Happy New Year


Happy New Year!
by Jennifer Hoffman
As I have done for the past several years, I have released the predictions for 2012.  Although I don't like to make predictions, I know that by giving you insights into what I see as upcoming changes, challenges and opportunities, you can be prepared for them. Some of the challenges of the past few years have made us wonder, at times, whether the destination was worth the journey. As humans, we like to see an end point, to know why we're doing something, to know that there is a reward for our efforts. There is a reward but it isn't the kind we're used to.  We're living in new times, there are new rules and we're playing a new game. 
2012 will present us with different levels and types of challenges and one thing we will see in this year is a more sobering aspect of life as we begin to realize that we have to be in control of the reality we create for ourselves, individually and collectively. As we have seen with the backlash against the Occupy Wall Street and other movements that challenged established control structures, change isn't always appreciated by those in power. And in our own lives, we will experience some resistance to the changes we want to make, from ourselves and from others. The question for us is, do we allow the resistance to make us stop what we're doing or move beyond it? 
In 2012 we will be increasingly aware of the presence of the dark energies but that is only because we are more aware of the light. What we do with our power and how we shift into higher dimensions is the focus of our path right now. We can be martyrs for the world or we can be victors, moving beyond victim consciousness, to teach and heal the world through empowered, fulfilled living. This is a big step for us, one that we have prepared for, are ready for and need to start now. How can we experience life on the level of more-more joy, abundance, peace, love. Suffering is always a choice but it's one we can reject for more joyful, fulfilling outcomes. 
When each of maintains our highest possible degree of self awareness and live fully in the present we become what the world needs as it looks for new solutions to eons of domination and powerlessness. We have created a new earth that now needs creative, powerful thinking because this new earth isn't created for us, we create it for ourselves. What do we want it to look like, how do we want to experience it, what do we want our new earth to contain for us? These are some of the questions we will have to answer as we move through 2012. So I hope you find the predictions helpful and I send you my wishes for a year of joyful living, abundant blessings, and the fulfillment of each one of your heart's desires.
Many blessings,
Jennifer Hoffman


Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones, You are going through many changes. You are right to decide what you are wanting. You are the creator of your life. Do not make decisions out of fear, but out of true desire. By this we mean, what your soul seems to want. Words are so limiting in trying to get across what we want to say. Many of you ask, what direction should I take? And we say, which direction would make you happiest, which direction excites you, which direction fulfills a lifelong dream. These are the guideposts. Another way to say it is to follow your excitement. It is your direction finder. Do not worry that you do not see everything on the path that you are thinking about going. If you knew everything, you would not choose it. As you walk a path in a certain direction, you acquire knowing and skills, which prepare you for the next leg of the journey. Be at peace and enjoy the journey. Bless your hearts.
Channeled by Cynthia Lee Shelton


Message from Melchizedek
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
January 3, 2012
Beloved Ones,
Life on Earth will take on a more intense experience within the hearts of All. Each Human Spiritual Being is at a crossroads at this time. There is a choice to be made by each Soul. To stay in status quo or to bravely choose the unknown and move forward. We know that all Lightworkers and Starseeds everywhere upon this Planet have chosen to move forward. This does not mean leaving all your Loved Ones behind you and moving forward alone, Dear Ones. Your Loved Ones are those Souls who have chosen to move forward with you, even though it may appear otherwise at this present moment. Trust that all is unfolding in your lives in Divine order and that all is well
Upon the waves of incoming energies come many Beings from throughout the Galaxy who are here to witness and offer assistance to any who call upon their service. These Beings have many gifts of knowledge to offer Humanity in these times and are exceedingly eager to commence work with those of you who call upon them. You may call upon them thus, “I call upon the Galactic Masters of Light to work with me and make their Presence known to me through my own I AM Presence. I desire to know more about my own Galactic heritage and ask that you work with me to help me to remember and reconnect in complete alignment with Prime Creator’s Divine Plan, for my highest good and the highest good of All here upon the now Ascending Earth. So be it and so it is! Thank you!” 
Those of you who feel this call and heed it will be assigned their own personal Galactic Master who will commence work with you. It will begin for most of you upon the inner planes as your physical body lies asleep and you will gradually become more aware of their constant Presence as you go about your daily activities. It will require a time of going within to listen to the inner prompting of your sacred heart where contact with these Beings will be made. This is a great honor and a step up to the next level of your Ascension Path and you will be working within a greater energy frequency and harmonic. 
We are very pleased at the progress of so many of you who daily come to Mastery within yourselves by employing the various and creative tools that have become available to you through many channels upon the Earth. Know that the pull of the Old is still strong and you will be hard pressed to keep balance and equilibrium at times. When these moments occur, try to repeat a simple mantra such as “I AM Light, I AM Love. I AM anchoring my Divine Presence here on Earth right here and right now.” If there is no time for you to do this, then just say “I Love you” into whatever situation is confronting you or even to yourself as you behold energies rising up from within you that are not Love. 
Know, Dear Ones, that you are not alone in these challenges. Each of you are completing your initiations upon this Planet and these require a great dedication, motivation and the understanding that all that seems to be taking place in your personal life is not as it seems, there is more to it than is apparent. Stay true to yourselves always and you will pass through these tests with flying colors. You will soon fly with the Angels! I leave you now with my deepest Blessings and Love. You are each so very Loved beyond measure and are always under the guidance and protection of your Family of Light. 
I AM Melchizedek
2012 Marlene Swetlishoff


