Happy Times R Just Around The Corner 4-U !

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: Happy Times Are Just Around The Corner For You
3.)  Archangel Gabriel: Your Greatest Teachers
4.)  Mary Magdalene: Creating The Future
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  For God's Sake

Isis' Message of the Day -
Shakespeare said it best; "All the world's a stage and we are but players upon it." And in every play there has to be a villian or two. Someone has to chose the part of the "evil one" to wake-up the sleeping ones. How would you know to look at the Light if you didn't know there was darkness?
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones, We enjoy conversing with you. We see the light that sparks when you read our words. We see how many of you take our words to heart and practice the suggestions we have given. We wish to remind you of one of the practices that we gave. Imagine an Angel standing in front of you beaming love into your heart. Feel you heart fill with love. Feel your whole body fill with love. Do this for 5 – 10 minutes. You can call it a refresher exercise. It helps bring the energy needed to the cells to assist them in working properly. It assists your emotions in being more even keel if done regularly. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *  www.cynthialeeshelton.com/   *

SaLuSa: Happy Times Are Just Around The Corner For You
January 21, 2011
It is not at all unusual for the period leading to the end times to be chaotic, but as the old drops away so a new pathway emerges. By now you should be able to see the direction you are heading in, and it will conform to the plan for Ascension. For each individual there are the personal experiences, as you notice the changes in your consciousness. You are finding that you are more able to keep centered and are not so easily disturbed by outer happenings. The end times are a great test that determines how far you have evolved. You have to deal with the constant assault upon your senses, and the sight of death and destruction that seems to constantly occupy the media. When you can give of your love and compassion to those involved, and are not adversely affected by the emotional tug of your heartstrings, you are placing yourself beyond the reach of a negative response. The anger that it evokes in some people simply adds to the fear that already exists, and feeds the very ones who are trying to unsettle you.
Look around you and you should able to find enough good news to lift up your expectations. The signs are there that indicate that the dark Ones are rapidly losing the fight for control over you. Notice how the Chinese leaders are making concessions to the West, and that they are using their power to prevent the Illuminati from making further footholds in the East. They are a part of a growing movement to stabilize the world, and root out the influences that have tried to lead you into another war scenario. We cannot stop minor altercations or confrontations, but we will prevent any escalation into an all out war. That is within our authority, and it is also in response to the rising consciousness levels that seek peace for all people. The few can no longer dictate the course of mankind, and the path is opening up for the final stages of duality, as you know it.
Over many lives and through many civilizations you have experienced virtually every religion and culture, and today you stand as an extremely advanced soul. Your intuition has been heightened by them, and you have little else to learn except to apply your knowledge to the everyday situations. That way you should be able to make decisions that maintain your place in the Light. Your links with any aspect of the dark ones activities should fall away, as you answer to your Higher Self. It will become the normal way in which you lead your lives, and harmony and balance will result. Man’s Laws are a poor reflection of the Universal Laws, and sometimes you will have to fight them to obtain justice. With our coming, changes will be made and the Constitution restored with small amendments, for a population that is fast recognizing the need for such action. The dark Ones have by no means had things all their own way, the difference is that until recent times they have carried out their deeds quite openly. The Light however has worked mainly behind the scenes, and prefers anonymity for reasons of safety. In fact the Light has never ceased working for your upliftment.
Now you wait for Governmental changes, Disclosure and Abundance programs to sweep you into the remaining period of this cycle. They are progressing and at the appropriate time we will swing into action and life will change quite dramatically. Our initial announcements will be so important to gain the confidence and support of the people, and much attention is being given to that aspect. There will be confusion, but the truth about your recent history will go a long way to clearing away false or misleading information. You have been deliberately mislead and kept in the dark over many events, that as Sovereign Beings you have every right to know about. For example there is vast and undeniable proof that life has not only existed on your Moon and Mars, but still does to this day. It is also known that there is an Inner Earth that houses advanced Beings, and we are not referring to bases under the Earth that hold both Humans and Extraterrestrial Beings. You really have so much to learn to set the record straight, and some information will be both shocking and sensational.
It will be most important that we can prove beyond doubt whatever information we give you, and that we can do in ways that will astound you by going back into the past. You love your mysteries but you will enjoy the answers more so, and you could take the Great Pyramid as an example. It has caused so much speculation as to when it was built and to its purpose. Some investigators have found out much in this respect, but the vast numbers of you have little idea at all. Let us say that it goes back some 10,000 years and was built by Extraterrestrials, who created a network of such giants all around the world as you are discovering. In the main your history about them is very limited, and inaccurate as applies to much of your past 12,000 years or more. What is interesting is that you were your own ancestors. Hence it explains why some of you feel such a strong pull towards certain civilizations. It can affect your taste and preferences even today, and is apparent in many homes. It will thrill you when we show you exactly how the Great Pyramid was really built, by bringing the past to you.
