Healer or Killer?

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Message from Blossom Goodchild
3.)  You Are The Gardeners Of The New Earth
4.)  Protective Self-Healing
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  Begin Love Today
7.)  Chief Joseph & John Cali: Mind - Healer or Killer?

Isis' Message of the Day -
You are the Bringers of the New Dawn. You are merging into your pure essence and there will be no turning back.  The human ego is marveling at the truth being revealed to each one who carries the codes of Light, now being activated.  Enjoy, for this too is part of being human that will soon be no more.  This is the cause of the confusion, mental fog and physical discomfort.  As the codes of Light activate the higher self merges with the "lower self," and there is a transitional period of feeling displaced or out of sorts.  Flow with this period of time unfolding and bless the changes you are experiencing, for you are becoming a Galactic Being of Light. You are returning to "who you truly are."
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones, we are here to assist you in these glorious and exciting times. Do not focus on the negative in the world.  We are pleased to be a part of your effort to raise your vibration and to see the beauty in the world. The world is what you focus on. There is what you would call “good” and “bad” The difference is that one is in alignment with God/Creator/All That Is, and the other is disconnected from God. In many ways, it is the difference between the light switch being on or off. When you feel disharmonious, you have decreased your connection. When you return your focus to the alignment with Spirit, you bring in harmony. The disharmony makes you appreciate those times when you do feel the harmony and know that Life is Good. Throughout the day, check to see if your “switch is on.” If it is “off,” remember a time when you felt the love of God, this will assist you in turning your switch back on. Be the Light. Be the Joy. Bless Your Hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *  www.cynthialeeshelton.com/   *   

Message from Blossom Goodchild
March 23, 2011

Dear Fellow Travellers.

I feel the urge-(ncy) to address a few matters and I ask for grace to lend a hand as I do so. I ask too that you understand that I know no more than the next person. I am just the messenger and yet I find myself in a position where upon many choose to read that which I have to say. I do not in any way underestimate the power and knowledge that each individual has gained and yet I feel it necessary, considering the mass of emails I have received since the march 16th channeling to clarify some things. So if I may …
In my opinion , for what it is worth , no matter what or who is the cause of any disaster, no matter what conflicting messages you read , no matter how much some of you are feeling afraid , I ask that you recognise  above  all the importance of remaining in your light. ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ I hear you say, ‘heard it all before’ … but clearly from some of the email received, many haven’t quite grasped this necessity. To do so has so many implications on so many levels, and I believe there are many we do not know about. Yet we must put our trust in the knowledge within our souls that the only reason we are here at this time is to make sure that this light is magnified by us throughout all that is taking place.
I have been made aware of so many things over the last few years, some seem positively unreal , yet I know they are not. The fear that is spreading around our planet at this time is to increase. There will be more for each if us to contend with on an even bigger scale. Am I saying this to scare you? No! I am saying this, because my instinct tells me that this is so  … and we need to prepare for it.
I urge you to reread the messages that the federation of light have brought to us. Read them over and over until you ‘get it.’
Love conquers all. There is not one thing that cannot be overcome through love. By feeling love within you … on the deepest  most profound level you can  … and then sending it out to the world and the people residing upon it … we can change everything.  Not so long ago the Federation sent this message to us and I feel it is worth a revisit.

"...move from feeling sorry for yourself and your world. If you continue in these last days of the old world to have your heart broken by all that you see around you, then you will continue to have your heart broken by all that you see around you.  When your being is seized by sadness from a particular 'disaster' then become aware that feeding that sadness out to those involved does not assist.  Find in that moment of recognition your strength.  Take a few deep breaths and change your thoughts to sunshine and laughter and imagining these souls affected by any particular disaster, laughing and loving once again.  Bring about the change through thought. This is so important.  We desire that you see through that which is going on....that which is taking place. Be uplifting...to all those around you....everywhere. Bring in the loving thoughts in times when you would find it much easier to break down and shed tears for all those who are suffering in many ways.  Bring in the light to that circumstance or situation.  Shower your light upon the places and the people that are suffering. Do you see...do you see...do you see?  It is your light that will make the difference to them.  If you cry along with them, you are 'giving in' to that which is not of use. That which does not serve. We are not asking you to lose all sense of compassion. The very opposite. It is by being of strength and giving of light that you are being compassionate."
You may feel that everything is out of our control. Change that feeling to the exact opposite! Everything is within our control. Because of love. Love is the ultimate force. There is nothing that can overshadow love. Certainly not fear!
Do you see? This is why The Federation repeatedly talk about the importance of becoming it. When we move into that place of being only love there can be no fear.
Many are afraid that death is to come to them also … through a planetary disaster … yet if this is to be so for some of us … what is there to fear? Seriously … what? Have we not ' Been there, done that' many times before? I understand that these souls that move on to other realms … are part of the greater plan. All those who have given up their lives through these different stages have done so because they know it is all part of the plan. I know in my heart they are now elsewhere and assisting from their new home.
We are all one. We are the one divine energy. That energy is love.
Through all thoughts that may be running around in your heads in these times, thoughts of ill health due to worldly situations, thoughts of any negative nature … recognise them instantly and transform them into thoughts of Love.
Know you are protected by love. Nothing …  nothing can harm you when you really truly 100% know in your heart the reality of what love is … what it is capable of …when you really truly 100% know this inside of your being then you realise also that this love of yours  … this love that you are … is the very same love that is in everyone else. Can you imagine … will you please imagine with me … a world where in everyone understands this love that they are. To imagine that … to feel that as a reality … will bring about such change.

