Hands Off


Allowing Others to Be
Heavenletter {Channeled}
God said:
Love others, and rely on yourself. When it comes to your life, you have the baton. You can swing it as you like.
However, be not annoyed with other souls who do not keep up with you, or who rush ahead of you. Be not annoyed with anyone, beloveds, for each and every one is a soul making his or her way on Earth as best he or she can, just as you are.
No one is to hassle you, and you are not to hassle anyone. Allow instead. Allow all on Earth to have their flaws. It is not for you to make over others to your liking, not your friends or family or strangers.
You would not grab people in the middle of the street, sit them down, cut their hair, remove their make-up and put your preferences on them. Yet when it comes to habits of being, you may grab them by the collar, as it were, wherever they are and whatever they may be in the middle of, and you try to remake them. You only want to improve them and their lives, it's true. Better to improve yourself, beloved. Better to Improve yourself and your ability to keep your hands off.
You would not steal another's possessions, and yet you would steal others' lives right from under them and reshape them to your liking. You may be absolutely right, and, yet, beloveds, you have to keep your perfection to yourself. Hands off.
You are only trying to help, and yet you are trying to make life and others conform to your choices. You fight a losing game, beloveds. You have not always been so good at improving yourself and adhering to your own standards.
There is one person in the Universe that you can perhaps improve at will. You know who that is. And, yet, even leave yourself in peace.
No longer try to make anyone perfect in your eyes.
Accept everyone as you would accept a new puppy!
Accept everyone, beloveds, as they are. They have gone to the trouble of appearing before you. One way or another, they have entered the range of your life. Let them be. Be their friend and not their reformer.
Do not think that others have to be saved. Save yourself from being a make-over artist. Whatever you try to fix in another can only be cosmetic. Do not try to fix. Anyway, if you want to change others, the best way is to love them as they are. That way you give them a hand up. That way you serve them. Have you not been trying to serve yourself?
From where does annoyance in your own heart come? It does not come from another. No matter how much it may seem so, annoyance is always of your own making. Your reaction is always yours. It is not someone else's. It is yours.
You are not a traffic cop on his motorcycle who has the right to pull cars over and give them tickets and make them appear in your court for sentencing. Sometimes you have to overlook, beloveds. Look beyond.
In the field of life, people can drive any car they like. They have to allow you to drive, and you have to allow them to drive. If you don't like the way they drive, pull yourself over for a while, and let them go as they like. Stay out of their way if you have to, or be annoyed, if you must, yet know that annoyance is not the point of your life. You are not meant to bump into other cars and tell them which way to go and how to get there.