SaLuSa: The Real You Awaits Your Ascension
Through Mike Quinsey
January 4, 2012
Ever since you set out upon your path to Ascension, you have been given every help and encouragement to take up the challenge to decide your own destiny. The fact is you have achieved far more than was initially expected, and you are to be congratulated upon setting up victory over the dark Ones. We have of course walked the path with you, and because you requested our help we have been able to respond to it. Thus far you were expected to take the major responsibility for achieving success but now we are becoming more involved, as we have our part to play to ensure all is completed as decreed.
Our closeness to you and actions taken on your behalf can no longer be denied, and the time has arrived for our existence to be made known. As you are aware we have our own mission to complete, and the sooner we can come together with you the quicker everything will get underway. Our allies have been courageous and often risked their lives to achieve their purposes. It will soon pay off as the point has been reached when it will result in a glorious victory, that will take away the remaining bastions of power that the last cabal has relied upon. The final indignity for them will be to lose their financial power which is already being curtailed.
It has always been promised that the wealth of the world would be re-distributed, and so it shall be. Given an even playing field where all countries are solvent and have discharged their debts, that will eventually be written off, you will see the people being brought together and able to have the essential necessities of life. There must be a change to what you have now, where certain countries and people have a disproportionate amount of wealth. Also, the natural wealth of the land, must be returned to its rightful owners. With it will come a greater feeling of Oneness, and sharing will become the way forward. The whole attitude and approach to money and how it is used will have to change, and current systems will be radically altered to ensure all dealings are based on fairness and open dealings.
As you can imagine once we really get started, the planning is such that you will be reeling at the speed of change. It is possible because the plans have been laid down for a long time, but also consistently reappraised to ensure they meet your needs. Our allies and the Light workers in general are now self assured in their tasks, and becoming bolder where they come across opposition. There is no time for dilly-dallying around and they now know what has to be done. Many different actions are coming together, and you can expect to see a clear indication of the outcome. Much is currently focused upon financial dealings, and we have made it quite clear that there is no going back to the bad old ways. Be assured within a few months you shall know that to be so.
So be patient and read between the lines when the media picks up on major happenings. For a while there will still be a tendency to hide the true facts, but even that is due to change when we can assure honest journalists that it is safe to report the facts. You have been kept in the dark over so many issues for many, many years but the truth will come out. You have always been sovereign Beings and due the care and respect that you are entitled to. Instead you have been kept down, and accepted positions that have made you subservient to those who lorded it over you. No one person is any better than another, inasmuch that you are all acting out experiences that you have chosen to speed up your evolution.
When you can start to see others as yourself, the quicker will the Human Race become as One and never again feel separated from each other. After all, despite what some may feel now, there is only the one God of your Universe. In time that truth will be accepted and religious differences will have no reason to be perpetuated. In fact organized religion will fade away and each soul will worship from the temple within. In reality you should not need anyone else to teach you the truth, but in your present situation you have been confused and need guidance. Fortunately, your intuitive side has developed during the last 10 years, and you are finding it can be trusted to point you in the right direction. However, it does require a totally open mind without a rigid belief system. We know that some souls feel comfortable with what they know now and prefer to be led rather than lead, and they will be left to make their own decision as to when it is time to question their beliefs.
Remember that with hundreds of lives behind you, you have a wealth of experience to call upon and it lies within your subconsciousness. Things such as habits, likes and dislikes all arise from previous lives, and you can see that today if only in peoples choice of clothes and their eating preferences. In other words you are partly molded into what you are now, by memories of recent lives that are close to the surface. The real you awaits your Ascension and then you will find that you naturally take to life in the higher dimensions. After all, that is where you came from, and duality is but an experiment that was never meant to hold you indefinitely. We would say that you have excelled yourselves by overcoming all of the challenges, and totally deserve to take this opportunity to put it behind you. However, you will always benefit from what you have learnt even if past lives fade into the background.
It is therefore obvious that you are coming out of the illusion of life as experienced, and already living your new vision of yourself as one who is of the Light. As you do so you will disengage from duality, and walk your path as one who has already ascended. It can be done because you have acquired the discipline and strength to push aside the lower vibrations that no longer have any pull upon you. Your presence upon Earth along with others like you gives a boost to those around you, who are calmed and relaxed by your charm and peaceful mien.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and happy for you as gone are the days of total darkness that have accompanied the many wars and aggression that have blighted the past. We will prevent any attempt to start another war, although there may be some minor skirmishes. Peace is taking over, and will bring a new feeling to everything. We leave you with our love and blessings.
Thank you SaLuSa. 
Mike Quinsey