Are we all doing our bit? Are we? It is about feeling. Isn’t that what we have been asked to do? Feel what we want our world to be. Imagining is not enough. We have to feel our desire in order for it to manifest. All we need to do … all the time …. is to feel love. The benefits are enormous , not just for the self , but it is the answer to our prayers. Get it?? I wonder if you can feel right now as you read this … how my heart is feeling? Words seem so inadequate to express. I understand now more than ever … our mission. We all have different roles to play … different avenues to follow in our hearts … yet each one of us are here ultimately to anchor this love. Everything that is fighting against this will melt away. The power of love surpasses all things. All that is happening around us can melt away if we put our feelings of love above all else.
There is an urgency now … it is of great importance that we move into position and play our part. Rise above all that you are fed to lower the frequency within you. Rise above all that no longer serves.
Bring the light of love from higher levels into this dimension. This is what we came here to do … so with all respect to all … let’s stop pussy footing around … let’s stop pretending that we are pawns being thrashed about by those in control. Rubbish! We are taking back that which is rightfully ours. Our freedom!
Let's get this show on the road …. now!!!
Pick up your sword of light. Shine it up. Point it to the skies and declare that from this moment on … The battle is won. Love conquers all!
Thank you for hearing me out.
In Love … through Love  … as Love
Blossom Goodchild
I shall also put this on my blog post, so any thoughts can be shared via the comments facility. Please feel free to post this wherever you feel it may do some good. Thanking you.
Blossom Goodchild is a professional ‘direct voice’ channeling medium working with spirit and cosmic energies. *  www.blossomgoodchild.com/  *      

You Are The Gardeners Of The New Earth
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
March 22. 2011