Dear Ones, knowing what lies ahead of you, find joy and satisfaction in that knowledge. The dark Ones will no longer have any say in the matter, and will have been removed from all positions of power. Great spiritual Beings will have replaced them and Mankind will at last be led out of the darkness into the Light and Truth of Understanding. What happy times are just around the corner for you, and we know because we are part of them. Can you imagine how much weight will be lifted off your shoulders, and how quickly stressful situations will be changed. To be really free is in itself such a great step forward, but it comes with the recognition of the Oneness of All That Is.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and can tell you the we of the Galactic Federation are getting excited, at the nearness of our presence being officially acknowledged all around the world. We wish to help diminish the suffering that goes on in deprived countries, and of course anywhere else in the world. We have all of the experience needed to change matters quite quickly. We can in fact see much deeper into them than you can, and know exactly what is required to be active straight away. Hold on Dear Ones, as help is coming soon in a most efficient and gentle way.
Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

Archangel Gabriel: Your Greatest Teachers
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
January 19, 2011
Dearly Beloved Ones, 
And so it is that I come forth to begin a series of discourses through our beloved Scribe. She is of my own lineage and it is I, Gabriel, who has been guiding her every step upon her Path of life. The Scribe has been a messenger for the Divine in many other lifetimes upon Planet Earth and serves the role as Herald, much as I have done and continue to do. Her training started a long time ago, walking the lonely Path of Light, and it is only now that her greater role is beginning to blossom forth.
For our first discourse, we would like to talk about the meaning of Love, unconditional Love. What exactly does the word "unconditional" mean? In the actual practice of unconditionally loving a person individually or as groups of people, what is required is the graceful acceptance of them as they are in this moment, seeing those areas that according to our perceptions "need work," recognizing these and continuing to love them anyway, knowing that each of you are in the process of fulfilling and manifesting the lessons and experiences that you have each come to learn. 
Many times, we see so many people look at another with judgment and criticism within themselves and we would ask you at those times to look within to see what it is that is within yourselves that needs to be brought to the surface of your consciousness, in order that you might discern those areas of your own attributes that you might not see easily in yourselves that may need to be addressed in your own lives, for the others around you, especially your own family members, are all playing their parts to help you clear these blind spots from your own perceptions, to act as mirrors to you, that you may move along your chosen Path with grace and ease. 
These family members willingly took on these oft times unpleasant roles in order that your Spiritual growth may take place as your own Higher Self has chosen. No matter how difficult any relationship may seem, realize that this Soul who manifests through that physical body, is a Being who loves you dearly and one who agreed to withstand the pressure of bringing to your attention those aspects of yourselves that have been deemed less than desirable by your Higher Self, in order that you evaluate and change these aspects to those that are more in alignment with your own Divinity. 
As such, give honor to the people closest to you in your life at this time and thank them for the role that they are playing, whether they be Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Husband, Wife or any other close family relations, for this is what you chose to experience upon your sojourn into physicality in order to move forward into greater and greater Light and embody greater amounts of unconditional Love. As you recognize what it is that you chose to learn through these wonderful Beings, you also begin to embody more of the attributes of unconditional Love and you learn to let go of all that does not resonate and align with the Being of Light that you aspire to once again remember and become. The more friction involved in this process, the greater and more quickly the lesson can be learned, for it is in friction that movement takes place. The bottom line of each encounter should be the feeling of Love and gratitude, for it is not easy to play the role they are required to play on your behalf. 
Many times, these lessons are not recognized until there is a distance created between you, or perhaps the passage of time brings the value of their gift to you into your awareness. Remember that most of you incarnate in the same Soul families often so that great growth in awareness happens in bearable ways. Your family members are your greatest teachers about yourselves. It requires the openness of mind necessary to think of your family members in this Light. You ARE loved beyond measure and your journey through life is being blessed by their presence. 
We ask that you look upon each other with Love and lightness of Being, looking always and ever for the good about them, and you will find that you can write a whole page filled with all the gifts they bring you to fill your life to overflowing with more blessings than you could ever imagine, for they are the ones who helped you to achieve the uniqueness of your own Being in this now moment. 
These are the thoughts to ponder until our next discourse. My Love is always with you, Dearest Children of the Divine. 
I AM Archangel Gabriel
©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff
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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,


Mary Magdalene: Creating The Future
Through Mercedes Kirkel
Transmitted on January 15, 2011

Blessings Dear One,
This is Mary Magdalene who is coming to you again to bring you wisdom and help.
Your new year has begun and many of you are wondering about what is in store for you at this time.  Many of you have been thinking about the year 2012, having heard about this for so long as a time of great change on Earth.  And you are wondering, now that 2011 has arrived, if this will indeed manifest in the ways that you have heard about or envisioned.
