually accomplishes this for you, does it matter whether it was the energy in the object she gave you, or if it was energy from a spirit guide or angel, or energy which you actually
brought into yourself through your trust and belief? Does it matter? All that matters is that you feel better.
If you are able to make yourself happy and joyous, open and flowing and one with all that is without requiring any outside help, that is marvelous. That is the purpose of these messages and words, to empower you to do this for
yourself and I wish that for each of you. And I also offer you my services, to come to you when you call, to wrap myself around you in my loving energy so that you might better get through the dark night and greet the dawn again with loving and joyous eyes. But if this does not help, if you cannot do this for yourself and if you cannot find your own way, then why not reach out to someone who has tools to help you, even if they are metaphorical and symbolic? It does not really matter, if they work.
For all of this is metaphor in any event. Spirit guides, angels, souls and soul levels are all metaphors for energies and things which you cannot and will not understand. Your mind is limited to pictures and concepts which are at least similar to what you have seen and experienced, and the words do not exist to convey everything to you as it is and as you might wish it. And since all of this is metaphor, then all that really matters is that you experiment and try things out, by yourself and with the help of others if you care to, and find what will best help you reach your own state of love, peace and joy.
For that is what you are seeking. A perfect state of being healed would be as simple as that. Feeling full of joy, full of peace, full of love and living completely focused into this perfect moment. Do whatever you need to do to
reach this as often as you can.
That is healing.

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