Serious are the present climes as the controlling war factions are in the ascent as many a nation upon the planet is looking twice at the scenario that is issuing forth in Libya and the intended 'saving of the citizens' within that land is now seemingly erupting into a full scale war! It is one that begs the question of some major world powers, as to what guideline and true intent is this warring faction that is ever in the throes of escalating into something of serious global nature. It becomes a looked for time when cease fire may be opportune for one and all.
The planet is steering through many upheavals and cleansings as the powers that be are busy assisting and encouraging those that are in the sure throes of change and challenging circumstances. There is rightness in ALL that currently  is occurring and there has always to be this seeming chaos before the calm can be reclaimed and realised. Mother Earth is as ever resplendent in her hosting modality and she displays ever the patience of a Saint and the durability of an amazing being that she is want to be, in her majesty and sovereignty so she is.
Ever to be in the forefront of everyone's heart and minds, is seeing the bigger picture, and ever focusing upon the highest divine good and rapid conclusions  of these trials realising their greatest potential and stature within the prowess of the universal law. There becomes a time as this is, when it appears that 'all hell has let loose,' yet these are the continuance of the end times that we have for so long foretold. These consequential uprisings and clearings are 'par for the course' and there was, at one phase of your progression, that the load to carry was far, far heavier than the load that you carry today. By your own making have you collectively lessened the severity of the many changes that were in line to be experienced. You have by your own diligence and refusal to accept that which was to be experienced, grandly lessened the cross to bear.
There is still much that is bubbling around in that great big 'world melting pot,' yet this pot is far smaller than the one first measured for these now moments of time and related experiences. Much have you already worked through and the residue is much less than originally predicted. There is already a now moment of you taking a bow for that which you have already achieved, Be not complacent though as there is comparatively more to come and the momentum is surely quickening to enhance that which is already in motion. There is NOT to be the gross or outrageous apocalypse where all is near lost and the planet flips out of control! Far from it! But to be expected is - when there are such intensities of spiritual shifting - will there be some associated rebalancing and reshaping as physicality is remoulded some, attuned and realigned with spirit.
When Hu-man addresses all these symptoms as he sheds his restricting and obsolete chrysalis,' then will mankind surely realise the sovereignty that is and will always be his/hers by divine rightness so to be. Mother Earth is nearing her 'ready state' and will soon be on 'green for go!' She will realise her very own most welcomed and hard worked for resumption of her star status, and this is without any doubt what so ever! It is now for Hu-man kind to go those few extra strides and accompany her, Lady Gaia, as she hosts you all, leading and paving the way for a 'mass accession' that will surely ensue, in highest and divine good, for so shall it truly be. Be ready, for you are honoured and revered by so many whom are fighting the good fight with you and for you, as you walk side by side with so many Light beings, Star families and Space commands.
The whole universe is busily readying itself and all stars and planets, without a doubt, will be effecting their own related energy shifts and readjustments for all is interrelated and interdependent, all is connected and co-existive, all is One!
Our space brotherhoods were and are most prevalent, both at N. Z., the Middle East, and yet more apparent in Japan; busily engaged as master alchemist's that they are, answering your heart sent calls, prayers and invitation to help or assist in the extremes of this dire triple eventuality befalling the beloved people of Japan. Those mighty shining craft were/are visible to many but of course the focus was on the ones entrapped and affected by the quake, the tsunami and the nuclear diffusion. The Omega Central ship was/ is present in that scenario as was/ is the New Jerusalem and the Pleiades. Many mother ships were/are 'off planet' assisting with their loving expertise and invited technical help.
The Star of Bethlehem is/was also present and a host of accompanying craft, whose interest is ever for assisting their families and fellow travelers here on Terra, in these times of greater movement both physical and energetic change. Many prayers and calls were 'sent up' to they upon the shining craft to help in these tragic dilemmas, and as per universal law and with special dispensation from the Law Lords/Overseer, was their good intent available to help. Nibiru was/is also off planet with an entourage of associated light craft aligned aside. Our spiritual and angelic hierarchies are also 'on board' these mother ships as it is indeed their 'second home,' so to speak, and much time and associated energies are shared on these space fleets of the galaxies amid the skies. Many universal  'board meetings' are conducted on ship and their capacity's are truly enormous!
Blessed indeed you are, beloved starseeds and Lightworkers on Mother Earth, for you are the wayshowers in these end times and you are also the builders of the form that is paramount for the coming new beginnings, which are rapidly approaching and the winds of change gusts all energetically into the picture. We in the heaven worlds, if you will, have watched you for an age within ages, steadfastfully stepping forward defiant of all adversaries, irrepressible with divine highest intent, meticulously forging a 'future' out of all your yesteryears.
You must also be recognised for your undaunting faith and persuasion as the going gets tough, and yet you get tougher, for so it surely is! We all now with one accord assure you of our continued support and assistance in the knowing that as you stretch that wee bit further is your mastery suffice to ensure the requisite results. Our 'physicality' is not yet needed for your current missions.
There is a time when all is in a divine rightness, when on, in and off planet help will be seen to be as one, remembering that all is of a Oneness and at times  the veils are but flimsy wisps of lace that subtly address the reality of all that is. Go forth, beloveds, and multiply, for the co-creation and the procreation of this radiant star is but a shimmer or two away, and the reality is that on one level   have you all ascended and are manning gainfully your new positions and level of irradiance, and status quo. You are all you need and you are all that were hoped for and intended. The evolution of the planet and all thereon and indeed within is perfectly on schedule and the way is opening out like the blossoming of the rose, or maybe of a thousand petal lotus flower. You are the gardeners of the new earth and your work is paramount, and pure magic!
May your hearts be ever filled with 'whom you are,' and may the pure truth and recognition of All That Is be evident in your every step. Be still, be at peace..   Namaste...we are One!
(c)Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and ever United Kingdom. Please feel free to copy/share giving credit to the source.
gabbitas1@aol.com *   