It is true that this is a very special time that has been empowered for great change and growth spiritually, for your earth and for all the people on the earth.  It is also true that you have free will on your planet, and that the future is not fixed.  So both of these things are at play at this time.  Your earth is in the process of moving into a galactic alignment that carries immense power and opportunity.  This is a scientific fact, though many of your scientists are not aware of it or openly acknowledging it.  This kind of alignment has not happened for a very long time on earth, and so your scientists are not familiar with it as a phenomenon.  Your science has also not advanced yet to the point where most scientists understand and accept the inherent link between the physical and the spiritual.  This will change in the future, with the field of physics leading the way, as your scientists come to understand that there is no division between science and spirituality.
Eventually your scientists will understand that spirituality is senior to physics, as you are all creating your reality out of your spiritual consciousness and awakeness.  The third dimension, with all of its physical “laws,” is simply a reflection of the consciousness of those existing in this dimension.  If their consciousness was elevated to a higher level, they would be experiencing a different reality with different “laws.”  Indeed, some of you already are experiencing this, at least to some extent or some of the time.  Most of you who are reading this are experiencing this, or are at least open to the possibility of this being the case.  The majority of people who are spiritually aware and interested at this time are experiencing a certain amount of sliding between the dimensions, moving between the third, fourth, fifth, and even sixth dimensional consciousness for varying periods of time.  This is natural as you begin to grow beyond your current level of consciousness, but are not yet stabilized in the higher dimensions.
So all of this growth and change amongst individuals is being reflected in your world.  Is it not true that you are not the same being that you were a year ago, or five years ago, or twenty years ago?  When you reflect on that, you can see your change and growth.  Many of you are growing enormously, making such excellent use of the spiritual support being offered now.  We of the higher realms are greatly pleased by this.  You see, the outcome of this time period has never been fixed.  Many of you chose to come at this time, a choice that we are extremely grateful to you for and commend you for your great dedication and service in this regard.  Yet, you also have taken on the limitations you agreed to at a soul level, and so you have each had a “piece of the puzzle” in the great and complex whole of this shift into higher consciousness that is your potential and gateway at this time.  You all have your individual work to do, which in totality adds up to the whole that will make this possible.  And the more that each of you choose to do this work and fulfill your Divine intentions in this lifetime, the more that the whole is freed up to make the shift that is possible.
Ultimately you are all determining, as a group of individuals, what the future will be.  It is part of the interesting dynamic at this time.  You are all operating as individuals, which is your nature in the third dimension.  But as you shift into the fourth and fifth dimension, your effect becomes more and more one of a group, a unified field of individuals.  It is something like your understanding in physics of matter being both of the nature of waves and particles.  Particles, in and of themselves, are not that powerful or effective.  But when they unite in their motion into waves, then they are transformed into something with great potential power.
It appears to us that because of your growth and the continued commitment on the part of so many of you to your spiritual upliftment, that the outcome of the events in the next few years may well be much better, more easeful and harmonious and peaceful, than many predictions are suggesting.  First, be aware that 2012 is simply a marker when certain astronomical bodies are aligning, which will definitely have an affect.  But that affect has already begun, and you are already being influenced by it.  It will simply be at its zenith at 2012.  And this is not the only date that will be significant.  You are in a window of time, that truly started back in the mid-twentieth century, that is reaching it’s peak in terms of certain dates being an activation and an initiation, or a doorway, into a new era.
So this is a wonderful time in which you are living, and you chose to be here because it contains such power for transformation and spiritual growth.  Many of you do not remember making that choice, but it is so nonetheless.  And we wish to remind you that while this is a very special and wonderful time, it will also have its challenges for many of you, because that is the way that most beings grow in the third dimension.  As you stabilize more and more in higher dimensions, you will not require such challenges to grow.  And some of you are already seeing a new kind of stability and harmony in your life, without the continual cycles of ups and downs, difficulties and joys.  That is a sign that you are moving beyond the level of duality that is a hallmark of the third dimension.
Know, also, that you have choice, even in the midst of whatever is arising.  You have the choice to trust and open to your experience fully.  This is an essential aspect of receiving all as Divine.  Do not let your spiritual ideas turn into a form of denial of your reality.  Then you are denying God.  If you are experiencing hardship, open fully to the experience of it, in your heart and your body, as well as your mind.  Open to it as your present form of relationship with God, and ask God for help if you need help.  This one thing will help most of you more than anything else.  Most of you are relatively advanced in your spiritual understanding and ideas.  It is your form of relating to your experience, however, that is holding you back.  Your ideas are not sufficient, in and of themselves, to carry you to the higher ground you seek.  You must equalize your awareness and understanding with what you actually do.  And for many of you, that means strengthening your feeling engagement with experience, learning to open to your experience and be with it fully, not retract away from it into your ideas, even spiritual ideas.