Greetings from Alpha Centaurus Starship!
Commander Sohin
Channeled by Kris Won
January 2, 2012
Dear brothers and sisters, it pleases us greatly to tell you about the unstoppable achievements we are attaining, which are preventing more and more, those who conspire anonymously to continue with the materialistic and selfish leadership in their world of power, which they had maintained over the population of Earth until now.
We are sparing nothing on our part, in an effort and with incessant endeavors so that all the forces of good, honesty and Light may triumph over them, and they may be dethroned forever from the government and the distribution of the riches that Gaia shares with all Her children equally and with profound generosity. It is evident to them, the Dark Ones, although they have not wished to do this, to follow the example of their Mother who wishes to see all happy, joyful and without having to suffer scarcities or hardships of any kind.
Those who still hold on to the occult power of the destiny of all humanity and who, until now, have reigned with total impunity, have no qualms or regrets for the consequences of their acts on the totality of the human genre, and the impact their nefarious decisions have caused to the Nature of this beautiful planet, are finally aware that the Forces of Light, formed by a resounding and effective coalition amongst yourselves, the Light workers, and our contingents from other worlds, are achieving their displacement from their offices and occult bunkers, in order to establish a New World government headed by leaders with a good heart, and whose altruistic intention fully guides them to improve the conditions of all inhabitants of Gaia, without distinction of race, language, costumes or ideologies.
The appearance of the Internet and the modern social nets (which, of course, were ideas inspired by us in the minds of your scientists and technicians in order to promote a global awakening of the entire world population), have fulfilled well the objective planned by the consciousness of all their brothers and sisters who have come to help all of you in these times of transition and elevation of the entire human race.
Thanks to the communication amongst yourselves, it has been possible to open the eyes of even the most humble and simplest minds of the inhabitants of Gaia, without censured or tampered information, nor intervention by information sources that are being covertly manipulated by the big corporations like the oil companies or the big financial entities. Instead of helping small businesses so that they can open a path in life for themselves, corporations and oil companies do the opposite, supplying more funds to the banking entities that are precisely the ones suffocating the citizens with abusive interests and denying their clients commercial and mortgage loans that they need in order to stay afloat and survive in this tri-dimensional world.
Believe me when I tell you that we will not permit this abuse of power over the masses, and we will not tolerate it any more, doing everything in our power to prevent them from continuing to manipulate all of you, our brothers and sisters who are part of the same Cosmic Entity, and we are going to radically change the composition and the chaotic, corrupt and decrepit functioning of your social and economic system, for a more honest, more translucent and ethical distribution of wealth.
Now we have just entered into the year 2012 of your history, counting by the calendar that is used by most of you (except for some Asian countries, which have their own calculation of time), and is a year, as you all know already, of great transcendence and a series of changes to human life, as it had been developing until now.
It is a year of profound change that you all can witness, that will take place without the interference of selfish interests by large corporations or governments with corrupt politicians and ignobles, until victory is achieved at the end of the year for all who yearn for the disappearance of social injustices and the triumph of equality, justice and international cooperation between all those who constitute the human race on Planet Earth, of Gaia.
And it will be an improvement of the conditions for all the inhabitants of your beautiful blue planet--large and small--because only raising the awareness and the intellect of man, which is the predominant race here, will it also be possible to ostensibly improve the conditions in how you interact with animals, more or less evolved - the plants, forests, mountains, seas and the oceans.
In this manner it will accomplish the plans of the Creator expressed in this plane of physical manifestation, and Gaia, as Planetary Logos, in Her totality, as She raises herself to a higher plane of consciousness where evil, corruption and darkness form only part of the past, and gives way to an unprecedented push to the New Earth, which is eager to emerge, like a baby born from the womb of its mother.
The time has come. And we are happy and excited to be able to tell our brothers and sisters inside of the quasi-infinite spiral of evolution in all the created Universe.
Be happy, because your long-awaited moment has finally arrived!
In profound Peace and Love with you all.
Commander Sohin


Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
You have walked into a most wonderful reality of a New Year. It is arbitrary. There are calendars and cultures that define a New Year starting in another time of the calendar year, but you have chosen to say that this is when you will begin a New Year, and with that, you have opportunity to move into whatever you want the New Year to hold for you.


Greetings from the Federation!
Channeled by Wanderer of the Skies
January 4, 2012
There is much “afoot,” as the saying goes, on your world today. Keep your eye on the ball because those who seem of the light may not be and those who seem to be serving the Illuminati may, in fact, surprise you. We have extended our protection to those who are in most need of it at this time and have stopped massive efforts from the Illuminati to start a major conflict in the cradle of your civilization. We cannot allow this to happen since plans must go forward towards the inevitable.
In our councils, we have brought those humans we have been in contact with through the various factions of the Federation to discuss their views on how best to approach the various issues presently engaging your light workers today. They have given us their knowledge and thoughts and we have assimilated those into our overall plan.
Many of your leaders in politics have been mislead into thinking that they still have a “ticket on the boat” when the “end times,” as they have been led to believe, will occur. No-one has informed them that their sanctuaries have been destroyed so they continue to pass legislation destructive to their very families blissfully unaware that the consequences of their actions will be personal. They wrongfully believe they will have a place to go. When they are made aware of the fact that they would suffer along with the masses, their astonishment over the deception perpetrated upon them will rebound to those who created it and you will see the undoing of many of the wrongs started by this very class of people.
The intensity of the drama unfolding on your world will increase exponentially in the coming months. What you thought was an incredible revelation today will be “peanuts” compared to what occurs tomorrow, both in magnitude of event and the intensity of the consequences. Things are unraveling at an unrivaled pace and all according to plan.
We still discuss among ourselves the various technologies that will be released to you upon disclosure and in what order they should be revealed. While this seems like a small matter to some of you, it is truly important to understand the interconnectedness of the technologies we possess and how they will ultimately affect you. Whether to reveal the technologies that access what you call the “Akashic records” before revealing teleportation devices or in concert with replication machines is no small matter to us. As we have told you many times before, what is planned for you is done so down to the minutest detail and for reasons that, for the most part, will only become apparent after disclosure.
We say to you, lift up your spirits, be of light and joy, for you are all deserving of these feelings. We are forever in awe of your ability to rebound from the darkest places your dimensional reality takes you. It is a feat worthy of your status among us. You are, to us, royalty. We are endeared to you because of your humbleness in this respect. We wish you only love and joy as you await these last moments before the inevitable.
Be at peace.