Protective Self-Healing
by Owen Waters
March 24, 2011
You have the power to protect yourself from radiation hazards and all types of epidemics.
You can attract universal life energy and direct it within yourself to any part of your body which needs support in order to heal itself.
However, with the current threat of possible radiation poisoning, a change to the standard procedure is suggested. Author Tom Kenyon has just released a self-healing technique where the person charges water and then drinks the water over the next few hours. This prolongs the protective effect of the self-healing energy and is therefore applicable to conditions of environmental poisoning and also epidemics.
Here’s a simple version of the self-healing technique that I learned from the fully-enlightened Yoga Master George King in the 1970’s.
Basic Self-Healing
Sit upright with your eyes closed and breathe, as far as is possible, through both nostrils. Visualize a white light coming down from far above the head. See the light of this universal life energy filling the brain and then direct it into the heart chakra, which is an energy center outside of the body, just in front of the breast bone.
See the heart chakra being filled with vibrant white light on each inbreath. Then, on each outbreath, direct the white light through the arms and out of the chakras in the palms of each hand. The palms should be positioned, as much as is possible, on each side of the part of your body that needs a focus of energy. If this is not possible, then direct the light instead to where it is needed, or simply see it filling your whole body.
Prolonged Protection
To modify this technique to use water as a carrier medium to extend the protection of this universal life energy, charge a glass or container of water by holding it between the palms of the hands. The container must be glass because plastic is an insulator which will block the flow of universal life energy. Metal containers are also unsuitable as the metal will retain the energy instead of the water.
Performance Factors
The more inbreaths and outbreaths you take to charge the water, the more energy it will receive.
The more intensely you visualize the white light of universal energy being drawn into your body, the more energy you will attract.
The higher your mind reaches into the spiritual realm of your soul, the more powerful will be the energy that you attract. Higher frequency equals higher power. To do this, tune into your soul consciousness or ‘higher self’ and invoke the power of spiritual love by giving gratitude to the Creator for life, to the Sun for energy, and to the Earth for our home in space. Love is a magnetic force that generates solid protection.
Now Available: Love, Light, Laughter * by Owen Waters  *
The New Spirituality is available now in paperback and as a downloadable e-book at: www.infinitebeing.com/ebooks/love.htm   *  Paper Back at: Amazon.com book link:  www.amazon.com/dp/1932336281   *   Discover Your Purpose in Life, which is available for download now at: *  www.infinitebeing.com/ebooks/purpose.htm  *

About the author:
Owen Waters is an international spiritual teacher who has presented his insights into the New Reality to hundreds of thousands of seekers. In 1963, while growing up in a mystical part of Britain, he encountered his first spiritual awakening. The surprise of this mystical experience was such that his life became focused upon a continuous search for spiritual answers.
Almost forty years of study and research followed, along with the development of his inner vision. By the year 2002, like many of the spiritual teachers who are coming forward for The Shift, his realizations began to unfold rapidly. Today, as Editor and cofounder of Infinite Being LLC, he helps people find inspiration, love and creativity through heart-powered consciousness. http://www.infinitebeing.com/  *  