The more you do this process of fully engaging, through feeling, your experience – and of course it’s most important to do this in the arenas where you’re resisting your experience, because you think it will be painful – the more it will lead you to an open-hearted integration of the spiritual concepts you already embrace, such as gratitude, forgiveness, love, blessing, and joy.
It is somewhat mysterious, and perhaps difficult to understand, and even more difficult to trust, that in this third dimension the path to joy is through embracing pain.  Not reacting to it, either through avoidance or dramatizing, but deeply opening to it and finding God through that opening.   This is the quickest way to release the tether that holds you to this reality.  Whatever you resist persists.  In the case of the third dimension, it is your resistance to feeling pain that is causing this reality to persist more than anything else.  There are endless forms of manifesting this resistance, but it all boils down to the same thing.  If you are resisting it through your spiritual ideas, this is just as powerfully holding this reality in place as resisting it through alcohol or drugs.
Marry your spiritual understanding with the power of opening through feeling.  This is the great doorway and opportunity at this time, which corresponds with the power available through the alignments and openings of your physical reality.  The more of you that do this, the more you will create the future of your dreams, a future of higher consciousness, love, caring for all, and manifestation based on spiritual alignment and magnificence.  It is all possible, and eventually will come to pass, whether now or in the future.  You are already bending reality to this outcome, and will continue to do so as your spiritual power grows.  And we of the higher dimensions are supporting you in this, and we celebrate every advance you make.  We love you and are united with you in our commitment to the growth in light and love for all.
In love and embrace of you and All,
I AM Mary Magdalene
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
We speak of compassion: “com” is from the prefix meaning “with,” with passion, compassion, meaning that you are with that other one in their passion, their passion for life. You are with them as One. That is what compassion truly means. I am One with you. When you are One with another person, you are not going to start beating them up, either physically or emotionally. When you are One with another person, you are in Love with them—capital “L.” You are in that place of compassion that sees another one as yourself. And as you are willing to do that, it puts more and more love into the world.
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HEAVEN #3710
For God's Sake
January 21, 2011
God said:
A heart is soft and pliant. No heart is meant to be hardened, any more than bones are meant to be soft. What a price is paid to have a cold heart, a reckoning heart, a debilitated heart. Be advised to soften your heart, not harden it. Be advised to warm your heart, not cool it. What are hearts for but to love and love well?
If you have sewn your heart closed, remove the stitches now. Open that beautiful heart of yours. Open the avenues of your life on Earth this round. Let your heart bleed if you must. Get that circulation going. Let your heart be a whiz-bang of a heart. Let it be molten gold. Let your heart melt other hearts. Let your heart be a warming oven.
A heart that does not allow love is cold. In the matter of hearts, cold is cruel. Meanness means smallness. Be big-hearted. Be giant-hearted. Have the biggest heart in the world.
The Great Ones opened their hearts wide, and they let everyone in. If they could do it, you can do it. You can intend your heart to be the Statue of Liberty and welcome all to its shores. Why haven’t you already? What has stopped you? Some kind of reluctance, I suppose. Some kind of fear, I suppose. Better that you fear a closed heart over an open one. What a terrible thing to close a heart, yours or anyone else’s.
And have you not only closed your heart but also, in the process, closed other hearts as well?
Bear in mind that the Great Ones were not push-overs. They were not fools. Their great hearts did not lead them astray. Their great hearts led them more fully to Me. We had a mutual attraction, just as you and I do, only they walked right in My door. They did not even knock. They knew the welcome mat was out for them, as it is for you.
What is the difference between you and the Great Ones but that they dared, and you do not yet dare. You hold back. They did not hold back. They ventured forth. Somewhere in their lives, they made a decision to go forward, and then the arms of the Universe lifted them up higher and higher. I spoke through their open hearts. I spoke through their love. They were higher than the high, and yet they were not above the world. They lived in it. They enacted My dreams. They walked the Earth for Me.
For whom do you walk the Earth?
What are you afraid of, little lambs?
Come walk the Earth in My Name. Come walk the Earth with Me. Follow Me, and others will follow you right to My door.
Enter My heart, beloveds, and claim what is yours. Is there something else you must do? Where am I in your list of priorities? Just a little opening of your heart lets Me and the Universe and every soul on Earth deep into your heart where everything is possible.
As you open your heart, you open the veil that has kept the extant world in dimness. Enough dimming the light. Enough darkness. Open to a world of all possibilities.
It is even possible that you are My True Love, and I am Yours. It is more than possible. It is inevitable. We are betrothed, and it is inevitable that Our banns will be announced. It is inevitable that We shall become One in your reality, beloveds, right where you are right now. For the love of God, you are Mine, and I am Yours, and there is nothing more to be. We are Greatness, and you have come to Earth for My sake.
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