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, you know ones who have moved into this country from other places. They come to you at your place of work, in your place of buying your groceries, your place of filling up the vehicles. You meet them in different social settings. Speak with them as friend to friend. Let them know what your belief is about the world and what you see as the vision for the future. Let them know what you see as integration of all cultures into one harmonious culture, not losing diversity, but having honor and respect for each one and for each individual member within that grouping.
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HEAVEN #3772
Begin Love Today
March 24, 2011
God said:
The person to forgive is yourself. No matter what you have done, it is done, and it is the past. Please forgive yourself your past. It is yourself that your heart is set against. It is yourself you are impatient with. It is yourself who has trespassed, and it is yourself that you must pardon.
The seeming streams of other people are pictures taken of you. This is hard to take, I know. The only enemy in the whole world is yourself. This is all illusion, of course, for you imagine enmity. You make it out of thin air. You oppose yourself. You fantasize disabling thoughts, and blame them on someone else.
The thing is that there is no someone else. You, as you know yourself, do not exist either. So what is this whole fuss about? You think it’s about what someone else said, or what someone else did, or what someone else should have said or done in justice to you. You can only be all fraught with yourself. All the affronts to you, you perpetrated upon yourself. You framed someone else. You targeted someone else. You made a false picture of yourself and put someone else’s name under it.
There is no such thing as someone else. Nor do you, as you see yourself, exist. Bodies seem to exist and receive lots of attention, yet bodies are not the heart of the matter. Your disavowal of Truth is the heart of the matter. What is the matter is not what someone else has said or done. You are in disfavor of yourself. It is a great con game you’re involved in. You have conned yourself into believing that you are aggrieved.
I, God, am not aggrieved. I never am. I do not stay awake all night belaboring anyone’s ignorance or lack of tribute to Me. I know better. You, on the other hand, are disjointed and look outside the Kingdom within you for comfort or discomfort. Grace yourself instead.
There are no bad guys. You have created them all in your fertile imagination. A spark of your thought was lit somewhere in the Universe. You saw it like a fallen star. You have decided yourself as the one who is to remedy the world. Remedy your misperceptions, beloveds.
The thought of being true to your own self be true takes on new meaning. Rid yourself of false thought.
Consider, what if you have been mistaken? Consider, what if you have been misled? What if you have misled yourself? I repeat. There are no bad guys. The bad guys are your thoughts, and it is not the first time that thoughts have manifested themselves. Let go of negative thinking by forgiving yourself for your imagination. Forgive yourself for having created less than beauty in the world. You have scribbled on the world and drawn graffiti. You have been busy. If the world were a great artist’s rendition, you have scribbled in a moustache. In so doing, you have falsified the art, and you have falsified yourself.
Begin your reformation by forgiving yourself. There is nothing else to do. Stop holding things against yourself or against any other. Free the world from your sense of reparation.
No one owes you anything. You owe everyone everything. You owe everyone forgiveness of yourself. Let yourself out of the prison you have made for yourself. You made the bars that block your perception. You condemned yourself and others to a life of trial. Condemn no one. Certainly, no longer condemn Truth to obscurity. Say goodbye to falsehood. Pardon yourself. Give yourself a lifelong pardon. Begin love today.
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Chief Joseph & John Cali: Mind - Healer or Killer?
March 15, 2010
John Cali
Healing and the various ways we can heal are common issues that come up in my conversations with many of you, and in private readings with Chief Joseph.
Recently I read an interesting article about playwright David Seidler (who won an Oscar last month at the Academy Awards). David healed his cancer with visualization. As you probably know, this is a contentious issue among medical professionals and the public alike.
The article quoted several prominent medical doctors with differing opinions.
Dr. Christiane Northrup said "The mind has the power to heal." Dr. Bernie Siegel agreed. He spoke of a patient who "pictured white blood cells carrying cancer cells away, and he beat his cancer." Dr. Marcia Angell disagreed: "There's a tremendous arrogance to imagine that your mind is all that powerful."
So who's right? Can our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes heal even so-called "terminal" diseases? Can our minds be our healers? Or our killers?
Here's Chief Joseph.
Chief Joseph
Received by John Cali
Your minds are powerful. They are tools you can use to heal yourselves. They can also be used to harm yourselves, though most of you would not deliberately do harm to yourselves.
First, it's important to realize your physical body is your ally, your friend. Its natural state, always and with no exceptions, is that of perfect balance and well-being. In other words, perfect health. Your body is capable of living many years beyond what you consider a normal life span. And it is capable of doing so in a state of perfect health, right up to the moment you choose to die physically.
Having said that, however, we realize most of you do not unconditionally accept those words we just gave you. Therein lies the "problem."
It's not a problem in the usual sense. But it is a problem if you want to heal your body from, for example, a so-called "terminal" disease, but believe you must rely on outside powers to achieve the healing for you.
We are not saying you should not consult with medical professionals if that feels right for you. We are saying to choose a healer, traditional or non-traditional, who is convinced of your body's natural ability to restore and heal itself.
All any healer can do is to facilitate your body in doing what it knows perfectly well how to do -- to heal and be whole again. Choose a healer who's willing to be your equal partner in your healing.
Of course, all of what we're talking about here hinges on one critical element -- your belief in natural healing, or your lack of belief.
Your state of health has little to do with your genes, your DNA, your family history, what you eat or drink, etc. It has everything to do with how you focus and use energy. Which is what your so-called "metabolism" is -- it's the way you use and focus energy (or vibration, if you prefer) for or against yourself.
It's that simple. You can use your mind to heal yourself through your unshakeable belief in a whole, healthy body. Or you can use your mind by refusing to believe your body is naturally whole and healthy.
So it is true, as John said, your mind can be your healer -- or your killer. It's your choice.
Since 1992, John Cali has been communicating with a non-physical entity called Joseph. In one of his many physical lifetimes, this spirit was incarnated as the legendary Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe in what is now the state of Oregon in the northwestern USA. These messages are a blend of information from Joseph, other spirits in the "Joseph group," and John.

John can be reached by email at john@greatwesternpublishing.org *  or through their website:  www.greatwesternpublishing.org  *  Private readings with Chief Joseph are available here:  www.greatwesternpublishing.org/readings.html  *   http://chief-joseph.blogspot.com/  * Copyright © 2009-2011 by John Cali. All rights reserved.  *    

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